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  Use JournalTOCs API (Application Programming Interface) to create your own cool web applications that integrate content from freely available journal TOCs.

Most of JournalTOCs API calls are free and require a simple registration process.

Following are examples of web APIs that have been created by developers using the free JournalTOCs API calls:

Developers can use the API to embed JournalTOCs' search functionality within their web applications. Anyone with access to RSS Readers can also use the JournalTOCs API.

The API gives you access to our entire database of articles and journals aggregated from the publishers' TOC RSS feeds, as soon as they are published on the web.

API's results are returned in RSS 1.0 format, which then you can parse and use in your own web application, RSS reader or institutional web page.


The API provides four calls:

1. Search for Journals

Call: https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/journals

IMPORTANT: If you are using "journals" you must specify your username.
If you don't have a username with JournalTOCs, please first sign up at
before using the API call "journals"

This is an example of using the API to search for all the journals that contain any word starting with scient in their titles:

In the example, the call is "journals", the query string is "scient*" and the username is macleod.roddy@gmail.com

This call offers two options:

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2. Search for Articles

Call: https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/articles

Use this call to search for articles, whose metadata includes keywords from your query string. For example:
* https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/articles/corrosion+metal returns a list of the latest articles containing the words corrosion and metal.
* https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/articles/"University of Warwick" returns a list of latest articles by authors at "University of Warwick" (please notice the double quotes around University of Warwick for phrase searching).
* https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/articles/dorothy+bishop returns a list of latest articles published by authors with the name Dorothy Bishop.

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3. Retrieve journals being followed by a particular user

Call: https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/user

To use this call you need to provide the email address of a user registered with JournalTOCs. For example:
* https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/user/macleod.roddy@gmail.com will return a list with the journals that user macleod.roddy@gmail.com is following at JournalTOCs.

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4. Customised API calls

Call: https://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/institution

To use of this call you need to register your institution with JournalTOCs (how to register). Use this call to search in the latest issues of journals for which your institution has subscriptions, and then link through to the full text using your institutional link resolvers.


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API RSS feeds structure

The elements included in the RSS files that the API uses to return search results are shown in this diagram:

To enable sharing of journal TOC RS feeds by web developers wanting to easily incorporate TOCs into their own websites, we normalize the collected RSS feeds, using the Dublin Core and PRISM metadata standards elements to enhance and present even invalid RSS feeds in a standard and consistent format.

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