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Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
ISSN (Print) 2338-8617 - ISSN (Online) 2443-2067
Published by SCAD Independent Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Co-Management in Mangrove Rehabilitation at Langkat Regency

    • Authors: A Hadian Pratama Hamzah; Sutrisno Anggoro, Sri Puryono, Erisa Kurniati (Author
      Abstract: Collaboration in the management of mangrove areas is a role for every social element in local government, the community, and the private sector. Co-management is an alternative solution in the form of management that integrates the roles and interests of everyone in the mangrove rehabilitation program. This study aims to analyze the role and level of influence of the interests of each actor in mangrove rehabilitation activities in Langkat Regency. The research method uses descriptive-qualitative data collected from the results of questionnaires, interviews; Field observations are processed in the form described in the description in the tabulation. From the results of this study, the form of joint management in mangrove rehabilitation is at a consultative stage where the government starts to consider local views in the decision-making process, the level of participation of each stakeholder is in a low category, so this Study recommends that the form of participation of each stakeholder can be improved through the form of joint regulations, sustainability programs and systematic work distribution that is disseminated to every implementer of mangrove rehabilitation programs in Langkat District.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:55:45 +000
  • Impact of Hotel Employee’s Emotional Intelligence on Emotional Labor
           and Job Satisfaction

    • Authors: Amarjargal Sukhragchaa; Bilegsaikhan Munkhuu, Lkhamtseden Badarch (Author
      Abstract: The previous researches in the Hospitality Industry of Mongolia especially at accommodation service facilities were mainly focused on the quality of hotel services and foreign guest satisfaction and behaviors. There are insufficient researches related to human resources aspects such as psychological problems, work conditions, incentives and career development, job satisfaction. Therefore, the purpose of the research was (1) to carry out a survey related to emotional intelligence, emotional labor and to define job satisfaction among employees who are working for Mongolian upscale hotels, (2) to clear up whether the elements of emotional intelligence have differences depending on its variables and is to explore and to define correlations between variables namely emotional intelligence, emotional labor and job satisfaction, (3) while getting the survey’s outcome to develop more sustainable and beneficial approaches for human resources management and to develop theoretical and practical recommendations. We found that the emotional intelligence of upscale hotel employees has a positive correlation with their emotional labor and job satisfaction. And we also concluded that the frontline employees from the units as front office, housekeeping, food, and beverage perform excellent quality services to the guests from their deepest heart and they have a high level of emotional intelligence.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:53:40 +000
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Qualitative Analysis Process Examination:
           Links Between Experimental Data and Calculations

    • Authors: Fatma Alkan (Author
      Abstract: Analytical chemistry and qualitative-quantitative analysis practices have an important place in chemistry education. Operations such as experimental steps in volumetric analysis, reactions, and determining the amount of matter require problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills due to mathematical calculations. Students have difficulty and anxiety in making calculations in the volumetric analysis. This research aimed to examine the ability of chemistry teacher candidates to use the data obtained from the neutralization titration experiments in the calculation of the experimental result and to analyze the effects of information obtained from experiments on solving volumetric analysis problems. The sample of the study consisted of 13 chemistry teacher candidates studying in the chemistry teaching program of a state university. The research employed a descriptive survey model. Experiment data sheets and question solutions were taken as written answers. As a result of the research, it is noteworthy that the teacher candidates have problems in calculating the results of the experiment, and this has been overcome with increasing applications.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:51:20 +000
  • Design and Implementation of the Ulul Albab Teacher Training Program at
           Imtiaz Schools in Malaysia

    • Authors: Fathiyah Mohd Fakhruddin; Siti Suria Salim, Siti Aishah Hassan, Asmawati Suhid, Shamsudin Othman (Author
      Abstract: Ulul Albab education is an education that offers in selected secondary schools in Malaysia. In the context of the teachers at the Ulul Albab schools, the in-service program is essential as the existing pre-service programs do not directly focus on the concept of Ulul Albab education. This qualitative study aims to examine the design and implementation of the Ulul Albab teacher training program at Imtiaz secondary schools. This qualitative study employed the case study method by interviewing six participants using a purposive sampling technique consisting of Ulul Albab program coordinators, Imtiaz secondary school principal, and four teachers at Imtiaz secondary schools who performed Ulul Albab programs. The findings showed that there are several designs of teacher training programs such as Quranic culture, explanation of school mission, benchmarking visits to excellent schools, and the emphasis on holistic education concept. The findings of the study also indicate that the implementation of teacher training programs should be carried out periodically, and consistently by the school and relevant departments. This study has important implications for professional development programs for Ulul Albab teachers during their services, especially on the aspects that have been highlighted in the study findings.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:49:22 +000
  • Women Farmers as Entrepreneur in the Sebatik-Nunukan Border, North
           Kalimantan Province

    • Authors: Endang Rudiatin; Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Ali Equatora, Sulhan Sulhan (Author
      Abstract: Policies in the economic and development sector still place men as the main actors, women only as “task assistants” in economic activities. The women of Liang Bunyu village in West Sebatik District make Seaweed farming a source of household income and become a leading commodity in village economic development. The women in the village bind seaweed farming for the nursery. A job that men are reluctant to do, but the most important part of the production process. This paper discussed how Sebatik women play a crucial role in making seaweed cultivation a household business. It will be an essential input for the local government policy of developing a household business driven by housewives. The research method used was a qualitative description with an ethnographic approach to make participant observations and in-depth interviews are accurate in collecting data and field findings. The research found that Sebatik women had the prospect to be an entrepreneur. It's just that Sebatik's economic development does not necessarily increase women's empowerment. Not many Sebatik women farmers think about selling seaweed as a processed product, which is more economically valuable and profitable. Education and community culture were the main causes, even though kinship and ethnic networks could function as economic capital. Sebatik woman farmers need government support in both policy regulation and practical assistance, especially in entrepreneurial training.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:34:55 +000
  • Legal Theory and Raison D’etre Behind the Use Of Unfair Contract

    • Authors: Farihana Abdul Razak; Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas, Norhasliza Ghapa (Author
      Abstract: This article discussed unfair contract terms, explores the relevant legal theories that underpin the use of unfair contract terms and examines the raison d’etre for using unfair terms in a contract. The qualitative and doctrinal legal research methods were used in this study. Data were obtained through documentation techniques, which included examining and analyzing several journals, books, and other related documents. Based on library research and content analysis of primary and secondary data sources, the findings indicated that the theory put forward by legal philosophers is to ensure that law and society can be balanced. The use of standard form contracts increases the implementation of unfair contract terms; nonetheless, this study found there is raison d’etre in using unfair terms, particularly in the event of safety, security, government regulatory, operational, and health concerns. Therefore, it is hoped that the study will contribute to a knowledge of contract law.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:32:17 +000
  • A Campaign to Wear Masks in the Pesantren Community With a Counseling

    • Authors: Samsul Arifin; Athik Hidayatul Ummah (Author
      Abstract: The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia held a national campaign movement to wear masks to prevent transmission of COVID-19. The movement was welcomed by the pesantren. The purpose of this study was to describe the movement of wearing masks with the at-tawazun counseling approach (pesantren-based counseling) in Pondok Pesantren Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Situbondo, East Java. This research used a service-learning approach. The results of this study revealed the campaign to wear masks by balancing (at-tawazun) between physical and spiritual efforts, namely: a counseling approach with (1) uswah hasanah techniques, namely giving concrete examples of wearing good masks, (2) megha' kalemmar aéngnga sé ta' lekkoa, namely modeling using masks from students figures so that they are imitated by other students, (3) mauidhah hasanah, namely educational speech using masks, (4) balance between targhib and ta'zir which is giving reinforcement or punishment, and (5) art, namely campaigns using masks through the students' art performance. This research should be adopted in several other pesantren or Islamic-based educational institutions for the campaign to wear masks. This research contributes to the development of "Islamic Guidance and Counseling", "Islamic Psychology", and several other counseling theories.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:23:49 +000
  • Islamic Plurality in the Perspectives of Ulama Dayah in Aceh

    • Authors: Syarifuddin Syarifuddin (Author
      Abstract: This study aimed to explain the views of Ulama Dayah on the plurality of Acehnese society. The Acehnese, especially the Ulama Dayah (Teungku) are community leaders for the people of Aceh. Ulama Dayah welcome the concept of plurality in the sense of tolerance which they consider sunnatullah. However, if plurality causes disturbance to religious practice in society, it will be rejected, especially if it is contrary to the Ahlussunnah wal Jamaah doctrine which is oriented to the Shafi'i school. This research used a qualitative method with a descriptive-analytic approach. The subjects of this research were the ulama who graduated from dayah represented 12 organizations that manage the dayah community. This study did not specify which areas would be studied, because the data were taken based on interviews with 3 Ulama Dayah representing the dayah community organization. The research procedure was carried out in four steps: observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The data were analyzed using an inductive model. The results of the study were as follows; First, the impact of Ulama Dayah’s  thought on plurality in Islamic schools of thought was very important. Second, the role of Ulama Dayah as a reference has actually existed since the days of the Aceh Sultanate. Third, the influence of Ulama Dayah thoughts was also strongly influenced by the number of worshipers. Finally, institutionally, the existence of the Dayah Education Office in Aceh was a liaison between the dayahs and the government in equalizing public perceptions.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 12:20:39 +000
  • Najwa Shihab’s Attitudes in Narasi TV Forming Resistant Discourse to
           House of Representatives’ Members

    • Authors: Desy Ratnasari; Rustono Farady Marta, Hana Pangabean (Author
      Abstract: Each Policy and Performance made by the central government and the Republic of Indonesian House of Representatives will surely attract people’s attention and responses as one responded by Najwa Shihab through a video addressed to the honorable Mister and Mistress House of Representatives members in Narasi TV. This research employed a descriptive-interpretative approach using the theory of Elaboration Likelihood Model and Critical Discourse Analysis method implemented in three analytical phases to study Najwa Shihab’s argumentations and attitudes. The results showed that Najwa Shihab expressed her insights on social relations and identities which were unequal between her and House of Representatives members. The discourse builds her supremacies, thoughts, and ideas to legitimate herself as a people’s representative, directing people’s opinions through argumentations, self-values, and attitudes that tended to be resistant to the House of Representatives members.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Sharia-Based Regional Regulations in the Indonesian National Law System

    • Authors: Syahrizal Abbas; Ramzi Murziqin (Author
      Abstract: This study aimed to explain the existence of sharia-based regional regulations and discuss the form of legal system regulation of sharia-based regional regulations in Indonesia. After the reformation, changes in the legal system in Indonesia began, especially the change from a centralized pattern to a decentralized one and the granting of regional autonomy authority, this was marked by the issuance of regional regulations based on the needs of each region. The next problem is the emergence of the desire to establish sharia-based regional regulations such as in Aceh, South Sulawesi, and West Java which invites legal discourse on the legal system in Indonesia. This study used a qualitative method with a normative legal approach. The subjects of this study were the namely elements of the Central and Regional Government, and Members of the DPRD. In addition, information was also collected from scholars, academics, and legal practitioners. The research procedure was carried out in four steps: observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The data were analyzed using an inductive model. The research findings showed that; first, the implementation of post-reform Islamic Shari'a cannot be separated from the increase in democratic life in Indonesia. Second, the application of Islamic Shari'a is the desire of the community as the foundation and order of social, national, and religious life. Third, the application of sharia-based regional regulations in addition to being elite political capital is also part of increasing identity and cultural revival and social life of the community.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Evaluating the Implementation of Sharia in Aceh, Indonesia

    • Authors: Abdul Manan; Cut Intan Salasiyah (Author
      Abstract: This paper critically studied the perspectives of people living in Aceh, particularly in Bireuen toward the implementation and enforcement of Sharia. This study was conducted by qualitative approaches as a phenomenological study to cope with every idea emerging toward the legalization, implementation, and enforcement of sharia. The data were gathered by open-ended interviews to ensure that each perspective adjacent to the sharia was portrayed clearly. The result indicated that problems existed upon the implementation: the problems of Sharia formalization, unrelated qanun, the position of Sharia authority, polemics of Sharia, and other pros-and-cons of the Sharia itself. Hence, the government, along with relating parties, had to reconsider the strategies and ways in implementing sharia as a legal law. The point here was to make the Acehnese people performed and obeyed Islamic tenets as their dignities as Muslims, not by force or fear of penalties from the government.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Early Childhood Sex Education Media as a Preventive Step for Sexual

    • Authors: Dahlia Dahlia; Sutrisno Sutrisno, Alimatul Qibtiyah (Author
      Abstract: This study aimed to overcome problems related to the lack of integrated sex education media in integrated thematic learning so that it can make it easier for teachers to deliver sex education materials to early childhood. This research is a type of research and development. This study employed the Borg and Gall development model which consists of two main objectives, namely developing products and validating the resulting products. The population in this study was Jogja Green School and Aisyiyah Pembina Piyungan Kindergarten. The research sample chosen in Jogja Green School was 13 children and in Aisyiyah Pembina Piyungan Kindergarten as many as 30 children. The questionnaire as an instrument was used to validate and evaluate the quality of the developed product. The data analysis technique applied was descriptive qualitative analysis and descriptive statistics. The results of the study showed that: (1) The results of the validation of material experts, media experts, and education practitioners on the products developed were feasible to use, (2) The results of the limited trial showed that the product developed was suitable for use, (3) The results of the trial were more widely known that the product developed was suitable to use and was effective in increasing knowledge of early childhood sex education.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Analyzing Aceh Cultural Heritage: Mathematical Tools and Language Use

    • Authors: Zainal Abidin; Jarjani Usman (Author
      Abstract: Acehnese people have many culturallyunique mathematical treasures, such as for measuring size and volume. Some of which are different from the ones used in other parts of Indonesia and some have been rarely used and even unknown by today’s generation. However, research on the measuring scales in Aceh is scant. This study was carried out to understand the Acehnese people’s prevailing measuring scales used. These scales are ethnomathematics parts of the Aceh culture. The research was conducted in six districts. Snowball sampling was employed through which people who are knowledgeable on Aceh culture were selected for interview. It shows that the volume scaling units of ethnomathematics in the culture of Aceh society are kay, aree, naleh, gateng, gunca, and kuyan. 1 kuyan = 10 gunca; 1 gunca = 10 naleh; 1 naleh = 16 aree; 1 aree = 4 kay. The size and volume of the kay, aree, naleh, gateng scales vary in each district.Moreover, the language used for scales and meanings slightly varies, such as naleh that is used for measuring volume or size only in some districts of Aceh and for both volume and size in other parts of the province.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Learning of Multimedia-Based Physics Concept Applications to Improve
           Students’ Motivation and Science Process Skills

    • Authors: Jabaliah Jabaliah; Muhammad Adlim, Muhammad Syukri, Evendi Evendi (Author
      Abstract: Physics concept application is widely applied in daily life but students have a lack of knowledgeconcerning the concept of physics application. This research aimed to examine the motivation and skills of the scientific process through learning the concept of multimedia-based physics applications. This is experimental research, conducted on Year IX students of Islamic Senior High School. Samples were taken with purposive sampling techniques and divided into two groups of Mastery Learning Scores (MLS), MLS ≥ 70 and MLS< 70. Data were collected from Pre-test and post-test. The motivational data was presented through the category table, while the science process skills were analyzed using the Independent sample t-test. After the treatment, the initial motivation of the MLS class ≥ 70 was increased from 66.1% to 81.9%, while it was from 63% to 82.5% for the MLS class< 70. Besides, the final science process skillswere significantly different between the two classes, indicating byt count >t table 2.14 > 1.65. This study suggested that learning concepts of multimedia-based physics applications can improve student motivation in both classes, while the science process skills only affect the students of the MLS group ≥ 70.
      PubDate: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
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