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Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S
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ISSN (Print) 1898-6196 - ISSN (Online) 2084-4549
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  • The Impact of Propanol, N-Butanol and Pentanol on Aqueous Dispersions of
           Sonicated Liposomes. EPR Study

    • Abstract: This paper presents the effect of selected alcohols on the fluidity of liposome membranes obtained in sonication of DPPC lecithin. Using the EPR technique, the duality of propanol, n-butanol and pentanol on the behaviour of the aqueous dispersion of liposomes was demonstrated. It was shown that after exceeding a certain concentration, these alcohols initiate dispersion foaming, leading to phase separation: liposome dispersion - lipid foam. The influence of the shape of the molecule and the length of hydrocarbon chains on the effectiveness of destabilisation of the structure of lipid membranes was indicated.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • The Synthesis of 2,2-BIS(1-INDOL-3-YL)Acenaphthylene-1(2)-Ones Using
           Nanocatalysis: Fluorescent Sensing for Cu Ions

    • Abstract: 2,2-bis(1H-indol-3-yl)acenaphthylene-1(2H)-ones were synthesised by the reaction of acenaphthenequinone and 2 equivalents of indole using Fe3O4@SiO2@Si-Pr-NH-CH2CH2NH2 as the basic magnetic nanocatalyst, assembled under greener and sustainable conditions in high purity and yields. Furthermore, the photoluminescence properties of 2,2-bis(2-methyl-1H-indol-3-yl)acenaphthylene-1(2H)-one were exploited for the sensing of copper ions in the mixed solvent systems comprising H2O and CH3CN in excitation wavelength at 410 nm with a detection limit of 9.5 ∙ 10–6 M.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Leaching of Heavy Metals from Contaminated Soil Stabilised by Portland
           Cement and Slag Bremen

    • Abstract: Leaching behaviour is an important evidence of soil quality. The assessment of leaching of heavy metals from the contaminated soil is vital for environmental applications. However, leaching may differ in soil stabilised by various ratios of binders. In this study we measured leaching behaviour of soil contaminated by As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, V, Zn, methyl Hg, aliphatic compounds of hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). To evaluate leaching of these substances we tested the effects of changed amount of binder (120 kg and 150 kg) and binder ratios (70/30 %, 50/50 % and 30/70 %) added to soil samples. Soil was dredged from several stations in Ostrand area, SCA Sundsvall Ortvikens Pappersbruk. The results demonstrated a systematically decreasing leaching with the increased slag. The contribution of this research include: (i) devising systematic approach to extract information on leaching from stabilised soil collected from the coastal area of Bothnian Bay, (ii) developing a workflow for stabilising soils by various combination of Portland cement Basement CEM II/A-V (SS EN 197-1) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), Bremen type (SS EN 15167-1), (iii) determining water ratio and density for the untreated and stabilised soil and performing comparative analysis, (iv) evaluating chemical content of pollutants and toxic elements in the aggregated soil samples. Treatment of the contaminated soil by binders improved its parameters by the increased strength and decreased leaching of heavy metals and toxic elements.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • On the Influence of the Nugget Effect on the Efficiency of Magnetometric
           Soil Surface Screening

    • Abstract: The paper presents selected aspects of calculations and modelling of variograms from measurements of soil surface magnetic susceptibility for rapid screening of surface soil contamination with Technogenic Magnetic Particles (TMP). In particular, the methodology of variogram analysis in the case of multiple magnetometric measurements in one measurement location with the use of the MS2D Bartington sensor was discussed. A new approach to analysing such measurements was proposed that allows determining and using the nugget effect from standard, already existing measurements. This is of key importance for the quality of spatial analyses, and thus the screening results obtained by means of field magnetometry. In the paper, it was shown, step by step, that averaging the measurements performed at one measurement point during the calculation of the empirical variograms does not result in the loss of information on spatial variability in the microscale. As it was calculated non-averaged measurements were characterised by the nugget-to-sill ratio of about 96 % which was much higher than in the case of averaged measurements (close to 0 %). A range of correlation was similar in both cases and was equal to about 300 m - 400 m. The local variogram revealed a range of correlation of about 80 cm. As a result, the screening results are more reliable than is the case with the traditional procedure. An additional advantage of the work was the performance of all calculations in free R software.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Transport Vehicles: Case Study Banja
           Luka Region (B&H)

    • Abstract: Waste transport is just one of the segments in the solid municipal waste management. Throughout the entire waste life cycle, starting by generation of waste, via storing, collecting, transporting, recycling, treating and depositing, several different polluting substances are emitted. The solid waste transport, apropos, transporting vehicles emit into the air different pollution substances such as CO2, CO, NOx, NMVOC, PM, PAHs etc. These substances can present certain problems for human health and environment. The research subject of this study is the analysis of solid waste transportation within the Banja Luka region (B&H), from towns and municipalities belonging to the region and transporting their mixed municipal waste to the Banja Luka landfill. In the analysis, following parameters are included: distance to the landfill, type of vehicle used for the waste transportation, type of the engine, vehicle capacity and the number of tours during a year. The study estimates the emission of CO, NOx, NMVOC, and PM2.5 during one year using the listed parameters and by applying EMEP/EEA guidelines for estimating the emission of polluting substances into the air. The largest emission of polluting substances (CO, NOx, NMVOC and PM2.5) is from the oldest vehicles. The newest vehicles had a significantly lesser emission of these polluting substances into the air. The recommendation for decreasing the emission from the transportation vehicles is to organise the transfer-stations, procure new vehicles, optimise the collection routes and decrease the number of tours, as well as to better the usage of the vehicle capacity level.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Influence of Vehicular Frequency on Air Quality of Delhi, India

    • Abstract: Vehicular traffic has registered a phenomenal growth in the last few decades on Delhi roads, their increasing number is a cause of concern for city planners and administrators as they not only deteriorated the quality of environment but has also affected the human health. In this context, we studied the influence of traffic i.e., vehicular frequency on air quality of Delhi. Five sites were selected in four cardinal directions i.e., North, South, East, West and Centre for which data of air pollutants were already available in public domain (DPCC online website). Vehicular frequencies were recorded for Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) and Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) for both weekdays and weekends. Correlative analysis were carried out to study the relationship between vehicular frequency and air pollutants. The study showed, East of Delhi had the highest traffic load followed by North, West, South and Centre. We found statistically significant positive correlation between dust pollution, PM10 (r = 0.8) and PM2.5 (r = 0.6) with vehicular frequency while negative association with ozone (r = –0.5). A weak positive correlation was found with NOx (r = 0.2) while weak negative correlation with SO2 (r = –0.3). The study revealed that vehicular exhaust and their movement contribute in deteriorating the air quality of Delhi. Our findings suggest promotion of usage of public transport along with implementation of BS-VI stage vehicles and development of vegetation filters along the roads with native tree species.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Effect of Soil Application of Zeolite-Carbon Composite, Leonardite and
           Lignite on the Microorganisms

    • Abstract: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of mineral-organic mixture on changes in the abundance of selected soil microorganisms. The experiment contained: soil with NPK (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) + 3 % or 6 % lignite (MF+CW3 %, MF+CW6 %) and 3 % zeolite-carbon composite (NaX-C); soil with NPK + 3 % or 6 % leonardite (MF+CL3 %, MF+CL6 %) and 3 % NaX-C; soil without fertilisation (C); soil fertilised with mineral NPK fertilisers (MF). Plants participating in the experiment were spring wheat and spring oilseed rape. The presence of the selected microorganisms was determined: Azotobacter spp., actinomycetes, ammonifiers, bacteria and mold fungi. Using Koch’s serial dilution method, the abundance of selected soil microorganisms was performed. The conducted research allows to conclude that the abundance of detected microorganisms depended on both the applied fertilisation and the plant grown. For the spring oilseed rape, the highest abundance of microorganisms was determined in treatments where fertilisation with lignite mixtures was applied, while for spring wheat, with leonardite mixtures. Increasing (from 3 % to 6 %) the share of lignite and leonardite in fertiliser mixtures did not translate into a proportional growth in the abundance of microorganisms, so such a treatment has no economic justification. Given their alkaline pH, the mixtures used can be a substitute for calcium fertilisers to improve soil properties and, consequently, protect soil organic matter from degradation.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Marine Biotoxin Profile and and Occurrence in Boughrara Lagoon During the
           Last Decade

    • Abstract: As part of the routine control of the Tunisian network for the monitoring of the most problematic microalgae species Karenia selliformis and Alexandrium minutum and for the study of hydrophilic and lipophilic marine biotoxin profiles, clams and seawater samples from Boughrara lagoon were analysed during the past decade. The results showed that the abundance of Karenia selliformis and Alexandrium minutum in the Boughrara lagoon exhibited significant variability at annual scales. K. selliformis was recorded in all sampling years with interannual variability. Among the nine sampled years, 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2017 were, respectively, the most significant in terms of mean abundance (2.85, 2.42, 1.38, 1.69) ∙ 105 cells L–1. A. minutum species were observed in the water column during all investigated years except in 2013, 2016 and 2017, but in low concentrations compared to K. selliformis (≤ 7.4 ∙ 102 cells L–1). Using LC-FLD, traces of paralytic toxins (C1 and GTX-2) were detected in some clam samples. Their concentrations were largely below the regulatory limit. For the first time, N-sulfocarbamoyl gonyautoxin-2 (C-1) and gonyautoxin 2 (GTX-2) were detected in some clam samples from this region. LC-MS/MS analysis confirmed the presence of gymnodimines in some samples. The main peak corresponds to the GYM-A with high concentrations generally above 1 mg kg–1 of clams meat, which confirms the persistence of this neurotoxin in Boughrara lagoon.
      PubDate: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 00:00:00 GMT
  • Nitrogen Removal and Sludge Reduction in Anoxic-Aerobic Sequencing Batch
           Reactor with Alkaline-HO Disintegration

    • Abstract: In this study, alkaline-H2O2 sludge disintegration was combined with anoxic-aerobic sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The carbon obtained by alkaline-H2O2 sludge disintegration was used in the denitrification process and sludge reduction was achieved in the SBR process. In the SBR process, a 9 % increase in nitrogen removal efficiency was achieved with the improvement in the denitrification process. A sludge reduction efficiency of 43 % was obtained in the SBR process with alkaline-H2O2 sludge disintegration. A synergistic effect was obtained in the combination of alkaline and H2O2 methods and the sludge reduction increased by 8 %. By combining sludge disintegration into the SBR process, it is possible to reduce the amount of sludge formed, which is an important environmental problem, and to provide carbon source for the denitrification process.
      PubDate: Fri, 21 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Sustainable Innovation on Urban Landscape Construction and Ecological
           Water Environment Governance Process

    • Abstract: In recent years, various cities have continued to build urban landscapes with typical characteristics, but most of the urban landscape constructions are too similar. There is even a problem that the urban landscape is not recognised by the local people, and the same is true for the problem of ecological water governance. This article aims to study the sustainable innovation of urban landscape construction and ecological water environment governance process. To this end, this article proposes fuzzy comprehensive evaluation criteria and goals, through this evaluation system to evaluate the urban landscape construction and ecological water environment management process, and at the same time design experiments to investigate. The experimental results of this paper show that the evaluation system can help improve the urban landscape construction and ecological water environment management. At the same time, the analysis results show that under this evaluation system, urban residents’ satisfaction with the urban landscape has increased by 47 %. At the same time, the effect of water treatment has also been improved, with an improvement effect of 31 %. For the actual governance process, the effect is huge.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Study on Cutting Cultivation Technology and Rooting Mechanism of

    • Abstract: Cyclocarya paliurus is an important rare and multipurpose tree species in China. In view of the difficulty of asexual propagation of Cyclocarya paliurus, this paper explores the technical system of Cyclocarya paliurus cutting propagation from the aspects of cutting collection position and time, tannin removal pretreatment, hormone treatment, sand storage treatment, cutting matrix, environmental factors and physical factors, and discusses its internal physiological changes in the process of cutting rooting. This paper attempts to clarify the physiological characteristics of Cyclocarya paliurus in the process of cutting propagation and rooting. The results of this study can provide technical support and theoretical basis for the cuttings propagation of Cyclocarya paliurus. The results show that the rooting rate of cuttings inserted on the mixture of perlite and vermiculite is up to 32.2 %. In summer, when the middle and upper parts of branches were treated with 300 mg/L rooting powder No. 1 and GGR-6 (Green Growth Regulator-6) mixture, the rooting rate was up to 44.4 %; in winter, the rooting rate of the base of branches was 36.7 % under the same treatment. During the rooting process of Cyclocarya paliurus, a large number of nutrients such as soluble sugar, starch and soluble protein were consumed. SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), POD (Peroxidase), and PPO (Polyphenol oxidase) are closely related to cutting and rooting. High activity SOD and POD are conducive to the expansion of cuttings, and high activity SOD and PPO are conducive to improving the stress resistance of cuttings. Hormone treatment can improve the enzyme activity and make the enzyme activity change in the direction conducive to rooting. The change of endogenous hormone content in cuttings reflects the rooting ability of Cyclocarya paliurus. Substrate heating and hormone treatment can regulate the content of endogenous hormone in cuttings during the rooting process, so as to affect the rooting effect, the stable total nitrogen content in cuttings was conducive to root formation.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Research on Coping Behaviour of School Sports Participants in Smog
           Environment Based on Risk Cognition and Communication

    • Abstract: In recent years, smog has become one of the most disastrous weather events in China, hurting daily life and seriously affecting public health. To explore the school sports participants in a smog environment based on risk cognition and communication. This study used literature, questionnaire, and other research methods to deeply understand the current situation of school physical education in the haze weather environment. The spatial autocorrelation index tested the spatial agglomeration characteristics of smog pollution. As was evidenced, sports in a smog environment can cause physical discomfort and mild psychological stress. The significant difference in maximal oxygen uptake was p < 0.01. The level of students’ perception of smog positively correlates with students’ active of physical exercise, and it has a significant predictive effect. The explanatory power of smog perception level to resisting coping behaviour is 49.5 % (R2 = 0.495, P < 0.001). Under the influence of smog, participants in school sports activities showed high smog risk cognition and weak coping behaviour, and schools showed low smog risk communication. Experience and policy supervision explain 50.1 % of the information on risk communication influencing factors, with high explanatory power. One can conclude that outdoor teaching and practice in physical education classes should be carried out because the outdoor air does not influence the human body to enhance physical fitness and health.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainable Operation: Theory and

    • Abstract: Industrial pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources adversely affect the environment and are also a serious threat to society and economy development. At present, climate change, destruction of the ozone layer, water shortage, and sharp reduction of biodiversity have also become widespread environmental problems. Therefore, people have started to explore how to solve the environmental pollution problems in the process of economic development from corporate environmental management. In addition to corporate environmental management, we also focus on the study of sustainable operation. Improving operational efficiency can also effectively reduce environmental pollution and promote sustainable development. This special issue of Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S (ECE S) collects 10 articles focusing on challenges and issues in corporate environmental management and sustainable operation, aiming to share and discuss the latest advances and future trends of theories and applications in academia, promote innovation in rural economic development models, improve the ecological environment, and bring practical insights and experiences to industry developers.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Research on Rural Environmental Pollution Control Path Under
           Administrative Intervention Mechanism

    • Abstract: With the continuous development of urbanisation, the economic level of rural areas has improved greatly. However, due to the development of industry and the leap in the economy, the rural environment has suffered unprecedented damage. Taking Zhejiang Province as an example, this paper explores the rural environmental pollution control path under the government intervention mechanism. Firstly, it analyses the functions of the government in rural environmental pollution control. Then, taking Huzhou as an example, this paper empirically evaluates the willingness to pay for the treatment of living environment pollution in rural areas of Huzhou based on the CVM (Contingent Valuation Method) and analyses the decentralised domestic sewage treatment mode, multi household domestic sewage treatment mode, and waste collaborative treatment mode from the perspective of treatment technology and policy system. Finally, it is proposed that to speed up the governance of the rural environment, and we must strengthen the administrative intervention of the government in rural environmental governance. The government should improve the environmental protection awareness of leaders at all levels and the masses and enrich farmers’ environmental governance knowledge and technical training. Based on the theory of environmental economics, agricultural economics, and decision-making behaviour, this paper analyses the influence mechanism of farmers’ decision-making behaviour and government intervention in rural non-point source pollution control.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Research on the Impacts of Information Capacity on Farmers’ Green
           Prevention and Control Technology Adoption

    • Abstract: This study was carried out to reveal the key factors affecting farmers’ green prevention and control technology adoption and to deeply analyse the influence of different generations of farmers’ information capacity on green prevention and control technology adoption. Based on the survey data of 509 farmers in Liaoning Province and the probit model and logit model, this paper conducted an empirical analysis of the farmers’ green prevention and control technology adoption, and analysed the differences in farmers’ adoption of green prevention and control technology from the perspective of intergenerational difference. The research results show as follows: First, information capacity has a significant positive impact on farmers’ green prevention and control technology adoption; Second, the influence of information capacity on the green prevention and control technology adoption of different generations of farmers is different. Information consciousness has more significant influences on farmers in the new and middle-generations; information needs have more significant influences on farmers in the new and old generations; information use only has significant influences on farmers in the middle-generation. Therefore, in order to increase the probability of farmers’ green prevention and control technology adoption, it is necessary to not only pay attention to the influence of farmers’ information capacity, but also fully consider the different stages of the life cycle of different generations of farmers and their own endowment differences.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • The Importance of Low-Carbon Landscape Design in Rural Tourism Landscape

    • Abstract: The paper aims to study the importance of low-carbon landscape design based on rural tourism landscape. First of all, after sorting out and researching the relevant reviews of low-carbon landscapes, taking rural landscapes as the research object, a rural landscape planning and design framework based on the perspective of low-carbon construction is proposed. Then, Xiwuli Village is used as an example to carry out the application practice of specific strategies and the carbon emissions before and after the planning and design are calculated and compared. After the low-carbon planning and design of the rural landscape, the net carbon footprint and the total carbon footprint were significantly reduced, confirming the low-carbon effect of the planning and design strategy. Finally, according to the actual situation of the scenic spot, it points out the principles and policy suggestions that must be followed in the development of low-carbon rural tourism. Experiments show that: the net carbon footprint and total carbon footprint are significantly reduced, which proves the actual effect of low-carbon design and the effect of low-carbon planning and design strategy.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Analysis of the Influence of Soil Fertility Factors on High-Yielding
           Cultivation Techniques

    • Abstract: Soil is the material base of soil fertility. It can not only fix the root system but also provide nutrients, water, and other necessary conditions for crops to promote growth of crops. As a characteristic agricultural product in the Yanbian area, the production of ‘Pingguoli’ is related to the development of the agricultural economy in the Yanbian area. To solve the agricultural problems caused by excessive fertilisation in ‘Pingguoli’ orchards in the Yanbian area and to study the correlation between rare elements and soil properties. Based on the collection of regional natural economic background and soil data in the study area, four treatments were set up: The soil and ‘Pingguoli’ samples were collected, and the total amount of rare earth elements in the soil samples and the related indexes of ‘Pingguoli’ fruit were detected. Soil is the material basis of soil fertility, and soil management determines crop growth. CF1 treatment could increase ‘Pingguoli’ yield and significantly improve fruit quality. The rate of fruit softening and bad fruit decreased significantly after storage. Reduction of fertilisation can improve quality and save cost, among which CF1 has the best effect and can obtain more benefits when applied in production. Implications: Through experiments, agricultural workers can be more deeply aware of the importance of soil to crops; reducing fertilisation can lead to better crop yield and quality while achieving greater benefits, and consumers can get healthier food.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Evaluation System of Rural Sustainable Tourism Land Based on Ecosystem
           Service Value

    • Abstract: With the development of the economy, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. People will look for ways to relax after busy work, and rural tourism is a slow-paced life. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the evaluation system of rural sustainable tourism land based on ecosystem service value. In this paper, an evaluation model based on AHP and association rules is proposed, and the two methods are described in detail. The experimental results of this paper show that the number of tourists has increased from 12 % in 2014 to 24.9 % in 2020, and the growth rate of tourism revenue has increased from 24 % in 2014 to 30 % in 2020. Rural tourism is an important part of tourism and an important force to implement the strategy of rural revitalisation. It plays an important role in accelerating the modernisation of agriculture and rural areas, the integrated development of urban and rural areas, and poverty alleviation in poor areas. The number of farm stays has increased from 1.9 million in 2014 to 3.25 million in 2020. It can be seen that with the growth of time, the rapid development of the economy, and increasing people who love to travel, this has led to changes in the utilisation rate of rural land. Therefore, the research on the evaluation system of rural sustainable tourism land based on ecosystem service value is very meaningful.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • An Analysis of the Impact of E-Commerce Supply Chain Collaboration on the
           Ecological Environment in Central Plain

    • Abstract: In recent years, the ecological environment has been severely damaged and has evolved into a problem threatening human health due to the construction of the ecological environment. Therefore, studying the eco-environmental (ecological environment) issues in the process of the new eco-environment is of great significance to the comprehensive development of the region. The basic research framework of this article is to ask questions, analyse problems and solve problems. With the rise of e-commerce media platforms as the background, we use case studies and in-depth interviews to discuss the characteristics of the ecological crisis of e-commerce media platforms and analyse them in depth. This paper takes the new ecological environment as the research background, selects six major cities in the Central Plains as the research objects, and digs deep to find out the current ecological and environmental problems in the Central Plains. By citing the PSR (Pressure-State-Response) model, we construct the initial pressure and use the factor analysis method to determine the evaluation index model of the 16 sub-indices. Finally, we use the entropy method to standardise the original indicators. We determine the index weights, etc., to analyse the level of the ecological environment of the six cities. At the same time, this article evaluates the ecological environment in the process of the new ecological environment in the Central Plains. First, an evaluation index system is established, and then the evaluation index weight is determined to obtain the order of the ecological environment problems. According to the total score value of ecological environment quality, for different areas, comprehensive ecological environment zoning is proposed so that resources can be better and rationally developed and utilised. The ecological environment of mining areas is protected and improved to the maximum extent. At the same time, the mine ecological environment monitoring work plan is formulated; the construction of ecological restoration is proposed for areas (mine parks, geological parks, forest parks, and ecological parks). Through organisational structure adjustment and overall supply chain optimisation, relevant feasible solutions are proposed, and examples are given to illustrate the optimisation effects; the part summarises the significance of this research and the main existing problems and proposes future research recommendations. In the context of the new ecological environment, analysing the current situation of the ecological environment in the Central Plains, identifying the ecological and environmental problems in the process of the ecological environment, and proposing corresponding solutions based on the problems are conducive to the development of the new ecological environment in the Central Plains.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
  • Economic Development Model and Effective Path of Green Industry

    • Abstract: Major crises such as greenhouse effect and resource depletion remind people that environmental protection is imminent. However, the economic growth is always accompanied by the destruction of the environment, so the development of green industry economy is very necessary for the balance between the two. However, many of today’s green industry economic development is still in the theoretical stage, and there are no substantive measures. Therefore, this paper aims to build a reasonable development evaluation model for the green industry economy, and use the results of the model to explore the sustainable development of the green industry economy. In view of this, in the stage of proposing the model, this paper refers to a large number of literature and field investigation, and selects 30 suitable evaluation indexes. The experimental results of the green industrial economy in Sichuan Province with the designed model show that the comprehensive evaluation index of green economic development has increased steadily. It reached 0.8255 in 2016, which is in line with the actual situation. This shows that the model in this paper has a good fitting effect, and can provide guidance for the economic development model and effective path of green industry.
      PubDate: Mon, 17 Oct 2022 00:00:00 GMT
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