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Journal of Navigation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 200)
Accident Analysis & Prevention     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 111)
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 38)
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 38)
Urban, Planning and Transport Research     Open Access   (Followers: 33)
Transportation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 32)
Transportation Research Record : Journal of the Transportation Research Board     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 29)
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 29)
Journal of Transport and Land Use     Open Access   (Followers: 28)
Transportation Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 26)
European Transport Research Review     Open Access   (Followers: 22)
Journal of Transport Geography     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 22)
Nonlinear Dynamics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 19)
Public Transport     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
International Journal of Sustainable Transportation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
Cities in the 21st Century     Open Access   (Followers: 17)
Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology     Open Access   (Followers: 16)
Transportation Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 16)
Economics of Transportation     Partially Free   (Followers: 16)
Transport     Open Access   (Followers: 16)
Journal of Transportation Technologies     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
IET Electrical Systems in Transportation     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Case Studies on Transport Policy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
Journal of Advanced Transportation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Journal of Transport & Health     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS)     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Journal of Transport History     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
EURO Journal of Transportation and Logistics     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Sport, Education and Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Transport Reviews: A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
Modern Transportation     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (EJTIR)     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
IET Intelligent Transport Systems     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
Journal of Sport & Social Issues     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 10)
International Journal of Crashworthiness     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 10)
Journal of Transportation Safety & Security     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Travel Behaviour and Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
International Journal of Mobile Communications     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Pervasive and Mobile Computing     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Analytic Methods in Accident Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Transportmetrica A : Transport Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
Journal of Modern Transportation     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
Mobility in History     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
Journal of Waterway Port Coastal and Ocean Engineering     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Transportation Research Procedia     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical Power, and Vehicular Technology     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Applied Mobilities     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
International Journal of Applied Logistics     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Vehicular Communications     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Transactions on Transport Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition)     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Transportation Letters : The International Journal of Transportation Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Research in Transportation Business and Management     Partially Free   (Followers: 4)
Logistics & Sustainable Transport     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Transport and Telecommunication     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Transport Problems     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Journal of Transportation and Logistics     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Journal of Transportation Security     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
World Electric Vehicle Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
TRANSPORTES     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
International Journal of Transportation Engineering     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Journal of Big Data Analytics in Transportation     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Sport, Ethics and Philosophy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Journal of Public Transportation     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Packaging, Transport, Storage & Security of Radioactive Material     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Streetnotes     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Les Dossiers du Grihl     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
International Journal of Ocean Systems Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Transportation Engineering     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Asian Transport Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Danish Journal of Transportation Research / Dansk Tidsskrift for Transportforskning     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Transportation Safety and Environment     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
eTransportation     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Synthesis Lectures on Mobile and Pervasive Computing     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Open Transportation Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Emission Control Science and Technology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Botswana Journal of Technology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Decision Making : Applications in Management and Engineering     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Logistics     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Recherche Transports Sécurité     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
International Journal of Services Technology and Management     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Romanian Journal of Transport Infrastructure     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Transportmetrica B : Transport Dynamics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Transportation Geotechnics     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Maritime Transport Research     Open Access  
Communications in Transportation Research     Open Access  
IET Smart Cities     Open Access  
Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms     Hybrid Journal  
Transportation in Developing Economies     Hybrid Journal  
Vehicles     Open Access  
Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering     Open Access  
Transportation Systems and Technology     Open Access  
LOGI ? Scientific Journal on Transport and Logistics     Open Access  
Promet : Traffic &Transportation     Open Access  
IFAC-PapersOnLine     Open Access  
Revista Transporte y Territorio     Open Access  
Транспортні системи та технології перевезень     Open Access  
Geosystem Engineering     Hybrid Journal  
Logistique & Management     Hybrid Journal  
IATSS Research     Open Access  
Transport in Porous Media     Hybrid Journal  


Similar Journals
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Number of Followers: 2  

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ISSN (Online) 2159-2926
Published by eScholarship Homepage  [72 journals]
  • Front Matter and Table of Contents

    • Abstract: Front Matter and Table of Contents
      PubDate: Fri, 11 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +000
  • Swimming Sounds

    • Abstract: City sounds are scarce these days in Johnstown, PA. The population of this once-thriving rust belt town has shrunk to fewer than 20K people and is now focused on outdoor recreation and the arts. The YMCA pool is one place where, even in COVID times, the community gathers in the name of wellness.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Listening Point – Daily Soundscape Recordings from a Window of an
           Apartment in a Building Located on a Street in a Residential and
           Commercial Neighborhood in the City of Niterói, State of Rio de Janeiro

    • Abstract: A month-long (February-March 2021) log of sounds and sound sources in Rio de Janeiro.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Loud: Death by Garbage Truck

    • Abstract: A writer speculates on waste sounds in the city.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Like Birds in A Cage: Accounts About Social Isolation Soundscapes During
           the Pandemic in Brazil

    • Abstract: This article presents and reflects upon the transformations on the soundscapes of Belo Horizonte (capital of the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil) and the surrounding countryside areas, noticed during the current social isolation period due to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The starting point is a discussion about the concepts of landscape and soundscape, upon which our work is grounded, as theorized by scholars in the fields of geography, art, and sound studies; and also, the notion of proxemic zone, which guides our understanding of the relation between the listener and their space. The article then moves on to the authors’ own experiences during these pandemic days. One has stayed put, remaining in the center of a city with a population of 2.5 million people and taking notes of the different pandemic phases through the changing soundscape. Another has left her apartment in a bohemian part of town to stay at her countryside home, replacing the musical...
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • a woman, alone

    • Abstract: This essay, a metafictional account, arose from the grief and trauma of losing my mother in March of 2019, one year prior to the 2020 Pandemic shutdown. One of the formal challenges was in exploring how best to represent the soundscape of city and household she might have heard in her final hours. At the same time, it also imagines her interior soundscape, the moment of death and the transition to the afterlife she had hoped for. The essay was conceptualized as one of several "islands" in an archipelago of essays as you see them here. Each island, each essay, is rendered all the more interesting (we  hope!) in the way they are situated in this intimate yet quarantined zoom community of long standing friendships and shared intellectual vision.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Routine

    • Abstract: A daily sound report.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • When the Fugitives Decide to Stay

    • Abstract: "When the Fugitives Decide to Stay" looks at how language use, for many of us, marks value and non-value, and this marking becomes especially troubling under pandemic conditions. The essay juxtaposes bodily valuation and non-valuation during the AIDS epidemic and during our ongoing COVID moment, arguing that we need to expand our abilities to critique human desire and its operations.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • All Sounds Are from My Home: Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro

    • Abstract: A journal, in which I keep track of sounds around me, on an hourly basis, for about a month.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • While Taking My Dog for A Walk – A Sound Diary

    • Abstract: A two-month long sound diary.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • From Confinement to Sound Encapsulation: The Social References of Sound in
           Morro do Palácio, Niterói (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

    • Abstract: Lessons on soundscapes, music, and noises from the Morro do Palácio favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Stories in Black

    • Abstract: Three poems about anti-Blackness and state violence.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • A Day in Quarantine

    • Abstract: A day, March 8, 2021, in sounds.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Dodging Partitions

    • Abstract: This a visual investigation into partitions, which separate space and sound.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Innings

    • Abstract: The first versions of this poem about sound on paper were drafted while I was writing a chapter on sounds in travel literature. On 7 May 2018 my concentration broken by human and mechanical noises from outside, I tuned in to the commentary on a cricket match at Nottingham’s Trent Bridge (a ground less than 2 miles from the city centre), and listened to the applause as the South African batsman Hashim Amla, playing for Hampshire, reached his century. As I would have been there had it not been for the chapter deadline, the poem became a reflection on the paradox of sound being both present and absent in texts. During the Covid-19 pandemic I redrafted the poem several times, more intensely aware of the differences between inside and outside, between urban and natural sounds, and of the places where they meet.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • The Sound Seasons

    • Abstract: These pieces explore the seasons of sound in a city caught in the global pandemic.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Lockdowns

    • Abstract: A short response to the sounds of lockdowns during a session of a Zoom Writing Salon initiated by Michelle Dent which involved eight former colleagues from the Department of Performance Studies at New York University.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Dreams Are What Music Is Made Of…

    • Abstract: A rumination on dreams and music, in dedication to my Mom, Dad, and all our ancestors past and present. And to all that have been called home during this dramatic exodus in the vastness of space.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Introduction: Sounds and Silence in the Pandemic City

    • Abstract: Introduction to the Streetnotes 28: Sounds and Silence in the Pandemic City
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Silenced No More

    • Abstract: Several artworks from a larger project created in 2020, during the times of the pandemic and unrest, when people of color decided that they would be silenced no more.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • BQE

    • Abstract: The poem is about a snow drop hitting my window while driving under a bridge. The shape made me remember older boys with daisy bb guns shooting at parked trains near what is now the Highline. Then a kid with a snowball slams my windshield while I was deep in memory. I jumped back quickly into a sound reality.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Lockdown, Soundscapes, Dreams: A Diary (July 25, 2020 – August 8,

    • Abstract: These selected entries are from a diary that I have been keeping since the beginning of the pandemic; they document the ways in which sounds have occupied my dreams, and my reflections about a new, perhaps quieter, perhaps sinister, soundscape experience.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Rest in Power Portraits: Reverberations

    • Abstract: A close description of a 2020 summer public art project in support of Black Lives Matter, at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Louder

    • Abstract: A series of musings on listening to the city amidst pandemic motivated retreats and diminished soundscapes. It latches onto some possible lines of flight—courtesy of the author’s own experiences and others’ art.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Music, Pandemic, and Creative Idleness!

    • Abstract: Musings on creative idleness.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Soccer Sounds, from Ingá (a middle-class neighborhood in
           Niterói, Rio de Janeiro)

    • Abstract: A sound journal, taking into account public celebrations during the pandemic.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Sonorities and Cities (in Times of Crisis)

    • Abstract: The aim of this article is to explore some possibilities of hearing the city as a tool for an extended exploration and understanding of different aspects of urban dynamics and contradictions in socio-anthropological analysis. Starting from considerations of the secondary importance given to the sense of hearing in social research and theory, and the growing interest in the integration of all the senses for the construction of an embodied research apparatus which would contemplate the multidimensionality of everyday life, I explore two perspectives: the one contained in the different uses of the concept of soundscape, and the one referred to more recent appropriations of Henri Lefebvre's rhythmanalysis. Complementing the reflection, I use the theoretical suggestions based on sound perceptions, to produce some insights regarding the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on cities and everyday life.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Listening Log #1 – Distribution

    • Abstract: The soundscape of a single day, February 21, 2021.
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Mixed Speak

    • Abstract: This short piece addresses the challenges of being biracial and finding your own voice while listening to the conflicting voices of others: parents, grandparents, friends, mentors, teachers, coaches. I had two constraints while writing this: one, I had to emulate Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl,” where a mother teaches her daughter how to be a respectable girl and not “the slut you are so bent on becoming”; and two, I had to develop this for a high school literature assignment while studying remotely during New York’s pandemic lockdown. I had no “in-person” communication other than with my immediate family, which made it even harder to find one’s own voice: you need the voices of others in order to distinguish yours from theirs. I wondered: what is sound--music' vibrations' noise' everyday sounds' silence' Will silence always protect you'
      PubDate: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0000
  • Streetnotes 27: cover

    • Abstract: Streetnotes 27: cover
      PubDate: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Front Matter and Table of Contents

    • Abstract: Front Matter and Table of Contents
      PubDate: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Introduction: Walking in the Digital City

    • Abstract: The editors introduce the special issue, 'Walking in the Digital City".
      PubDate: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • Cell-Out: A Long-Distance Mobile Performance of Scores, Reflections,

    • Abstract: “Cell-Out” is a performance, a collaborative investigative enactment of physical, spatial, and communicative mobility in urban areas, and an exploration of walking in the digital city through shifts of space, attention, and time. Claudia Brazzale and Leslie Satin approach walking as dancers whose embodied practices are based largely in Western contemporary dance techniques and somatic / contemplative forms, including early post-modern dance's cultivation of pedestrian movement; their scholarly work is grounded in autobiography and auto-ethnography. The piece centers on a series of compositional scores in which each writer directs the other toward specific actions, places, and areas of focus. Other parts of the piece contextualize and arise from these scores, weaving through the authors' scholarship on dance and space and flowing into their art lives and personal experience. Brazzale's and Satin's explorations of walking and writing as experiential, affective, digressive, phenomenological,...
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • Mapping a City’s Energy: using digital storytelling to facilitate
           embodied experiences of urban

    • Abstract: This essay looks at how embodied knowledge of the city can be shaped by the intentional movement of dance and sensory mapping experiments, through a close examination of two different movement practices undertaken as part of the Dancing Bodies in Coventry(DBiC) project. The essay also explores the different ways in which embodied experiences of urban space and place are documented, as well as what the hybridisation of the digital and the bodily might mean for how we understand and navigate our urban environments.
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • Pokéwalking in the City: Pokémon GO and the Ludic Geographies of Digital
           Capitalism, A View from Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    • Abstract: This article uses the author's play of Pokémon GO while conducting dissertation research on mobilities and masculinities in postwar Jaffna, Sri Lanka as a starting point for a wider consideration of ludic geographies and their increasing entanglement with digital capitalism. While new advancements in mobile and digital technologies present exciting new possibilities for occupying and moving through public spaces, we should not forget that the driving force of capitalism is to produce profits nor should we ignore the continuing social inequalities of race, gender, and caste, which also impact access to the possibilities these new technological developments represent.
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • CODED GEOMETRY: A Digitally Expanded Game of Psychogeography

    • Abstract: The materiality, aesthetics, logics and processes of digitality have infused the physical space of cities. We can no longer speak of a clear distinction between analogue, carbon-based, offline entities and digital, silicon-based, online representations. The relationship between digital technology and the city is a complex, more-than-human one in which the convergence of digital technology and the city can be shown to have expanded not just the space of the city but what the space of the city is. This article asks whether the Situationist International’s psychogeographic walking practices can be modified to research the specificity of the digital city. Through the practices of CODED GEOMETRY, a walking collective based in East London that uses performative strategies to develop a digitally expanded psychogeography, the article considers the following questions: how does it feel to walk the streets of East London when the city has been expanded by technologies that blur the boundary...
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • What Happened': An Examination of PLAYDATE, a Cellphone-Oriented,
           Neighborhood-Wide, Beyond-the-Stage Play in and About Downtown Brooklyn

    • Abstract: PLAYDATE was a cellphone-oriented, neighborhood-wide, beyond-the-stage play. Through GoPro cameras, the performance documented a cast of roving players as they performed sequenced tasks that engaged local businesses, public facilities, and various contingencies in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. The main cast and the audience were physically separated and only viewable via social media and GPS. Posts were digitally projected in the auditorium of ISSUE Project Room, a non-profit performance venue in Downtown Brooklyn. Viewers, however, could interact with the piece through their own social media accounts. By submitting comments, questions, and likes through their cell phones, viewers became part of the work and created individual perspectives with no single vantage point. In this transcribed conversation led by PLAYDATE director, Ying Liu, two players[1] (Kuan-Yi Chen and Kenneth Pietrobono) and audience members (John Matturri and Seth Cohen) share their experience of the...
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • Strategies for Subverting the Tyranny of the Corporate Map: An Interview
           with Babak Fakhamzadeh

    • Abstract: A discussion on using a range of solutions to subvert corporate control of our experience in understanding and relating to our urban environment.
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
  • Ways of Walking

    • Abstract: The writer has a poor sense of orientation and loses her way when she walks in cities. When this happens in Antwerp, Belgium, GPS maps and a music streaming application on her smartphone trigger the experience that she unfolds in this essay. Her aim is to explore an aspect of the temporal dynamics of contemporary life and, based on the element of loss, to demonstrate how machine, digital temporality and human, existential temporality may interact. Thanks to Kenneth Goldsmith's notion of displacement, the work of writers and artists related to Antwerp, namely Hugo Claus, Connie Palmen and Jan Fabre, references to ethnology and performance studies, and the writer’s father who was gardening through bud grafting, the experience of losing one’s way in a city with a smartphone in the hand, is restaged in writing, while loss in space encounters memory through oblivion and initiates reflection on an existential condition of loss.
      PubDate: Fri, 1 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000
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