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ISSN (Print) 0353-3735 - ISSN (Online) 1848-9486
Published by Croatian Anthropological Society Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Analysis of polymorphism of uniparental markers in reindeer-herding
           populations: the Tozhu Tuvans of Russia and the Tsaatans of Mongolia

    • Authors: Natalia Balinova, Irina Khomyakova, Elena Ayyzhi, Murat Dzhaubermezov, Sergey Litvinov, Elza Khusnutdinova, Galina El’chinova, Rena Zinchenko, Nailya Spitsyna, Jüri Parik, Maere Reidla, Siiri Rootsi
      Abstract:  We analyzed the data on the variability of the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in populations of the Tsaatans of Mongolia and the Tozhu Tuvans of Russia. The populations studied are characterized by low genetic diver­sity for both marker systems. The analysis of Y chromosome haplogroups in the Tsaatan and Tozhu revealed three hap­logroups in the Tsaatan and seven haplogroups in the Tozhu. The composition of the haplogroups is coherent to literature data on the Tuvans, which is explained by common origin. According to the data on mitochondrial DNA variability, 12 haplogroups were determined in 46 Tozhus, of which C4b (30.43%) and F1b1b (23.91%) are major haplogroups. According to the HVS–1 (HyperVariable Segment) data, 15 haplotypes were found in the Tozhu Tuvans and the diversity coefficient of 0.8677 turned out to be much lower than among the Torghut of Mongolia (0.9857). In 23 Tsaatans, 14 haplogroups were determined; the most common of which are C4b (22.73%) and C5a1 (18.18%). According to HVS-1, 14 haplotypes were revealed in the Tsaatan, the diversity is 0.9486. The data obtained on uniparental marker systems in the Tozhus and Tsaatans are due to the isolated and inaccessible taiga region and the manifestation of the “founder effect”. The Tsaatans are less polymorphic in terms of the variety of Y chromosome haplogroups, while the Tozhus are less polymorphic in terms of mitochondrial DNA, which is probably a consequence of a high rate of endogamic marriages in the populations studied. doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.1
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.1
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Digital dermatoglyphics pattern distribution among the reproductive age

    • Authors: Joseph B Dare, Thomas Kehinde Adenowo, Ibrahim Wada
      Abstract: The study aimed at examining differences in digital dermatoglyphics distribution between fertile and infertile women in Abuja, Nigeria. A total of 222 women with 53 clinical cases of primary infertility were included in this study. Dermatoglyphic patterns of the distal phalanges were obtained for further analyses of quantitative and qualitative traits. The results showed a lower incidence of loop patterns (55%), and a higher incidence of arches (7%) and whorls (29%) in infertile women than in fertile ones. Infertile women showed a unique and specific digital pattern distribution on each of the fingers on the right and left hand. A significant decrease in ridge count (RC), total finger ridge count (TFRC) and absolute finger ridge count (AFRC) was observed in the infertile patients (p<0.05) in relation to fertile women. 2D:4D index in infertile and fertile women was 0.95 and 0.85 respectively. The observed differences in the digital traits could provide a useful bio-indicator for genetic counselling among reproductive age women. doi: 10.5671/ca.46.2.2
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.2
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Infertility and Obesity- A Cross-Sectional Study in North Indian Women

    • Authors: Navjot Kamboj, Mohinder Pal Sachdeva, Chakraverti Mahajan, Kallur Nava Saraswathy, Manju Puri, Nandita Babu
      Abstract: Studies related to the association between obesity and infertility are almost negligible in the North Indian context; thus, the present study aims to assess the relationship between primary infertility and obesity in Delhi (North India) women independently and in light of various demographics and lifestyles and reproductive variables. The present study was a part of a major project funded by the National Commission for Women of India, Government of India. Data was collected from 334 females, including 167 fertile and 167 infertile individuals. A pretested modified quantitative interview schedule was used to collect the data, which consisted of two parts: First part of the Interview schedule included demographic variables, reproductive profile and lifestyle variables. The second part consisted of somatometric measurements in the form of BMI which were taken with the help of anthropometric rod (Height) and digital weighing scale (Weight). All the data was analysed through SPSS 22.0.The results revealed a higher prevalence of obesity and underweight among infertile women.There is a clear-cut indication that usual risk factors of obesity like physical inactivity, increasing age, higher age at marriage, and infertility-related biological issues seem to be promoting obesity in combination with infertility. Public education is needed to increase awareness about the age at marriage. As physical inactivity leads to obesity among infertile women, counseling, awareness or improvement of lifestyle factors should be considered in the infertility treatment protocol.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.3
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.3
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Outcome of Pregnancy and Maternal Weight in Women Living in Coastal and
           Continental Croatia

    • Authors: Andrea Russo, Damir Roje, Ines Banjari, Rosanda Mulić, Zlatko Kljajić, Viviana Radica, Nikola Kolja Poljak, Iris Jerončić Tomić, Marin Cagalj
      Abstract: Pregnancy outcomes are under the influence of maternal characteristics and environmental factors, diet being the most important. The Benefits of the Mediterranean diet on all health indicators, including pregnancy, are well documented, placing at the top of the world’s healthiest diets. The aim was to investigate whether pregnant women living in the Mediterranean part of Croatia have better pregnancy outcomes in comparison to women living in the continental region. An observational longitudinal study was conducted in two Croatia regions: continental (city of Osijek and surrounding area) and coastal (city of Split and surrounding area). Even though women for the coastal region gained more weight during pregnancy (p=0.048) and prolonged gestation (p<0.001), maternal nutritional status has a higher influence on offspring’s nutritional status at delivery among women from the continental region. The incidence of pregnancy disorders (p<0.001) is higher among women from the continental region. Maternal weight prior to delivery was associated with caesarean section in both regions. Despite an unfavorable maternal nutritional status, both prior and during gestation and prolonged gestation, offspring’s nutritional status is better in the Mediterranean part of Croatia.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.4
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.4
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Interrelationships between blood pressure and lipid profile
           characteristics among postmenopausal women from Dhimal community at
           Naxalbari in Darjeeling, West Bengal

    • Authors: Sudip Datta Banik
      Abstract: Objective of the present study was to find association between blood pressure and lipid profile characteristics in postmenopausal women. A cross-sectional study was done in 2015 at Naxalbari in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. The sample included 129 postmenopausal women aged between 40 and 55 years representing Dhimal community. Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) was recorded and levels of triglycerides (TG), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) were estimated. Derived lipid profile parameters were total cholesterol, non-HDL-C, Castelli Risk Index (CRI) I and II, atherogenic coefficient, and atherogenic index of plasma (AIP). Hypertension (systolic/diastolic 140/90 mmHg), hypertriglyceridemia (≥150 mg/dL), high LDL-C (≥130 mg/dL), and low HDL-C (<50 mg/dL) were diagnosed. Correlation and binomial logistic regression analyses were done to find the association between variables. Mean values of age and age at menopause were 50.34 years and 45.36 years, respectively. Prevalence of hypertension (65.89%), hypertriglyceridemia (21.71%), high LDL-C (43.41%), and low HDL-C (48.06%) were remarkable in the sample. Binomial logistic regression models after adjusting for age, showed that lipid parameters (TG, non-HDL-C and AIP) significantly predicted hypertension. AIP was observed to be the best predictor of hypertension (classification rate = 76.34%, Youden index = 0.52) and odds ratio showed that one unit increase in AIP had a chance of 24% rise in odds of having hypertension. Hypertensive postmenopausal women had higher mean values and prevalence of lipid parameters. Age at menopause had significantly negative association with blood pressure and lipid profile parameters.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.5
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.5
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Correlation of Lactobacillus in saliva and OHI, PI, GI, and PBI index in
           pregnant women in the first and third trimester of pregnancy

    • Authors: Edon Behluli, Blerim Kamberi, Donika Dragidella, Anila Kamberi, Mirsada Behluli, Gazmend TEMAJ
      Abstract: Background: Pregnancy is a completely new physiological condition that stimulates important protective forces of the future mother. The changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman are hormonal, biochemical, anatomical, and histological which are manifested in the functions of all its organs. This study included 66 pregnant women in their first pregnancy, as dependent samples living in Pristina, Kosovo, or coming from nearby places. This research consisted of the determination of the Oral Hygiene Index (OHI), Plaque Index (PI), Gingival index (GI), Index of interdental gingival bleeding (PBI) in pregnant women in the first and third trimester of pregnancy. The results obtained were compared with Lactobacillus values in saliva. The amount of Lactobacillus in saliva was determined by the diagnostic test of CRT-bacteria (Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein). Results: The differences in the values of OHI, IDP, GI, PBI in pregnant women in the first and third trimester of pregnancy for OHI value in the third trimester of pregnancy for p <0.001 (p = 0.000) was significantly higher than the value in the first trimester; IDP value in the third trimester of pregnancy for p<0,001 (p=0,000) was significantly higher than the first trimester value; GI value in the third trimester of pregnancy was significantly higher than in the first trimester p<0,01(p=0,006); PBI value in the third trimester of pregnancy was significantly higher than in the first trimester p<0,001(p=0,000). A weak positive correlation was obtained between the OHI index and the value between the OHI index and Lactobacillus in pregnant women in the first and third trimesters (p> 0.05). The correlation between IDP and the value Lactobacillus in pregnant women in the first and third trimesters showed a weak positive correlation for p> 0.05. The correlation between GI and the value of Lactobacillus in pregnant women in the first and third trimester showed a weak negative insignificant correlation for Spearman Rank Order R = -0.05 and p> 0.05. Conclusion: The results obtained from this study contained small differences in the examined parameters which are very important for early detection and timely prevention.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.6
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.6
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • The influence of social support on the life satisfaction of elderly people
           in care homes

    • Authors: Sanja Zoranić
      Abstract: Social network of each individual plays a significant role in the aging process, while at the same time social support is considered as one of the major factors attributing to quality of life of the elderly. Insufficient social inclusion of an individual leads to loneliness as a consequence of the lack of social relations, which commonly occurs among older people and greatly affects their quality of life.The aim of this paper is to explore the perception of the social support for elderly and disabled people in care homes and its impact onto their life satisfaction, as well as correlation between social support and loneliness. The instruments used in the research were the Social Provisions Scale, a general measure to evaluate current relations with important people in a person’s life, and Socio-Demographic Data Questionnaire. The sample involved 113 people over 65 in care homes for elderly and disabled in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The results have shown that there are differences in quality of life of the elderly in care homes as well as in their life satisfaction with regard to social support, and also that there is a correlation between the lack of support and loneliness. Furthermore, the research results have shown that there are no statistically significant gender differences in the quality of life of the elderly with social support.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.7 
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.7
Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • “They Think We Have No Ears” – Muslim Women Immigrants’
           Experiences in Germany

    • Authors: Omar Mizel
      Abstract: The continuous debate in the West about women wearing a hijab in the public sphere excludes the women themselves and does not enable a fair discussion of the topic. This study aims to benefit Muslim women by bringing their experiences to the forefront and providing them with an opportunity to voice their distress without concern. The study examines the experiences of Muslim women immigrants in three cities in Germany. These women experienced exclusion and felt marginalized, and believed they were unjustly treated in the public sphere, which purports to be liberal and enabling. Nevertheless, these women preserved their Muslim-Arab identity. The study recommends, among other suggestions, to display the Muslim women immigrants’ culture, showing where they live and establishing shared educational settings for German and Muslim girls and women.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.8
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.8
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • A rare case report of nonfamilial sporadic reoccurrence of cherubism: a
           view of a surgeon

    • Authors: Vjosa Hamiti Krasniqi, Mergime Prekazi Loxha, Zana Agani, Aida Rexhepi, Jehona Ahmedi, David Stubljar
      Abstract: Cherubism is a rare bone dysplasia in children characterized by symmetrical bone resorption limited only to the jaws and diagnosed as bone lesions filled with soft fibrous giant cell-rich tissue that can expand and cause severe facial deformity. Most patients have germline mutations in the gene encoding SH3BP2, a signaling adaptor protein involved in the adaptive and innate immune responses. Treatment depends on the clinical course of the disease. The current case report presents a young patient with cysts in frontal region of maxilla without family history, that had recurrences of cysts, and is representing a less documented, rare case. Histological finding at that time was indicating a giant cell granuloma and later a grey tumor. Due to existence of other pathological findings in jaws with the presence of giant cells, we had difficulties to diagnose cherubism as surgeons.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.9
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.9
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)

    • Authors: Mihriban Özcan, Nilay Dereobalı, Tahsin Oğuz Başokçu
      Abstract: This study aims to adapt the Narrative Assessment Protocol, which was developed to evaluate the narrative skills of children aged 2-7, to Turkish culture for preschool children. The research is designed in a general survey model. The study group of the research consists of a total of 247 children, 128 males, and 119 females, from the 36-66 month group, who attend independent kindergartens in the Konak district of Izmir city center in the 2018-2019 academic year. Denver II Developmental Screening test was used to determine the children with normal developmental characteristics in the formation of the study group. “Narrative Evaluation Protocol” and “Family Information Form” were used to as data collection tools. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) in SPSS 23.0 and Confirmatory Factor Analysis in Lisrell were used to test the construct validity of the data. For reliability, Cronbach's alpha and Test-retest reliability were checked in SPSS 23.0. ANOVA analysis was used in SPSS 23.0 to examine the difference between the scores of the children. EFA results showed that the protocol had a 3-dimensional structure. The Cronbach's alpha value of the Narrative Evaluation Protocol was found to be .75. Test-retest reliability is calculated separately for factors and for the first factor it was.75, for the second factor it was .72, and for the third factor it was .69. The data obtained from children through the narrative evaluation protocol were found to be valid and reliable at an acceptable level. In addition, age had a significant effect between the children who were above and below 52 months of age, while gender did not have a significant effect (p<0.05). It has been concluded that the interaction effect of age and gender was not significant.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.10
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.10
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
  • Museum of Charms and Fetish Objects in Nigeria: Contemplations about
           Imagination, Culture and Related Areas

    • Authors: Miroslav Prstačić
      Abstract: On the assumption, upon which perception may be considered as an associative integration of available memory pictures or archetypes as universal thought forms, the deep ecological, cross-cultural and holistic approach is conceived for two complementary areas of research: 1) contemplations about the anthropological traits of imagination, symbolic meanings of museum objects, culture, archetype image symbols and induced associations; 2) meditation on the notion of man in the language and culture of Igbo people in Nigeria, and group visual art expression. These contents are discussed with reference to some knowledge in archetypology, neuroscience, semiotics, fine and other arts, psychoanalysis, sophrology, museology and other related areas. Culture is considered as a way of life which embraces the customs and beliefs, arts, rituals, mentality, religious leaning of the people and historically transmitted patterns of symbols. Three subjects, who graduated in philosophy and/or theology at the Nigerian University, were involved in these activities. Their role in the research workshops extended to that of active participants as listeners, observers and researchers. Museum collections are considered as traditional religious objects, as artistic or ornamental objects, as charms and fetish objects. In a broader sense, and with a review on psychoanalytic theory of object relations and other related areas, some contemplation is shown about the complex history and meaning of the word charms, fetish and related terms, and about creativity, beliefs and human coping mechanisms with various problem areas. In this context, the importance of the catalytic role of education and the heritage mission of the Nigerian museum is highlighted. Research activities were carried out in the Museum of Charms and Fetish Objects in Main Campus of Madonna University and National Pilgrimage Centre in Elele, Nigeria.doi:10.5671/ca.46.2.11
      PubDate: 2022-06-30
      DOI: 10.5671/ca.46.2.11
      Issue No: Vol. 46 (2022)
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