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Nordic Journal of Migration Research
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ISSN (Online) 1799-649X
Published by Helsinki University Press Homepage  [2 journals]
  • NJMR: Over 10 Years of Commitment to Publishing Excellent Research

    • Abstract: Published on 2022-12-07 12:01:27
  • Dimensions of Ethnic Boundary-Making: Experiences of Young Muslims and
           Christians in Religious Transnational Fields in Oslo

    • Abstract: This article examines the religious transnational orientation among young Muslims and Christians in Oslo. The study draws upon Andreas Wimmer’s (2013) theory of ethnic boundaries to analyse the characteristics of the ethnic boundary-making emerge within a religious transnational field, and how social closure, language, ideological framing and sociopolitical dimensions contribute to the ethnic boundary-making. The data consist of 22 qualitative interviews with young people between 16 and 35 years old.The article shows that most young Muslims and Christians involved in religious transnational activities influenced by multicultural, cosmopolitan ideas and interfaith collaborations. Some youths, however, are involved in religious transnational activities where there are no forms of social exchange or cooperation with other religious and ethnic groups. Some groups use their native language to reinforce the ethnic boundaries, providing a link between their religion and nationality. Others use language to establish generational differences between young people and their parents. As for the ideological framing, the findings show those boundary-making efforts that emphasize the incorporation of Islam in the West. The sociopolitical dimension refers to the classificatory struggles of Muslims with right-wing politicians who argue Muslims in Europe and Norway represent a danger to Western democracy and values. Published on 2022-12-07 11:55:39
  • Transforming Biographical Experience Into Occupational Accountability:
           Paraprofessional Integration Workers’ Efforts to Professionalise
           Integration Support in Sweden

    • Abstract: Integration support is a rather new professional field, and it is common for paraprofessionals (PPs) with personal migration experiences as their main qualification to perform the work without having a job description, education or ethical principles to follow. In previous research, migration experiences have been contested as a professional competence and criticism has been raised about a lack of professionalism. Organisational professionalisation directed from above – such as education, guidelines and standardisation – has been requested. This study raises questions about occupational professionalisation from within, from the working group itself. Based on workplace learning theory, the study explores how a working group of 30 PP integration workers in Civic Orientation are enhancing occupational capacities jointly. They identified a lack of client responsiveness as a problem and developed an explanatory model where their own biographical experience of migration (themselves as former migrants or their family members and recollections of their former ‘home country’) play a crucial role. Thus, the results indicate that one’s own migration experience can be a part of and a motivator for occupational professionalism of PPs if it is allowed to be collectively reflected on, critically scrutinised and contextualised. Published on 2022-12-07 11:48:57
  • Attitudes Toward Muslims Among Majority Youth in Norway: Does
           Ethno-Religious Student Composition in Schools Matter'

    • Abstract: This article examines how attitudes toward Muslims among native majority adolescents in Norway are associated with the ethno-religious composition of their school environment. The inflow of immigrants has changed the sociodemographic landscape in Norway, introducing new dimensions of urban school segregation. The school context represents a key socializing context outside of the family and structures contact opportunities across ethnic and religious lines. Research on how exposure to peers from different backgrounds influences majority group students’ out-group attitudes have produced conflicting findings, and central theories propose different mechanisms influencing the relationship between relative group size and prejudice. Using a unique dataset with both individual- and school-level information from Norway’s capital region and controlling for observed characteristics of students and their parents, the results show that levels of negative attitudes toward Muslims decreased with relative out-group size. This finding indicates that multiethnic settings bolster tolerant attitudes toward Muslims in Norwegian schools. Published on 2022-12-07 11:21:29
  • Worrying about Migrant Mothers in Finnish News Journalism

    • Abstract: This article investigates the framing of migrant mothers and migrant families in family policy journalism over a 20-year period between 1998 and 2018 in Finland. Using computational word-based searches and qualitative methods, we explore the ways in which journalistic media in Finland took part in the production of societal worries and worrisome subjectivities about families, family policy and migration. Tracing the category of ‘migrant mothers’ in news journalism, we show how this category is used to mobilise gendered and racialised worries and worrisome subjectivities, and to validate and justify policy measures related to austerity and the welfare state. Further, we identify a shift in the Finnish news journalism concerning families and migration: from the discussion of integration and language learning as a personal goal for migrant mothers in the early 2000s to perceptions of employment in the 2010s. The societal worries attached to migration and families have thus shifted from the potential exclusion of migrant mothers from society in general to concern instead their absence from working life and by that their assumed unproductivity as current and future citizens. Published on 2022-12-07 11:14:19
  • Migrants and Swedish Activists in Solidarity: Pro-Asylum Activism as a
           Pathway of Political Socialisation in Malmö

    • Abstract: The article examines how pro-asylum activism contributes to the political socialisation of precarious migrants who become activists, and how it facilitates their social and spatial emplacement in a particular locality. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork conducted in 2013–2016 in the city of Malmö, an important site of pro-asylum and anti-racist activism in Sweden, the article analyses how some migrants re-establish their lives by building social relationships with established local activists. These relationships help them gain the knowledge and ability to develop their own activist trajectories, form their own organisations, and dare to conduct activism in public spaces, despite being undocumented. Published on 2022-12-07 11:09:21
  • Perspectives on Migrant Care Workers in the Long-Term Care Sector:
           Identity Politics and Othering

    • Abstract: Nursing homes for older seniors are considered an integral part of the Nordic welfare regimes, with a comparatively large proportion of employed native-born women. This is partly under change. An ageing population in interplay with increased difficulties recruiting native-born care workers have raised questions of how to approach present and future workforce challenges. A proposed response to this challenge is the recruitment of migrant care workers, both from within one’s borders and from outside. This strategy is already changing the composition of the workforce in long-term care in all Nordic countries and is expected to continue to do so.In this article, we will analyse perceptions of migrant care workers through the concept of ‘othering’, by combining perspectives from management and migrant care workers. Through a process of othering from management, two archetypes of collective identities are constructed: The migrant care worker and The Nordic care worker. These archetypes are both adopted and challenged by migrant care workers. We argue that these constructions entail both possibilities and limitations for migrant care workers, while representing the dilemmas management must take into consideration when seeking to include a more diverse workforce. Published on 2022-12-07 11:03:30
  • Book Review of de Haas, Hein, Castles, Stephen and Miller, Mark J. 2020.
           The Age of Migration. International Population Movements in the Modern
           World. New York and London: Guilford Press. Sixth Edition. 443 pp

    • Abstract: de Haas, Hein, Castles, Stephen and Miller, Mark J. 2020. The Age of Migration. International Population Movements in the Modern World. New York & London: Guilford Press. Sixth Edition. 443 pp. Published on 2022-12-07 10:55:09
  • Book Review of Vatansever, Asli 2020. At the Margins of Academia, Exile
           Precariousness and Subjectivity. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 189 p

    • Abstract: This is a book review: Ali Ali’s reading of Asli Vatasever’s ethnographic book on political and academic exiles. Asli Vatansever shows how the two forms of exile and precarization: 1) under state authoritarianism and 2) in the academic labor market are constitutive to each other. They are only separate in the rationale of precaritizing political and social governance. That rationale is premised on assumed individualization of precarity and separation, if not antagonism, between different struggles. Vatansever’s calls for, and shifts towards, new methodology of/and academic community-making that exposes the connection between theory and embodied politics and politicizes/mobilizes privatized struggles. Published on 2022-12-07 10:48:41
  • Book review of Ferrero, Laura, Vargas, Ana Cristina and Guagliariello,
           Chiara (eds.) 2021. Embodying Borders. A Migrant’s Right to Health,
           Universal Rights and Local Policies. New York: Berghahn Books. 255 pp

    • Abstract: Published on 2022-12-07 10:41:26
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