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Revue Mabillon     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Revue Théologique de Louvain     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Ruch Biblijny i Liturgiczny     Open Access  
Ruch Filozoficzny     Open Access  
Rural Theology : international, ecumenical and interdisciplinary perspectives     Hybrid Journal  
Sacris Erudiri     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Sakarya Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi / Journal of Sakarya University Faculty of Theology     Open Access  
Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament: An International Journal of Nordic Theology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
Science et Esprit     Open Access  
Scottish Church History     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Scottish Journal of Theology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 35)
Scrinium : Journal of Patrology and Critical Hagiography     Open Access  
Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Scripta Theologica     Full-text available via subscription  
Secularism and Nonreligion     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Shofar : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 15)
Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Siwö' : Revista de Teología / Revista de Estudios Sociorreligiosos     Open Access  
Social Sciences and Missions     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
Sociedad y Religión     Open Access  
Sociology of Religion     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 21)
Sophia     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Speculum     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 32)
Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 8)
St Mark's Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Stato, Chiese e pluralismo confessionale     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Stellenbosch Theological Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Studia Azjatystyczne     Open Access  
Studia Canonica     Full-text available via subscription  
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Studia Liturgica     Full-text available via subscription  
Studia Orientalia Christiana     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Studia Theologica - Nordic Journal of Theology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Theologia Orthodoxa     Open Access  
Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Studies in Chinese Religions     Hybrid Journal  
Studies in Church History     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Studies in East European Thought     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Studies in Interreligious Dialogue     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
Studies in Spirituality     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
Studies in World Christianity     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Svensk teologisk kvartalskrift     Open Access  
Svenskt Gudstjänstliv     Open Access  
Symposia : The Journal of Religion     Open Access  
Tang Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Tarnowskie Studia Teologiczne     Open Access  
TEACH Journal of Christian Education     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Tear Online     Open Access  
Temenos     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
TEOL-information     Open Access  
Teoliterária : Revista Brasileira de Literaturas e Teologias     Open Access  
Teología     Open Access  
Teologia i Człowiek     Open Access  
Teologia i Moralność     Open Access  
Teologia Praktyczna     Open Access  
Teología y Vida     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Teologisk tidsskrift     Open Access  
The Biblical Annals     Open Access  
The Ecumenical Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
The Heythrop Journal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 21)
The Jurist : Studies in Church Law and Ministry     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
The Muslim World     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
The Person and the Challenges. The Journal of Theology, Education, Canon Law and Social Studies Inspired by Pope John Paul II     Open Access  
Theoforum     Full-text available via subscription  
TheoLogica : An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Theologica Xaveriana     Open Access  
Theological Librarianship : An Online Journal of the American Theological Library Association     Open Access   (Followers: 17)
Théologiques     Full-text available via subscription  
Theology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Theology & Sexuality     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
Theology and Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
ThéoRèmes : Enjeux des Approches Empiriques des Religions     Open Access  
Tijdschrift voor Theologie     Full-text available via subscription  
Toleransi     Open Access  
Tópicos del seminario     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Toronto Journal of Theology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Traditio     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Trajecta : Religion, Culture and Society in the Low Countries     Open Access  
Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe     Open Access  
U.S. Catholic Historian     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
ULUM : Journal of Religious Inquiries     Open Access  
Uskonnontutkija : Religionsforskaren     Open Access  
Verbum et Ecclesia     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Verbum Vitae     Open Access  
Veritas : Revista de Filosofí­a y Teología     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Vetus Testamentum     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 30)
VFAST Transactions on Islamic Research     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Via Spiritus : Revista de História da Espiritualidade e do Sentimento Religioso     Open Access  
Vigiliae Christianae     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 8)
Vincentian Heritage Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Wacana : Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Wege zum Menschen : Zeitschrift für Seelsorge und Beratung, heilendes und soziales Handeln     Hybrid Journal  
Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft     Open Access  
Zeitschrift für neues Testament     Full-text available via subscription  
Zeitschrift für Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik     Hybrid Journal  
Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Zeszyty Naukowe Centrum Badań im. Edyty Stein     Open Access  
Zutot     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)

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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
ISSN (Print) 0497-1817 - ISSN (Online) 2342-7256
Published by Finnish Society for the Study of Religion Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Editorial note

    • Authors: Minna Opas, Sofia Sjö
      Pages: 5 - 6
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.115492
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Putting a Q into the Study of Religions

    • Authors: Peter Nynäs
      Pages: 7 - 40
      Abstract: The Young Adults and Religion in a Global Perspective (YARG) research project implemented a cross-cultural, comparative, and mixed-method study of religious subjectivities in twelve countries worldwide. At the core of YARG was the use and development of the Faith Q-Sort (FQS), originally designed by David Wulff (2019). The FQS is based on Q methodology and a novel method in the study. Religion as an object of study has become increasingly evasive, and the FQS met our ambition of finding sensitive ways to assess contemporary religiosity in an international perspective. This article seeks to describe the project with a specific focus on the FQS. I draw here on other publications from the project, and our use of the FQS is further exemplified by two of the main analyses we conducted: the bird’s-eye view of the shared patterns of being religious in the international sample, and the exploration of cross-cultural variations of these patterns across our country-specific cases.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.116001
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • God Making in China

    • Authors: James R. Lewis, Magrethe Løøv
      Pages: 41 - 65
      Abstract: Some religious leaders tend to gravitate towards claims of increasingly greater holiness. This sometimes results in the assumption of explicitly prophetic roles or in more extreme cases, claims of divinity. The present paper discusses the apotheosis of Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong. Although a comprehensive theory of divinization remains elusive, some general points can be made. First, we argue that any effort to theorize deification must include the observation that it is a process that arises in the context of social interaction between leader and followers rather than exclusively within the psyche of the leader, a point which has sometimes been missed in previous analyses. Second, divinization is a gradual process, with claims of divinity typically being amplified over time. Third, one must consider that divinization typically takes place within social spaces more or less set apart from the larger society, with group dynamics that facilitate deification. Fourth, divinization can be a strategy for coping with external threats like critical outsiders and repression. Finally, we argue that any effort to understand deification needs to consider the wider cultural and religious context. ‘God’ is a polythetic term, and divinization may therefore take on many different forms.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.97064
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Otherworldly Beings in the Pre-Christian North

    • Authors: Simon Nygaard
      Pages: 67 - 89
      Abstract: The interplay between societal and cultural change consists of a host of different factors. Religious conceptions are just one and are this article’s focus. Various conceptions of Otherworldly beings can be found in the textual sources for pre-Christian Nordic religion. To better understand these differing descriptions, one can employ various theoretical frameworks when constructing the particular model for the reconstruction of pre-Christian Nordic religion. For this article a cultural evolutionary framework inspired by the work of Robert N. Bellah is paired with a model of ontology in a case study suggesting that specific types of Otherworldly beings belong to specific types of religion. It is suggested that Otherworldly beings such as the álfar may represent what might be termed a tribal religion, while Otherworldly beings such as the vanir seem to belong to an archaic religion. The proposed intermediate category of chiefdom religion is then suggested as relevant for a different kind of Otherworldly being, which is explored by applying Phillipe Descola’s work on ontology. These differing groups of Otherworldly beings further seem to fulfil similar functions while remaining relevant throughout our textual corpus. This is ultimately seen as an example of Bellah’s notion that ‘nothing [important] is ever lost’.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.102495
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • The Dichotomy of Branding

    • Authors: Laura Kokkonen
      Pages: 91 - 117
      Abstract: This article investigates branding in the Orthodox Church of Finland. How does the Orthodox Church discuss its public image, and how does the theoretical lens of branding add to this discussion' In this study church communication workers were interviewed, and church strategies examined. The results indicate that discourses within churches are diverse and even contradictory. In the identified discourses the authenticity of the church is defended and the improper nature of marketing is asserted. At the same time marketing techniques are considered useful: marketing strategies employ public image and visibility. Based on Beyer, it is suggested that interviewees place a greater emphasis on church function. Moreover, this article discusses how identified discourses contribute to a broader discussion of the Orthodox Church’s relationship with modernity.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.99585
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Unveiling the Character Gallery of Sermons

    • Authors: Anne Agersnap, Kirstine Johansen, Ross Kristensen-McLachlan
      Pages: 119 - 146
      Abstract: In this article we examine the character gallery in a digitized corpus of 11,955 Danish sermons from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark written between 2011 and 2016. We study these sermons as a collective text production in which the characters represented illustrate aspects of Christian tradition and cultural history. We depart from the following questions: which characters populate Danish sermons, and what representations of biblical texts and history are displayed from the interrelations of these characters' In line with Bakhtinian thought we approach the sermonic character gallery as a polyphony of voices, and informed by the Deleuzian idea of the rhizome, we understand this character gallery as a network in which characters through their connections to other characters form clusters of thematic narratives. We represent this network through a social network analysis using computational tools, and closely analyse which characters are connected in the network’s sub-groups, and how. We find that biblical figures especially enhance stories of Jesus as saviour, teacher, or caretaker, while political figures tend to be dissociated from biblical figures and representing narratives of historical atrocities. In addition to these figures a large group of anonymized characters prevails.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.100454
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Book Review: Religious Hatred

    • Authors: Ruth Illman
      Pages: 147 - 149
      Abstract: Book review of Paul Hedges: Religious Hatred. Prejudice, Islamophobia, and Antisemitism in Global Context. Bloomsbury Academic, 2021, 297 pp.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.114997
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Book Review: The Legacy of Vaiṣṇavism in Colonial Bengal

    • Authors: Måns Broo
      Pages: 150 - 151
      Abstract: Book Review of Ferdinando Sardella and Lucian Wong (eds): The Legacy of Vaiṣṇavism in Colonial Bengal. London: Routledge, 2020, 266 pp.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.119412
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Book review: Unity, Division and the Religious Mainstream in Sweden

    • Authors: Maria Klingenberg
      Pages: 152 - 154
      Abstract: Book Review of Erika Willander: Unity, Division and the Religious Mainstream in Sweden. Palgrave Studies in Lived Religion and Societal Challenges, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 137 pp.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.119462
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
  • Book Review: The Oxford Handbook of Russian Religious Thought

    • Authors: Gabriella Beer
      Pages: 155 - 158
      Abstract: Book Review of Caryl Emerson, George Pattison, and Randall A. Poole (eds): The Oxford Handbook of Russian Religious Thought. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020, 752 pp.
      PubDate: 2022-06-17
      DOI: 10.33356/temenos.119489
      Issue No: Vol. 58, No. 1 (2022)
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