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European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy
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ISSN (Online) 2036-4091
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  • XIV-1 2022 – Experience, Interpretation and Meaning: A Dialogue between
           Hermeneutics and Pragmatism

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. Experience, Interpretation and Meaning: A Dialogue between Hermeneutics and Pragmatism
      Introduction to Experience, Interpretation and Meaning: A Dialogue between Hermeneutics and Pragmatism [Full text] Vinicio Busacchi, Anna Nieddu and Johann Michel
      Readdressing Objectivity [Full text] Vinicio Busacchi
      Dewey’s and Pareyson’s Aesthetics [Full text] Andrea Fiore
      Dewey’s Denotative Method [Full text] Andrii Leonov
      Meaning and Experience [Full text] Johann Michel
      Heidegger and Dewey [Full text] Nicola Ramazzotto
      From a Remote Pedestal to Everyday Life [Full text] Elena Romagnoli
      Utilitarianism as an Exercise of Suspicion' [Full text] Ernst Wolff
      Entanglement and Non-Ontology [Full text] Susana Cadilha and Vítor Guerreiro
      After Post-Truth Communication [Full text] Guido Gili and Giovanni Maddalena
      What We Talk About When We Talk About This Being Blue [Full text] Matthias Neuber
      Simposio. Il pragmatismo nella tradizione filosofica italiana del secondo dopoguerra Edited by Guido Baggio and Maria Regina Brioschi
      Il pragmatismo nella tradizione filosofica italiana del secondo dopoguerra: introduzione al simposio [Full text] Guido Baggio and Maria Regina Brioschi
      La molteplice presenza di Dewey nel neoilluminismo italiano [Full text] Eugenio Lecaldano
      Giulio Preti e la verità del discorso [Full text] Carlo Sini
      Nynfa Bosco e lo studio di Peirce [Full text] Giovanni Maddalena
      Rossi-Landi e il pragmatismo [Full text] Susan Petrilli and Augusto Ponzio
      Alcune osservazioni su Richard Rorty, Aldo Giorgio Gargani e la filosofia in Italia alla fine del Novecento [Full text] Luigi Perissinotto
      Rorty deflazionista [Full text] Andrea Tortoreto
      Book Reviews...
      PubDate: 2022-05-13
  • XIII-2 2021 – Pragmatist Ethics: Theory and Practice

    • Abstract:
      Joseph Margolis Obituary
      Joseph Margolis Obituary [Full text] Roberta Dreon
      Symposium. Pragmatist Ethics: Theory and Practice Edited by Sarin Marchetti
      Introduction to Pragmatist Ethics: Theory and Practice [Full text] Sarin Marchetti
      Pragmatism and the Ethic of Meliorism [Full text] James Liszka
      Between Problematization and Evaluation [Full text] Matteo Santarelli
      The (Very Needed) Experimental Turn in Ethics [Full text] Belén Pueyo Ibanez
      Pragmatism and Moral Objectivity [Full text] Michael Klenk
      The Existential Deficit in Ethics [Full text] Daniel De Vasconcelos Costa
      Moral Dilemmas, Ethical Particularism, and Dewey’s Continuum of Normative Inquiry [Full text] Frederic R. Kellogg
      The Role of the a priori in Lewis’s Ethical Theory [Full text] Jovy Chan
      Symposium. In Dialogue with Putnam: Pragmatism, Realism, and Normativity Edited by Giancarlo Marchetti
      Introduction to In Dialogue with Putnam: Pragmatism, Realism, and Normativity [Full text] Giancarlo Marchetti
      Putnam and the Pragmatists [Full text] Robert Schwartz
      Putnam, James and “Absolute” Truth [Full text] Henry Jackman
      Did Putnam Really Abandon Internal Realism in the 1990s' [Full text] Pierre-Yves Rochefort
      Putnam’s no Miracles Argument [Full text] Marco Bastianelli
      Deixis, Reference and Inference [Full text] Tomasz Zarębski and Robert Kublikowski
      Putnam’s Alethic Pluralism and the Fact-Value Dichotomy [Full text] Pietro Salis
      The Structure of Human Action as a Criterion for Social Analysis [Full text] Francesca Sofia Alexandratos
      Pragmatism, Humanism, and Form [Full text] Ulf Schulenberg
      C. I. Lewis on the Problem of the A Priori [Full text] Henri Wagner
      Multilingual Monográfico: “Jane Addams en español” Edited by Núria Sara Miras Boronat and Just Serrano Zamora
      PubDate: 2021-10-28
  • XIII-1 2021 – Pragmatist Legacies in Aesthetics

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. Pragmatist Legacies in Aesthetics Edited by Roberta Dreon
      Introduction to Pragmatist Legacies in Aesthetics [Full text] Roberta Dreon
      Pragmatist Aesthetics: Histories, Questions, and Consequences [Full text] Richard Shusterman and Roberta Dreon
      Somaesthetics of Discomfort [Full text] Mark Tschaepe
      A Deweyan Approach to the Dilemma of Everyday Aesthetics [Full text] Thomas Leddy
      Thorstein Veblen, Bard of Democracy [Full text] Trygve Throntveit
      On Dewey’s Trail [Full text] Giovanni Matteucci
      Music and Cephalic Capability [Full text] Jay Schulkin
      Umberto Eco and the Aesthetics of Vagueness [Full text] Rocco Monti
      Lax Pragmatism and Magisterial Kant [Full text] Joseph Margolis
      A Pragmatist Explanation of Technical Capabilities in Nonhuman Animals [Full text] Ana Cuevas-Badallo
      A Proposed Taxonomy of Realism in Conceptual Frameworks [Full text] Paolo Valore
      Recensione di Claudio Paolucci, Persona [Full text] Guido Bitossi
      Rez. zu Logi Gunnarsson, Vernunft und Temperament. Eine Philosophie der Philosophie [Full text] Magnus Schlette
      Book Reviews & Critical Notices
      Critical Notice of Eric Mullis, Pragmatist Philosophy and Dance. Interdisciplinary Dance Research in the American South [Full text] Susanne Franco
      Review of Michael Räber, Knowing Democracy. A Pragmatist Account of the Epistemic Dimension in Democratic Politics [Full text] Michael G. Festl
      Review of Tullio Viola, Peirce and the Uses of History [Full text] Claudia Cristalli
      Review of Matthew Crippen & Jay Schulkin, Mind Ecologies: Body, Brain, and World [Full text] Carlos Vara Sanchez
      PubDate: 2021-04-02
  • XII-2 2020 – Democracy as a Form of Life

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. Democracy as a Form of Life Edited by Ana Honnacker and Magnus Schlette
      Introduction to Democracy as a Form of Life [Full text] Ana Honnacker and Magnus Schlette
      Sharing and the Democratic Form of Human Life [Full text] Helmut Pape
      Vague Certainty, Violent Derealization, Imaginative Doubting [Full text] Heidi Salaverría
      Turn Anger into Passionate Disagreement' [Full text] Mara-Daria Cojocaru
      Unease as a Feminist-Pragmatist Concept [Full text] Katrin Wille
      Science as a Democratic Life-Function and the Challenge of Scientism [Full text] Matthias Jung
      Democracy & Political Religion [Full text] Magnus Schlette
      Methodologies Matter [Full text] Dirk Jörke and Philipp Wagenhals
      Environmentalism and Democracy [Full text] Ana Honnacker
      Symposium on Rosa Calcaterra’s Contingency and Normativity. The Challenges of Richard Rorty Edited by Michela Bella
      The Ethics of Contingency [Full text] Michela Bella
      Contingency, Freedom, and Classical Liberalism [Full text] William M. Curtis
      In Search of a New Pragmatist Anthropology [Full text] Emil Višňovský
      Replies to Michela Bella, William Curtis, and Emil Višňovský [Full text] Rosa M. Calcaterra
      Santayana’s Epiphenomenalism Reconsidered [Full text] Robin Weiss
      Quine’s Ontology [Full text] Andrei Ionuţ Mărășoiu
      Symposium on Michael Hampe's Die Dritte Aufklärung Edited by Ana Honnacker and Tullio Viola
      Einleitung zum Symposium über Michael Hampe, Die dritte Aufklärung, Berlin, Nicolai Publishing, 2018 [Full text] Ana Honnacker and Tullio Viola
      Rationalität und Solidarität – intensive Existenzen in möglichen Sehnsuchtsräumen [Full text] Yvonne Hütter-Almerigi
      Bildung ist nur ein Königsweg [Full text] Dirk Jörke
      Replik: Kultur- und Bildungskritik und die Suche nach einer neuen Lebensform...
      PubDate: 2020-12-09
  • XII-1 2020 – Rethinking Rorty’s Pragmatism

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. Rethinking Rorty’s Pragmatism: Ethics after Epistemology Edited by Michela Bella and Chris Voparil
      Introduction to Rethinking Rorty’s Pragmatism: Ethics after Epistemology [Full text] Michela Bella and Chris Voparil
      Rorty as a Legitimate Member of the Pragmatist Family [Full text] Giovanni Maddalena
      Does Rorty have a Blindspot about Truth' [Full text] David Macarthur
      The Interlacing of Science and Ethics [Full text] Michela Bella
      Pessimistic Fallibilism and Cognitive Vulnerability [Full text] Ángeles J. Perona
      Two Forms of Realism [Full text] Yvonne Huetter-Almerigi
      Rorty’s Humanism [Full text] Emil Višňovský
      Redescribing Final Vocabularies [Full text] Mauro Santelli
      Dead-ending Philosophy' [Full text] Stefano Oliverio
      Notes from the Playground [Full text] Maura Striano
      Symposium on Roberto Frega's Pragmatism and the Wide View of Democracy Edited by Matteo Santarelli
      System and Legitimacy in the Wide View of Democracy [Full text] Matthew Festenstein
      A Wide View of Democracy and An Inclusive Conception of The Social [Full text] Torjus Midtgarden
      Pragmatism, Social Democracy, and the Politics of Democratic Association [Full text] Ed Quish
      Replies to critics, European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophies [Full text] Roberto Frega
      From Really Being to Being Represented [Full text] Jeoffrey Gaspard
      Symposium on Pierre Steiner's Désaturer l’esprit. Usages du pragmatisme Edited by Michela Bella and Angélique Thébert
      Introduction au Symposium sur Pierre Steiner, Désaturer l’esprit. Usages du pragmatisme, Paris, Questions Théoriques, 2019 [Full text] Michela Bella and Angélique Thébert
      La proposition expressiviste de Steiner et l’énactivisme [Full text]
      PubDate: 2020-06-16
  • XI-2 2019 – Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence Edited by Guido Baggio and Andrea Parravicini
      Introduction to Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence [Full text] Guido Baggio and Andrea Parravicini
      Pragmatism and Emergentism [Full text] Andrea Parravicini
      The Throne of Mnemosyne [Full text] Kermit Snelson
      Patternhood and Generality [Full text] Jimmy Aames
      Does Continuity Allow For Emergence' [Full text] Maria Regina Brioschi
      Emergent Sign-Action [Full text] Pedro Atã and João Queiroz
      Novelty and Causality in William James’s Pluralistic Universe [Full text] Michela Bella
      Dewey on Organisation [Full text] Stephen Pratten
      Evolution and Emergence [Full text] Guido Baggio
      Mead and the Emergence of the Joint Intentional Self [Full text] Lawrence Cahoone
      G. H. Mead’s Philosophical Hermeneutics of the Present [Full text] Scott C. Taylor
      Justificación Y Noción De Verdad [Full text] Mónica Gómez Salazar
      Putnam e la critica dell’epistemologia contemporanea: spunti pragmatisti [Full text] Antonio Lizzadri
      Natura e storia [Full text] Roberto Gronda
      Book Review
      Razinsky Hili, Ambivalence. A Philosophical Exploration [Full text] Guido Baggio
      Axtell Guy, Problems of Religious Luck: Assessing the Limits of Reasonable Religious Disagreement [Full text] Mehmet Sadik Bektas
      Levine Steven, Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Experience [Full text] Céline Henne
      Ward Roger, Peirce and Religion: Knowledge, Transformation and the Reality of God [Full text] Claudio Davini
      Skowroński Krzysztof Piotr & Sami Pihlström (eds), Pragmatist Kant: Pragmatism, Kant, and Kantianism in the Twenty-first Century [Full text]
      PubDate: 2019-12-26
  • XI-1 2019 – European Pragmatism

    • Abstract:
      Symposia. European Pragmatism Edited by Giovanni Maddalena and Friedrich Stadler
      Introduction to European Pragmatism [Full text] Giovanni Maddalena and Friedrich Stadler
      Georg Simmel and Pragmatism [Full text] Martin Kusch
      Wilhelm Jerusalem, the Social Element in his Pragmatism, and its Antecedent in Völkerpsychologie [Full text] Thomas Uebel
      Ramsey, Pragmatism, and the Vienna Circle [Full text] Cheryl Misak
      Pragmatism and the Birth of Subjective Probability [Full text] Maria Carla Galavotti
      Lewis and Schlick [Full text] Massimo Ferrari
      Pragmatism in the Third Reich [Full text] Hans-Joachim Dahms
      Vailati, Papini, and the Synthetic Drive of Italian Pragmatism [Full text] Giovanni Maddalena
      Scientific Method and Juridical Accountability in Mario Calderoni’s Pragmatism [Full text] Rosa M. Calcaterra
      Finnish Versions of Pragmatist Humanism [Full text] Sami Pihlström
      Between Pragmatism and Realism [Full text] Matthias Neuber
      Peirce e Leibniz [Full text] Mariannina Failla
      Book Review
      Padrón Charles & Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński (eds), The Life of Reason in an Age of Terrorism [Full text] María Aurelia Di Berardino
      Pietro Salis, Pratiche discorsive razionali: Studi sull’inferenzialismo di Robert Brandom [Full text] Massimo Dell’Utri
      PubDate: 2019-07-19
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