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Islamic Counseling : Jurnal Bimbingan Konseling Islam
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ISSN (Print) 2580-3638 - ISSN (Online) 2580-3646
Published by Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Curup Homepage  [13 journals]
  • Efektivitas Bimbingan Karir Berbasis Life Skills Teknik Problem Solving
           Meningkatkan Motivasi Entrepreneurship Santri di Pondok Pesantren
           Entrepreneur Al-Mawaddah Kudus

    • Authors: Miftahus Sa'adah, Khilman Rofi Azmi
      Pages: 1 - 16
      Abstract: The purpose of this study was to (1) determine the effectiveness of career guidance services based on life skill problem solving techniques to increase entrepreneurship in students; (2) To find out how the entrepreneurship motivation of students after being given career guidance services based on life skills; (3) To find out whether there is an effect of life skill-based career guidance services to increase the entrepreneurship motivation of students; (4) To find out whether life skill-based career guidance services are effective in increasing the entrepreneurship motivation of students. This research is quantitative by reviewing journals and textbooks related to the researched field. This research is quantitative by examining data from sampling by random sample based population at Ponpes Al Mawaddah Kudus. The steps to determine the effectiveness of career guidance for students with five times of treatment and one post test without control group. The phase of this research include: (1) Observation (2) data collection (3) data analysis using an independent sample T Test (t-test) formula using SPSS version 17.0 assistance. The results of data analysis using the Independent Smaple T Test (t-test) formula using the help of SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solution) version 17 shows that there is an effective life skills-based career guidance to improve student entrepreneurship at Al-Mawaddah Entrepreneur Islamic Boarding School. The increase was obtained by the average data of the control class and the experimental class. The pretest data of the control class showed an average score of 89, the experimental class with an average score of 114 with a difference of 25 and increased in a positive direction.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3428
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Persepsi Mahasiswa terhadap Penikahan Dini dan Implikasinya Terhadap
           Layanan Bimbingan Konseling Islam

    • Authors: Fadil Maiseptian, Erna Dewita, Fitriani Fitriani
      Pages: 17 - 32
      Abstract: The West Sumatra National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) explained that 6,083 couples married under the age of 20 between 2010-2015. Perceptions of students who do early marriage to protect themselves from acts that go beyond social boundaries. The purpose of this study was to describe the level of student perception about early marriage at the Faculty of Islamic Religion UM. West Sumatra. This study uses a quantitative method with a descriptive approach. The research sample was 129 students with a random sampling technique. The data collection technique used an instrument to measure students' perceptions of early marriage with a validity level of 0.02 and instrument reliability of 0.9. The data analysis technique used the percentage formula p=f/nx100. Student perceptions of early marriage at the Faculty of Islamic Religion UM. West Sumatra on the aspect of the cause of early marriage on average is in the quite positive category and from the aspect of the impact of early marriage on average, it is in the less positive category. Based on the results of this study, it is necessary to provide Islamic counseling services to improve student perceptions of early marriage.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3736
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Teknik Terapi Seni Islami dan Presfektif Konseling Islam

    • Authors: Ahmad Wajahtera, Nurjannah Nurjannah
      Pages: 33 - 50
      Abstract: This research is a literature study that discusses Islamic art therapy and its application. Islamic Art Therapy is one form of therapy that has not been widely used today. Islamic Art Therapy is a form of therapy that involves an artistic process, such as drawing a symbolic form of a therapeutic relationship to help the therapist gain an understanding of oneself and the stresses experienced by the client. Islamic Art Therapy has the characteristics of non-verbal communication, metaphor as a means of therapy, and relationship orientation. Islamic Art Therapy has not been widely applied to the problems of clients with psychological disorders.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3849
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Konseling Lintas Budaya: Sebagai Upaya Preventif Pernikahan Dini

    • Authors: Rahmaditta Kurniawati, Nurus Sa’adah
      Pages: 51 - 72
      Abstract: This study aims to describe the role of cross-cultural counseling as a preventive effort in cases of early marriage. The method used in this study is a qualitative method, with the type of literature study or literature review. Researchers collected various books and articles related to the topic of discussion and then analyzed them. Based on the results of the analysis of the literature review, there are various factors behind early marriage including: 1) education, 2) culture, 3) environment. The findings also reveal that there are two techniques of cross-cultural counseling as an effort to prevent early marriage, including: first, counseling conducts discussions and collaborations in every line of the community sector. Second, the counseling session is accompanied by a counselor with cultural sensitivity competence as a catalyst. Counselors are tasked with educating the public or clients about the importance of preparing for marriage and the impact of early marriage. So cross-cultural counseling as an effort to prevent early marriage is a tool owned by counselors, namely through a cultural approach
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3418
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Perbandingan Tingkat Stres Berorganisasi Internal Remaja Berdasarkan Tipe
           Kepribadian Di PPM MBS Putri Yogyakarta

    • Authors: Wisda Via Nurfallah, Novia Fetri Aliza
      Pages: 73 - 90
      Abstract: This study aims to compare the level of stress in an organization among high school adolescents based on the personality types of Introvert and Extrovert at PPM Muhammadiyah Boarding School Putri Sleman Yogyakarta. Adolescents who are involved in organizations get more stressors than adolescents who are not involved in organizations. Stress itself is a condition of a person where there is a mismatch between the demands obtained and the abilities possessed. One of the factors that can affect stress is personality. This study used the purposive sampling technique as many as 140 respondents who met the research criteria. The research design used was quantitative using a comparative descriptive method. The data were collected using a personality type questionnaire and a stress level questionnaire. The hypothesis testing data used the Independent Sample T-Test. The results of the Independent Sample T-Test study obtain the value of Sig. (2- talied) of 0.001, which means the value of Sig. (2-tailed) is less than (<) 0.05. The conclusion in this study is that there are differences in the level of stress in an organization among high school adolescents based on the personality types of Introvert and Extrovert at PPM Muhammadiyah Boarding School Putri Sleman Yogyakarta. Adolescents with extroverted personality types are more susceptible to stress than adolescents with introverted personality types.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3964
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Keefektifan Konseling Teknik Positive Mental Time Travel untuk Menurunkan
           Tingkat Kecemasan Lansia

    • Authors: Irman Irman, Silvianetri Silvianetri, Fadilah Syafwar, Zubaidah Zubaidah, Putri Yeni, Zulfikar Zulfikar
      Pages: 91 - 108
      Abstract: The dominant problem experienced by the elderly is the high level of anxiety which has an impact on the physical and psychological. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of positive mental time travel counseling techniques to reduce the level of anxiety in the elderly. The approach used is experiments, especially pretest & posttest control group design. The research subjects were the elderly at the Sabai Nan Aluih Nursing Home, which amounted to 20 people indicated experiencing anxiety in the high category. Subjects were divided into two groups, namely the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group received a positive mental time travel technique counseling intervention and the control group received a lecture intervention in the group. Data were collected using the Elderly Anxiety Scale, and analyzed using a different test independent samples t test through the SPSS computer program Release 20. The results showed that; (1) there is a difference in the level of anxiety of the elderly who are given positive mental time travel techniques with the elderly who are not given positive mental time travel technique counseling, and (2) the counseling of positive mental time travel techniques is effective in reducing the level of anxiety of the elderly. It is recommended for practitioners to use positive mental time travel counseling techniques to reduce the level of anxiety in the elderly in order to realize the mental health of the elderly. 
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.4249
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Komunikasi Terapeutik dalam Tinjauan Konseling Analisis Transaksional

    • Authors: Rahmawati Rahmawati, Nurus Sa’adah
      Pages: 109 - 120
      Abstract: The nurse-patient relationship in the communication process aims to solve the problems faced by nurses and patients is called therapeutic communication. This article discusses therapeutic communication in a review of nurse-patient transactional analysis counseling. Therapeutic communication is very important in nursing, nurse-patient communication aims to serve patients. Good therapeutic communication will build a trusting nurse-patient relationship. This study aims as a reference material for hospitals in order to implement good nurse-patient communication. This study uses the literature review method, the author only reads existing journals and then develops it into a writing. The result of this study is that therapeutic communication produces a lot of I'am Ok-You Are Ok life positions, but it is possible that a small number of nurses do not use therapeutic techniques properly. The novelty of this paper is related to therapeutic communication in nurse-patient transactional analysis counseling using a good life position when nurses provide informing techniques, open questions, focus, listen attentively, identify themes and suggestions. The limitation of this research is that it only focuses on the life position in transactional analysis counseling.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.3598
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
  • Penerapan Layanan Bimbingan Kelompok untuk Meningkatkan Pemahaman
           Mahasiswa tentang Perilaku Konsumtif

    • Authors: Jasman Jasman, Anggi Fitria, Thaheransyah Thaheransyah, Sri Sugita
      Pages: 121 - 136
      Abstract: Consumptive behavior often has a negative impact on a person's life. Students, for example, often buy fashion products that exceed their abilities and needs. Efforts are needed to increase student understanding through group guidance services. This study aims to determine the implementation of group services in preventing student consumptive behavior. The research uses quantitative methods with the type of experimental research. The study used a pre-experimental research, with a one-group pretest-posttest design. The research instrument is a questionnaire, with purposive sampling with ten group members. Data processing with SPSS program analysis techniques. The results showed that the results of the pretest understanding of student consumptive behavior were mostly in the low category, after the guidance service treatment was held, the posttest results of understanding the consumptive behavior of students were mostly in the medium (30%) and high (40%). Based on the research results, the average student consumptive behavior has decreased or has changed, although not drastically with group guidance services. This can be seen at the 0.05 significance level, which is 2.645> 2.262, thus the hypothesis is accepted, meaning that group counseling guidance services can increase students' understanding of consumptive behavior at a significance level of 0.05.
      PubDate: 2022-05-29
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i1.4171
      Issue No: Vol. 6, No. 1 (2022)
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