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Islamic Counseling : Jurnal Bimbingan Konseling Islam
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ISSN (Print) 2580-3638 - ISSN (Online) 2580-3646
Published by Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Curup Homepage  [13 journals]
  • Masyarakat Bonokeling dalam Kajian Indigenous Counseling

    • Authors: Farikhatul Ubudiyah
      Pages: 1 - 18
      Abstract: This article aims to find out how the Bonokeling indigenous people of Pekuncen village, Jatilawang district, Banyumas district in the study of indigenous counseling. The theory used is about indigenous psychology which studies the unique behavior of indigenous people. The research methodology uses qualitative-exploratory. The results of this study describe the concept of indigenous counseling in the Muslim community of Bonokeling, that is: (a) kiai kunci being guide to anak putu who can be called non-professional counselors; (b) the principle of counseling is an equality of understanding between the kiai kunci and the anak-putu; (c) component of the counseling relationship based on genealogical principles; (d) have times in doing sowan; (e) has the principle of confidentiality between genealogy; and (f) there are stages of values taught by the kiai kunci to anak-putu.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.4997
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implikasi Bimbingan Kelompok Terhadap Penyesuaian Diri Siswa di Madrasah

    • Authors: Noraida Azizah, Ihsan Mz, Gerry Olvina Faz
      Pages: 19 - 30
      Abstract: This study is intended to help students adapt themselves and see the extent of the group guidance implications for the student's adaptation. Self-adjustment is needed especially for students who enter a new school, where self-adjustment is an individual's ability to meet the demands, both within himself and in the ward. The study used a descriptive qualitative approach to be able to see the process through an analyst for phenomena that occur in the field on factual issues and look at the comprehensive implications, with the subject of two male students and three female students. As a result of this study indicates improvement, students who follow group guidance convey aspirations and messages to be addressed by educators. In the performance of a group of student guides feeling its therapeutic effect, students can learn to appreciate, listen and speak with confidence.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5444
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Analisis Perilaku Bullying yang Dialami Anak Jalanan (Studi Kasus pada
           Anak Jalanan di Kota Padang)

    • Authors: Farah Fadhilah, Netrawati Netrawati
      Pages: 31 - 46
      Abstract: The problem that will be studied in this research is the types of bullying experienced by street children in the city of Padang. Street children are children who are forced to take to the streets due to several factors. The situation of street children is sometimes exacerbated by violence. Violence that occurs in the child's environment can be referred to as bullying. Bullying does not only occur in educational environments, but can also occur on the streets. This type of qualitative research with the case study method. Sources of data from street children as research subjects and research informants. Data collection methods used are interviews and observation. The data analysis technique refers to Miles and Huberman's interactive analysis model. To test the validity of the data used triangulation techniques with sources. The results showed that the type of bullying experienced by street children was direct bullying in the form of being beaten, pushed, tripped over, stoned, teased, humiliated, grabbed, compassed, pulled by his clothes, cursed at and slapped. For this type of indirect bullying in the form of being ostracized from social groups, spreading gossip, being insulted via the internet and being threatened via the internet.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v6i2.6221
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Pengaruh Kecerdasan Emosi dan Kecerdasan Spiritual Terhadap Perilaku
           Organisasi Sekolah di Pondok Pesantren Muhammadiyah Boarding School

    • Authors: Ezra Najwa Wahyu, Novia Fetri Aliza
      Pages: 47 - 60
      Abstract: The purpose of the study is to figure out whether there is a role between emotional and spiritual intelligence on organizational behavior. Islamic boarding schools are religious institutions that provide education and teaching as well as develop and disseminate Islam. An organization in the boarding school is the spearhead for running all activities at the boarding school since they are the leaders who drive all policies and work programs to nurture the character of other students. Emotional intelligence or also known as “EQ” is a subset of social intelligence that involves monitoring social emotions involving the abilities of others. Meanwhile, spiritual intelligence is the one to face and solve problems of meaning and value, namely intelligence to set behavior and life in a broader and richer context, and intelligence to assess that one’s action or way of life is more meaningful than others. The method in this study was quantitative and the data collection technique was through a questionnaire. Then, the data were analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis. The role of emotional and spiritual intelligence in school organizational behavior at Muhammadiyah Boarding School, Yogyakarta, is equal to 72.4%.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.6480
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Bimbingan Teman Sebaya untuk Mencegahan Penyimpangan Seksual Siswa

    • Authors: Afrizal Afrizal, Reno Diqqi Alghzali
      Pages: 61 - 80
      Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find out how the process of peer guidance and the results of peer guidance in preventing student sexual deviation. This type of research is field research that uses a qualitative descriptive approach method. From the results of research in the field, it is illustrated that the peer guidance process carried out at MAN Curup has been carried out by members of PIK-R Kasturi. The results of peer guidance activities carried out at MAN Curup in order to prevent free sex in MAN Curup. Guidance activities are carried out in accordance with what is planned or determined. MAN Curup students trust the guidance of their peers. Peer guidance in guiding strongly holds the principles and principles of guidance, and the time used in guiding can be adjusted to existing conditions, and from the implementation of peer guidance the results achieved are that most students understand and are able to apply what has been obtained from peer guidance.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5471
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Integration of Al Farabi's Perspective Happiness Values in the Islamic
           Counseling Process as an Effort to Achieve Quality of Life

    • Authors: Alfi Rahmi, Sufyarma Marsidin, Yeni Karneli
      Pages: 81 - 96
      Abstract: The purpose of this study examines how the integration of the value of happiness in Al Farabi's perspective is created through the process of Islamic counseling so that a good quality of life can be achieved. Al Farabi defines a happy quality of life obtained through a correct understanding of the purpose of a life lived, namely eternal happiness in the hereafter by showing good moral behavior. Islamic counseling is an effort to help humans achieve happiness in life. The research method is in the form of a literature study through content analysis in the literature that is relevant to the research objectives. The results of the study found that the stages of the Islamic counseling process that can be passed to help achieve the value of happiness from Al Farabi's perspective are the stages of understanding the meaning of the value of happiness from clients, identifying problems that interfere with the client's life happiness, the stage of developing solutions or the stage of coaching clients, and the evaluation stage. This stage is supported by techniques for understanding the meaning of life, techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety in life, techniques for maintaining the quality of social relations because humans are social beings, and techniques for hoping and praying that every problem has a solution following Islamic teachings and spirituality techniques.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5645
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Modeling Techniques in The Perspective of Islamic Guidance and Counseling

    • Authors: Ramazana Ramazana, Nurjannah Nurjannah
      Pages: 97 - 112
      Abstract: This research is a literature study that discusses Modeling Techniques which is a part of the Social learning theory developed by Albert Bandura. Modeling is the process of counselees learning from observing other people with the aim of solving the psychological problems they face. Modeling technique is a form of therapy that has not been widely used today. This study aims to develop Modeling Techniques in the perspective of Islamic Guidance and Counseling. Based on the studies carried out for this purpose, it can find similarities and differences in modeling in Islam through the existence of a series of similarities that are found with different mentions. In Islamic studies, modeling is known as Uswatun Hasanah (Series of Modeling) and stories that describe the life of the former Ummah which contain substantial good and bad will have different and varied consequences so that they become a model of life that should be exemplified. Islamic modeling is in the form of stories and examples of life that aim to achieve happiness (Maslahah) in the afterlife.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.6192
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Peran Guru Bimbingan Konseling dalam Meningkatkan Konsep Diri Siswa di
           Masa Pandemi Covid-19

    • Authors: Beni Azwar, Miftakhul Jihan Cahyati
      Pages: 113 - 132
      Abstract: This study aims to determine the role of guidance and counseling teachers in improving students' self-concept during the covid 19 pandemic. It can be seen that students cannot do assignments, feel depressed because they do not leave the house to socialize with their friends.  This type of research is mixed method research with the embedded design with descriptive methods which aims to describe the state of students' self-concept during covid-19 and the role of counseling teachers in improving students' self-concept during covid-19, with 42 respondents, 2 counseling teachers and 1 student's parents. Data collection techniques using observation, questionnaires, interviews and documentation. The data validity technique used is triangulation of sources and techniques. The results showed that the condition of students' self-concept in the covid-19 period was quite good because 45% of students answered always, 32% of students answered often, 16% of students answered rarely and 8% of students answered never. As well as the role of counseling teachers by always monitoring the development of their students through WA groups and inviting students to think positively, recognize (understand and accept) themselves well, help students evaluate themselves and their career planning.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5297
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Tazkiyatun Nafs dalam Mengembalikan Fitrah Manusia Modern

    • Authors: Ahmad Zainal Anbiya
      Pages: 133 - 148
      Abstract: Religious guidance, through understanding modern human issues and teachings such as Sufism, seeks to provide pragmatic goals in forming mental health to foster good morals in modern individuals who are tainted by various worldly diseases such as hedonistic and materialistic behaviors, which reduce spiritual quality. This study used a descriptive qualitative approach by presenting an understanding of human potential and the concept of tazkiyatun nafs and related analyses. Tazkiyatun Nafs is one of the concepts that discuss the first step for Sufis to cleanse themselves from all sins through three core stages: takhalli, tahalli, and tajalli. This study concludes that these three stages are the beginning and end for Sufis in their efforts to obtain Allah's grace in the form of divine consciousness to enhance and protect their personal qualities to become insan al kamil, a strong figure who is not easily discouraged by their efforts, even if they are not successful.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5130
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Mental Siswa melalui Bimbingan Konseling Islam

    • Authors: Eko Carles, Zepri Hiptraspa, Idi Warsah, M Supperapto Effendi
      Pages: 149 - 164
      Abstract: This study aims to describe the phenomenon of improving the mental well-being of MTS Tarbiyah Curup students through Islamic counseling. This study used a qualitative approach with a descriptive research type and was conducted using data collection techniques through in-depth interviews with students, counseling teachers and school principals, participant observation, and documentation studies. Data were analyzed by inductive approach and thematic analysis techniques. Research is carried out by ensuring research ethics are met by obtaining permission from the school and research subjects, maintaining data confidentiality, and providing clear and accurate information to research subjects regarding the aims and benefits of research. Islamic counseling guidance provides significant benefits for the mental well-being of students. The students who received Islamic counseling felt calmer, excited and optimistic about their future. Islamic counseling guidance also helps students to reduce stress and improve their ability to deal with problems and conflicts. In addition, Islamic guidance and counseling motivates students to study better and improve their overall academic performance. The implication of this research is the importance of paying attention to students' mental well-being and the importance of Islamic guidance and counseling as a strategy in improving students' mental well-being in schools.
      PubDate: 2023-05-22
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.6273
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
  • Strategi Ibu Tunggal (Single Mother) dalam Membentuk Regulasi Diri Remaja

    • Authors: Agustin Mega Purnamawati, Ahmad Fauzi
      Pages: 165 - 182
      Abstract: This research is motivated by the phenomenon of the success of single mothers in shaping the self-regulation of adolescent children in Tulungagung. Status as a single mother demands to be able to carry out his dual role as a substitute for the ideal father's role as the main breadwinner in the family. In living life and achieving success in life, one needs to have self-regulation since childhood. In the process of forming self-regulation, parents, especially single mothers, have a very large role and influence. This study was conducted to find out how the strategies used by single mothers in forming self-regulation in adolescents in Tulungagung, and to find out how the picture of self-regulation possessed by adolescents from the implementation of the strategies carried out. This study uses a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. The focus of this research is on a person's subjective experiences and interpretations of the world. Data collection techniques in this study through interviews, observation and documentation. Sampling technique in this study using purposive sampling technique. The results of this study are the first there are several strategies carried out by single mothers in forming self-regulation of adolescent children, namely by providing advice and support, controlling and supervising, instilling an attitude of responsibility and independence. The second is a picture of adolescent self-regulation from the implementation of the strategy, namely the existence of clear and directed planning for the future in achieving the goals of a teenager.
      PubDate: 2023-05-23
      DOI: 10.29240/jbk.v7i1.5465
      Issue No: Vol. 7, No. 1 (2023)
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