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  • 26 2022 – Melville’s Measures

    • Abstract:
      Melville’s Measures
      Introduction [Full text] Ronan Ludot-Vlasak, Édouard Marsoin and Cécile Roudeau
      Measuring the (in)corporeal
      The “Odd Inches”: Moby-Dick’s Fossil Record and Melville’s Admeasured Time [Full text] Ryan Heryford
      Simultaneous Scales, Incommensurate Standards in Pierre; or, The Ambiguities [Full text] Michel Imbert
      Melville’s Curves: Mathematics and the Melvillean Imagination. Measuring a Cycloid in Moby-Dick [Full text] Federico Bellini
      A Jacket That Shrinks: Measuring Time on Board Melville’s Neversink [Full text] Arturo Corujo
      Scaling up and down: Melville’s textual measures
      Of Figures and Letters, or the Impossible Accounting of Bartleby [Full text] Beatrix Pernelle
      The World in a Footnote: Examining Ahab’s Chart in Chapter 44 of Moby-Dick [Full text] Julien Nègre
      Ephemeris and Celestial Navigation. Melville’s Mardi as Astronomical Metaphor [Full text] Odile Gannier
      Artistic rescaling
      A Queer Domestic Space As an Alternative to the (Re)Productive. Herman Melville’s “Jimmy Rose” [Full text] Rodrigo Andrés
      Melville’s Reliquary Reformations [Full text] Tony McGowan
      Surviving the Wreck: Herman Melville, The Death of Klinghoffer, and the Power of Catastrophe [Full text] Mathieu Duplay
      Prospero's Island
      Thomas Jefferson et ses choix littéraires : de l’existentialisme au libéralisme [Full text] David Bergeron
      “Oblique refractions”: Simon Armitage’s poetics of commemoration in Still, A Poetic Response to Photographs of the Somme Battlefield (2016) [Full text] Montin Sarah
      The X-Files, une série qui s’amuse parodiquement à tourner en rond [Full text] Benjamin Campion
      Parodie à la frontière mexicaine dans Machete (Robert Rodriguez, 2010) et Tejano (David B. Garcia, 2018) [Full text] Marine Soubeille ...
      PubDate: 2022-10-14
  • 25 2022 – Camera Memoria: Photographic Memory from the Margins

    • Abstract:
      Camera Memoria: Photographic Memory from the Margins Camera Memoria : la mémoire photographique depuis les marges Edited by Camille Rouquet and Carolin Görgen
      Introduction [Full text] Carolin Görgen and Camille Rouquet
      Dialectics of Remembering & Forgetting: Photography, Memory & US Normal Schools [Full text] Emily Voelker and Anjuli Lebowitz
      The “Althea Hurst Scrapbook”. Discovering the Photographic Memories of Four African American Teachers’ European Tour in 1938 [Full text] Chiara Salari
      ‘We Did What We Were Told’: The ‘Compulsory Visibility’ and De-Empowerment of US College Women in Nude ‘Posture Pictures,’ 1880-1940 [Full text] Kris Belden-Adams
      “As You Thumb through These Pages, Memories of”National Youth Culture in College Yearbooks: Dominant Narratives Told from the Marginalized Places of Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon [Full text] Christen Bryson
      “This Show Is For Women:” photography after lesbian photography [Full text] Ariel Evans
      “The Unseen Gulf War,” Disremembered Images and Method [Full text] Erica Payet
      Prospero's Island
      ‘Warring factions and community disputes’: Aboriginal Politics in Carpentaria [Full text] Xavier Pons
      Easy Living (M. Leisen, 1937) ou l’anti-Capra : l’idéal démocratique à l’épreuve [Full text] Toufic El-Khoury
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      “Journey Up Seventh Avenue to Infamy: The Cradle Will Rock” [Full text] Jeffery Kennedy
      Faustus par l’AtelierCité du ThéâtredelaCité (Toulouse) [Full text] Jeanne Mathieu
      The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite(2021) by CoAct Productions and Ferryman Collective [Full text] Cyrielle Garson
      Mettre en scène Sam Shepard en France en 2022 : entretien avec Jean-Paul Bibé [Full text] Sophie Maruéjouls-Koch
      Music, dance Edited by Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      «  Vienne bientôt l’avitailleur  » : viralité fraternelle et musique en ligne en temps de COVID — le cas du ShantyTok [Full text] Cyril Camus
      Une aventure : écrire (sur) Chick Corea [Full text] Ludovic Florin
      Stabat Mater de Karl Jenkins et œuvres de Samuel Barber, Benjamin Britten et John Rutter – Cathédrale de Lectoure, 23 octobre 2021 (chœur Les Chanteurs de Saint-Jean et orchestre symphonique du Conservatoire de Toulouse et du ...
      PubDate: 2022-04-20
  • 24 2022 – Representing whiteness in US film and television

    • Abstract:
      Visages blancs sur fond blanc : étudier les représentations de la blanchité à l’écran [Full text] Jules Sandeau
      Le redneck au cinéma : blanchité masculine et classe sociale dans le cinéma hollywoodien à l’ère du mouvement pour les droits civiques [Full text] Claire Dutriaux
      « Get him Grandpa » : féminité et blanchité dans Get Out de Jordan Peele (2017) [Full text] Hélène Charlery
      Le Blanc et son Autre : la figure de l’Indien dans le cinéma hollywoodien contemporain [Full text] Sophie Gergaud
      La magie (blanche) des vampires de La Nouvelle‑Orléans : reconfigurations de l’autorité blanche dans The Originals [Full text] Maureen Lepers
      L’appel de l’ombre : lumière et blanchité dans les films de Ryan Gosling [Full text] Jules Sandeau
      Blanc [Full text] Richard Dyer
      Lillian Gish : une star blanche [Full text] Richard Dyer
      Lumière sur la blanchité du Sud dans Naissance d’une nation [Full text] Richard Dyer
      Les hommes blancs ne le sont pas vraiment [Full text] Thomas DiPiero
      PubDate: 2022-02-19
  • 23 2021 – Modernist Exceptions

    • Abstract:
      Modernist Exceptions Exceptions Modernistes
      Modernist Exceptions [Full text] Nicolas Pierre Boileau and Charlotte Estrade
      Exceptional Artists and Artistic Figures
      A Nurse in the Great War: The Exceptional Voice of Mary Borden [Full text] Isabelle Brasme
      Can Anonymous be the exception? Modernist anonymity and the challenges of literary exceptionalism [Full text] Anne Reynes-Delobel
      Exceptional Characters and Works
      Exceptionality and the unexceptional in Jean Rhys’s interwar fiction [Full text] Juliana Lopoukhine
      Arts and Grafts: Marianne Moore’s Poetry and the Culture of Exception [Full text] Aurore Clavier
      Exceptional Artistic Practices and Methods
      “I saw at a glance that your case was exceptional, and that you also were Occult”: Comedy, magic and exceptional disabilities in Stella Benson’s Living Alone (1919) [Full text] Leslie de Bont
      Between “The Artist” and “a Young Man”: Stephen Dedalus and the dialectics of exception in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [Full text] Olivier Hercend
      An Exceptional Man? Kurtz and fascination with colonialism, from Conrad to Coppola [Full text] Naomi Toth
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      Pandemic Shakespeare: Perspectives on Early Modern Theatre Practice and Pedagogy in Lockdown [Full text] Benjamin Blyth
      Meet 600 HIGHWAYMEN [Full text] Emeline Jouve
      Metteurs en scène britanniques et scènes françaises dans l’objectif d’Émile Zeizig, photographe [Full text] Émile Zeizig
      Mad Method [Full text] Jacob Gallagher-Ross
      Sur la route avec Xavier Gallais - Un rêve d’Amérique [Full text] Juliette Mézergues
      “Making Space in Cyprus for Art and Activism”: An Interview with Ellada Evangelou [Full text] Leslie Frost
      In Lessing’s Footsteps: Dramaturgy in Germany and Britain [Full text] Michael Raab
      Music, dance Edited by Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      Interview de Graham Kotowich, chorégraphe, et d'Aurélie Barré, assistante à la mise en scène dans Frankenstein Junior, comédie musicale d'après le film de Mel Brooks (1974), à l'affiche à l'Opéra-Théâtre de Metz (octobre 2021) [Full text] Nath...
      PubDate: 2021-10-04
  • 22 2021 – Unheard Possibilities: Reappraising Classical Film Music
           Scoring and Analysis

    • Abstract:
      Unheard Possibilities: Reappraising Classical Film Music Scoring and Analysis À l'écoute de possibilités inouïes
      Foreword [Full text] Frank Mehring
      Unheard Possibilities: Reappraising Classical Film Music Scoring and Analysis. An Introduction [Full text] Céline Murillo and David Roche
      Honks, Whistles, and Harp: The Transnational Sound of Harpo Marx [Full text] Marie Ventura
      Max Steiner’s Musical Pictures: “If you get too decorative, you lose your appeal to the emotions” [Full text] Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris
      A Certain Autonomy: Music in the Films of John Huston [Full text] Richard Ness
      Carter Burwell’s Contribution to “the Coen touch” [Full text] Julie Assouly
      Music, Memory and Repression in Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) [Full text] Christophe Gelly
      Southern Discomfort: Clanking, Rattling, and Screaming in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Tobe Hooper, 1974) [Full text] Christophe Chambost
      John Lanchbery, Christopher Caliendo and Film Music History: A Comparison between two Modern Scores (1997 and 2007) for John Ford’s 1924 Silent Epic Western, The Iron Horse [Full text] Raphaëlle Costa de Beauregard
      Visual Text and Musical Subtext: The Cossacks (George Hill, 1928): A 21st-Century Composer’s Journey in Silent Film Scoring [Full text] Robert Israel
      Prospero's Island
      Le monde vu par un autre [Full text] Vincent Jaunas
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      Un Français à Princeton : Entretien avec Florent Masse, enseignant-chercheur et directeur du Festival Seuls en Scène [Full text] Emeline Jouve
      Quelques Tempête. s : Quatre mises en scène de La Tempête dans l’objectif d’Émile Zeizig, photographe [Full text] Émile Zeizig
      Splendid’s : métaphore de notre enfermement et objet de survie. Entretien avec Xavier Gallais. [Full text] Juliette Mézergues
      Pause and Re-set: Reflections on the Virtual Theatre Festival “The Work of Adrienne Kennedy: Inspiration and Influence” [Full text] Lara Cox
      « Aux États-Unis, le capitalisme phagocyte la créativité » : Entretien avec David Geselson, auteur et metteur en scène du spectacle bilingueLe silence et la peur [Full text] Raphaëlle Tchamitchian

      PubDate: 2021-03-02
  • 21 2020 – Modernism and the Obscene

    • Abstract:
      Modernism and the Obscene
      Introduction [Full text] Philippe Birgy and Aurélie Guillain
      Disinterest and Disruption: The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Modernist Aesthetics of the Obscene [Full text] Kevin Kennedy
      “Obscene and touching”–the tainted aesthetic of Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood [Full text] Margaret Gillespie
      “Show! Hide! Show!”: High Modernism and the Lure of the Obscene [Full text] Olivier Hercend
      Staging the Obscene in A Glastonbury Romance (1932) by John Cowper Powys [Full text] Florence Marie
      Ezra Pound’s Representations of Sexual Intercourse and the Female Genitalia in The Cantos [Full text] Emilie Georges
      Against “the Censor’s Scythe”: Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes, and Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven [Full text] Yasna Bozhkova
      The Challenge of Taking Sides: Virtue as Corruption in Joyce’s Ulysses [Full text] Philippe Birgy
      Prospero's Island
      ‘The resonance of the music’ in Resistance, Novel (Sheers, 2007) and Film (Gupta, 2011) [Full text] Annelie Fitzgerald
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      “It’s Time for the System to be Refigured”: An Interview with Playwright Marcus Scott [Full text] Raphaëlle Tchamitchian
      Jane Eyre, National Theatre at Home during Lockdown [Full text] Céline Savatier-Lahondès
      « Découvrir et partager » : Entretien avec Nicole Birmann Bloom, Chargée de mission, arts de la scène, au service culturel de l’ambassade de France à New York. [Full text] Emeline Jouve
      The Tempest (2020) by Creation Theatre: Live in your Living Room [Full text] Heidi Lucja Liedke
      Times of Contagion: The Social(ist) Politics of Plague in Naomi Wallace’s One Flea Spare [Full text] Laura Michiels
      Autour de Sarah Kane par les élèves de l’École de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne [Full text] Samuel Cuisinier-Delorme
      Music, dance Edited by Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      Une étoile, deux solos, trois plateau...
      PubDate: 2020-10-13
  • 20 2020 – Staging American Nights

    • Abstract:
      Staging American Nights
      Staging American Nights : Représentations de l’intime et mises en scène de la nuit aux Amériques [Full text] David Bousquet, Nathalie Galland, Candice Lemaire, Marine Paquereau and Judite Rodrigues
      Nuits intimes et inimitiés nocturnes [Full text] Alain Montandon
      After Hours, Through the Night: Jazz Poetry and the Temporality of Emergence
      [Full text] Audrey Goodman
      “Moon Change”: Night Scenes and the Collision of the Personal and the Political in Tony Kushner’s Caroline, or Change (2004) [Full text] Anouk Bottero
      Sleepless in Carver Country: Insomnia and Existential Crisis in Raymond Carver’s Short Fiction [Full text] Marine Paquereau
      Will they, won’t they' Dream sequences and virtual consummation in the series Moonlighting [Full text] Shannon Wells-Lassagne
      « Find your way from darkness to light » : la nuit et l’héritage de la tradition romantique dans Knight of Cups de Terrence Malick [Full text] Guilain Chaussard
      Les nuits américaines de Mihail Malaimare [Full text] Jocelyn Dupont
      La nuit érotique : entre ciel et chair dans les sonnets votifs de Tomás Segovia [Full text] Judite Rodrigues
      La nuit de la langue. Intimité poétique de Fabio Morábito [Full text] Nathalie Galland
      Prospero's Island
      The 1964 Wilderness Act, from “wilderness idea” to governmental oversight and protection of wilderness [Full text] Nathalie Massip
      « Voicing my desire to her ». Poétique du désir et coming-out littéraire dans les nouvelles « On Monday of Last Week » et « Grace » [Full text] Sophie Okunhon
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      Girls (2019) by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins [Full text] Xavier Lemoine
      total immediate collective imminent terrestrial salvation (2019) by Tim Crouch [Full text] Aloysia Rousseau
      Orlando, du collectif GWEN [Full text] Susan Blattès, Claire Hélie and Anne-Laure Rigeade
      Music, dance Edited by Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      Electronic music on show in museum context
      PubDate: 2020-03-30
  • 19 2019 – Rethinking Laughter in Contemporary Anglophone Theatre

    • Abstract:
      Rethinking Laughter in Contemporary Anglophone Theater Le Théâtre anglophone contemporain et les nouveaux enjeux du rire Edited by Sophie Maruejouls-Koch and Emeline Jouve
      Rethinking Laughter in Contemporary Anglophone Theatre [Full text] Sophie Maruejouls
      “'In the heart of each joke hides a little holocaust' (George Tabori): Horrendhilarious Wit on the British Contemporary Stage" [Full text] Elisabeth Angel-Perez
      Hand to God: The Irreverent Laughter of Robert Askins - “Laugh, motherfuckers, that shit’s funny” (Askins 31) [Full text] Marianne Drugeon
      Laughing Out Young: Laughter in Evan Placey’s Girls Like That and Other Plays for Teenagers (2016) [Full text] Claire Hélie
      « Naissance des comiques gays et lesbiens américains : le rire queer comme performance esthético-politique » [Full text] Xavier Lemoine
      Anasyrma et la hantise du rire dans le théâtre de Tennessee Williams [Full text] Emmanuel Vernadakis
      Prospero's Island
      Pushing for Efficiency: Gifford Pinchot and the First National Parks [Full text] Jean-Daniel Collomb
      The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade, or the promise of “something further” [Full text] Thomas Velasquez
      Humanités numériques et études anglophones : Comprendre et explorer [Full text] Géraldine Castel
      The Shulamite of Sodom: Wilde’s Subversion of the Song of Songs and the Birth of the Monstrous-Feminine [Full text] Gerrard Carter
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      The Snapper by Roddy Doyle and Alys, Always by Lucinda Coxon [Full text] William C. Boles
      Textures and Layers of Sound: An Interview with Marcus Fischer [Full text] Alice Clapie
      The Scarlet Letter : A comme adaptation [Full text] Aliette Ventéjoux
      Tennessee Williams in translation : retour sur la première traduction en français de Camino Real [Full text] Bertrand Augier
      Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome: The Emcee and the Master of Metaphors in Bob Fosse’s Cabaret [Full text] Gerrard Carter
      Music, dance Edited by Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      Regard sur Holy de la compagnie Affari Esteri [Full text] Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud
      Singing to the Most High for those below: the construction of ga...
      PubDate: 2019-10-07
  • 18 2019 – Guerre en poésie, poésie en guerre

    • Abstract:
      Guerre en poésie, poésie en guerre War in Poetry: Breaking into Family and Everyday Life Edited by Stéphanie Noirard
      Introduction [Full text] Stéphanie Noirard
      Echoes and Shadows: Creative Interferences from World War II [Full text] Roderick Watson
      The War Cemetery and the City Park – “Saturated Landscapes” in Fanny Howe’s The Lives of A Spirit [Full text] Bénédicte Chorier-Fryd
      War in the Garden: Reading and Translating James Fenton’s Poetry [Full text] Sara Greaves
      Translating Caribbean thresholds of pain from without: Hispaniola out of bounds, Hispaniola unbound' [Full text] Laëtitia Saint-Loubert
      “This sudden Irish fury”: beleaguered spaces in Eavan Boland’s Domestic Violence [Full text] Bertrand Rouby
      Bugging the Bog: Sonic Warfare, Earwitnessing and Eavesdropping in the Works of Seamus Heaney [Full text] Fanny Quément
      Prospero's Island
      Mr. Smith Goes West : La portée politique du jeu de James Stewart dans le Western (1939-1964) [Full text] David Roche
      “We'll let the gooks play the Indians” [Full text] Vincent Jaunas
      Neo Frontier Cinema: Rewriting the Frontier Narrative from the Margins in Meek’s Cutoff (Kelly Reichardt, 2010), Songs My Brother Taught Me (Chloe Zhao, 2015) and The Rider (Chloe Zhao, 2017) [Full text] Hervé Mayer
      Ariel's Corner
      Theater Edited by Emeline Jouve
      Du roman à la scène : Les Noms et Mao II de Don DeLillo vus par Julien Gosselin [Full text] Aliette Ventéjoux
      In Interview with American Playwright Mark SaFranko [Full text] John S. Bak
      Reparadise de Gwenaël Morin ou la dépolitisation d’un spectacle historiquement subversif. [Full text] Camille Mayer
      The Cane by Mark Ravenhill and A Very Very Very Dark Matter by Martin McDonagh [Full text] William C. Boles
      “In this day and rage”: Albee’s Martha Avenged in Ferocious Feminist Rewriting
      PubDate: 2019-04-15
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