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Archipel     Open Access  
Berkala Arkeologi     Open Access  
Early Days: Journal of the Royal Western Australian Historical Society     Full-text available via subscription  
Études océan Indien     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Journal of New Zealand & Pacific Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Papers and Proceedings : Tasmanian Historical Research Association     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Queensland History Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Settler Colonial Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
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  • Rediscovering an Old Javanese Inscription: Mpu Mano’s Donation in Favor
           of a Buddhist Dignitary in 888 Śaka

    • Authors: Arlo Griffiths
      Abstract: This paper furnishes a detailed philological analysis of an Old Javanese copper-plate inscription, dated 888 Śaka (966 ce), that was long considered lost but has been rediscovered during a survey of inscriptions kept in Dutch collections. The inscription, of which only the beginning is preserved, and that too only in the form of the first of a set of plates onto which it was copied in the 14th century ce, records a certain Mpu Mano’s donation in favor of a Buddhist dignitary named Mpu Buddhivāla. Among issues that receive special attention are (1) the disctinction between toponyms and common nouns in descriptions of the landscape; (2) the problem of textual manipulation and redating of earlier grants on the occasion of their Majapahit-period reissue; (3) the terminology of pawning expressed by the word saṇḍa; (4) the lexicographical progress that can be made by paying attention to specifically Buddhist technical terminology.
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • 1965 : L’Heure de l’histoire '

    • Authors: Jean-Louis Margolin
      Abstract: Des publications de qualité en nombre important, sur lesquelles cet article fait d’abord le point, ont très largement étendu et renouvelé notre connaissance des événements tragiques de 1965-66, en Indonésie. A côté du constat d’une grande diversité de situations suivant les provinces, quelques tendances générales se dégagent : place partout centrale de l’armée comme incitateur et organisateur des violences et massacres, le plus souvent en partenariat étroit avec les activistes musulmans ; participation populaire importante aux pires atrocités ; fréquence des crimes sexuels ; poids des vols, pillages et prévarications ; effroyables conditions de détention ; extension des violences bien au-delà de 1966. Une seconde partie tente de fournir quelques clés de compréhension : éléments de continuité du dernier Sukarno à Suharto ; effectivité de la tentative de prise de pouvoir par le PKI ; faiblesse et sentiment d’insécurité des deux camps, conduisant au meurtre des généraux aussi bien qu’a...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Ajip Rosidi, Surat-surat ti Jepang (Letters from Japan, volumes 1-4),
           chosen by Usep Romli. Bandung: Kiblat, 2017, 577 p. ISBN:
           978-979-8004-04-9, 978-979-8004-08-7, 978-979-8004-09-4,

    • Authors: Julian Millie
      Abstract: Over the course of his brilliant career Ajip Rosidi (b. 1938) has worn many hats: poet, playwright, novelist, researcher, translator, journalist, ethnomusicologist, biographer, publisher, editor and cultural bureaucrat. If I were to reduce these many activities to a single, over-arching program, his contribution might best be summarised as follows: quite early in his career he realised that contemporary nations rely for their distinctiveness on – amongst other things ‒ patrimonies that materialise in writing and publication. In order to gain recognition as ‘authentic nations’, it is important that populations be able to point to national writing traditions, and this requires documentation of genres (not only written ones, but also oral ones) as well as related activities such as criticism and translation. He also realised that the political and material conditions of Indonesian modernity would not greatly assist subjects of regional cultures to undertake such processes. Ajip’s caree...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Asahan Alham, Dendam Sejarah (Everlasting fostering of Revenge). Bandung:
           Ultimus, 2019, lvi-627 p. ISBN: 978-602-8331-76-0.

    • Authors: Nico Schulte Nordholt
      Abstract: This fist-thick volume with largely literary work of Asahan Aidit (born 1938) was compiled by the editor, Bilven, of the publishing house Ultimus in Bandung, West Java. This publisher specializes in so-called samizdat (underground) Indonesian literature. With this volume the editor intended to commemorate the 80th birthday of Asahan, who, therefore, had no say himself in its content, neither in the choice of the title of this compilation. Even his name, Asahan Alham, instead of his family name, Asahan Aidit, was chosen by the editor/publisher. While, in the very short autobiography added to this volume, Asahan signed as: Asahan Aidit! As a younger brother of D.N. Aidit, the last Chairperson of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), the greatest communist party outside China and the Soviet Republic till 1965, Asahan had to carry the heavy burden his family experienced. Already for 55 years. On September 30th, 1965, one of the bloodiest massacres in human history erupted in the Indones...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Richard Fox, More than Words. Transforming Script, Agency, and Collective
           Life in Bali. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2018, 264 p.
           ISBN: 9781501725357

    • Authors: Dick van der Meij
      Abstract: Writing and letters in Bali are not just ways to transmit, preserve and disseminate ideas and simple or complex messages and literature. In Bali, writing goes far beyond these more or less ‘universal’ simple reasons why people resort to putting things on paper, or nowadays in the mobile telephone or computer. Letters and writing assume more ‘exoteric’ and ‘esoteric’ roles in Bali which not only linger on but assume new and vibrant new roles on the island. We have little idea when exactly all this started and how or why, and it is refreshing that the author does not seem to turn this into a problem of great importance. Nor, for that matter, does the author seem very concerned about the number of people still fluent in Balinese script. The author is concerned about the multiple roles of the script in Bali rather than with abilities to read and interpret texts. Indeed, the book deals with the present. One thing becomes crystal clear from the book. On no other island in the Indonesian a...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Rebecca Fanany and Ismet Fanany, The Elderly Must Endure: Ageing in the
           Minangkabau Community in Modern Indonesia. Singapore: ISEAS – Yusof
           Ishak Institute, 2018, xii + 309 p. ISBN: 978-981-4818-46-9 (paperback),
           978-981-4818-47-6 (pdf).

    • Authors: Suryadi
      Abstract: Anyone at an advanced age certainly experiences ageing as a natural aspect of human existence. Our modern world is facing a significant increase in the number of elderly people as a result of advances in the provision of health services, food quality, and medical research. However, experiencing old age as a cultural phenomenon is highly dependent on the community or country one lives in as a result of diverse local factors, including religion, traditional custom, geographic and socio-cultural environments, and State’s political policies. Indonesia, as many other States in the world, is also facing an increasing number of old persons. In a heterogeneous and multiethnic State such as Indonesia, the multiple ways elderly people are treated, perceived, and cared for can depend on either national or local culture. The Elderly Must Endure focuses on the Minangkabau elderly people in the 21th century. The book is the result of a ‘long-term study’ among the Minangkabau of West Sumatra and pr...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Edwin Jurriëns and Ross Tapsell (eds), Digital Indonesia: Connectivity
           and Divergence. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing, 2017, 295-xxi p., ISBN :
           978 981 47 6299 1.

    • Authors: Deasy Simandjuntak
      Abstract: In a televised debate between President Jokowi and his rival Prabowo Subiyanto during the 2019 electoral campaign, the previously unknown term “unicorn” took the country’s millions of netizens by storm. As rare as the mythical creature it draws its name from, a unicorn is a startup company whose value passes the USD 1 billion threshold. Southeast Asia has no less than seven of such companies, and four of them are homegrown in Indonesia. With a population of 63.4 million millennials, 100 million mobile phones, 150 million internet users and a projection of 50 million more users by 2020 with a penetration of 53 %, Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy and a fertile ground for digital technology. However, challenges such as uneven internet access, the lack of digital infrastructure investment, restrictive regulations and unarticulated policies continue to limit these potentials. Digital technology’s rapid uptake also brings perils such as online propagation of religious ...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • At a Moment’s Notice. Indonesian maids write on their lives abroad,
           collected and translated by Jafar Suryomenggolo. Copenhague: NIAS Press,
           2019, 219 p. (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Voices of Asia series,
           n° 1). ISBN: 978-87-7694-271-7.

    • Authors: Laurence Husson
      Abstract: Les travaux universitaires sur les migrations, les études de genre et celles sur le « care », depuis les années 2000, ont abondamment décrit et analysé le cas des femmes migrantes employées de maison (Adams & Dickey, 2000 ; Anderson, 2000 ; Anggraeni, 2006 ; Anju, 2017 ; Huang, Yeoh & Rahman, 2005 ; Constable, 2007 ; Ehrenreich & Hochschild, 2003 ; Parreñas, 2001, Killias, 2018; etc). Cette volumineuse littérature fait la part belle aux Philippines et Indonésiennes parties travailler sous contrat en Malaisie, à Singapour, à Taiwan, en Corée et à Hong Kong. Ceci parce que les Philippines et l’Indonésie sont devenues en deux décennies les premiers exportateurs mondiaux de main-d’œuvre féminine sous contrat, destinée aux tâches ménagères et aux soins à la personne. Plus de 70% des milliers de travailleurs migrants officiels qui quittent l’Indonésie pour des emplois à l’étranger chaque année sont des femmes, en raison de la forte demande en matière d’emplois domestiques. Un certain nomb...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Tamao Zhou, Migration in the Time of Revolution: China, Indonesia and Cold
           War. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing, 2019, 301 p. index, plates.
           ISBN: 97898114843331.

    • Authors: Claudine Salmon
      Abstract: In this book, Tamao Zhou investigates the ethnic Chinese dimension in the making of the governmental relations between China and Indonesia, from the surrender of the Japanese in 1945 up to 1967 – year which marks the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the PRC and Indonesia – with numerous flashbacks into the first half of the 20th century. In the introduction, the author explains that she relied on the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archives (declassified in 2008, but reclassified in 2013), as well as on those of the Chinese Communist Party, the Guomindang, and the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (partly destroyed during the chaotic transition of power after the regime change in 1965). In order to complement these sources, she also consulted the materials kept in various libraries, especially in the PRC and Hong Kong, as well as the family archives of the journalist and writer Wang Renshu 王任叔 (pen name Baren 巴人, 1901-1972, who had spent five years in Sumatra in the la...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
  • Wolfgang Marschall und Markus Wäfler, Felsmalereien Indonesiens.
           Band 1 : Pula Muna. Borsdof: Winterwork, 2012, 216 p., illustrations,
           cartes, bibliographie, index. ISBN: 978-3-86468-312-1.Wolfgang Marschall
           und Markus Wäfler, Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band 2 : Teluk Berau.
           Borsdof: Winterwork, 2013, 344 p., illustrations, cartes, bibliographie,
           index. ISBN: 978-3-86468-541-5.Wolfgang Marschall und Markus Wäfler,
           Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band 3 : Kaimana, Pulau Kei Kecil. Borsdof:
           Winterwork, 2014, 217 p., illustrations, cartes, bibliographie, index.
           ISBN: 978-3-86468-829-4.Markus Wäfler, Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band
           4 : Motivkatalog. Borsdof, Winterwork, 2017. 473 p. illustrations,
           cartes, bibliographie, index. ISBN: 978-3-96014-216-4.

    • Authors: Antonio Guerreiro
      Abstract: Les peintures pariétales d’Indonésie (felsmalereien) ont été découvertes progressivement au cours des XIXe et XXe siècles ; les recherches de terrain se sont poursuivies à la fin du siècle dernier et de manière plus intense durant les deux dernières décennies. En Indonésie, et plus généralement en Asie du Sud-Est, ces peintures, connues sous l’appellation populaire de Rock art, remontent pour les plus anciennes au Paléolithique, circa 40.000-45.000 ans avant notre ère – elles seraient probablement l’œuvre de populations austro-mélanoïdes ou autres – et ensuite au Néolithique, au cours de l’expansion des populations de langue austronésienne dans l’archipel, ainsi qu’aux Philippines, à partir de circa 2000 ans avant notre ère (2000 B.C.), se poursuivant jusqu’au début de l’ère chrétienne. On distingue généralement les peintures réalisées à l’aide de pigments, de couleur rouge, brune, orangée – obtenues à partir d’hématites ou autres colorants minéraux ou végétaux – et celles dessinées...
      PubDate: 2020-06-03
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