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  • Awareness and Practice of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) among Street
           Food Vendors in Catarman, Northern Samar

    • Authors: Mary Jane Madario , Hannah Lea G. Pulga , Karina Milagros C. Lim , Flyndon Mark S. Dagalea
      Pages: 1 - 6
      Abstract: Street food vendors play a crucial role in providing affordable and convenient food options, especially for those who need to purchase necessities in small quantities. However, ensuring food safety in these informal food businesses remains a major concern. This study aims to investigate the level of awareness and practices of good manufacturing practices among street food vendors in Catarman, Northern Samar. Using a combination of descriptive quantitative and qualitative approaches, the researchers conducted interviews with vendors at the University of Eastern Philippines Main Campus. A survey questionnaire was administered to gather accurate information, while simultaneous observations of the vendors' operations were conducted. Data analysis involved tallying, frequency calculation, percentage determination, and mean calculation. It was found that despite belonging to a single association, the vendors employed different food safety practices in their businesses. The findings highlight the importance of enhancing food safety knowledge among street food vendors and implementing effective measures to prevent food-borne illnesses. This study contributes to the body of knowledge on the subject and offers valuable insights for policymakers and regulatory agencies in improving food safety practices within the street food sector.
      PubDate: 2023-07-12
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7585
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Substance Abuse among Residents of Gwagwalada Abuja, Nigeria

    • Authors: A. M. Umarudeen, O. N. Okoli, J. Mundi, E. Mitaire-Idonor, E. O. Moore , E. Adah
      Pages: 7 - 17
      Abstract: Aims: To determine the variety of psychoactive substances existing in Gwagwalada and the extent to which residents indulged in them. Study Design: A cross-sectional survey using questionnaires and audio interviews on eligible respondents. Place and Duration of Study: Gwagwalada, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory in the month of April 2023. Methodology: A cross-sectional survey was carried out by administering pre-tested questionnaires and audio interviews on 320 respondents with substance use history from selected areas of the town using convenience sampling. Results: 100 questionnaires were returned filled, and 91 valid responses consisting of 52 (57.1%) users and 39 (42.9%) non-users were obtained. 27 (29.7%) and 25 (27.4%) of valid responses indicated active and inactive substance users, respectively. 17 (18.7%) active users frequently, and 35 (38.5%) infrequently indulged in substance abuse.Twenty (22.0%) substance users concurrently used multiple substances while 32 (35.2%) indulged in only one item per time.Most listed substances by responders and their routes of administration were alcohol (51.6%) oral, marijuana (24.2%) oral/inhalation, Crystal Methamphetamine (4.4%) inhalation/injection, Tranq (4.4%) injection, MDMA (4.4%) oral/injection, Panadol (3.3%) oral, Caffeine (3.3%) oral, Tramadol 2.2%) oral, and Datura spp. seed/leaf (2.2%) oral/smoking.Most used routes were oral (79.1%), inhalation/smoking (35.2%), and injection (28.2%). Alcohol was the substance most concurrently used with other listed substances, but mostly with marijuana and tramadol.Reasons given by respondents for their indulgence are peer pressure (42%), recreational use (30%), as a therapy (22%), to feel good (4%), and nonsensical reasons (2%). Responders listed availability/ accessibility, affordability, peer pressure, need to belong, as coping mechanism with the harsh economic realities as factors promoting substance abuse. Conclusion: Our findings of Crystal Methamphetamine, Tranq, MDMA and Datura species among the variety of psychoactive substances and the fact that 29.7% of the sampled population actively indulged in them indicates a high prevalence of substance abuse Gwagwalada. This calls for urgent substance abuse mitigation strategies.
      PubDate: 2023-07-24
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7586
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Epidemiological Profile of Meningitis in the State of Para, Amazonia
           between the Years 2018-2022

    • Authors: Thiago Augusto Ferreira Dos Anjos , Ana Paula Ferreira David , Aline Moraes Monteiro , Daniele Nunes Da Silva Ferreira , Larissa Mota Da Costa , Joana Wanderley Corrêa , Misma Suely Gonçalves Araújo De Lima , Josenilda Silva Moraes , Sebastião Kauã De Sousa Bispo , Sarah Caroline Gonçalves Furtado , Marcela Raíssa Asevedo Dergan
      Pages: 18 - 26
      Abstract: Objective: Analyze the epidemiological profile of meningitis in the state of Pará, Amazon, from 2018 to 2022. Methodology: This is an ecological, retrospective, and descriptive-exploratory study, using data from the Information System for Notifiable Diseases (SINAN), made available on the website of the Department of Information of the Brazilian Unified Health System (DATASUS). Results: In the state of Pará, from 2018 to 2022, 1,680 cases were confirmed. The absolute number of cases per year was 508 (30%) in 2018. Males were the most affected with 966 cases (57.5%), and the age group of 20-39 years had the highest number of cases with 584. Regarding race, parda (mixed race) remains in first place with 1,472 cases. In terms of disease progression, the number of cases with a discharge is leading with 1,309, followed by the etiology, Viral Meningitis (MV), and Bacterial Meningitis (MB), which have the highest number of cases with a discharge. Conclusion: It can be inferred that the study in the state of Pará is essential for data collection and information regarding the disease, subsequently highlighting the main profiles and characteristics of the disease. Furthermore, the research proves to be important as the highest number of disease notifications occurred in the years 2018, 2019, and 2022.
      PubDate: 2023-07-28
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7587
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Main Challenges in the Prevention of Prostate Cancer in Primary Health

    • Authors: Thiago Augusto Ferreira dos Anjos , Lucrecia Aline Cabral Formigosa , Marcela Raíssa Asevedo Dergan , Aline Moraes Monteiro , Folve Ariel Garcia Alencar , Thiago Simplício Costa , Ana Paula Ferreira David , Luciana Ferreira dos Santos
      Pages: 27 - 33
      Abstract: Introduction: Prostate cancer is a public health problem and the second most common type of cancer in the male population. Objective: To report the experience of a health education action carried out by nursing students. Methodology: This is a descriptive study of the type experience report, carried out in November 2022, in a Family Health Strategy in the Municipality of Ananindeua, alluding to the Blue November, where a group of Nursing students addressed about men's health, elucidating about prostate cancer. Results: In the action in men's health, the active search was essential to relocate the individuals to the health unit, where the approach on the basic concepts of cancer, introduction to the disease, later correlating with prostate cancer (CA), where the male audience showed interest in the lecture, including interacting with the group, seeking to solve doubts about the disease, was highlighted. Conclusion: The approach in spite of cancer, therefore, is essential to the population, such as the male population, where information, debates and explanations about the subject generates knowledge and positive changes in health, in addition to the experience of nursing students was essential to share information in public health, especially about men's health.
      PubDate: 2023-08-01
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7589
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Socioeconomics Implications and the Resettlement Action Plan of
           Alaoji-Onitsha Transmission Line Project on Project Affected Persons

    • Authors: B. U. Uzodinma , I. O. Agbagwa
      Pages: 34 - 44
      Abstract: Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) plays a vital role in managing resettlement-related activities, preventing dispute, agitation and provide necessary component for successful restoration of livelihood of impacted people. Consequently, the study examined the implications of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) of Alaoji-Onitsha Transmission Line (TL) project on the socio-economic of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) in the project corridor using household based questionnaire. The finding on the severity and extent of the project impact on individuals and related socio-economic indicators revealed that 372 households were slated for resettlement, 202 residential buildings, 267 commercial buildings, 11 public buildings, 511.26 hectares of farmland and 42,682 economic trees are impacted by the proposed TL project. The project will have medium residual impacts on land use. The study therefore recommends that the proposed project must ensure resettlement and restoration are carried out in a way that will ensure continuous survival of PAPs with better socio-economic status than the pre-project status.
      PubDate: 2023-08-02
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7590
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Assessment of Microplastic Pollution in Selected Water Bodies in Rivers
           State, Nigeria

    • Authors: J. S. Attah , H. O. Stanley , F. D. Sikoki , O. M. Immanuel
      Pages: 45 - 52
      Abstract: This study aimed to assess of microplastic pollution in selected water bodies in River State, Nigeria. Two water bodies, one fresh water (New Calabar River) and one estuary (Bonny River) were sampled in the present study for presence of microplastics in water, sediment and fish samples in the aquatic milieu. Microplastics were extracted using standard methods and were characterized using GCMS. Four plastic types namely polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene, polypropylene was detected in all samples. Likewise, four plasticizers namely dioctyl terephthalates, polybrominated diphenyl ether, acrylic fibre and tetrabromobisphenol A were all detected in sediment, water and fish samples from Bonny River and New Calabar River. FTIR analysis of microplastics showed patterns typical of polystyrene. This study has shown that water, sediment and fish samples contain microplastics. This is a worrisome development as the water are used for domestic purposes among persons resident along the water courses and the fish species sampled is commonly available as source of protein for majority of persons. This calls for greater enlightenment on the possible danger of microplastics pollution in the study area and for measures to check macroplastics pollution, which bring about microplastics pollution in the aquatic environment. Such measures should include promotion of the use of plant material as food wrappings and to dissuade dumping of solid waste in the rivers.
      PubDate: 2023-08-04
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7591
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Clinical Profile, Comorbidities, and Outcome of the Unvaccinated and
           Hospitalized for COVID-19 in Northern Brazil: Retrospective Cohort

    • Authors: Ana Lúcia Da Silva Ferreira , Daniele Melo Sardinha , Daiane Cristina Viana De Moraes , Maria Raimunda Rodrigues De Oliveira , Mayara Carolina Frazão Viana , Natasha Cristina Oliveira Andrade , Tamires De Nazaré Soares , Ricardo José De Paula Souza E. Guimarães , Luana Nepomuceno Gondim Costa Lima , Karla Valéria Batista Lima
      Pages: 53 - 66
      Abstract: Introduction: Over the course of the pandemic, COVID-19 affected health, the economy and quality of life in Brazil. The worst years for the country were the first and second. There were delays in vaccine purchases for political reasons at the time. The northern region of the country had a higher mortality rate compared to other regions, associated with local vulnerabilities and fragility of surveillance due to geographic and population characteristics. Objective: To investigate the clinical profile, comorbidities, and outcome of unvaccinated people hospitalized for COVID-19 in the state of Pará in 2022. Methods: Retrospective cohort epidemiological study, with data from the national epidemiological surveillance of acute and severe respiratory syndromes. Cases reported in 2022 with vaccinated yes or no field and completed doses were included. Only closed cases cure or death were included. We performed a chi-square test on categorical variables and a Mann-Whitney test on numerical variables. We compared vaccinated VS non-vaccinated; we performed the Odds Ratio in the significant variables. We used the SPSS 20.0 software. Results: The study worked with 2,634 cases of COVID-19 hospitalized in the study period, confirmed by RT-PCR (851/32.30%) and (1,784/67.70%) rapid antigen test. The lethality was (778/29.53%), and those vaccinated with two doses were (1,473/55.90%) and those unvaccinated with no dose (1,162/44.10%). Death represents p- <0.001 (HR 1.306 - CI 1.124/1.517) higher risk of the event occurring in the unvaccinated cases, followed by male sex p-0.004 (HR 1.188 - CI 1.058/1.334). Conclusion: The first cohort in Brazil and in the north of the country to evaluate the clinical profile, comorbidities, and outcome of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients in this Amazon region, which is a region characterized by local vulnerability factors unique to the other regions of Brazil, showed that the unvaccinated were males, younger, with fewer comorbidities, and that they were associated the deaths.
      PubDate: 2023-08-09
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7592
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Molecular Variants of Human Papillomavirus among Individuals Attending
           Healthcare Checkup in Everight Diagnostic and Laboratory Services Owerri,
           Imo State, Nigeria

    • Authors: O. Ekuma-Okereke , A. S. Aleke , C. O. Anyanwu , J. A. Ugwu , A. E. Emedoh , C. G. Omejua , V. C. Onuoha , U. O. Nwankpa , C. P. Nduwuaku , C. C. Adiele , B. C. Iwuala , I. Onyema-Nwankwo
      Pages: 67 - 74
      Abstract: Background:  Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are small, non-enveloped, epitheliotropic, double-stranded DNA viruses that infect mucosal and cutaneous epithelia in a wide variety of higher vertebrates in a species-specific manner and induce cellular proliferation. Papilloma viruses are highly epitheliotropic, with a highly host-specific affinity and humans are the only host of HPV. HPV Array Test can detect up to 33 genotypes; which according to the research result of the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), are classified as Low Risk types (6, 11, 42, 43, 44 & 81) which can cause the skin mucosa wart-like lesions; HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 & 68 are classified as high-risk types; HPV 26, 53, 66, 73 & 82 genotypes are classified as middle-risk types. Aim: This study was designed to determine and classify the molecular variants of HPV among individuals attending healthcare checkup in the Molecular Science and Genetic Studies Department of Everight Diagnostics, Owerri. Methodology: HPV Array test relies on PCR amplification and “Flow-through” hybridization technology. Genomic DNA of the human papilloma viral isolates from tissue samples were extracted using MN Research Bacterial DNA MiniPrepTM Kit. A pool of results was collated from 163 individuals whose urethra and endo-cervical swab samples had been collected and processed accordingly. Results: The demographic distribution of the study population show 66.25% and 33.74% for female and male respectively while the mean age was 38.34±13.63. Out of the 163 individuals recruited, 50 (30.66%) were HPV positive with the highest prevalence of 22.08 % in females while males recorded 8.58%.  High-risk HPV had the highest prevalence of 34 (68%), while 8 (16%) and 8 (16%) were recorded for low and medium risks respectively. The most common genotypes were HPV 16 (8%), HPV 35 (8%), HPV 39 (8%), and HPV 51 (8%). High-risk dual infection was recorded in 7 (13%) while 5 (10%) had multiple high-risk HPV infections. HPV 11 (6%) was the highest occurring low-risk HPV infection while HPV 6 and 11 3(6%) were the most occurring dual low-risk HPV genotypes. No cases of multiple low-risk HPV infections were recorded in this study. Conclusion: The research findings show HPV-16, 35, 39 and 51 as the predominant genotypes amongst the screened individuals. These are high-risk-human papilloma viral genotypes that predispose individuals to cervical and/or urethral cancers, with HPV-16 standing at the top of the hierarchy, followed by HPV-33 and HPV-31.
      PubDate: 2023-08-09
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7593
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • The Microbiological Profile of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Pediatric
           Patients in Brazil

    • Authors: Guilherme Vieira Lima , Rafael Rodrigues Leite , Sandriny Maria de Almeida Oliveira, Sara Maria Bié Gomes , Sávio Benvindo Ferreira
      Pages: 75 - 84
      Abstract: Aims: Identifying the main pathogens causing Community Acquired Pneumonia in the pediatric population. Study Design: It is a narrative review, a qualitative study. Place and Duration of Study: Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Scientific Design and Writing (LaMDEC), Julio Bandeira University Hospital (HUJB), Cajazeiras, Paraíba, Brazil, from May 2023 to June 2023. Methodology: A narrative literature review method was adopted, with research carried out in the following databases: Google Scholar, Scientific Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO), PubMed, LILACS and Virtual Health Library (BVS). Results: A relevant prevalence of the bacterial pathogens Streptococcus pneumoniae,      Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, and the viral etiological agent Respiratory Syncytial Virus, depending on the age of the affected patients, was observed in the literature in the pediatric population. Conclusion: A relevant prevalence of the bacterial pathogens Streptococcus pneumoniae,      Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, and the viral etiological agent Respiratory Syncytial Virus, depending on the age of the affected patients, was observed in the literature in the pediatric population. However, the means used to confirm the etiology are still lacking in their methodological reliability, a fact that makes it important for the scientific community to develop and adopt more effective methods for the microbiological determination of the causes of pneumonia.
      PubDate: 2023-08-09
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7594
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Glycaemic Control and Evidences of Ischaemic Heart Disease of Known Type 2
           Diabetics Attending the Endocrinology Clinic at the Federal Medical
           Centre, Yenagoa, Nigeria

    • Authors: S. O. Ojeka , V. Z. Zabbey , R. B. Edward
      Pages: 85 - 93
      Abstract: Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease with life-threatening complications with cardiovascular complications being the major cause of death among those with type 2 diabetes. Aim: The study was aimed at evaluating the glycemic status and evidences of Ischaemic heart disease, associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus among diabetic patients attending the endocrinology clinic in FMC Yenagoa during the study period. Materials and Methods: The study made use of 162 apparently healthy individuals and 300 diabetic patients. Interviewer-administered questionnaire and fasting blood sugar were the study tools. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics and paired sample T-test. Results and Discussion: The results revealed that the body mass Index, Blood Pressure and Fasting Blood Sugar of the diabetics were significantly higher than those of the non-diabetics. Again, 41.7% of the experimental subjects had a normal glycemic control, 49.7% had a fair glycemic control while 8.7% of them had a poor glycemic control. The symptoms of Ischaemic heart disease associated with type 2 diabetes in the experimental subjects were chest pain, chest discomfort, pain in the leg, ischaemic gangrene and loss of strength. Again, age, gender, Body mass index, smoking and Fasting blood sugar were other risk factors found to be associated with ischaemic heart disease. Conclusion and Recommendation: Implementing lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, and smoking cessation to reduce the risk of cardiovascular abnormalities in diabetics is recommended. A close and regular monitoring of the Fasting blood sugar, Blood Pressure and cardiac abnormalities is also recommended for diabetic patients.
      PubDate: 2023-08-19
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7595
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Development and Storage Stability of Cookies from Whole Wheat, Sweet
           Potato and Mucuna utilis, Composite Flour

    • Authors: Roseline Nwabugo Attaugwu , Josephat Ikechukwu Anyadioha , Kachi Jude Chukwuma
      Pages: 94 - 107
      Abstract: Aim: This study evaluated the effect of storage conditions at ambient (28 ± 2°C) and refrigeration temperature (4 ± 2°C) on the physicochemical properties of Cookies made from Composite flours in the ratio of 50: 30: 20; 50:20:30 (whole wheat, sweet potato flour or Mucuna utilis respectively). Methodology: Flours were obtained from whole wheat (W), peeled and sun-dried potato (S), and boiled oven-dried mucuna (BM) and toasted oven-dried mucuna (TM) bean seed. Cookies made from 100 % whole wheat flour served as control. The physicochemical properties of the cookies were evaluated using standard methods and the data obtained were statistically analyzed. Results and Discussion: The results showed an increase in protein (8.17 % - 18.84 %), crude fiber (1.57 – 7.38 %), and fats (8.81- 14.59 %.). The vitamin values decreased in all the samples after storage except vitamin E (1.05 – 1.87 mg/100 g (before storage) and vitamin E (1.08 -1.92) which remained unaffected after the storage period. After 30 days of storage, the percentage free fatty acid (FFA) values ranged from (0.39 – 0.56 % for samples stored under refrigerated conditions as against 0.58- 0.79 % observed in ambient temperature storage. The Peroxide value showed a slight increase in refrigerated samples (3.9 – 6.98 meq O2/kg) as against that of ambient temperature storage which had higher values (8.22 -12.58 meq O2/Kg). Conclusion: The FFA and peroxide values of samples W50 S30 BM20 and W50 S20 BM30 were within acceptable limit under refrigerated condition indicating that boiling treatment is better preferred than toasting. The study indicated that refrigerated storage is a more suitable storage condition than ambient storage.
      PubDate: 2023-08-22
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7596
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Radiological Safety Assessment of Agricultural Soil within the Bitumen
           Belt of Ondo State Nigeria, Using RESRAD-ONSITE and RESRAD-BIOTA Codes

    • Authors: Luka S. Yani , Gregory O. Avwiri , Chinyere P. Ononugbo
      Pages: 108 - 122
      Abstract: Exploration and exploitation of bitumen can create radiation exposure pathways that must be considered in risk management scenarios. RESRAD-ONSITE and RESRAD-BIOTA developed by the US Department of Energy (US DOE) to assess contaminated sites, were used in the present study to predict the radiation dose and excess cancer risk associated with residual radioactive materials within Ondo State Bitumen Belt for the duration of 100 years, using site-specific parameters. The activity concentrations of 40K, 232Th and 238U in soil samples were determined by gamma-spectrometry and their average values were 35.85, 3.27 and 5.01 BqKg-1 respectively. While the estimated internal doses in biota due to 40K, 232Th and 238U were 7.54E-06, 3.03E-07 and 4.55E-08 Gy d−1 respectively for terrestrial animals, 6.69E-06, 3.68E-08 and 2.29E-08 Gy d−1 respectively for terrestrial plants, 6.49E-06, 5.88E-09 and 2.22E-08 08 Gy d−1 respectively for the Nigerian Dwarf Goat (NDG). The maximum total dose of 0.0229 mSvyr−1 was obtained at Agbabu at t = 30 years for an on-site resident farmer using the RESRAD-ONSITE Code, while the minimum total dose of 0.0014 was obtained at Araromi at t = 100 years. These values were by far lower than the National Research Council's acceptable limit of 0.25 mSvy-1.  Likewise, the maximum Excess Cancer Risk (ECR) of 0.050 × 10−3 was obtained at Agbabu, while the lowest ECR value of 0.015 x 10-3 was shared by three communities: Omotosho (OMO), Akotogbo (AKG), and Ibekegbo (IKB). The observed low cancer risks in all the selected communities are of less human health concern since they are lower than the world safe value of 0.29 x 10-3. This implies that utilization of the studied soil for farming may not cause any immediate health hazard to the inhabitant but prolonged exposure might pose radiologically induced health challenges.
      PubDate: 2023-09-02
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7597
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Towards a Sustainable Land Taxation Reform in Imo State, Nigeria

    • Authors: Nwanekezi; S. C., Odenigbo, O. A. , Ugwu, M. O.
      Pages: 123 - 129
      Abstract: Land taxation reform must be focused on suitable valuation, enhancing revenue, base coverage, collecting and providing adequate services to the taxpayers. States in Nigeria must combine the right mix of strategic reform coupled with policy and administrative interaction that ensures the expected outcome from the taxation reform. On this ground, this paper reviewed the land taxation reform in Imo State and its sustainability. The review noted that the lack of effective administration of land taxation has made tax reform unsustainable in many Nigerian States, including Imo. As stated, Imo state does not have any platform, which results in issues of identifying and assessing properties; these problems are worsened by inadequate enforcement of tax collection systems. Although land taxation is administrative-intensive; however, technological advancement, awareness of the benefit of effective reform, and improved fiscal and social methods can ensure sustainable land taxation reform.
      PubDate: 2023-09-05
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7598
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Implementation of Gender-Responsive Teaching Methods among Secondary
           School Teaching Staff in Mafia District, Tanzania

    • Authors: Thabiti Hassan Thabiti , Baraka Mwandilawa , January Basela
      Pages: 130 - 142
      Abstract: In regard to teaching career, there have been gender disparities in extent using of teaching methods and strategies among teaching staff in schools which ultimately constrain academic performance of students. The use of gender responsive teaching methods became among the strategies that can enhance the performance of students. The study aimed at assessing the extent use of gender responsive teaching methods (GRTM) among teaching staff in secondary schools in Mafia district, in Tanzania. The study was guided by the following research questions, the first research question was, to what extent do teachers use gender responsive teaching methods among teaching staff in secondary schools', while second research question was, is there any relationship between  students academic performance  and gender responsive teaching methods used in the classroom'. The study adopted cross sectional research design using a sample of 249 respondents including 184 students and 65 teachers who were selected randomly. Data were collected through survey, interviews and focus group discussions. Qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis and quantitative data were analyzed by descriptive statistics analysis and inferential statistics (Chi-Square). The study found that, some of secondary teachers had moderate awareness on the use of GRTM in secondary schools particularly in class use of gender sensitive language with regard to what is taught, how teaching takes places, how and what is learned in the context of male and female students was high (Mean=6.08±1.833) and use of gender sensitive language used in a class was also high (Mean=4.98±1.833).The study also found that, there is significant association between students academic performance and the extent teachers ensuring that, working groups were mixed comprising male and female students was statistically significant at 5% with a chi square value of 14.48 and P= 0.025.Further, the study found that, there is positive significant association  between students academic performance and teachers in encouraging both male and female students to present results in a group work had a chi square of 9.434 and P=0.151 It is concluded that, GRTM had significant influence on students’ academic performance in secondary schools in Tanzania. The study recommends that, education policy makers, curriculum planners, teachers, gender practitioners, NGO’s and CBO’s should provide pre-services and in-services teachers training on GRTM in order to increase uses so as to improve students’ teaching methods.
      PubDate: 2023-09-05
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7599
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • A Study on the Norms of Toeplitz Matrices with the Generalized Mersenne

    • Authors: Sevda Aktas, Yuksel Soykan
      Pages: 143 - 157
      Abstract: In this article presents findings related to Toeplitz matrices with Mersenne numbers. We started by creating Toeplitz matrices whose components are Mersenne numbers. We then calculated the Euclidian, row and column norms of these matrices and established both lower and upper bounds for their spectral norms. Additionally, we determined the upper bounds for the Frobenius and spectral norms of the Kronecker and Hadamard product matrices of the Toeplitz matrices with Mersenne numbers.
      PubDate: 2023-09-08
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7600
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Ecotourism Development of Wanagiri Village through PKK Empowerment in Food
           Souvenir Processing of Taro, Marketing and Institutional Strengthening

    • Authors: Luh Suriati , I. Wayan Wesna Astara , Hanilyn Hidalgo , Amelia Nicolas , Mia Bella Fresnido , Rovina Kobun , Ketut Selamet , Ni Ketut Mardewi , Anak Agung Sagung Manik_Cindrawati , Ni Luh Putu Sulis_Dewi , Ngakan P. G. Satria_Kesumayasa , I. Wayan Widiantara_Putra, I. Putu Ajus Raditya_Putra
      Pages: 158 - 167
      Abstract: The processing of innovative Food Souvenir products is currently growing rapidly, producing various processed products on the market. Village community empowerment aims to increase independence, knowledge, attitudes, and skills, so a mentoring program is needed according to needs. Wanagiri Village is a tourist destination village located in Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency. Wanagiri Village has a variety of natural potentials, one of which is taro tuber which has the potential to be developed. Taro Food Souvenir products are products that are in great demand by people throughout Bali. Taro Food Souvenir products have been produced and marketed by partners but not yet intensively, the packaging is not good and the marketing is not optimal. Partners want to improve the appearance of their products so that they have a long shelf life so that they can be economically independent. The solutions provided to solve the problems faced by partners are: providing appropriate technology for processing taro Food Souvenirs; packaging and labeling, marketing strategies, drafting rules for sharing of work and profit agreements between group members, and providing equipment assistance. The method used is active community participation and exploratory. Community service activities have been running smoothly. International community service regarding taro processing has a positive impact on society, especially economic empowerment, food diversification, and cultural preservation. recognizing that the community actively supports the success of this activity, respecting local traditions in a sustainable manner will benefit the community. The performance of food souvenir products will look more attractive and provide added value, which will have an impact on increasing income and people's welfare.
      PubDate: 2023-09-08
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7601
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Microbial Quality Evaluation of Seafood Samples from the Vishakhapatnam
           Coast, Andhra Pradesh, India

    • Authors: D. Bhuvaneswari, B. Koteswar, A. Devivaraprasad Reddy, Jitender Kumar Jakhar, Rujuta R. Donadkar, CH. Balakrishna, T. Vijaya Nirmala
      Pages: 168 - 172
      Abstract: Consumption of seafood has increased, resulting in the production and productivity of aquaculture in the past few years. Since, seafood is crucial in human nutrition, providing essential nutrients and proteins. However, their perishable nature and vulnerability to microbial contamination make them prone to spoilage and foodborne illnesses. Therefore, the microbiological analysis of fish samples is paramount to ensure their quality and safety for consumption. In this study, microbiology of fish samples, encompassing various aspects such as microbial load assessment, and pathogen detection. Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria viz., Total plate count, Escherichia coli, Total coliforms, Vibrio spp, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella spp. These pathogens pose severe health risks to consumers and highlight the necessity of effective monitoring and control measures throughout the seafood supply chain.  Proper handling, storage, and processing practices minimise microbial contamination and preserve fish quality. Implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) helps ensure the safety of fish products and prevent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.
      PubDate: 2023-09-12
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7602
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
  • Application of Technical Rationality and Reflective Practice in Managing
           Intricate Construction Claims: A Case Study in Qatar

    • Authors: Chandana Jayalath
      Pages: 173 - 193
      Abstract: The propensity towards the increased number of court cases, gaps between theory and practice and the intricacy associated with construction claims tend to pose messy and indeterminate situations where the traditional instrumental approaches are criticised for sub-optimal outcomes. This essentially warrants some kind of a reflection in action merged with technical rationality in making professional judgments. There  is  little  to  no  literature  on  how  construction practitioners synthesize  both  paradigms  within  a  single  project,  reinforcing  the  apparent  divide between  them. This study therefore explores the potential of implementing reflective practice into construction claim analysis by using a case study. The project selected was a 12 km bypass in Doha Qatar consisting of a 10-lane section which provided qualitative data related to 19 contractual heads that are recognized as being effectively and amicably settled. The literature shows 17 characteristics of each domain. The study emphasized that two paradigms (technical rationality and reflective practice) are not remote, but concomitant with several discrete relationships. Recommendations were given for construction practitioners to use reflective practice, along with technical rationality to submit sensible claims and frame out solutions for future applications. It is apparent that the use of algorithms, industrial knowhow and thumb rules provide stimuli in claims analysis combining both the paradigms fostering a culture of sensible claims.
      PubDate: 2023-09-20
      DOI: 10.9734/acri/2023/v23i7603
      Issue No: Vol. 23, No. 7 (2023)
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