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International Scientific and Vocational Studies Journal
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  • Applicability Of Incineration Technology In Waste Management: Istanbul
           Case Study

    • Authors: Mehmet TAŞTAN; Mehmet Nurettin UĞURAL
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to make a technological and financial forecast for the future construction of similar facilities based on feasibility data from the Istanbul Domestic Waste Incineration and Energy Production Facility, which was constructed to minimize environmental damage and give domestic solid wastes economic value, as opposed to storing and disposing of them. The study examined the initial investment and operating costs of the facility, the repayment time and profitability calculations, the financial and economic profitability of the project, and the cost and internal profitability rates for other waste disposal facilities to be established, in addition to comparisons with conventional waste management systems (storage or composting) and incineration techniques. By separating themselves as much as possible from conventional waste management systems, systems employing technological methods will be more realistic and cost-effective, both financially and in terms of the environment. To meet rising energy demands and lessen reliance on foreign sources, investments in sustainable renewable energy systems other than fossil fuels must be increased now. It is crucial to accelerate and support investments in environmentally friendly energy technologies through their development. This is the first study conducted in Turkey on obtaining energy by burning domestic solid waste as opposed to storing it.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation of Global Warming Case of Antalya

    • Authors: Onur ARSLAN
      Abstract: Antalya is one of the most important cities of Turkey in terms of agriculture, tourism and population. In this study, the global warming case of Antalya was investigated by using the monthly mean maximum, monthly mean minimum and monthly mean temperature data of Elmalı, Korkuteli, Antalya, Manavgat and Gazipaşa meteorology stations between 1970 and 2017. For this aim, trend analyses were performed by Mann Kendall Rank Correlation method and beginnings of trends were determined. Run, interquartile range and autocorrelation tests were applied before trend analysis test. 99.99% confidence interval was used for all tests. Run test results indicated that the data is homogenous. According autocorrelation test results, there is not autocorrelation in tha data except monthly mean minimum temperature data of Antalya station for August. Therefore, prewhitening was used for monthly mean minimum temperature data of Antalya station for August. The 12-month average value of the increasing trend was calculated as 98.33% for the mean temperature, 88.33% for the mean maximum temperature and 80% for the mean minimum temperature. The 12-month average value of the statistically significant increasing trend was calculated as 10% for the mean temperature, 5% for the mean minimum temperature and 0% for the mean maximum temperature. If 95% confidence level was used for Mann-Kendall test, the 12-month average value of the statistically significant increasing trend was calculated as 61.9% for the mean temperature, 34.5% for the mean maximum temperature and 51.2% for the mean minimum temperature. These results show that there is global warming in Antalya. The beginnings of statistically significant trends vary between 1992 and 2009. While water consumption is increasing due to increase in agriculture, tourism and population in Antalya, the global warming detected in this study shows that both water consumption and losses in water resources will increase further. Precautions are suggested in the results section.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation Effect of Magnet Skew on Thrust Force in Linear Brushless
           Direct Current Motor with FEM

    • Authors: Mustafa EKER
      Abstract: This study is concerned with the reduction of ripple in the thrust force produced in a linear Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC). To reduce the ripples in the generated thrust force, different methods such as structural solutions are applied both in the control part and in the production phase of the motor. In this study, skew application, which is one of the mechanical methods, is proposed. For this reason, the changes in the thrust force of a BLDC motor with a surface magnet-placed translator are investigated by applying different levels of skew to the magnets. First, a 3D solid model of the motor was created. A pole on the translator of the linear BLDC motor is composed of 3 equal magnet groups. For each skew level, the magnets were shifted 3 mm independently of each other and the thrust force values were examined. For this process, a 3D magnetostatic analysis of the linear BLDC motor was performed. The results obtained show that the skewing process applied to the magnets reduces the ripples in the thrust curve up to a certain point, after which no significant improvement in the ripple is observed, while the average force value decreases significantly.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Experimental Analysis of Pneumatic Motion Control Application with Piezo

    • Authors: Çiğdem GÜNDOĞAN TÜRKER; Fikret AKYÜZ
      Abstract: Piezo technology is used in a large number of sectors thanks to the possibility of switching between electrical energy and motion energy. In particular, Piezo technology provides an important advantage in pneumatic applications with its features such as low energy consumption, accuracy, quiet operation, compact structure, fast switching possibility, quiet operation and lightness. Directional control, proportional pressure control, proportional flow control, positioning, soft-stop and similar basic applications are being transformed into controlled and digitalized Pneumatic System applications. In this study, an experimental test device with a pneumatic cylinder working with piezo valves and position sensors was installed and motion control application was performed. In the experimental results of the application, the system characteristics can be observed graphically, and the results can be analyzed.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Runge Kutta Optimization for Fixed Size Multimodal Test Functions

    • Authors: Fatih CANTAŞ; Serdar ÖZYÖN, Celal YAŞAR
      Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to increase the success of the Runge Kutta (RUN) algorithm, which is used in the solution of many optimization problems in the literature, on fixed-size test functions by changing the parameter values. Optimization can be defined as making a system most efficient at the least possible cost under certain constraints. For this process, many optimization algorithms have been designed in the literature and used to obtain the best solutions for certain problems. The most important parts in solving these problems are modeling the problem correctly, determining the parameters and constraints of the problem, and finally choosing a suitable meta-heuristic algorithm for the solution of the objective function. Not every algorithm is suitable for every problem structure. Therefore, in this study, the suitability of the RUN algorithm for the solution of fixed-size functions will be evaluated. Theoretically, Runge-Kutta methods used in numerical analysis are an important type of the family of closed and open iterative methods for solution approximations of ordinary differential equations. The RUN algorithm is also designed with inspiration from these methods. In order to evaluate the performance of the RUN algorithm on fixed-size functions in the study, 10 fixed-size multimodal test functions (Shekel's Foxholes, Kowalik, Six-Hump Camel-Back, Branin, Goldstein-Price, Hartman3, Hartman6, Shekel5, Shekel7, Shekel10) have been found in the literature before was selected. Solutions for each of the selected functions are obtained by changing the parameter values of the RUN algorithm. The obtained solution values were evaluated by comparing the solutions obtained with Slime Mold Algorithm (SMA) and Hunger Games Search (HGS) algorithms.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation Of The Conversion Procedures For Fossil Fuel Vehicles To
           Electric Vehicles In Turkey

    • Authors: Mehmet Murat TEZCAN; Sümeyra TAŞER
      Abstract: Globally, with the rapid growth of the population, the use of cars is also increasing. Although there is an increase in the use of electric vehicles, the vast majority of the vehicles used are internal combustion engine vehicles. Fossil fuel vehicles have disadvantages such as damaging the environment due to their high emission values, using non-renewable energy sources as fuel, high maintenance costs, and complex vehicle structures. Electric vehicles have many advantages such as being sensitive to the environment with a near-zero emission value, simple structures, low maintenance costs, and the use of renewable energy sources as fuel. Today, the reserve ratios of fossil fuels are rapidly depleting. Consumers tend to buy electric vehicles because of the environmental damage caused by fossil fuel vehicles due to the high emissions they emit, and because of the danger of depletion of non-renewable energy sources. The purchase of electric vehicles from the factory is difficult due to the few product varieties and the high prices in the market. It is possible for consumers to have electric vehicles with the features, colors, and models they want at much more affordable prices, by converting internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. Each country has its own regulations for the conversion process. Transformation operations in our country are carried out in accordance with the Regulations of the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology. There are ready-made conversion kits of different brands on the market that contain the components necessary for the conversion of internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. In this study, the advantages and disadvantages of internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles, why conversion is necessary, and how conversion should be carried out will be discussed. Thanks to the conversion to an internal combustion engine, there will be a decrease in the emission of harmful gases to the environment, an economic contribution will be made to the country, and consumers will be able to have the vehicle they want at affordable prices.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Coping Methods Used by Students of a Health School for Dysmenorrhea

    • Authors: Özgür ALPARSLAN; Dilek ÖCALAN, Funda DEMİRTÜRK
      Abstract: In the study, it was aimed to determine the coping methods used by health school students for dysmenorrhea management. The population of the cross-sectional and descriptive study consisted of midwifery students (N=280) studying at a public university. Volunteer (n=240) participants who met the sampling study criteria were recruited.Data were collected with the Descriptive Information Form, the VAS scale, and the Menstrual Symptom Severity Scale (MSSS). The mean age of the students was 19.92±1.51 and the mean menstrual period was 5.68±1.48 days. The prevalence of dysmenorrhea was 42.1%, the mean pain severity in the VAS for dysmenorrhea was 5.04±3.01, and the mean MSSS score was 21.16±11.25. It was stated that 90.8% of the students did not receive any medical treatment for dysmenorrhea, 76.2% of them used non-pharmacological different coping methods for dysmenorrhea, the most used methods were 65.4% hot application, 60.4% lying down, 49.5% pressure by tying a belt on the abdomen and 47.9%. was found to be taking a bath. 91.9% of the students stated that coping methods were used at the beginning of menstruation, and the severity of pain (95.2%), frequency (69%) and duration (76.5%) decreased after the application of the method. It was determined that applying heat did not significantly affect the severity (χ2=0.137,p=1.000), duration (χ2=2.020,p=0.199) and frequency (χ2=0.854, p=0.653) of the pain. Bath type had a significant effect on post-application pain severity (χ2=12.072,p=0.002) in those who preferred to cope with the bathing method. Preferring coping methods such as massage, lying down, feeding, pressing on the abdomen did not have a significant effect on the severity, duration, and frequency of pain after the application (p>0.05). There was a significant difference between the times of applying any method and the severity of their pain (χ2=20.495,p=0.000). To cope with dysmenorrhea, applying heat, lying down, pressing on the abdomen, bathing, while using herbal tea, massage, exercise, walking, nutrition and listening to music, it seems beneficial to take a standing bath at the beginning of menstruation. More research is needed on the methods used to cope with dysmenorrhea and their effectiveness.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Association between Prior Pain Intensity, Back Function and The
           Characteristics of Episodes in Patients with Low Back Pain

    • Authors: Ayşe Nur OYMAK SOYSAL; Şule ŞİMŞEK, Atiye KAŞ ÖZDEMİR, Şule FIRINCI
      Abstract: There is little information about causes of recurrence and why low back pain (LBP) transit to recurrent LBP. The aim of this study was to identfy the recurrence proportion of LBP, and the relation between baseline pain intensity, back function and the number, duration and mean pain intensity of subsequent episodes in patients with recurrent LBP. Four hundred and sixty-four patients were included in this study. The mean age of the participants was 38.70 ± 13.10 (ranges from 20 to 65 years). Demographic data were recorded. Prior pain intensity (VAS), back function (FBPS) and subsequent pain episodes (pain diary) were assessed at baseline and over 6 months. Recurrence proportion of LBP was 39.2% during 6-month follow-up. Baseline pain intensity and back function were significantly different in patients with recurrent LBP compared to patients without recurrent LBP ( p
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Evaluation of the Performance of ANN Algorithms with the Bidirectional
           Functionally Graded Circular Plate Problem

    • Authors: Munise Didem DEMİRBAŞ; Didem ÇAKIR (SOFUOĞLU
      Abstract: Functionally graded materials (FGMs) are materials composed of metals and ceramics in which the distribution of material components varies according to a particular volumetric function. FGMs are often used in high-temperature applications. In our study, models were created in the Artificial Neural Network depending on the equivalent stress levels in the compositional gradient exponent, which is the most important parameter in determining the thermo-mechanical behavior of circular plates functionally staggered in two directions, and the performances of these models were evaluated. These models were obtained with four different training algorithms: Levenberg-Marquardt, Backpropagation Algorithm, Resilient Propagation Algorithm, Conjugate Gradient Backpropagation with Powell-Beale Restarts To train the ANN, equivalent stress levels were obtained by performing numerical analyzes at different compositional gradient upper values. The data sets were created by considering the largest value of the equivalent stress levels, the smallest value of the largest value, the largest value of the smallest value, and the smallest value of the smallest value. In this study, training stages and performance values were examined and interpreted with 4 training algorithms in detail.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Reorganization Studies on The Organizational Structure of The General
           Directorate of Forest and Their Effects on Employment in Turkey

    • Authors: Ahmet TOLUNAY; Mustafa MALKOÇ, Mehmet ÖZMIŞ
      Abstract: In this study, the reorganization studies in the organizational structure of the General Directorate of Forestry and their effects on employment are examined. Questionnaire technique was used as data collection method in the study, and 5-point likert scale was used in the survey questions. 500 people participated in the survey study. SPSS 20 statistical package program was used to evaluate the data obtained, and a significance level of 0.05 was taken as a criterion in statistical analysis. Since the data did not have a normal distribution, the data were evaluated with the Kruskal Wallis test, one of the non-parametric tests. The participants replied that "General Directorate of Forestry has made a strategically important reorganization change with the establishment of new forestry unit" as 52% agree and 23.8% strongly agree. Thus, 75.8% of the participants stated that the reorganization studies carried out in the organizational structure of the General Directorate of Forestry are important. Thus, with the reorganization works, a large number of Forest Engineers and Forest Conservation Officers were appointed to the newly established forestry units. As a result of these appointments, there has been a serious decrease in the number of Forest Engineers and Forest Conservation Officers waiting for a job. Seeing that there is no problem in the employment of Forest Engineers and Forest Conservation Officers, university candidates preferred the programs that provide education for these professions in the university exams they entered in 2022 and filled the quotas.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • The Effect of Fear of COVID-19 on Demonstrating Personal Health Behavior
           and Prosocial Behavior

    • Authors: Tekin SANCAR; Fuat YALMAN
      Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to determine the effect of fear of COVID-19 on showing personal health behavior and pro-social behavior during the period when new variations of the COVID-19 virus are seen in Turkey. A population-based cross-sectional research design was used in the study. The population of the study consisted of patients over the age of 18 who applied to a family medicine unit operating in Düzce city center and their relatives. Data were collected from 485 people using face-to-face survey technique. SPSS 23 and AMOS 26 package programs were used in the analysis of the data. The findings of the study revealed that the majority of the participants had a relatively high level of fear of COVID-19, their personal health behavior and their pro-social behavior. In addition, the empirical result of the study showed that the level of fear of COVID-19 significantly affects the level of personal health behavior and pro-social behavior. Thus, the increased level of COVID-19 fear leads to high personal health behavior and pro-social behavior. It was found that female participants had higher COVID-19 fear levels and exhibited more pro-social behavior than male participants; young individuals show more personal health behaviors and pro-social behavior; It has been determined that public employees have higher COVID-19 fear levels, show more personal health behaviors, and engage in pro-social behavior. In addition, it has been found that the majority of people who are afraid of the COVID-19 virus think that the virus is man-made.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Nano Boron Nitride Added
           Aluminum Material Produced By Different Production Method

    • Authors: Hıdır Sercan ÇUBUK; Uğur ÇAVDAR
      Abstract: Aluminum is a metal that is frequently used in the industry and stands out with its lightness. The development of Aluminum, which has a good strength/weight ratio as a result of various alloying and production techniques, continues. While this process is being done, different production methods and nanotechnological material contribution draw attention. When the literature was scanned, it was seen that nano Boron Nitride additive made improvements to aluminum in terms of strength, hardness, weight, machinability and cost reduction. In this review, the hardness, yield stress and tensile stress properties of Nano Boron Nitride, which is added to Aluminum with different production methods and different percentages, were investigated.
      PubDate: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +030
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