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Uluslararası Bilimsel Araştırmalar Dergisi (IBAD)
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  • Analysis of Postgraduate Theses on the Problems Encountered in Teaching
           Turkish as a Foreign Language

    • Authors: Uğur CAN
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the master's theses carried out between 1998 and 2022 on the problems encountered in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. The theses are classified and evaluated according to their type, year, university, research approach, research method, data collection tools, data analysis, and the problem addressed by the study, and the sample. In the research, 46 master's theses were identified and examined through a search of the YÖK Thesis Center. The research was carried out with the meta-synthesis pattern and the data were analyzed using content analysis method. According to the findings of the research; it was found that, 43 master’s theses and 3 doctoral theses has been made, the studies quantitively increased between the years of 2016 and 2020, the most common problems in theses were grammar and writing skills and, the largest sample group were composed of Arab students. The study is considered to be important as it provides to reveal the trends, deficiencies, problems addressed in the theses on the problems encountered in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language by classifying and aim to be resource for future studies on the problems encountered in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • An Evaluation of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services at
           Secondary Schools from Students’ Perspective in Terms of Various

    • Authors: Esra ÖZAY KÖSE; Şeyda GÜL
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine the guidance and psychological counseling services at secondary schools from students’ perspective. For this purpose, School Counseling Services Scale developed by a different researcher was used as data collection tool. The data, which were collected totally 868 students from Secondary Schools selected through convenience sampling in a city center in eastern Turkey. As a result of the findings obtained, it was determined that the students' views towards the overall scale were at a moderate level. When the findings are evaluated separately in terms of sub-dimensions, "psychological counseling services", "information collection and dissemination services", "orientation and placement services" and "consultation services" dimensions are moderately agreed, while "orientation services", "individual recognition services" “monitoring services”, “environment-parent relations services” and “research and evaluation services” dimensions were determined to be at a low level.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Teachers’ Views on Renewed Teacher Career Stages

    • Authors: Fatma ÇOBANOĞLU; Ali İLKİN
      Abstract: In this study, the opinions of the teachers about the teacher career stages were determined and the answers were sought to questions whether the career structure is necessary and how it should be to organize. The basic qualitative research pattern was used in the research. The study group was determined by maximum diversity sampling method and the interview form developed by the researchers was used with teachers working at different school levels. In the research, it was found that the teachers thought that the career stages and therefore the teacher career stages exam is unnecessary, and the application of teacher career stages will lead to conflicts between teachers and that the teacher career stages should be determined according to the professional service year. In addition, teachers recommend that Turkish Ministery of National Education should be established the career structure by providing the participation of teachers to the decision and creating them opportunities for professional development and in-service trainings.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • The Relationship between Fear of COVID-19, Perceived Infectability and
           Intention to Get Vaccinated

    • Authors: Tekin SANCAR; Fuat YALMAN
      Abstract: The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate the COVID-19 fear levels, COVID-19 infectability perceptions, and intention to get vaccinated of university undergraduate students during the period when new variations of the COVID-19 virus are seen in Turkey. Along with, is to determine the mediating role of COVID-19 infectability perception with the effect of fear of COVID-19 on the intention to get vaccinated. In the research, it was used an online-based cross-sectional research design on university students. The universe of the research consisted of all undergraduate students of a state university. It was preferred the convenience sampling method in the study. The researchers collected data from 557 students using the online questionnaire technique. Researchers used IBM SPSS Statistic Base 23 V and AMOS package programs in the analysis of the data. The study's findings revealed that most university students had high COVID-19 fear levels and COVID-19 infectability perceptions, and their intention to be vaccinated increased positively. In addition, the empirical result of the study revealed that as the fear level of COVID-19 increased, the purpose to be immunized for COVID-19 increased positively. In addition, it was determined that the perception of COVID-19 infectability had a significant indirect effect and fully mediated the relationship between fear of COVID-19 and intention to get vaccinated. This research revealed that increasing COVID-19 fear level positively increases the intention to get vaccinated through the perception of high COVID-19 infectability. Therefore, increased COVID-19 fear level and high COVID-19 infectability perception were positively correlated with increased intention to get vaccinated.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Patriarchal Subordination of Women and Nature in Doris Lessing’s The
           Grass is Singing and Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman

    • Authors: Barış AĞIR
      Abstract: By challenging patriarchal worldviews and anthropocentric ideology and advocating for new, more harmonious relationships among humans, non-humans, and the natural world, ecofeminism tries to understand the connection between genders and environmental degradation. Anthropocentrism and patriarchy are shown to be the primary causes of the oppression of women and the natural world by men, and a biocentric worldview is advocated as a solution. This study, which compares Doris Lessing's The Grass is Singing and Margaret Atwood's The Edible Woman, focuses on the tragic endings shared by women and the natural world in both novels. When reexamined via the lens of ecofeminism, the two works reveal a shared concern for the welfare of women and the natural world, as well as a critique of patriarchal society's destructive effects on both.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Hygıene attıtudes of vocatıonal hıgh school students

      Abstract: This research was carried out to determine the attitudes of vocational school students towards hygiene behavior. Scanning method was used in the research. The research was carried out with the participation of a total of 447 students, 275 girls and 172 boys, studying at a vocational high school affiliated to a state university in the spring term of 2022. Data were collected with the "Student Hygiene Scale" developed by Gül and Özay Köse (2020). Non-parametric tests were used in the analysis of the data. As a result of the research, it was determined that there was a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the students and their gender, and there was no statistically significant difference between their average scores and their departments. In the study, it was determined that the mean rank of attitudes towards hygiene behavior of female students was higher than that of male students. When the items answered by the students in the Hygiene scale are evaluated according to their gender; It was determined that there was no significant difference between Factor 1 scores and gender, but the mean rank of female students was higher than that of males. When the Factor 2 scores of the students were examined, it was determined that there was a significant difference. In addition, when the departments were examined, it was determined that the department with the highest rank average was the Health Institutions Management.that can be more intertwined with nature in the curricula.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Homelesness in Accented Cinema: Little Palestine (Siege Dıary) (2021)

    • Authors: Seher ŞEYLAN
      Abstract: The cinema, which feeds on personal and collective experiences, conveys the story of being uprooted from their homeland, in a sense, within the framework of Accented Cinema. The accentuated state emphasizes the character's displacement by being uprooted. Accented, which is the developed state of transnational cinema, which is included in the third cinema, also carries traces from the life of the director and the writer. In this respect, they question their own experiences or similar experiences in their films. At the forefront of these experiences is homelessness, which begins with the loss of home-in-root-fame.The journey of the homeless often turns into a life of exile, where it is often impossible to return home. While this process makes the person the subject of a never-ending journey, the complex feeling of being uprooted finds its place as a never-ending road story in the films with accents. In this context, the interaction of homelessness with spatial loss gains importance.The aim of this study is to examine the necessity of leaving the motherland for various reasons and the effects of deterritorialization in Accented Cinema. For this purpose, the documentary Little Palestine (Siege Diary) (Abdallah Al-Khatib, 2021) will be analyzed within the framework of the concept of deterritorialization.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation of the Effects of Web 2.0 Supported Socioscientific Issues
           on Secondary School Students' Environmental Ethics Perceptions

    • Authors: Şebnem YAZICIOĞLU; Elif BENZER, Mehtap YILDIRIM
      Abstract: In this period, where our natural resources are decreasing due to rapid population growth, the role of humans in the formation of environmental pollution and the deterioration of the natural balance is quite high. This situation has led people to think about the environment and has made environmental ethics important. It is aimed to investigate the effects of web 2.0 tools used in teaching socioscientific issues on students' perceptions of environmental ethics. Embedded mixed pattern was used in the study. Weak experimental design was used in the quantitative dimension, and the "Environmental Ethics Activity Form" was applied in the qualitative dimension, and opinions were taken from the students after the application. The study group consists of 38 students studying in the 6th grade of secondary school. In the study, "Environmental Ethics Perception Scale (EEPS)" was used to evaluate students' perceptions of environmental ethics, and the Environmental Ethics Activity Form was used to evaluate their knowledge and awareness of environmental ethics and their perceptions of environmental ethics. A Semi-Structured Interview Form was used to determine the effect of teaching socio-scientific issues on students' perceptions of environmental ethics with web 2.0 tools and to determine their views on the teaching process. “EEPS” and Environmental Ethics Activity Form were applied as pretest and posttest. Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test was used in the analysis of the quantitative data obtained in the study, and content analysis was used in the analysis of qualitative data. It was concluded that the teaching made by using web 2.0 tools in the teaching of socioscientific issues was found to be fun, catchy and easy to understand by the students. A significant difference has been reached in the perceptions of environmental ethics, which are aimed to be developed with the contributions of Web 2.0 tools to teaching.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Searching for Traces of Traditional Turkish Culture in Neşet
           Günal's Paintings

    • Authors: Gültekin AKENGİN; Mehmet Hilmi ULUSOY, Güler ARIK
      Abstract: Art is an ongoing phenomenon that is shaped by cultural transfers from generation to generation. The artist has a very important place in this phenomenon with the mission of creating and shaping the society. He is influenced by the basic elements that make up the culture and unity of the society he lives in, and reflects the impressions gained through this interaction to his works through his own filter. The use of local elements in Turkish art has been frequently encountered in the formation of national culture. The Turkish society, which tends to create its own culture and protect these cultural elements, has trained many artists. Artists who grew up in this environment, along with the Republic, tended to produce works in the effort of expressing national/regional values through art. They have brought new interpretations by basing their sources on Anatolian culture. Turkish artists, who grew up in this society, worked on soil and human-based subjects, together with local folkloric elements. Elements such as nature, people's lives, struggles, and difficulties arising from geography have been the subject of the painting. In this sense, the works of Neşet Günal, one of our artists who mainly focus on local issues in Turkish art, mirror the reality of the geography and people in which he lives. In the research, the biography of Günal, who has a special place among the artists in question, was briefly mentioned, and the traces of Turkish culture that inspired the works of the artist in general and the life of the Anatolian people were examined.Neşet Günal was born in a family whose livelihood is viticulture. While he was studying in Nevşehir, he supported his family and entered the Faculty of Fine Arts with a municipal scholarship. Later, by going to the west, the artist, who received education, succeeded in transforming the rural village life, which is a local theme, into a universal painting representation. In our research, it is aimed to find traces of Turkish culture in the works of the artist, focusing on the works of Neşet Günal, who has become one of the representatives of the most important figurative trend of contemporary Turkish painting. The traces of Turkish culture that Neşet Günal mentioned in his works were examined by selecting the leading works in the context of searching for Traces of Turkish Culture, since it is not possible to fit all of the works of the artist into the pages of this work. The study was presented by using literature review and qualitative research method.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • “Technoference”: Adaptation of the Technology Device Interference
           Scale and Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale İnto Turkish.

    • Authors: Ali ÖZCAN; Fatma TEZEL ŞAHİN
      Abstract: The present study aims to perform the validity and reliability analyses of the Technology Device Interference Scale and Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale and adapt it into Turkish culture. 252 women living with their spouse residing in Denizli province participated in the research. Expert opinions was referred to for the language validity and content validity of the measurement tools. In order to ensure the construct validity of the scales, a Confirmatory Factor Analysis was performed. As a result of the analysis, model fit indices of the Technology Device Interference Scale were calculated as x²/sd=0.23, RMSEA=.000, RMR=.006, GFI=1.00, AGFI=.99, CFI=1.00. Model fit indices of the Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale were calculated as x²/sd=1.59, RMSEA=.04, RMR=.06, GFI=.99, AGFI=.96, CFI=.99. These values show that the factor structures of the scales give acceptable and valid results. The Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficients of the measurement tools were found to be .74 for the Technology Device Interference Scale and .86 for the Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale. For the criterion-related validity of Technology Device Interference Scale and Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale, the correlations between the Problematic Internet Use Questionairre-Short Form (PIUQ-SF) and Technology Addiction Scale were calculated by considering the measurement tools included in the development process of the scale. In addition, the test-retest correlation coefficients and the item-total correlation coefficients were calculated, which were performed with an interval of three weeks. As a result of the analyses performed for the criterion-related validities and test-retest correlations of the Technology Device Interference Scale and Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale it was shown that the coefficients were adequate. The total item correlation values of the scales range between .48 and .73. The results of the present study show that the Technology Device Interference Scale and Technology Interference in Life Examples Scale is valid and reliable measurement tools.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Teacher and Student Opinions on eTwinning Project Implementations

    • Authors: Fatma Rümeysa KARATAŞ; Elif Selcan ÖZTAY
      Abstract: As a network-based learning environment, eTwinning allows teachers and students to work in innovative, collaborative, and collaborative ways. This research aims to get opinions about the contributions of the projects made on the eTwinning platform in terms of teachers and students. The contributions of eTwinning projects are discussed in terms of communication, cooperation, dissemination, coherence with the curriculum, interdisciplinary transition, and use of web 2.0 tools. The study's sample, conducted as a case study from qualitative research methods, consists of three teachers and four students selected through criterion sampling. The data of the research were collected through semi-structured interviews. The obtained data were analyzed using the descriptive analysis method. The data were separated into codes and tabulated with their frequencies. Teachers and students who do eTwinning projects stated that these projects have positive achievements in different aspects. It has been concluded that digital development, language communication, cooperation, self-confidence, and self-expression skills have improved for students, creating significant differences in professional terms for teachers. New studies that observe eTwinning projects and convey the process step by step should be included.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Direct Creativity the Thought Of In Music: John Tavener And the Work Of
           "The Lamb"

    • Authors: Hakan ARYOL
      Abstract: 20th century in the history of art. It is known as the period of bold initiatives and innovations for all branches of art. The New Simplicity movement that emerged in the 1970s has a direct impact on the styles of individual composers. The data obtained during the research on The New Simplicity movement is important in terms of seeing that both domestic and foreign resources are extremely insufficient and meeting a necessary need depending on this situation. It is aimed that the obtained information will be used as an educational resource by music students and graduate students studying in the field of music in Turkey. The research is a descriptive study. In the research, the literature on the subject was scanned by using the document analysis method, one of the qualitative research methods, and as a result of the scanning, information about the New simplicity movement was determined. As a result of this determination, content analysis was made on John Tavener's The Lamb as a sample.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • The Effects of The Activities Developed According To The Engineering
           Design Process On The 8th Class "Simple Machines" On The Understanding Of
           The Students And The Scientific Process Skills

    • Authors: Ela AYDIN; Fethiye KARSLI BAYDERE
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to reveal the effect of STEM activities developed using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) within the scope of the "Simple Machines" unit on eighth grade students' understanding and scientific process skills. The research was carried out using a mixed method. The study group consists of 11 students (N boys = 6, N girls = 5) studying in the eighth grade of a village school in Giresun province in the 2018-2019 academic year. In the study, STEM activities developed using the EDP within the scope of the "Simple Machines" unit were applied to the experimental group. In the research, as data collection tools, "Two-Stage Simple Machine Test (TSSMT)" consisting of 16 questions and two stages, Science Process Skill Test (SPST) and semi-structured interview about subject concepts and teaching practices were used. The data obtained from the TSSMT and the SPST applied as pre and post tests to the students were analyzed and compared with the SPSS program. After the application, the data obtained from the semi-structured interviews with the students about the concepts of "Simple Machines" and teaching practices were subjected to content analysis. In this study, it was concluded that EDP-focused STEM activities provide a significant increase in students' understanding of the concepts related to "Simple machines". However, although EDP-focused STEM activities provide a slight increase in developing students' scientific process skills, it was determined that this increase was not statistically significant. In addition, although the students stated that they had difficulties in the process, when the whole process was considered, it can be said that they had the opportunity to develop many aspects such as harmonious working, effective communication, social skills, developing new ideas, responsibility, problem solving, decision making and overcoming difficulties.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • The Effect of Teaching Science with Digital Games on Students' Cognitive
           Structures and Conceptual Changes

    • Authors: Kevser ARSLAN; Asli GÖRGÜLÜ ARI
      Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to examine the effects of science teaching through digital games on students' cognitive structures and concept changes about meiosis topic. In line with the determined purpose, the study group consisted of 50 students studying at the seventh-grade level in public schools. One of the purposive sampling techniques, easily accessible case sampling, was utilized to determine the research group. The research was carried out with a single group pre-test and post-test experimental design. Science was taught to the determined study group by using a game prepared with technology support. The word association test, which was prepared by the researchers after taking expert opinion, was used as a data collection tool and applied as a pre-test and post-test. While analysing the data obtained from the students, frequency tables were created and concept networks were drawn that reveal the cognitive structures of the students.As a result of the research, it was revealed that the conceptual deficiencies of the students about meiosis topic were eliminated. Considering the results of the study, it is suggested that technology-based games are tools whichcan be used in teaching concepts
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • The Relationship between Teaching-Learning Conceptions and Sense of
           Self-Efficacy of Pre-Service EFL Teachers

    • Authors: Şeyma YILDIRIM; Adnan BİÇER
      Abstract: Teachers’ teaching-learning conceptions and sense of selfefficacy are important constructs that can affect each other and directly influence the effectiveness of teaching. This study investigates the relationship between teachinglearning conceptions and sense of self-efficacy of preservice EFL teachers using a mixed-method research design. The quantitative data were collected from 374 4th grader pre-service teachers who were studying ELT in state universities. This study used the Turkish versions of the Teaching and Learning Conceptions Questionnaire and Teacher Sense of Efficacy Scale. Open-ended questions were used to gather qualitative data from 42 pre-service teachers who consented to respond. Descriptive statistical techniques and content analysis were used for the data analysis. The study found that teachers adopted a constructivist conception more than a traditional one. The results also suggest that the pre-service teachers have high level of self-efficacy beliefs. The results showed that preservice teachers' teaching-learning conceptions and sense of self-efficacy were related. High and positive correlations were found between their constructivist conception and efficacy for student engagement, efficacy for instructional strategies, and efficacy for classroom management. The preservice teachers felt efficacious in instructional strategies, student involvement, and classroom management. Their traditional conception is negatively correlated to their efficacy for student engagement.Taking the results into consideration, implications and suggestions were formulated for the main stakeholders of language teacher education.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Contribution of a Dictionary to Arabic Grammar: The Example of Kitāb

    • Authors: Mehmet YILMAZ
      Abstract: Aim of this research is to reveal the contribution of Kitab al-'Ayn, considered a cornerstone in its field as a dictionary and attributed to al-Khalīl ibn Aḥmad al-Farāhīdī (d. 175/791), to the Arabic grammar as a field other than lexicography. In the study, the grammatical issues will be determined by scanning the mentioned work and was tried to find the contribution of Kitāb al-'ayn by evaluating the quotations made by the authors of the next period, especially Abu Bishr Amr ibn Uthman Sibawayh (d. 180/796) and his work al-Kitāb, which is seen as a touchstone in its field. In this quantitative research, citations made by the linguists of the Basra and Kufe language school, lived in the first three centuries of Hijri, were evaluated. In this way, the role of it in the development of Arabic grammar has been tried to be shown with examples. Members of other language schools will not be mentioned, as their formation has not been fully realized in that period. Thus, over the Kitāb al-'ayn sampling; In addition to examining the Arabic vocabulary or lexicon of such works, which were generally called dictionaries or mu'cem at that time, "does it also include grammar topics'" the positive answer to this question was confirmed.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • An Investigation of Influencer Mothers' Instagram Lifestyle Presentations
           in the Context of Home and Work Life

    • Authors: Hilal TAŞKIN; Tuğçe BORAN
      Abstract: Today, it is observed that mothers with social media –with or without an active business life- have a presence in a new business area. In this study, Instagram accounts of 'influencer' mothers; Focusing on the bond they establish between home and work, it has been examined under 7 themes: child, family, business life, brand promotion, fashion-beauty, healthy eating and decoration, by means of netrographic and thematic analysis methods. The duration of the research was determined as 01.06-01.11.2022. The universe of the study consists of mothers who produce content on Instagram and You Tube. The sample consisted of 6 influencer mothers (3 on Instagram, 3 traditional celebrities) determined by purposive sampling method, with reference to the number of followers. At the end of the research, which aimed to present the lifestyles that mothers reflect on social media; Instagram mothers' shares; It has been obtained that the mothers, who are also known in the traditional media, have different levels of density in the themes of child, family, fashion, nutrition, beauty and cooperation, and that their work lives are shared on social media. 6 influencer mothers have common use in family, child, individual and cooperation issues; It has been concluded that they have different uses in decoration, nutrition, business life and fashion. Although it is thought that the job opportunities created by the examined influencer mothers through social media have led to a meaningful balance between their family and work lives, social media is considered as a facilitating new career channel for women in the work and home dilemma.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
  • Investigation of Factors Affecting the Child-Rearing Attitudes of Mothers
           and Fathers With CHAID Analysis

    • Authors: Abdulkadir KALAYLI; Gülümser GÜLTEKİN AKDUMAN, Arzu ÖZYÜREK
      Abstract: This research is on the relationship between mothers and fathers in child-rearing attitudes, and parents' child-rearing was conducted to examine the variables that affect attitudes. The research study group in the relational screening model consisted of the mothers and fathers of 324 children (n=648) 36-72 months old children attending preschool education institutions. The Parent Child-Rearing Attitudes Scale ((PAS) A form was used as a data collection tool in the study. Spearman-Brown Correlation Coefficient and CHAID algorithm, one of the decision tree algorithms, were used to analyse the data. As a result of the research, it was determined that democratic attitudes of mothers decrease and repressive-authoritarian attitudes increase as their over-tolerant attitudes towards their children increase; democratic attitudes of fathers decrease as their over-tolerant attitudes towards their children rise, and their democratic attitudes increase as their repressive-authoritarian attitudes increase. Again, it was determined that there is a positive and significant relationship between parents' child-rearing attitudes. It has been determined that the most important factors affecting the parenting attitudes of the parents are the birth order of the children, the education level of the mother, the education level of the father, the working status of the mother and the family structure.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Aug 2023 00:00:00 +030
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