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Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
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ISSN (Print) 2305-915X - ISSN (Online) 2307-9584
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  • Exploring Machine Learning in Healthcare and its Impact on the SARS-CoV-2

    • Authors: Dennie James, Tanya James
      Pages: 1 - 8
      Abstract: Machine learning can be defined as a comprehensive range of tools utilized for recognizing patterns in data. Owing to its reliance on artificial intelligence in lieu of age-old, traditional methods, machine learning has established itself as an exceedingly quicker way of discerning patterns and trends from bulk data. The advanced system can even update itself on the availability of new data. This paper intends to elucidate different techniques involved in machine learning that have facilitated the prediction, detection, and restriction of infectious diseases in the past few decades. Moreover, in light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, such tools and techniques have been utilized extensively by smart cities to curb the proliferation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the strengths and weaknesses of this approach remain abstruse and therefore, this review also aims to evaluate the role of machine learning in the recent coronavirus outbreak.
      PubDate: 2021-02-15
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • Influence of Host plants on longevity, fecundity and Y-tube olfactometer
           response of Bemisia tabaci B (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)

    • Authors: M Mostafizur Rahman Shah
      Pages: 9 - 17
      Abstract: The whitefly, Bemisia tabaci B (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) is one of the serious sucking pest insects throughout the world on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and broad leaf agronomic crops. In this experiment, we observed fecundity and adult longevity of B. tabaci on four different host plants and compare its host plant attraction through a Y-tube olfactometer. Results showed that daily fecundity was different in the entire period of B. tabaci life and more number of total eggs laid on eggplant and medium on tomato and cucumber and lower on pepper. Female life longevity was higher than male life where both of them survive longer on eggplant, medium on tomato and cucumber, and lower on pepper. The Y-tube olfactometer results showed that comparison preferences between cucumber vs. eggplant and tomato vs. eggplant did not differ significantly.  Host plant attraction between tomato vs. cucumber, eggplant vs. pepper, cucumber vs. pepper, and tomato vs. pepper differed significantly. The olfactometer results confirmed that eggplant, cucumber, and tomato are preferred hosts where pepper is the non-preferred host for B. tabaci B. These basic results will provide important information for a better understanding of B. tabaci biology as well as dispersal subject to the development of management strategies to successfully combat infestations of the whitefly in a cropping system with different crops.  
      PubDate: 2021-08-02
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • The Impact of Clerestory Window Height on the Performance of Fixed
           Horizontal Lightshelf on Daylighting Classroom in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • Authors: Md Fahad Islam
      Pages: 18 - 25
      Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of clerestory window height on fixed horizontal light shelf performance regarding daylighting quality in classrooms. As a case study, a south-facing classroom of a university located in Dhaka was selected, and five alternative models of 3300 mm high case spaces were created with light shelves at the height of 2100mm above the floor finish. Varying heights of clerestory windows were used in the models to analyze the influence of clerestory windows on light shelves' performances. The three-dimensional models of the classrooms were first generated in Ecotect to investigate the interior illuminance level and uniformity distribution with static daylight performance metrics. The models were also imported to Radiance, a raytracing software, to create rendered images for crosschecking and validating Ecotect findings. Then, to compare the findings with dynamic daylight metrics, the results were verified and refined with DAYSIM. The result showed that a 750 mm high clerestory window with a fixed horizontal light shelf at the height of 2100mm above floor finish performed better for a classroom face south compared to other studied alternative clerestory window heights.
      PubDate: 2021-08-07
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • Analysis of the Impact of NO2 Levels on COVID-19 in the San Francisco Bay

    • Authors: Benedict Wonjae Song
      Pages: 26 - 37
      Abstract: Objective. To explore the influence of ambient air pollutant NO2 on the COVID-19 ("Co" stands for coronavirus, "Vi" is for virus and "D" is for disease) in the five various counties of the USA. Methods. Employing openly available data collected by the US Census Bureau, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and additional agencies, county-level fatality rates were taken from the literature that was regressed on concentration values of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) (and ground-level ozone), days since very first approved case. Moreover, On March 19, 2018, a matter regarding the nascent COVID-19 pandemic pushed the California government to command lockdown on all Californian residents, except to do certain primary tasks. Results.  The study revealed that NO2 has a kind of linear correlation with COVID-19 (county-level mortality rates, including some other parameters) that also produced the O3. Additionally, ground-level ozone is confidently associated with COVID-19 cases (fatality rates). Additionally, s an outcome of lockdown, the usage of individual vehicles drastically lowered. Since these transportations significantly provided to NO2 levels in five mentioned counties of USA, many have queried whether their absenteeism let a drop in NO2 pollution. Conclusions.  High NO2 concentrations and ground-level O3 object to a higher COVID-19 case and fatality rate. To check additional deaths, it is essential to follow lockdown limitations and also speculate research verdicts in public systems. In the fact of air pollution or contamination, environmental constraints should be augmented, and additional anticipations should be practiced as plants start resuming.
      PubDate: 2021-08-10
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • Morgellons Disease and Its Association with Spirochetes and Lyme Disease

    • Authors: Jase Grimm
      Pages: 38 - 41
      Abstract: Morgellons' pathophysiology is uncertain, threads ring, embed, or extend from the skin. Parasitism was traditionally considered a delusional illness. A Caucasian and female majority of 3.65 per 100,000 individuals in North California. Skin development, with or without cutaneous lesions, is a prominent symptom, affecting patients' health. Recent serological and clinical research tying Morgellons to Lyme corroborate its somatic nature. Borreliosis (Morgellons disease) causes skin sores in the hoof. Cattle with BDD have burgdoferi antigen reactivity. Lyme disease is spread by infected ticks. This inspired spirochete-Morgellons research. Fatigue, arthralgia, and neuropathy are Morgellons symptoms. The study revealed that it can be seen seed-like things or specks in lesions and healthy skin, as well as thin thread-like fibers in lesions and healthy skin. Morgellons illness causes filaments in hair follicle roots. They are cellular in nature, not textile in origin. Morgellons fibers have a crest that suggests they are vegetative spirochetes. Spirochetes can adapt and alter their shape. Borrelia can form a biofilm-like aggregation that is drug-resistant. If enlarged 50 times or more, they resemble textile strands.
      PubDate: 2021-08-26
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • The Association of Spirochetes and Lyme Disease with Morgellons Disease

    • Authors: Buddhini Dolapihilla, Mahen Elapatha, Jase Grimm
      Pages: 42 - 46
      Abstract: Morgellons Disease (MD) is a multisystem disorder with a primary symptom characterized by emerging of small fibres from the skin. For years, many doctors thought MD is a psychiatric disorder and treated the patients with antipsychotic drugs, behavioural therapy and counselling. However, recent studies suggest that MD is a completely different entity from psychiatric disorders. Morgellons pathophysiology remains a mystery even up to now. It was previously considered to be a delusional disorder due to its similarity to delusions of parasitosis or delusional infestation described many years ago. This constellation of symptoms has not been well studied in different populations, however, a study in North California found a prevalence of 3.65 per 100,000 for MD, with Caucasian and female predominance.
      PubDate: 2021-09-10
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • Magic or Morgellons: How their Microbiome might make Morgellons Patients

    • Authors: Jase Grimm, Buddhini Dolapihilla
      Pages: 47 - 52
      Abstract: Although there is no scientifically reported evidence of a link between Morgellons Disease (MD) and electromagnetism, this article investigates the possible causes if different bacterial organisms were to be implicated in the etiology of MD. Spirochetes, for example, the suggested main pathogen linked to MD, are electroactive and, if indeed are the underlying pathology, could cause chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate crystals, resulting in increased electrical conductivity. Microbiotas such as E.coli, Shewanella, and Listeria have previously been related to electroactive characteristics. Furthermore, the bacteria-induced deposition of pyrite, calcium carbonate, calcium alginate, and magnetite in the epidermis could explain some MD patients' inexplicable symptoms. While only some of these microorganisms are proved in MD patients, the exact etiology of the disease is yet to be determined. It's possible that we'll never find a link at all, but that doesn't rule out the possibility that one exists in the first place. In this review, we attempt to suspend disbelief that MD patients could exhibit such symptoms, and instead investigate how researchers could support their claims with science and compassion, instead of repudiating them.
      PubDate: 2021-09-10
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • The Impacts of Adjustable Light Shelf Heights over the Daylight
           Illuminance in Classrooms in Dhaka

    • Authors: Md Fahad Islam
      Pages: 53 - 57
      Abstract: This paper investigates the effectiveness of adjustable light shelf heights in classrooms in Dhaka to improve interior daylighting quality. Daylighting simulations were carried out for a south-facing classroom in Dhaka to identify the best possible heights of light shelves at different times and seasons. Three alternative models of a 3.3m high classroom were generated using Rhinoceros 3D, and then Climate studio, a plugin for Rhino, was used to analyze the uniformity and distribution of daylight in the classroom. In this research, simulation was performed on four dates, which represents four seasons of the year. The results showed that different heights of light shelves are suitable for different times and seasons of the year.
      PubDate: 2021-11-14
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
  • A Data-driven Approach to the Careers in Data Science: As Seen through the
           Lens of Data

    • Authors: Harshini Priya Adusumalli
      Pages: 58 - 63
      Abstract: Consider a world in which there is no data. Consider the sheer volume of information that is already available. Both are equally impossible to imagine. Several petabytes of data are created every second of every day. However, large amounts of data, often known as big data, are not helpful in and of themselves until they are processed and computed. Data is everywhere, but there isn't a thought to think about it, as John Allen Paulos memorably put it once. We are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of information. However, the true benefit of having data and analytics teams is in the insights that may be derived from this data. Before it can be put to use, big data must first be investigated, managed, analyzed, and understood, among other things. In the recent past, organizations have enlisted the assistance of unicorns to assist them in solving this challenge. There are unicorns named data scientists who can assist them in storing, retrieving, and taming their unstructured information. In this study, we aim to be able to obtain predictive insights from the data by utilizing sophisticated analytics tools and techniques.
      PubDate: 2021-11-19
      Issue No: Vol. 10 (2021)
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