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  • The Linguistic Landscape of Traditional Blocks in Wudianshi China

    • Authors: Tiantian Liu, Yanping Wu
      Abstract: From the perspective of linguistic landscape’s actors, taking Wudianshi traditional blocks as the research object, this study aims to analyze the functions and characteristics of linguistic landscape in public space, and investigate the current situation and problems of the linguistic landscape. It is found that there are some problems in the construction of linguistic landscape in Wudianshi, such as non-standard use of traditional and simplified characters, the mistranslation of multilingual language signs, and broken, shabby and small number of linguistic landscape signs. In this regard, this study further discusses how to improve the linguistic landscape of traditional blocks.
      PubDate: 2023-03-31
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Analysis of The Use of Interactive Multimedia Android Thermodynamics to
           Reduce Student Misconceptions

    • Authors: Maruf Maruf, Ana Dhiqfaini Sultan
      Abstract: This type of research is a qualitative descriptive research. And from the data obtained, the next step is to analyze the data. After analyzing or processing the data, this research continued to look for the percentage of misconceptions and identify other indications that could cause misconceptions in accordance with the research objectives. The object of research, is the concept of thermodynamics. The research was conducted by testing the concept through a misconception test. The data that has been collected is then presented in the instrument data table. In this study, the data collection technique was carried out by using a misconception test. The research instrument used in this study was a pre-test and a post-test related to misconceptions. This misconception analysis table is used to fill in the comparison of the results of the misconceptions at the beginning and at the end, so as to get more information about the findings of the misconceptions. The technique used in this data analysis is qualitative data technique. In this study, analysis was used to find the percentage of misconceptions and the completeness of textbook concepts based on the syllabus, and to find out whether there were other indications that could cause misconceptions. Based on the results of data analysis and discussion, it can be concluded that the overall misconceptions experienced by students in Thermodynamics lectures at the University of Muhammadiyah Makassar experienced a decrease in misconceptions after using the android media terminology, which was in the medium category, especially for the concept of Ideal Gas, Kinetic Theory of Gas, First Law of Gas. Thermodynamics, Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy.
      PubDate: 2023-03-09
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • An Evaluation of Implementing ICT among Pre-Service English Teachers in
           Farhangian University

    • Authors: Alireza Karbalaei
      Abstract: In recent years, the trend toward globalization and the needs of an information-oriented society have become a focus of attention for science educators. However, many teachers are still struggling to adopt and implement computers into their classrooms. Some researchers contend that beginning teachers are not adequately prepared to integrate computers into their teaching. This study examined the decision-making process used by secondary pre-service science teachers in implementing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into English instruction by pre-service teachers in Farhangian University, Iran. The study sought to understand pre-service teachers' conceptual development and its impact on their new understanding of teaching and decision-making. The data were collected through a survey. The findings suggest a pivotal influence of teacher educators, cooperating teachers, and peer teaching on the development of practical theories, and subsequently the practice of pre-service teachers with computers. Participants highlighted that two most beneficial aspects that computers have as a pedagogical tool are helping and enhancing more student-centred learning and providing complex and sometimes interactive visual aids to help students understand concepts better.
      PubDate: 2023-03-06
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Preliminary Research on Development of Mobile Games-Based Social Studies
           Learning Media to Develop 21st Century Skills

    • Authors: Gandung Wirawan, Aim Abdulkarim, Kokom Komalasari, Erlina Wiyanarti
      Abstract: Social studies learning will lose its dignity when it does not adjust with the characteristics of generation Z students who are unique and have main characteristics that cannot be separated from gadgets. The objectives of this study are to reveal the social studies learning media during the covid-19 pandemic and after, the characteristics of learners in using mobile phones, and 21st century skills possessed by students. This research was conducted in a junior high school in Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia, with 75 students and the teacher participating as the respondents. This research was conducted under descriptive qualitative method with data collection using interviews, documentation, observation and questionnaires for 21st century skills, while data analysis used triangulation techniques. The results showed that students at the school liked to play games via mobile phones for at least 1 hour per day. Furthermore, social studies learning in schools has not evaluated the skills of the 21st century holistically. When collecting data using the questionnaire, it was found that the 21st century skills possessed by students were at below average level with a score of 2.67 with a maximum scale of 5. The conclusion of this study recommends the need for social studies learning media that is in accordance with the characteristics of generation Z learners who like to play games by developing social studies learning media based on mobile games in order to develop students’ 21st century skills.
      PubDate: 2023-03-04
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Effect of competitive intelligence dimensions on effectiveness of
           marketing strategies: A path analysis approach

    • Authors: Mohammad Bahrami Gahrui, Zahra Omidi
      Abstract: One of the features of new organizations is the accumulation of excessive knowledge on a competitive scale, so that the information enhancement in organizations and the need for their analysis and proper and logical use in organizational decisions within the last two decades has led to the emergence of a phenomenon called Competitive Intelligence. Competitive Intelligence is considered as a strategic management tool and also as one of the world fastest domains in business development. The objective of this article is to identify the impact rate and prioritization of the categories and components of competitive intelligence patterns together with the effectiveness of marketing strategies in order to increase awareness and provide a better recognition of operational and executive solutions. In this paper, after introducing a competitive intelligence pattern, we used a questionnaire to identify the pattern components impact on the effect of marketing strategies among the Food Industry staff in Sari who were selected by stratified random sampling. The statistical analysis has shown that quality differences, barriers to entry and price sensitivity components and also competitive rivalries category have had the greatest impact on the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
      PubDate: 2023-02-28
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Code Switching and Code Mixing In Indonesian Language Learning at The
           Junior High School Level

    • Authors: Anita Candra Dewi, Isnani Arianti
      Abstract: This study aims to explain and describe the results of observations carried out at SMP Negeri 1 Sanrobone. Based on the results of these observations or research, it is known that in the Indonesian language learning process many or often use code switching and code mixing using regional languages ​​(regional languages ​​and Indonesian). In the use of code switching and code mixing by a teacher to students in the Indonesian language learning process at SMP Negeri 1 Sanrobone, including interesting to observe or research, this can be useful, as well as provide an overview of the use of code switching and code mixing carried out by teachers to their students. This theory can be used as a basis for analyzing code switching and code mixing in a research. The research method used is descriptive method. The data of this research is the study of the use of Indonesian at SMP Negeri 1 Sanrobone which is used by a teacher to his students or students. In this observation, the researcher involved. The technique of collecting this data is by analyzing the form, type, causal factors, as well as the function of code switching and code mixing. From this, students, both orally and in writing, teachers of SMP Negeri 1 Sanrobone can overcome inequality in the use of code switching and code mixing in Indonesian language learning, especially in SMP Negeri 1 Sanrobone
      PubDate: 2023-02-27
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Analysis of Social Studies Instruction by Integrating Islamic Values in
           MTs Muhammadiyah Kota Bandung

    • Authors: Ibnu Hurri, Disman Disman, Agus Mulyana
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to find out how teachers integrate Islamic values in the implementation of social studies instruction at Islamic Junior High School Muhammadiyah Bandung (henceforth MTs Muhammadiyah Bandung) as a means of forming students' personalities to become well-behaved individuals. The main challenge in integration of Islamic values into social studies instruction is globalization, which brings new values into people's lives where the inclusion of these values does not necessarily match the values and norms of Indonesian society. The research method used is qualitative with a case study design. The data of this study are collected using interviews, observation and documentation technique, and analysed using source triangulation. The results of the study prove that the implementation of social studies instruction at MTs Muhammadiyah Bandung has been integrated with Islamic values, which can be observed from the lesson plan and the classroom activities. There are 3 stages of the classroom instruction, i.e. 1) opening activities, which begin with prayers, student sermon and apperceptions that contain Islamic values, 2) core activities, where teacher includes Islamic values in learning materials, and 3) closing, where the teacher closes by concluding the material and providing motivation with some Islamic values. The integration of Islamic values at MTs Muhammadiyah Bandung has been carried out both in the school environment and in the classroom instruction, with the goal that when students are given Islamic values from an early age, they will have good morals in their daily lives.

      PubDate: 2023-02-11
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Saudi Women Empowerment Constraints for Participation in Sports and
           Physical Activities

    • Authors: Mohammеd Fakehy, Ahmad Alfadhil, Yasser M Hassan, Hend Alotaibi
      Abstract: Saudi women have recently witnessed unprecedented sociocultural changes in lifestyle and prosperity, as a result of recent female empowerment policies. Among these changes is the public acceptance of female participation in sport and physical activities. However, due to lack of good opportunities for sport and physical activity participation in previous years, Saudi women might still encounter tremendous factors that prevent or limit their participation. The study purpose was to investigate constraints that limit or prohibit Saudi female from participation in light of the recent empowerment policies. The developed questionnaire was based on the leisure constraint theory and distributed in all regions of the country, yielding a sample of 866 female participants. The results indicated that the majority used their homes as the place for participation, with significant differences among geographical location in intrapersonal and interpersonal constraints, and an overall high score in structural constraints. It was concluded that Saudi females’ ability to participate in sports and physical activities is severely constrained by too many factors that need to be alleviated by policy makers and investors.
      PubDate: 2023-02-11
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Examining EFL Teachers’ Perceptions and their Classroom Practices in
           Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners Using Various Instructional
           Strategies: The case of Selected Primary school Teachers in the Dawro
           Zone, Tercha Town, and its Surroundings

    • Authors: Woldemariam Bezabih Bedilu, Hailu Wubshet Degefu
      Abstract: Vocabulary is an integral part of language, and EFL teachers are responsible for bringing what is new into the ELT classroom; their opinion in practice becomes a critical issue. Therefore, this study focused on the perceptions and teaching practices of EFL teachers when teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners (TVYLs) in Ethiopia, the South-Western Regional State (SWRS), Dawro Zone, Tercha Town, and its surroundings. To conduct the study, a descriptive survey research design was employed. A total of thirty EFL teachers of junior, intermediate, and senior levels, based on their experience, participated in the study through stratified sampling techniques. The study was complemented by an embedded mixed-method using data collection tools (classroom observation, questionnaires, and interviews): four teachers were observed three times, and generally, twelve lessons were observed. Semi-structured interviews were also conducted with those teachers. The collected data were analysed both quantitatively using narration and qualitatively. The data analysed revealed individual differences in teachers' theoretical perceptions of TVYLs and their teaching practices. Teachers' perceptions indicated that they knew about the importance of TVYLs. However, these stated perceptions were not consistent with their teaching practices in the classroom. The most commonly used vocabulary teaching techniques were the use of verbal explanations, word definitions, translations, oral questions and answers. Finally, recommendations to minimize the problems and maximize the effective practice of TVYLs were made based on the key findings that continuous professional development programs need to be developed for primary school teachers to teach vocabulary.
      PubDate: 2023-02-09
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Assessment of Improved Tef (Eragrostis tef L.) Varieties for Yield and
           Yield Related Traits at Nono Benja and Cheliya Districts, Oromia, Ethiopia

    • Authors: Temesgen Bokole, B. Chandra Sekhar Singh, Ermias Estifanas Desalegn
      Abstract: Tef (Eragrostis tef) is one of the most important and strategic cereal crop grown to drought prone areas of Ethiopia. Genetic variability, genotypic correlations and yield components are prerequisite for selection of crop breeding, cultivation of improved varieties that provides optimum seed yield is one of the major constraints of the crop. The present study was aimed to investigate the adaptive and best performing tef varieties based on their yield and related traits under rain fed conditions at Nono Benja and Celia districts in Ethiopia. The experiment was conducted by using split plot design with three replications, sixteen improved varieties and one local landrace. The combined analysis of variance revealed that varieties were significantly different for studied characters except panicle length, total tiller number and spikelet length. The mean yields of nine improved  varieties (Dukem, Asgori, Tesfa, Negus, Quncho, Kora, Koye, Boset and key tena) were relatively higher than the local check comparing with mean values of grain yield ranged from Welkomi (372.08 kg/ ha) to Dukem (1315.41 kg/ ha).Grain yields were studied high in four varieties across two locations were (Dukem (1315.4 kg/ ha), asgori (1279.6 kg/ ha), Tesfa (1206.02 kg/ ha), Negus (1072.61 kg/ ha) with 72.8%, 68.2%, 58.5 %, and 41% over local check. The genotypic coefficient variation was observed that from 4.6% to 82.9% for loading index and the phenotypic coefficient variation range from 5.8% to 91.0% for loading index at Cheliya, respectively, the fertilizer application (0, 60/40 P/N kgha-1) showed highly differences among all traits except in GFP, PH and TGW traits. The varieties Gibe, Koye, Boset, Gimbichu, Enat and Kora were observed highly strong association with the environment, similarly Asgori and Gedo varieties were showed highly significant and strong connection with the environment Nono Benja with fertilization. Results reveal that the correlation studies provide a better understanding of yield components during the selection of tef genotypes.
      PubDate: 2023-02-03
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Children Inmates’ Legal Awareness Model: A Case Study at LPKA Maros

    • Authors: Muh Herisman, Cecep Darmawan, Abdul Aziz Wahab, Susan Fitriasari
      Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine children inmates’ legal awareness model in Penitentiary for Children (LPKA) Maros. This is done to promote the highest level of legal awareness. The research method used is qualitative with a case study approach. Two of his employees at LPKA Maros were involved in this study: Head of the Coaching Department and Head of the Education and Community Counseling sub-department. Data obtained by observation, interviews and documentation. Data testing techniques were performed with respect to data validity, improving persistence and triangulation. The results showed that there was an individual method in which the inmates were given individual guidance by the coaches of the inmates at LPKA Maros. And then, the method of coaching in groups, coaching from outside oneself, was obtained by the inmates at LPKA Maros from coaching officers at LPKA Maros as well as from outside parties such as from the Makassar Involvement Community, LBH Salewangang, Indonesian Muslim University, Hasanuddin University, Maros District Court and still much more. It can be concluded that children inmates’ legal awareness model at LPKA Maros has two methods: the individual method and the group method. LPKA Maros as the only LPKA in South Sulawesi should increase legal awareness development programs so that inmates after receiving legal awareness training at LPKA Maros do not repeat criminal acts.
      PubDate: 2023-01-16
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Research Expansion: Emphasizing Fantasy Story Text in Indonesian Language

    • Authors: Sumiyadi Sumiyadi
      Abstract: Fantasy story text is an Indonesian language learning material for the seventh-grade. The theory of fantasy text, as proposed by Todorov and Jackson, can accommodate a wider reference. The purpose of this paper is to provide insights related to fantasy stories by analyzing two fantasy novels, Nataga: the Little Dragon (NLD) and Anak Rembulan (AR). This paper uses descriptive analytical comparative method. Using Anderson's scaffolding of fantasy text construction and Todorov and Jackson's theory of fantasy text, the two novels are described, analyzed, and lastly compared. The findings show that NLD is similar to fables. However, NLD is not a fable because fables are short and they contain moral values. In AR, this merging is not due to any disorder–neither physical nor mental–because there is no text marker indicating that. Getting students to be more familiar with reading fantasy stories is one of the right ways for teachers to improve students’ literacy skills. The teachers are not limited to understanding the fantasy stories contained in the textbook. It is also necessary for them to gain more insights by reading other works so that research on learning fantasy story text is broader and of higher quality.
      PubDate: 2023-01-16
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Local Wisdom of the Oral Tradition of Kerinci’s Pno Adat in Social
           Studies Instruction

    • Authors: Asnimawati Asnimawati, Nana Supriatna, Didin Saripudin, Mamat Ruhimat
      Abstract: This article aims to provide an overview of the results of research on the value of local wisdom in the oral tradition of the indigenous people of Kerinci as a source of social studies learning in schools. Data were collected using ethnographic methods and action research. The results of the study indicate that 1) Pno  adat in Kerinci contains character education values which are used as guidelines for behavior by the community, 2) The values in Pno adat include religious, legal, social care, and environmental care values, 3) the values in customary law can be used as material in social studies instruction based on local wisdom. The important meaning contained in each traditional Pno expression is very important to make social studies instruction more meaningful for students. The important values in Kerinci's Pno adat can be seen in three important aspects for students. First, the students' interest and passion for learning has increased. Second, teachers and books are no longer the main source of learning, and thirdly, the preservation of local culture in the form of local traditions can be done through education in schools.
      PubDate: 2023-01-14
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Level of Moral Distress among Nurses: A Correlational Study

    • Authors: John Jason M. Villaroman, Wireen Leila T. Dator
      Abstract: The study focused on determining the level of moral distress among nurses in selected hospitals in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Since moral distress is a wide-ranged phenomenon, its magnitude has affected health providers, especially nurses, who are working in a diverse and complex clinical environment.  A quantitative correlational design was applied determining socio-demographic profile of the nurse respondents in terms of sex, area of assignment and year of experience and its correlation to their moral distress levels. Their moral distress levels were measured using the moral distress thermometer scale (MDTS). The findings of this research indicated that nurses experience low to moderate level of moral distress and that female nurses are more prone to experience higher levels of moral distress than males. There is also a significant correlation between years of experience, inadequate working condition and the moral distress levels. Further, it has been concluded that this study supports evidences from relevant empirical findings that moral distress is indeed a serious phenomenon affecting nurses and can affect their working condition. Also, moral distress is more common to female nurses and may vary according to the complexity and diversity of their health environment.   Keywords: correlation, level of moral distress, moral distress, moral distress thermometer scale, nurses, profile
      PubDate: 2023-01-14
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Experimental Analysis of Tensile and Flexural Strength of Water Lily Fiber
           Reinforced Polyester Resin Composite

    • Authors: Robinson Gnanadurai Rengiah
      Abstract: Ethiopia has abundant invasive aquatic plants like water hyacinth and water lily. Large masses of these invasive plants have a negative impact on the water bodies specifically at Lake Tana, in Ethiopia by infesting and deteriorating water quality and reducing the quantity of water.  In this research work, an attempt was made to fabricate a natural fiber reinforced composite in which water lily fiber was used as reinforcing material in the polyester resin matrix. Chopped water lily fiber reinforced polyester resin composites were prepared by varying the fiber weight percentage as 20%, 40% and 60%. The mechanical properties such as tensile strength and flexural strength were evaluated as per ASTM standards to evaluate the influence of fiber concentrations. The experimental result shows that an increase in fiber concentration enhanced the mechanical properties of water lily fiber reinforced polyester composite. It was found that the composite with 40 wt% of fiber exhibited a superior strength which could be suitably used for different applications.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Identification of Student Misconception about Dynamic Fluid

    • Authors: O. Saputra, M. Satriawan, A. Setiawan, D. Rusdiana, Muslim Muslim, Nurjannah Nurjannah, D. Lusiyanti
      Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine how students possessed conceptions on the topic of dynamic fluid. The type of research conducted is a survey with a sample of 30 people held in one of the public schools in Bandung. The instrument used is a three-tier test with six numbers where each question consists of three questions. Data analysis showed that 65.32% of students had misconceptions, 13.06% of students did not understand, 6.76% were lucky/less confident and 14.86% had scientific knowledge about dynamic fluid concepts. Meanwhile, in terms of gender, female students experienced more misconceptions than male students.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Relationship between Coping Strategies and Burnout among Health and Safety
           Workers in an Algerian Refinery: The Moderating Role of COVID-19 Threat

    • Authors: Baziz Amin, Chaib Rachid, Aberkane Salah, Djebabra Mebarek, Bougofa Mohammed
      Abstract: The current study examined the association between coping strategies and job burnout among health and safety workers of Algerian petroleum refinery, exploring the moderating effect of COVID-19 threat perception. A cross-sectional study was conducted using a self-administrated structured questionnaire between August 2020 and September 2020 among 100 health and safety workers of an Algerian petroleum refinery. Correlations and Moderated linear regressions were used to analyze the data via SPSS V26 and process macro V3.5.3. Results were significant at CI=0.95 and p ≤0.05. The findings indicate that higher problem-focused strategies have been linked to reduced levels of burnout among health and safety workers (B= -4.225, SE= 1.262, p= .001). In contrast, emotion-focused strategies were not related significantly to burnout. COVID-19 threat perception acts as a moderator and mitigates the significant negative relationship between problem-focused strategies and job burnout (B= -1.1947; SE= .4720; p= .0130). This study contributes to new theoretical and empirical perspectives on the relevance of effective coping strategies to tackle burnout at the organizational and individual levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Effects of Digital Marketing in Nurturing the Hospitality Industry: A Case
           Study of Upscale Hotels in Hawassa City, Ethiopia

    • Authors: Krishnasamy Srinivasan, Wondimagegn Wudesa
      Abstract: This research study was conducted to explore the effect of digital marketing in nurturing the hospitality industry using digital marketing platforms to promote the hospitality business in Hawassa City, Ethiopia. The study was conducted on 2 up to 4 stars rated hotels and resorts registered and licensed by the Tourism and regulatory authority of Ethiopia. The study's sample population was 150 respondents from the aggregate population of 241 at 13 upscale hotels and resorts in Hawasa city. The stratified simple random sampling technique was employed. The correlation and regression analyses were used to find the association between digital marketing and the performance of upscale hotels. The study included digital marketing, attracting customer, engaging, retaining, learning, and related customer strategies. The study concluded that the correlation between digital marketing practice and hotel performance was positive and significant. The related back customer strategy negatively affected the performances of star hotels.

      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Internalization of Islamic Values in Social Studies Learning at Miftahul
           Ulum Junior High School Plus

    • Authors: Hamidi Rasyid, Suwarma Almuchtar, Elly Malihah, Erlina Wiyanarti
      Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate the internalization of Islamic values in classroom instructions at Miftahul Ulum Junior High School Plus (henceforth SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum), as the school has already internalized Islamic values in the learning process in the classroom. The research method used is qualitative with the type of case study. The results showed that social studies teachers at SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum internalize Islamic values in social studies learning through 1) introduction, where students are introduced to values in Islamic boarding schools or at school through their daily activities both in reciting Islamic books in boarding schools and Social Studies instruction at SMP Plus Miftahul Ulum; 2) appreciation, by trying to live up the values that students already know so that they really understand the essence of the values; 3) strengthening, by further exploring the values so that the students can embody the Islamic values; 4) the habituation of Islamic values  so that they are useful for them and their environment; and the last is 5) practicing Islamic values that they already know, live and do in their daily activities. Their day must be seen from their behavior in everyday life both in the dormitory and the school environment.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • Working Conditions, Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational
           Commitment of Employees with Disabilities in Gondar City Public Sectors

    • Authors: Tarekegn Asnake Bitew
      Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate working conditions, perceived organizational supports and organizational commitment of employees with disabilities working in Gondar city public sector offices. By employing mixed research design and available sampling technique, a total of 112 (male=96 and female=16) employees with disabilities involved in the study. For quantitative data collection work environment scale, perceived organizational support scale and organizational commitment questionnaire were used whereas for qualitative data semi-structured interview guide were used. Quantitative data analysis techniques were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation and linear regression using SPSS version 20, while qualitative data analysis techniques was thematic analysis. The findings revealed that most of the employees with disabilities work in poor physical work environment, poor staff relationship, and lack safety issue, occupational health, suitable technology and disability-friendly workplace. Moreover, 59% and 62% of respondents were found to have poor perception of organizational support and organizational commitment respectively. The working conditions has significant positive relationships with perceived organizational support (r=0.525, p<0.05) and with organizational commitment (r=0.630, p<0.05). Perceived organizational support has significant positive relationship with organizational commitment (r=0.664, p<0.05). About 29% and 13% of variation in employees’ organizational commitment is explained by the seven factors of working condition and perceived organizational support respectively. Hence, the study indicated that employees with disability work in an environment which does not consider their occupational health and safety. It makes them to have poor perception of organizational support which eventually affects their commitment towards the public sector organizations. As a result, public sector organizations need to work together to increase workspace, ensure offices and work environment comfortable for employees with disability.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
  • The Effectiveness of Using Picture Book Teaching Materials in Thematic
           Learning in Elementary Schools

    • Authors: Normalasarie Normalasarie, Udin Saefudin, Bunyamin Maftuh, Sapriya Sapriya
      Abstract: One of the important thing for the achievement of the learning process is the use of appropriate learning media. Learning media that are often used by educators to become intermediaries for students in delivering learning materials, one of which is teaching materials. The use of teaching materials in the learning process aims to create a conducive classroom environment for both students and educators. The most widely used teaching materials are picture books. Today many children have a high visual interest especially when seeing pictures that spur them to think. The purpose of this study was to see the effectiveness of the use of picture book teaching materials in elementary schools based on the educator's perspective. The methodology of this research is descriptive quantitative with an instrument in the form of a questionnaire which is then distributed to elementary school educators in Banjar South Kalimantan in August 2022. The results show that the use of picture book teaching materials in elementary schools in Banjar runs well or effectively. Effective picture book teaching materials are given to students in elementary schools, because it is easy to read information and with the interest of students it makes it easier for teachers to convey learning.
      PubDate: 2023-01-12
      Issue No: Vol. 12 (2023)
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