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Science and Technology
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  • Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Different
           Settings of Learning Process in Developing Countries

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2019Source: Science and Technology, Volume 9, Number 2Abdullah M. Al-Ansi, Imam Suprayogo, Munirul AbidinInformation and communication technology have changed the traditional learning approaches to modern and interactive environment. ICTs are the keys of the revolution in education. ICTs in this study were divided into five parts: theory and practice, infrastructure, techniques and methods, devices and tools and educational applications. Learning process were examined in three different levels which are: Secondary schools, undergraduate and postgraduate. This study included main objective which is: analysis the impact of ICT on learning process in different settings of learning in developing countries. Applications of ICT have been explained as part of this study. Quantitative method (surveys) was used in this study. Participants of this study were 144 students of high school (junior and senior levels), 155 students of undergraduate level and 137 of postgraduate were selected randomly. Data were analyzed by SPSS for different surveys. The results of this study were: ICT have positive and significant impact on learning process in high school. ICT factors have positive and significant impact on learning process in undergraduate and postgraduate level except devices and tools of ICT was negative in undergraduate level and insignificant in both levels. In addition to Techniques and methods of undergraduate level was positive but insignificant and infrastructure of higher education was insignificant as well. There is a positive relationship between using of ICT and learning process. Usage and benefits of using ICT applications is more effective in higher levels of education related to many factors such as: policies of learning, difference of abilities, capacity of absorption, specification of studies, extent of need and complexity.
  • Efficient Cooking for Montainous Areas: Development, Assembly and Thermal
           Behavior of Cylindrical Heat Retention Box

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2019Source: Science and Technology, Volume 9, Number 1Jannika Bailey, Alfredo Esteves, Noelia Quiroga, Emilia RaimondoOn mountainous areas, fuel for cooking, such as propane or firewood, has to be transported. A heat retention box (HRB) is an energy-efficient cooking device by completing the cooking process while reducing energy consumption and preserving all of the food’s organoleptic properties. In this article we present the design of a cylindrical-shaped HRB (C-HRB), its construction and thermal evaluation. In addition, we have compared its thermal performance and its cost to the parallelepiped heat retention box (P-HRB), traditionally used in rural and urban areas of Mendoza, Argentina. Results show that the P-HRB keeps the food only 3.3°C warmer than the C-HRB after 1 hour. This period is an average cooking time for most meals. Furthermore, the cost is similar to the P-HRB, and it is moredurable during transport. This box is easily portable by mule, the pack animal most commonly used to transport goods and equipment in mountainous regions worldwide.
  • Cloud Migration- Risks and Solutions

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2019Source: Science and Technology, Volume 9, Number 1Simanta Shekhar SarmahA real IT revolution, cloud computing offers businesses the opportunity to save money and simplify their IT infrastructure, while increasing productivity. The migration to the cloud remains complex; we must choose an efficient and secure solution adapted to the business strategy. This paper gives and overview on Cloud Computing and its various compositions. The paper also describes the advantages and disadvantages of migration to cloud and discusses the security challenges and risks of Cloud. Finally, the paper presents solutions to reduce risks and How to reduce risks and to develop security in Cloud.
  • Evaluation of Internal Stresses Generated during Pipeline Coating Process

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2019Source: Science and Technology, Volume 9, Number 1Adeniran A. J., Edeh O. D. F., Ossia C. V.For corrosion protection of steel pipeline, the external coatings are usually single, double or triple layered. These external coatings are composed of an epoxy primer, an adhesive and a thick layer of polyethylene or polypropylene. Internal stresses in these applications result in the disbondment of these coatings after only few years in service. This finite element study evaluated the internal stresses generated during the application process for different coating grades and thicknesses, and compared these values with the measured adhesion strength. The results showed that the thickness and grade of the coating affect internal stresses at the interface, as well as, produce an edge effect at the end of the pipeline which affects these stress-values. The axis-symmetric simulation and modelling of a section of a pipe during coating application process gave the stress distributions as a function of coating thickness for fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) and polypropylene (PP) layers. Also, it was discovered that the higher the polypropylene (PP) coating thickness with respect to the coating thickness of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), the higher the stress in a 3-layer system. It is concluded that FBE coatings are best utilized as a monolithic corrosion protection coating ahead of a 3-layer system because of the lower stress regime during the manufacturing process.
  • Arc Motion in Low Voltage Circuit Breaker (LVCB) Experimental and
           Theoretical Approaches

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2018Source: Science and Technology, Volume 8, Number 2J. Quéméneur, J. Lu, J-J. Gonzalez, P. FretonThis paper is related to the study of the arc motion in simple low voltage circuit breaker geometry. Experimental and theoretical approaches are investigated respectively by fast camera and by a magneto hydrodynamic model. Two theoretical methods have been developed to characterize the arc movement called MECM (Mean Electrical Conductivity Method) and GCRM (Global Current Resolution Method). The results obtained by the two models are in good agreement with the experimental observations. The MECM allows obtaining faster results but the stagnation phases are well represented with the GRCM and this last method is easier to implement in more complex geometry. The results show also the importance of the exhaust description on the arc behavior.
  • Rochade - A Metadata Management Technology

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2018Source: Science and Technology, Volume 8, Number 2Simanta Shekhar SarmahData is extremely powerful phenomena in the current era. The organizations are dealing with huge amount of data in their daily basis. With this kind of information flowing around, it is extremely important to have a proper data governance mechanism in place to manage the data, its components. One of the important aspects of data governance is keeping the information of the data up to date and accurate, link the data to appropriate source and business owners. Metadata management is the way to ensure that information can be accessed, integrated, analysed and used by IT and business to the best effect. There are quite a few tools available in the market for managing the metadata; Rochade is one of them. This paper explores the aspects of metadata management, why it is important for organizations, implementing the lineage, how the mapping is being created in the Rochade tool, and risk analysis through the lineage.
  • Mobile Commerce in Developing Countries: An Evaluation of Selected
           Articles Published between 2009 and 2015

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2018Source: Science and Technology, Volume 8, Number 1Harriet Koshie LampteyThis study is an evaluation of mobile commerce in developing countries (DCs). The aim is to trace the progress of m- commerce research and unearth conditions that have contributed to this state. The result is a summary of facts derived from an amalgamation of various studies. Reviews are integral components of academic writing that improve knowledge creation. This assessment involved article detection, election and examination to build up literature. A total of eighty articles published in fifty- two journals during 2009 and 2015 were selected from four electronic databases (Association for Information Systems, Google Scholar, Palgrave MacMillan and Science Direct). Study results are presented in a discursive manner. Perspectives of works on DC were noted. Four main thematic patterns were revealed. Conceptual, theoretical and methodological issues and gaps were uncovered. The definition of m- commerce in literature is sometimes unclear whiles some studies fail to establish clear scholarly or practical indications. Gaps and issues provide justifications for further mobile commerce research and an awakening to find solution to concerns. Findings were compared to similar studies on developed countries to detect conformity and variation. The study contributes to extant literature on mobile commerce by suggesting areas that require further research. Revelations from this study may be shared by scholarship and embraced by service providers during marketing research, customer targeting, business plan alignment and strategy formulation activities within DC contexts.
  • Eliminating the Existential Threat from North Korea

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2018Source: Science and Technology, Volume 8, Number 1Scott Nakatani, Timothy SandsThe immergence of a belligerent North Korea threatening the United States with nuclear weapons is a new, shocking development that takes place in a paradigm that finds the U.S. in an outdated posture that stems largely from the laydown of its land-based nuclear forces. This research illustrates the vulnerability of the entire land-based nuclear force to a single North Korean nuclear ballistic missile launch via orbital dynamics and also rotational mechanics for attitude control to illustrate cross-track maneuverability producing a theorem that hypothesizes the new threat. This theorem is postulated, and then scientific analysis is provided as proof. With acceptance of this validated vulnerability, suggestions are offered to negate the vulnerability via the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. This process is required for any major realignment of U.S. force posture, so any defensive dispersal of land-based nuclear forces must rely upon the BRAC process to negate the new threat.
  • Data Migration

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2018Source: Science and Technology, Volume 8, Number 1Simanta Shekhar SarmahThis document gives the overview of all the process involved in Data Migration. Data Migration is a multi-step process that begins with an analysis of the legacy data and culminates in the loading and reconciliation of data into new applications. With the rapid growth of data, organizations are in constant need of data migration. The document focuses on the importance of data migration and various phases of it. Data migration can be a complex process where testing must be conducted to ensure the quality of the data. Testing scenarios on data migration, risk involved with it are also being discussed in this article. Migration can be very expensive if the best practices are not followed and the hidden costs are not identified at the early stage. The paper outlines the hidden costs and also provides strategies for roll back in case of any adversity.
  • Telecommunication Tower Sharing Effects on Network Providers in Zambia

    • Abstract: Publication year: 2017Source: Science and Technology, Volume 7, Number 4Lusungu Chihana, Dani BandaTower sharing has become the norm among telecommunication companies in developed countries, and now in developing countries in Sothern Africa. Zambia’s mobile operators; Airtel, MTN, and Zambia Telecommunications Ltd (Zamtel) recently adopted this business model. The sharing of infrastructure has led to a number of effects which this paper seeks to outline. The paper utilized a quantitative research approach to explore the effects of tower sharing on telecommunication market and technology advancement among mobile operators. The research was conducted using questionnaires and face interviews. Data collected was analyzed using Excel. The research found that there is positive correlation between infrastructure sharing and the rate at which new technology is adopted among network providers sharing infrastructure. Thus, affecting service quality and pricing.
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