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Magallania     Open Access  
Native South     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
PaleoAmerica : A Journal of Early Human Migration and Dispersal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
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Revista de Indias     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Southeastern Archaeology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Southern Cultures     Full-text available via subscription  
Studies in American Indian Literatures     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Studies in Latin American Popular Culture     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 10)
Trace     Open Access  
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European journal of American studies
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  • 2023 – Special Issue: Obsessions in Melville and Hawthorne

    • Abstract:
      Introduction [Full text] Justyna Fruzińska and Krzysztof Majer
      [In]toxic[ating] Bodies: Spirits and Spectral Biopolitics in The House of the Seven Gables [Full text] Emelia Abbé Robertson
      Breaking the Spell of Past Misdeeds: A Hauntological Reading of The House of the Seven Gables [Full text] Justyna Fruzińska
      “Only a Light Wreath of The New-Fallen Snow”': Ecogothic Tropes and the Diffractive Gaze in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Snow-Image” [Full text] Paulina Ambroży
      The School of Hawthorne: New England Women Writers after the Civil War [Full text] Marek Wilczyński
      “It Was a Scene of Life in the Rough”: Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Paracinema [Full text] Michael Petitti
      “Great Flood-Gates of the Wonder World”: Baptisms of Water and Fire in Melville and Hawthorne [Full text] Ariel Clark Silver
      “The Key to it All”: Why Are We Obsessed with Ishmael, and Are Likely to Continue to Be Obsessed with Him' [Full text] Giorgio Mariani
      Melville and the Vortex Theory of Matter [Full text] Paweł Stachura
      Melville’s Obsessional Form: Disjunction and Refusal in “Benito Cereno” [Full text] Matthew Scully
      “In Honor, as in Limb, Unmarred”: Obsession with the “Whole” Body in Herman Melville’s Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War [Full text] Vanessa Meikle Schulman
      Revolutionary Changes in Sensibility”: References to Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick in W. H. Auden’s 1949 Page-Barbour Lectures [Full text] Jacek Partyka
      “A Cormorant of Libraries”: The Future-Past of Susan Howe’s “Melville’s Marginalia” [Full text] Mark Tardi
      PubDate: 2023-09-12
  • 18-2 2023 – Summer 2023

    • Abstract:
      Special Issue: Art Intermediation in the United States since 1945: Concepts, Scope, Spaces Edited by Monica Manolescu and Christine Zumello
      Introduction [Full text] Monica Manolescu and Christine Zumello
      Conversing and Pondering with Robert Mann [Full text will be published on July 2023] Christine Zumello
      Dorothy C. Miller, Chase Manhattan and American Banking: Investing Art' [Full text will be published on July 2023] Christine Zumello
      “Out With the Galleries, Out with the Sellouts:” Arts Organizations and Real Estate Investment in Los Angeles and Detroit [Full text] Aaron Shkuda
      Art, Performance, and Outsourcing in Corporate Art Commissioning: An American Scenario [Full text will be published on July 2023] Charlotte Gould
      “Proposals for change”: Art, Ecology and Intermediation in Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison’s The Lagoon Cycle, Breathing Space for the Sava River and Endangered Meadows of Europe [Full text will be published on July 2023] Monica Manolescu
      Having Your Cake: Caricaturing the Business Organization in 20th-century and Contemporary American Art and Poetry [Full text] David Reckford
      Summer 2023 articles
      Humanity, Nature, and the Supernatural in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” [Full text] Sabri Mnassar
      “The very land of romance”: Original Compositions on Spain and the Spanish in The Southern Literary Messenger (1834-1864) [Full text] José Manuel Correoso-Rodenas
      Fugitive Plots: Adaptation, Storytelling, and Choreography in Cabin in the Sky and Stormy Weather [Full text will be published on July 2023] Elena Igartuburu
      Murder and Aesthetics in Patricia Highsmith’s Deep Water [Full text will be published on July 2023] Robert Lance Snyder
      Making Connections: Reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Works from an Ecofeminist Partnership Ethics Perspective [Full text] Abhra Paul and Vidya Sarveswaran
      Feminist Perspectives on Reproduction and Motherhood and/as Cultivation: Ruth Ozeki’s All Over Creation [Full text] Ina Batzke
      States of Emergency/States of Emergence: Notes on Claudia Rankine [Full text will be published on July 2023] Lee Spinks

      PubDate: 2023-06-30
  • 18-1 2023 – Special Issue: Hamilton and the Poetics of America

    • Abstract:
      Introduction: Hamilton and the Poetics of America [Full text] Melenia Arouh and Aikaterini Delikonstantinidou
      “I Put Myself Back in the Narrative”: Hamilton as Founders Fanfiction [Full text] Jeremy Brett
      Social Media Will Tell Your Story: The Digital Strategy of #Ham4Ham [Full text] Ismael Lopez Medel
      Grasping the Complicity and Multiplicity of Hamilton: An American Musical: Genre Circulation and the Politics of Pop Culture Pedagogy [Full text] Hannah Schoch
      1776 and Hamilton: Comparing “Founding” Histories in Musical Theatre [Full text] Anne Melissa Potter
      Young, Scrappy and Hungry Immigrant Hustle: Entrepreneurship through the Eyes of Hamilton [Full text] Geoffrey M. Graybeal
      PubDate: 2023-02-19
  • 17-4 2023 – The Boredoms of Late Modernity

    • Abstract:
      Bored Again: Acceleration, Anxiety, and Boredom in Late Modernity [Full text] Anna Pochmara
      Consumer Boredom: Boredom as a Subliminal Mood of Consumer Capitalism [Full text] Mariusz Finkielsztein
      A Jacket Not Worth Looking At: Shipboard Boredom aboard Herman Melville’s Neversink [Full text] Arturo Corujo
      Acedia and David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King [Full text] Zuzanna Ladyga
      Not Moving While the World Falls Apart: Living in Quotes in John Weir’s The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket [Full text] Anna Ferrari
      Boredom, Cohesion, and Transformation in Nick Drnaso’s Beverly [Full text] David Callahan
      Tedium and Terror: Dreading Narration in Colson Whitehead’s Zone One [Full text] Mark Pedretti
      “Boring Photography”: American New Topographics, Socialist Boredom, and Post-Soviet Deadpan Photography [Full text] Victoria Muskvik
      “I Don’t Think I Have an Attention Span for Real Life Anymore”: Excessive Stimulation, Sense of Meaninglessness, and Boredom in Sam Levinson’s Euphoria [Full text] Anna Pochmara
      The Un/Bearable Lightness of (Slow) Watching: Audiovisual Boredom as Stimulation [Full text] Beata Zawadka
      Oprah, Meghan, Harry, Pseudo-Events, and a Quick Fix to Boredom [Full text] Łukasz Muniowski
      PubDate: 2023-01-10
  • 17-3 2022 – Special Issue: Louisa May Alcott and Love: A European
           Seminar in Rome

    • Abstract:
      Premise [Full text] Daniela Daniele and Martha Saxton
      Introduction: Louisa May Alcott, Love Lessons [Full text] Martha Saxton
      Affective Deception: Experiencing Genderplay in Louisa May Alcott [Full text] Ralph J. Poole
      Performing Womanhood: Fictions of Love in Louisa May Alcott’s Behind a Mask [Full text] Stéphanie Durrans
      Love, Gender Relations, and Women’s Education in Louisa May Alcott’s “Anna’s Whim”—A Close Reading of Intertextual Allusions [Full text] Julia Nitz
      Louisa May Alcott’s Changing Views on Women, Work, and Marriage in Work [Full text] Jelena Šesnić
      Portraits of the Artist as a Young Wife: May Alcott Nieriker’s Influence on her Sister’s Literary Sketches, Fragments, and Narratives [Full text] Azelina Flint
      “So Contrary and Provoking”: Love in Louisa May Alcott’s An Old-Fashioned Girl (1869) [Full text] Sirpa Salenius
      Puritans, Nuns and Love: Reflections on L. M. Alcott and Mary E. Wilkins Freeman [Full text] Aušra Paulauskienė
      “Love and Self-Love”: The Balance between Sympathy and Self-Respect in Louisa May Alcott’s Early Fiction [Full text] Asun López-Varela Azcárate
      Taming the Sculptress: Roman Beauty and Marble Love in Alcott’s Art Tales [Full text] Daniela Daniele
      Archetypes and Responsive Smiles: Classical Statues and American Artists in Rome [Full text] Andrea Mariani
      Psyche and Pygmalion: The Heart’s Desires Revised in Louisa May Alcott’s “A Marble Woman” [Full text] Michaela Keck
      “She Loves Nothing but Her Art”: Vibrant Marble and the Agency of the Female Artist in Louisa May Alcott’s “A Marble Woman, or The Mysterious Model” [Full text] Verena Laschinger, Annemarie Mönch and and Sophia Klefisch
      Alcott’s Other Little Woman: Erotic Love and Victorian Childhood in “A Marble Woman: or, The Mysterious Model” [Full text] Etti Gordon Ginzburg
      Queering Louisa May Alcott: Gender and Genius in Diana and Persis [Full text] H.J.E. Champion
      The American Literary Sculptors: A Map of the Roman Studios [Full text] Daniele Pomilio
      The Alcott Sisters in Rome: A Tragicomic Chronicle [Full text] Daniela Daniele
      PubDate: 2022-10-26
  • 17-2 2022 – Summer 2022

    • Abstract:
      The Specter of Oppression and National Identity in Hobomok [Full text] Alex McDonnell
      A Literary Testimonial to Banal Evil: Dehumanization in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym [Full text] Daniela Cârstea
      Ross Macdonald, Redivivus' [Full text] Robert Lance Snyder
      On Norman Mailer’s “The White Negro” (1957): More Than Six Decades Later [Full text] Andrew Urie
      Rivalry, Betrayal, and Exclusion: Traumatic Reenactments and Female Peer Relations in Sylvia Plath’s Short Fiction [Full text] Sylwia Gryciuk
      “A Man With(out) a Face”: Stigma and Power in Cecile Pineda’s Face [Full text] Fatma Eren
      Conflicting Blackness in Predator 2 [Full text] Łukasz Muniowski
      The Existentialist Contradiction in David Foster Wallace: How Wallace’s Sociology Illuminates the Contradiction in Wallace’s Ethics [Full text] Paolo Pitari
      Defending the Status Quo in The Dark Knight Rises [Full text] Jesse Russell
      Native American Women as Palimpsestic Apparitions in Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu’s The Revenant [Full text] M. Elise Marubbio
      Past Perfect(ed): Future Nostalgia and the Fight Against Trump’s America in Netflix’s Hollywood [Full text] Jennifer Cowe
      Digging the Digital: Beat Modalities and the Representation of the Beats in Video Games [Full text] Tomasz Sawczuk
      LGBTQ Community Archives in Small Urban Centers: Reflections on Community and University Partnerships to Build Awareness of the Lehigh Valley’s Rich LGBTQ History from AIDS Activism to Anti-Discrimination Legislation [Full text] Mary Foltz, Susan Falciani Maldonado, Kristen Leipert, Rachel Hamelers and Adrian Shanker
      PubDate: 2022-07-04
  • 17-1 2022 – The Greek War of Independence and the United States:
           Narratives of Myth and Reality

    • Abstract:
      Introduction [Full text] Zoe Detsi
      The Greek Vision of America during the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830) [Full text] Konstantinos Diogos
      The United States Government and the Greek War of Independence [Full text] Theodosios Karvounarakis
      Writing the Greek Revolution: Harry Mark Petrakis’s The Hour of the Bell [Full text] David Roessel
      Byron and Nineteenth-Century Literary Philhellenism in America [Full text] Maria Schoina
      Sculpture as Literature and History: Captive and Captivating Venus Figures from the Greek Revolutionary Era [Full text] Gonda Van Steen
      American Philhellenes, Protestant Missionaries and the “Orphans” of the 1821 Hellenic War of Independence: The Case of Christodoulos Evangelides [Full text] Smatie Yemenedzi-Malathouni
      PubDate: 2022-04-03
  • 16-4 2021 – The American Neuronovel (2009-2021)

    • Abstract:
      Introduction [Full text] Pascale Antolin
      The Gender of the Neuronovel: Joyce Carol Oates and the Double Brain [Full text] Stephen J. Burn
      Amnesia Narratives: Memory, Forgetting, and Identity [Full text] Jason Tougaw
      Neurological Impairment and Literary Empowerment in Nicole Krauss’s Man Walks into a Room [Full text] Pascale Antolin
      Autobodies: Detectives, Disorders, and Getting out of the Neighborhood [Full text] James Peacock
      The Fractured Self: Exploring Selfhood in the Neuronovel The Echo Maker and the Neuromemoir Brain on Fire [Full text] Bonnie Cross
      PubDate: 2021-11-30
  • 16-3 2021 – Special Issue: Video Games and/in American Studies:
           Politics, Popular Culture, and Populism

    • Abstract:
      The Joystick in the Garden: Video Games, American Studies, and Politics [Full text] Mahshid Mayar and Stefan Schubert
      Ludic Populism and Its Unpopular Subversion [Full text] Sascha Pöhlmann
      “Ain’t the American Dream Grand”: Satirical Play in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V [Full text] John Wills
      Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption, and Narratives of “Progress” [Full text] Esther Wright
      Legible Bodies and the Ghosts of American History: On Racialized Surveillance in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Videogames [Full text] Sören Schoppmeier
      “Liberty for Androids!”: Player Choice, Politics, and Populism in Detroit: Become Human [Full text] Stefan Schubert
      Livin’ Da Dream' Playing Black, Illusions of Meritocracy, and Narrative Constraints in Sports Video Game Story Modes [Full text] Michael Fuchs
      Feasts of Indifference: Racialization, Affect, and Necropolitics in 1X War Games [Full text] Mahshid Mayar
      America is Dead. Long Live America! Political Affect in Days Gone [Full text] Soraya Murray
      PubDate: 2021-09-07
  • 16-2 2021 – Summer 2021

    • Abstract:
      Riding High in the Saddle: African American Subversion in the 1930s Western [Full text] Susan Savage Lee
      Immigrant Memoirs in the Service of Americanization: Between “the Melting Pot” and Cultural Pluralism [Full text] Anita Jarczok
      That Sounds More Like Something Aarfy Would Do: Conflicting Portrayals of Sexual Assault in Catch-22 and Something Happened [Full text] Ian M. Rogers
      Alien Monstrosity: The Practice of Technology and “Race” as Technological Construct in Star Trek: Voyager [Full text] Nils Jablonski
      A New Manifestation of American Socially Engaged Fiction [Full text] Magdalena Bazylewicz
      “This Natural Defect of Apprehension”: Native Americans and the Politics of Time in the Young United States [Full text] Eran Shalev
      “Today the Pot is Boiling Over!”: Ebony Magazine, the Black Revolts, and the Search for a Social Resolution, 1966-1967 [Full text] Sid Ahmed Ziane
      Hawaiian ways of Protection: acting for self-determined Indigenous futurities [Full text] Jean-Marc Serme
      The Short Stint of a Coordinator: National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster in the Trump Administration [Full text] Mikael Blomdahl
      PubDate: 2021-07-13
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