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16 de Abril     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
3D Printing in Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
4 open     Open Access  
AADE in Practice     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
AAS Open Research     Open Access  
ABCS Health Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Abia State University Medical Students' Association Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
AboutOpen     Open Access  
ACIMED     Open Access  
ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare     Hybrid Journal  
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 42)
Acta Bio Medica     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Bioethica     Open Access  
Acta Bioquimica Clinica Latinoamericana     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Herediana     Open Access  
Acta Marisiensis - Seria Medica     Open Access  
Acta Medica (Hradec Králové)     Open Access  
Acta Medica Bulgarica     Open Access  
Acta Medica Colombiana     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Médica Costarricense     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Acta Medica Indonesiana     Open Access  
Acta Medica International     Open Access  
Acta Medica Iranica     Open Access  
Acta medica Lituanica     Open Access  
Acta Medica Martiniana     Open Access  
Acta Medica Peruana     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Acta Scientiarum. Health Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics Research     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Addiction Science & Clinical Practice     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Addictive Behaviors Reports     Open Access   (Followers: 8)
Adıyaman Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Dergisi / Health Sciences Journal of Adıyaman University     Open Access  
Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi Dergisi     Open Access  
Advanced Health Care Technologies     Open Access   (Followers: 12)
Advanced NanoBiomed Research     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine     Partially Free   (Followers: 4)
Advanced Therapeutics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Advances in Bioscience and Clinical Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Advances in Cell and Gene Therapy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Advances in Clinical Chemistry     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 24)
Advances in Clinical Radiology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Advances in Life Course Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
Advances in Medical Education and Practice     Open Access   (Followers: 29)
Advances in Medical Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 7)
Advances in Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Advances in Microbial Physiology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Advances in Parkinson's Disease     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Advances in Preventive Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 18)
Advances in Regenerative Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Advances in Therapy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Advances in Traditional Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
Advances in Virus Research     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)
Advances in Wound Care     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 22)
African Health Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
African Journal of Biomedical Research     Open Access  
African Journal of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology     Open Access  
African Journal of Laboratory Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
African Journal of Medical and Health Sciences     Open Access  
Afrimedic Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Airway     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
AJOB Empirical Bioethics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
AJSP: Reviews & Reports     Hybrid Journal  
Aktuelle Ernährungsmedizin     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
AkupunkturPraxis     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Al-Azhar Assiut Medical Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Al-Qadisiah Medical Journal     Open Access  
Alerta : Revista Científica del Instituto Nacional de Salud     Open Access  
Alexandria Journal of Medicine     Open Access  
Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
ALTEX : Alternatives to Animal Experimentation     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
American Journal of Biomedical Engineering     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
American Journal of Biomedical Research     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
American Journal of Biomedicine     Full-text available via subscription  
American Journal of Chinese Medicine, The     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
American Journal of Clinical Medicine Research     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
American Journal of Family Therapy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
American Journal of Law & Medicine     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 10)
American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
American Journal of Managed Care     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 13)
American Journal of Medical Case Reports     Open Access  
American Journal of Medical Sciences and Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
American Journal of Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 47)
American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
American Journal of Medicine Open     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
American Journal of Medicine Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
American Journal of Medicine Supplements     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
American Journal of the Medical Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
American Journal on Addictions     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
American medical news     Free   (Followers: 3)
Amrita Journal of Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Amyloid: The Journal of Protein Folding Disorders     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Anales de la Facultad de Medicina     Open Access  
Anales de la Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República, Uruguay     Open Access  
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Analgesia & Resuscitation : Current Research     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Anatolian Clinic the Journal of Medical Sciences     Open Access  
Anatomica Medical Journal     Open Access  
Anatomical Science International     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
Anatomical Sciences Education     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Anatomy     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Anatomy Research International     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Androgens : Clinical Research and Therapeutics     Open Access  
Angewandte Nuklearmedizin     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Angewandte Schmerztherapie und Palliativmedizin     Hybrid Journal  
Angiogenesis     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Animal Diseases     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Annales de Pathologie     Full-text available via subscription  
Annales françaises d'Oto-rhino-laryngologie et de Pathologie Cervico-faciale     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Annals of 3D Printed Medicine     Open Access  
Annals of African Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Annals of Anatomy - Anatomischer Anzeiger     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 2)
Annals of Biomedical Engineering     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 18)
Annals of Biomedical Sciences     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports     Open Access  
Annals of Clinical Hypertension     Open Access  
Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Annals of Family Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 14)
Annals of Health Research     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Annals of Ibadan Postgraduate Medicine     Open Access  
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Annals of Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
Annals of Medicine and Surgery     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Annals of Medicine and Surgery Case Reports     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Annals of Medicine and Surgery Protocols     Open Access  
Annals of Microbiology     Open Access   (Followers: 9)
Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine     Open Access  
Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Annals of Saudi Medicine     Open Access  
Annals of the College of Medicine, Mosul     Open Access  
Annals of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (India)     Open Access  
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Annals of the RussianAacademy of Medical Sciences     Open Access  
Annals of Vascular Surgery - Brief Reports and Innovations     Full-text available via subscription  
Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Annual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Annual Review of Medicine     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 18)
Anthropological Review     Open Access   (Followers: 27)
Anthropologie et santé     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Antibiotics     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Antibodies     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Antibody Reports     Open Access  
Antibody Therapeutics     Open Access  
Anuradhapura Medical Journal     Open Access  
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Journal     Open Access  
Apmis     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Apparence(s)     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Applied Clinical Informatics     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
Applied Medical Informatics     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
Arab Journal of Nephrology and Transplantation     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Arabian Journal of Scientific Research / المجلة العربية للبحث العلمي     Open Access  
Archive of Biomedical Science and Engineering     Open Access  
Archive of Clinical Medicine     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Archives Medical Review Journal / Arşiv Kaynak Tarama Dergisi     Open Access  
Archives of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Archives of Clinical Hypertension     Open Access  
Archives of Medical and Biomedical Research     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Archives of Medical Laboratory Sciences     Open Access  
Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Archives of Organ Transplantation     Open Access  
Archives of Preventive Medicine     Open Access  
Archives of Pulmonology and Respiratory Care     Open Access  
Archives of Renal Diseases and Management     Open Access  
Archives of Trauma Research     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Arquivos de Medicina     Open Access  
Ars Medica : Revista de Ciencias Médicas     Open Access  
ARS Medica Tomitana     Open Access  
Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
Arterial Hypertension     Open Access  
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 19)
Artificial Organs     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
ASA Monitor     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 10)
Asian Bioethics Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Asian Journal of Cell Biology     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Asian Journal of Health     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Asian Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Researches     Open Access  
Asian Journal of Medical Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Asian Journal of Medicine and Health     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Asian Journal of Population Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences     Open Access  
Asian Journal of Scientific Research     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Asian Journal of Social Health and Behavior     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Asian Journal of Transfusion Science     Open Access  
Asian Medicine     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Asian Pacific Journal of Health Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
ASPIRATOR : Journal of Vector-borne Disease Studies     Open Access  
Atención Primaria     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Atención Primaria Práctica     Open Access  
Atti della Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti - Classe di Scienze Medico-Biologiche     Open Access  
Auris Nasus Larynx     Full-text available via subscription  
Australasian Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (AJUM)     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Australian Family Physician     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Australian Journal of Medical Science     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Autopsy and Case Reports     Open Access  
Avicenna     Open Access   (Followers: 1)

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ABCS Health Sciences
Number of Followers: 3  

  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
ISSN (Print) 2318-4965 - ISSN (Online) 2357-8114
Published by Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Clinical and epidemiological characterization of newborns with necrotizing

    • Authors: Ariane Mendonça Neves de França, Divanice Contim, Luiz Gustavo Sabino Borges, Juliana Reis Machado, Aline Cristina Souza da Silva, Rosana Rosa Miranda Corrêa
      Abstract: Introduction: Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a severe inflammatory disorder that can affect the whole gastrointestinal system, particularly the ileum, and is a major cause of morbidity in premature infants. Objective: To describe the clinical and epidemiological profile of newborns with NEC, seeking to identify the causes, evolution and severity of the disease. Methods: The study selected 94 patients who developed NEC (cases) and 60 patients who did not develop the disease during hospitalization (controls) and presented similar clinical signs of the case group. The variables analyzed divided into maternal and neonatal. The frequency tests were applied using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 21.0 and comparative analysis using the GraphPad Prism® 5.0 software. Results: There was a higher number of prenatal consultations in cases with NEC. Newborns with NEC had shorter hospital stay, longer parenteral nutrition and antibiotics use and a predominant use of infant formula. The Bell criteria modified by Walsh and Kleigman was negatively correlated to maternal age and positively correlated to gestational age, birth weight and time of parenteral nutrition. Conclusion: Although being a disease of the newborn, the present study indicated that maternal characteristics may be related to its onset of NEC. Therefore, the greater number of prenatal consultations and neonatal factors such as length of stay, prolonged use of parenteral nutrition and antibiotic therapy, and formula use may influence the development of the disease.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020022.1463
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Does permanent health education walk alone towards
           interprofessionality' A dentist’s perspective

    • Authors: Jacques Antonio Cavalcante Maciel, Igor Iuco Castro-Silva, Maria Socorro de Araújo Dias, Maristela Inês Osawa Vasconcelos
      Abstract: Introduction: Permanent health education (PHE) is a strategy for qualifying work to improve patient care. Objective: To analyze dentists' perspectives on the PHE actions in the context of Primary Health Care. Methods: This qualitative case report study conducted through semi-structured interviews with 26 dentists in primary health care and five managers of PHE actions in the city of Sobral, in the Brazilian Northeast. Results: Data analysis was performed using the Collective Subject Discourse anchored in the following social representations: characterization of PHE actions as educational actions through theoretical-conceptual moments, with an emphasis on technical-scientific approaches and transmissive methodologies of an unprofessional nature; critical reflexivity in indicating improvements for these actions through the incorporation of interprofessional education in PHE actions. Conclusion: The involvement of continuing education actions in PHE has the potential to problematize work and develop strategies for the qualification of patient care, without losing the technical and scientific characteristics of each profession.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020175.1624
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Modeling of covariates predicting renal allograft failure within six
           months after transplantation

    • Authors: Ubiracé Fernando Elihimas Júnior, Manoel Pereira Guimarães, Orlando Vieira Gomes, Wallace Pereira, Eduardo Eriko Tenório de França, Ulisses Ramos Montarroyos, Emilly Pereira Alves, Frederico Castelo Branco Cavalcanti, Paulo Adriano Schwingel
      Abstract: Introduction: Kidney transplantation (KT) is the renal replacement therapy (RRT) of choice for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, not every KT is successful and some patients persist on RRT. Objective: To model a logistic regression with pre- and post-KT risk covariates capable of predicting secondary allograft dysfunction in need of RRT or reaching stage V of CKD until the first six months post-KT. Methods: Cohort with KT recipients from Northeastern Brazil. Medical records of KT performed between 2011-2018 were analyzed. KT-recipients with insufficient data or who abandoned follow-up were excluded. The covariables analyzed were: demographic; infectious; pre- and post-KT comorbidities; panel reactive-antibodies; number of HLA mismatches; acute rejection episodes mediated by T-cell (ACR) or antibodies (AAR) six months after KT; and laboratory tests six months after KT. Results: Covariates with higher risk for the analyzed outcomes six months after KT were: elderly KT recipients (OR:1.41; CI95%:1.01-1.99), time between onset of RRT and KT (∆T-RRT&KT)>10years (OR:3.54; CI95%:1.27-9.87), diabetes mellitus (DM) pre-KT (OR:3.35; CI95%:1.51-7.46), pyelonephritis (OR:2.45; CI95%:1.24-4.84), polyomavirus nephropathy (OR:4.99; CI95%:1.87-13.3), AAS (OR:4.82; CI95%:1.35-17.2), 24h-proteinuria ≥300mg/24h (OR:5.05; CI95%:2.00-12.7) and serum calcium (Ca) <8.5mg/dL (OR:4.72; CI95%:2.00-11.1). The multivariate model presented an accuracy of 88.1% and the mean variance inflation factor is 1.81. Conclusion: Elderly-recipients, ∆T-RRT&KT>10 years, pre-KT DM, and post-KT aggressions until six months (pyelonephritis, polyomavirus nephropathy, ABMR, 24h-proteinuria≥300mg/24h, and Ca<8.5mg/dL) are associated with high predictive power for secondary allograft dysfunction in need of RRT or reaching CKD stage V until the first six months post-KT.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020112.1566
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Virulence, biofilm formation ability and antimicrobial resistance of
           Staphylococcus aureus isolated from cell phones of university students

    • Authors: Gabrielle Messias de Souza, Mariana Francelino Almeida de Jesus, Maria Vitória de Souza Ferreira, Karolinny Cristiny de Oliveira Vieira, Wilson Romero Nakagaki, Eliana Peresi Lordelo, Valeria Pereira Cataneli, Lizziane Kretli Winkelstroter
      Abstract: Introduction: Contamination of cell phones can contribute to the dissemination of pathogens in the community and/or hospital environment. Objective: To characterize Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from cell phones of university students. Methods: Samples were collected from 100 cell phones. Detection of genes associated with virulence factors such as biofilm formation (icaA and icaD), enterotoxins production (SEA, SEB, SEC, and SED), and resistance to methicillin (mecA and mecC) was performed in S. aureus isolates by PCR. Typing mecA gene performed by multiplex PCR. Susceptibility to antimicrobials and biofilm formation rate also evaluated by using disk diffusion test and crystal violet staining. Results: S. aureus was present in 40% of the total samples and about 70% of them belonged to Nursing students. Of the isolates, 85% presented resistance to penicillin and 50% were classified as moderate biofilm producers. In addition, 92.5% of isolates contained the gene icaA and 60% of the gene icaD. Approximately 25% of the isolates presented the mecA gene. Typing of the mecA gene showed the presence of staphylococcal chromosome cassette SCCmec I and c III respectively in 20% and 10% of the isolates. 70% of the samples could not be typed by the technique. Regarding the enterotoxins, the most prevalent gene was SEA (30%) followed by the SEC gene (2.5%). The presence of SED and SEB genes not observed in any of the isolates. Conclusion: The cleaning and periodic disinfection of cell phones can contribute to the reduction of the risk of nosocomial infection.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020154.1608
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Use of tigecycline at a teaching hospital

    • Authors: Gleycivane Nunes da Silva, Erivaldo Elias Junior, Vanessa Marcon de Oliveira, Erica Freire de Vasconcelos Pereira, Cristiane Munaretto Ferreira, Bianca Rodrigues Acacio, Vanessa Terezinha Gubert, Maria Tereza Ferreira Duenhas Monreal
      Abstract: Introduction: Tigecycline is an antimicrobial agent, approved for the treatment of complicated skin and soft tissue infections, hospital-acquired and community-acquired pneumonia, intra-abdominal infections and anaerobic or atypical infections. Objective: To describe the use of tigecycline in a teaching hospital and to compare data from patients who had their prescriptions audited by the hospital infection committee with those who did not have audited prescriptions. Methods: Retrospective observational cohort study conducted at a teaching hospital from April 2012 to March 2014 including patients who received tigecycline. Demographic variables, comorbidities, microbiological findings, prescribed antibiotics and technical opinions issued by the Hospital Infection Control Service were collected. Results: 71 patients were included, aged between 13 and 92 years, 63.4% were male and 56.3% were non-white. Tigecycline was the first antimicrobial choice in 19.7% (14/71) of the cases, while the use associated with other antibiotics was observed in 66.2% (45/71) of the prescriptions. mainly with meropenem (28.9%). Empirical use was performed in 69.0% of cases, after culture and the antibiogram in 31.0% and off label use in 81.7%. The microorganisms frequently identified by the culture tests were Enterococcus faecalis (17.6%), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (14.7%) and Klebsiella penumoniae (11.8%). Conclusion: The study demonstrated that empirical and off label use is common in clinical practice and few prescriptions were guided by the results of the culture and the antibiogram, demonstrating the need for prescribers to evaluate the benefits/ risks of using this antibiotic, risk of resistance, adverse effects and drug interactions, in addition to cost.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020090.2030
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Evaluation of the botulinum toxin effects in the correction of gummy smile
           32 weeks after application

    • Authors: Carlos Eduardo Alonso Vieira, Wilson Rodrigues de Almeida, Paula Cotrin, Renata Cristina Gobbi de Oliveira, Ricardo Cesar Gobbi de Oliveira, Fabrício Pinelli Valarelli, Julie Watanabe Zamuner, Karina Maria Salvatore de Freitas
      Abstract: Introduction: The use of botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) to correct gummy smile has become popular in recent years. Objective: To evaluate the effects of BTX-A application in the correction of gummy smile 2 and 32 weeks after application. Methods: The sample comprised 35 patients (30 female, 5 male) at a mean age of 25.51 years (±5.59) with gummy smile due to muscular hyperfunction. In each patient, 2U of botulinum toxin was applied in the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi, 2 mm from the nasolabial fold. Photographs of spontaneous smiles were taken at 3 stages: before, 2 and 32 weeks after BTX application. Measurements of the gingival display were performed with the Radioface Studio 2 Software, and the calibration used the actual size of the right maxillary central incisor. Comparison of the three stages evaluated was performed with repeated measures ANOVA and Tukey tests. Results: Gingival display decreased significantly 2 weeks after BTX-A application and increased after 32 weeks but did not return to the initial value. Conclusion: There was a significant improvement in gummy smile 2 weeks after botulinum toxin application, and a significant relapse in the gingival display after 32 weeks, however not returning to baseline values.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020052.1501
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Effects of resistant exercise and aerobic exercise on people with
           fibromyalgia syndrome: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials

    • Authors: Matheus Borges da Cruz Gomes, Heitor Barbosa Alves, Ramon Martins Barbosa, Ícaro Cerqueira da Silva Oliveira, Geovane Alves dos Santos, Leandro Paim da Cruz Carvalho
      Abstract: Introduction: Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is characterized as a condition of chronic and generalized muscle pain, resulting primarily in decreased functional capacity and emotional changes of the patient. Physical exercise (PE) can promote different effects in FMS depending on the chosen method: aerobic training (AT) alone, resistance training (RT) alone or the combination of both in concurrent training (CT). Objective: To synthesize data from clinical trials on the effects of resistance training and aerobic training in people with FMS. Methods: Searches were performed in the Pubmed, Scielo, Virtual Health Library, Scopus and Web of Science databases. Articles published between 2009 and 2020 were analyzed. Results: Eighteen randomized clinical trials were included to compose the discussion of this review. Altogether 1,136 individuals with FMS who participated in interventions with PE were analyzed; 10 studies used RT as an intervention method; 8 applied AT and 3 used CT. In 3 studies more than one method was used. Studies pointed out that there were significant improvements in biological and psychophysiological aspects at the end of the interventions. Conclusion: The analyzed articles suggested that PE through both RT and AT, alone or combined, is an alternative treatment for the population with FMS, being a low-cost intervention and providing significant improvements for these patients.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020152.1604
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • What do Cochrane systematic reviews say about therapeutic tinnitus

    • Authors: Osmar Clayton Person, Fernando Veiga Angélico Junior, Jacqueline Altoé, Leonardo Marinho Portes, Paula Ribeiro Lopes, Maria Eduarda dos Santos Puga
      Abstract: Introduction: Tinnitus is a sound perception not related to stimulation. It can significantly impair the quality of life and its treatment is considered one significant challenge of Medicine. Objective: To evaluate systematic reviews developed by Cochrane regarding therapeutic interventions for subjective tinnitus. Methods: It is an overview of Cochrane systematic reviews. We searched systematic reviews on Cochrane Library. The MeSH term "tinnitus" was used for searches. Inclusion criteria involved therapeutic interventions for patients with subjective tinnitus. Results: The search strategy recovered 577 citations with 14  Cochrane systematic reviews. 13 were included because they were focusing on primary tinnitus interventions. One review had no scope of analysis for tinnitus and it was excluded. 7,998 tinnitus patients were evaluated. Conclusion: There is a lack of evidence of the effectiveness of any intervention for tinnitus treatment, considering the studies performed so far and compiled in Cochrane systematic reviews.
      PubDate: 2022-02-14
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2020111.1565
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
  • Acknowledgements to reviewers

    • Authors: ABCS Health Sciences
      Abstract: Not applicable
      PubDate: 2022-01-19
      DOI: 10.7322/abcshs.2021ACK.2047
      Issue No: Vol. 47 (2022)
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