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  • Istruzione, pensiero critico e impegno sociale come educazione alla pace

    • Authors: Gaetano Domenici
      Pages: 11 - 22
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
  • The Relationship between Reflective Disposition and Persistence in

    • Authors: Peter Michael Robinson
      Pages: 25 - 40
      Abstract: Getting students to engage in reflective thought is a «wicked» problem in teaching. Students may demonstrate a resistance to any form of reflection, analysis or critical thought and instead automatically default to surface approaches which are non-productive in academic contexts. This resistance may involve an aversion which leads to students not persisting to higher levels of education and dropping out. The present study investigates the relationship between the resistance to reflective processing and persistence in education using the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) and some additional survey items aimed at testing surface processing tendencies in non-academic contexts. It provides support for the hypothesis that a general aversion to reflective processing appears to inhibit academic progression and correlates with drop-out from courses midstream. It closes by suggesting that aversion to analytical thinking may be a threshold issue that needs to be addressed separately before students can progress to any challenging content.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-robi
  • The Effect of Psychoeducational Stress Management Interventions on
           Students Stress Reduction: Systematic Review

    • Authors: Talal Hassan Bani Ahmad, Meltem Meric, Mohammad Ayasrah
      Pages: 41 - 57
      Abstract: Students can be a vulnerable group for stress. A psycho-educational program is one of the strategies to facilitate students’ adjustment and manage stress. This systematic review will integrate the effects of psychoeducational interventions on the level of stress among students. Pubmed, CINAHL, Science Direct Scopus databases were used to find potentially relevant published articles. The title and abstracts are used firstly to screen studies using inclusion and exclusion criteria before going to the next stage of the reviewing of complete articles. A total of eleven articles were selected based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. All articles in this sample were assessed using an instrument to assess overall quality. Study setting, sample size, study interventions, outcome measure/methods of delivery, and results were assessed and extracted. In all of the studies reviewed, the intervention groups experienced significantly greater reductions in perceived stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our review highlights the importance of stress management programs, and the findings from this systematic review indicated that these programs were generally effective for optimizing the stress process and improving coping capacity with stressors.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-hass
  • Investigating the Effect of Missing Data on the Experimental Test of
           Mathematics for the Second-Secondary Students

    • Authors: Aiman Mohammad Freihat
      Pages: 59 - 76
      Abstract: This study aimed to uncover the effect of the missing values using the Rasch model on an experimental test of mathematics for the second-secondary students. To achieve the goal of the study, a multiple-choice test was designed testing all basic skills found on the student’s book. The test consisted of 103 items. This study was conducted in September 2019. The results were analyzed using SPSS, Winstep, and MG3-BILOG. To determine the correlation coefficients, the results showed that the test had good psychometric properties and the test had high reliability, validity indications, acceptable difficulty, and discrimination coefficients. The findings also showed that the differentiation coefficients of items were equal. The results also showed that the premises of the Rasch model were fulfilled. Further, the results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the three models according to the percentage of data loss, standard error, difficulty, internal and external matching, and bias, and were in favor of the original model before missing the values.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-frei
  • Le competenze di cittadinanza dei volontari del Servizio Civile
           Universale. Uno studio empirico

    • Authors: Paolo Di Rienzo, Ada Manfreda
      Pages: 77 - 101
      Abstract: The paper presents the results of the research on citizenship competences of civil service operators, carried out with the participation of the Third Sector National Forum and with Arci Civil Service. The issue of citizenship competences and their enhancement is considered crucial both from the policy level and from the point of view of international studies. Eleven focus groups were conducted, aimed at volunteer operators, distributed in ten different Italian regions, for a total of 56 participants. All the discursive material produced was recorded and transcribed and made suitable to be subsequently subjected to statistical analysis, conducted in particular through correspondence analysis and cluster analysis. The choice of the method, and consequently of the tool, for the treatment and analysis of the data arose from a semiotic theoretical perspective. The data obtained from the analysis and interpretation of the speeches produced in the focus groups tell us that competence is mainly assumed as a synonym of knowledge, especially for what concerns civic competences. Even with respect to the meaning and role that the volunteer seems to assign to communication competences, the control of emotions and interpersonal skills, it seems necessary to problematize the development of these competences, considering how much the activities related to the world of volunteering have a high relational and emotional content.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-dima
  • Adult Patient Education: A Readability Analysis of Hospital University
           Campus Bio-Medico’s Patients Information Materials (PIMs)

    • Authors: Claudio Pensieri, Sabrina Saccoccia, Anna De Benedictis, Rossana Alloni
      Pages: 103 - 121
      Abstract: The UCBM’s nurses and doctors have produced patients information material under the form of brochures that we delivered to patients in order to help them better understand their pathology, therapeutic path and procedure to which they will have to undergo. With the Covid-19, doctors necessarily spend less time with patients. This means that patients tend to (mis)inform themselves on internet. We analyzed the PIM’s text readability with the Gulpease index. We submitted a qualitative questionnaire to 100 patients to evaluate the clarity of presentation and the communicative effectiveness and how much these allowed or not them to face their procedure with greater clarity and serenity. Brochures aroused interest in 77% of patients, where 87% declared that «The concepts are clear and I could understand them», 55% indicated that «The information is useful for understanding my condition». None of the them reach 40 pt. of the Gulpease index. Furthermore, the institutional font size was too small. Education of adult patient is a transversal area of pedagogy, medical clinic and communication. Experts from various fields (including patient associations) should collaborate to create informative materials that are useful for both patients and doctors/nurses.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-pens
  • When in Rome, Not All International Students Do as the Romans Do. A
           Survey-based Typification of International Students’ Experiences and
           Profiles at Sapienza University of Rome

    • Authors: Laura Soledad Norton, Cristina Giudici, Marilena Fatigante, Cristina Zucchermaglio
      Pages: 123 - 140
      Abstract: Universities often consider international students as a homogeneous group, that is of value for internationalisation purposes. Yet, migratory paths, cultural encounters, motivations and expectations make the experience of these students much varied and highly differentiated. Acknowledging this diversity allows to go beyond aggregate statistics and to assess specific needs and constraints. The present study focuses on the Italian context, introducing a quali-quantitative survey developed to investigate the variety of experiences and profiles of international students enrolled at Sapienza University of Rome. An analysis of multiple correspondence was applied to the survey’s responses. Results were triangulated with qualitative data collected in previous steps of the research, confirming the reliability of the survey and its capacity to discriminate different profiles. Three groups were identified (the «transnational migrants», the «international students», and the «invisible» ones), revealing a series of specificities, and a particular group as most vulnerable. Results are discussed highlighting the need to implement inclusive policies.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-nort
  • Orientare gli atteggiamenti dei futuri docenti verso interventi efficaci:
           ristrutturare misconcezioni e punti di vista didattici ingenui

    • Authors: Sergio Miranda
      Pages: 141 - 160
      Abstract: The research on the teaching effectiveness and on the behaviour of expert teachers from an evidence based perspective allows today to envisage articulated training models that can accompany students-aspirants or teachers themselves from a preliminary theoretical moment of first familiarization with effective models, to their operational use and up to an evaluation of the improvement obtained on their pupils. A delicate point concerns the gap between the preconceptions on teaching with respect to those of who can be considered «expert teachers». This work takes up previous studies related to the use of a questionnaire, created to evaluate this gap, in order to reduce it by means of feedbacks, before starting the trainee to practical applications to be conducted in the laboratory or in the class. By proposing an iterative version of this tool within university teaching courses, the work also focuses the concordances common to the various applications carried out over the years, that highlight a network of clichés and stereotypes rooted in the school culture, which represents a restraining factor for the adoption of attitudes of greater efficacy.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-mira
  • Life Satisfaction and Engagement among University Undergraduates: A
           Moderated Mediation Model of Academic Self-efficacy and Life Orientation

    • Authors: Abimbola A. Akanni
      Pages: 161 - 174
      Abstract: This study examined the conditional indirect effect of optimism in the interplay between life satisfaction and student engagement through academic self-efficacy. Participants were 166 (mean age = 21.72, σ = 2.71, ♀ = 57.8%) university undergraduates, who responded to an online survey containing Student Engagement Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, General Academic Self-Efficacy Scale and Life Orientation Test-Revised. Data were screened for normality and intercorrelation using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation statistical tool. Both the direct and indirect effects were estimated using the AMOS Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) procedure while the conditional indirect effect was ascertained using the Hayes (2018) Process Macro. Results showed that life satisfaction, academic self-efficacy and optimism were independent predictors of student engagement. The indirect effect of academic self-efficacy in the life orientation - student engagement link was also significant. The study concluded that the conditional indirect effect of optimism in the association between life satisfaction and student engagement via academic self-efficacy was stronger for low optimistic undergraduate students.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-akan
  • The Importance of Teacher-Student Relationship for Distance Learning
           During Covid-19 Pandemic

    • Authors: Emiliane Rubat du Mérac, Ceyda Sensin, Stefano Livi
      Pages: 177 - 189
      Abstract: Online education has become mandatory in all countries since the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to provide practical inspiration for schools to improve online learning and teaching efficacy, and satisfaction, we explored the distance learning experience of 427 upper secondary school students in Italy. Rather than focusing on the relevance of digital tools and abilities, as most e-learning studies do, we focused on the function and influence of the teacher-student relationship and how online learning affects that connection. The study’s findings revealed that even if the technology was the central focus of upgrading the educational system, the satisfaction for the Distal Learning education is heavily based on teachers’ ability to maintain a high-quality relationship. Indeed, the quality of the relationship is a far better predictor of student satisfaction, with online education satisfaction having substantially higher coefficients than technology satisfaction, even controlling for both teachers’ and students’ technological knowledge. We also found a significant moderating effect in the interaction between quality of the relationship and technology satisfaction, implying that when students are satisfied with the technology used in online education, a high-quality relationship with teachers can boost satisfaction.
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-dume
  • La necessità della continuità educativa nel contesto della guerra in
           Ucraina. Una proposta del Parlamento Europeo

    • Authors: Massimiliano Smeriglio
      Pages: 193 - 202
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-smer
  • Dibattito critico e polemica politico-ideologica nella musica italiana del
           Novecento: Fedele d’Amico e Luigi Nono

    • Authors: Raffaele Pozzi
      Pages: 203 - 217
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
      DOI: 10.7358/ecps-2022-025-pozz
  • Notiziari / News

    • Authors: AA. VV.
      Pages: 219 - 221
      PubDate: 2022-06-15
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