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  • Sentiment Analysis on COVID-19 Vaccine using Naive Bayes Classifier,
           Support Vector Machine and K-Nearest Neighbors

    • Authors: Monika Rani, Dian Prawira, Nurul Mutiah
      Pages: 1 - 11
      Abstract: Procurement of the COVID-19 vaccination has led to diverse opinions among Indonesian people on Twitter. Sentiment analysis on Twitter can be carried out to find out public opinion, especially among Twitter users. The data was used in the form of tweets with the topic of the COVID-19 vaccine using the keywords covid 19 vaccine, covid vaccine, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Moderna, Pfizer, Novavax and Sinopharm. analysis of the performance of the Naive Bayes Classifier, Support Vector Machine and K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms to determine the results of the accuracy level between the algorithms. The highest classification test is using the Support Vector Machine with an accuracy rate of 0.701. The results of the comparison of algorithms tested using tweet data on the topic of the COVID-19 vaccine found that the Support Vector Machine was better than the Naive Bayes Classifier and K-Nearest Neighbors. From the classification test carried out using COVID-19 vaccine tweet data with 2500 data. The amount of data after going through the data processing process is 1052 data. Neutral sentiment results in as many as 645 positive sentiments as many as 250 and negative sentiments as many as 157.
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40158
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Application of Point Tracking Technology in 360 Degree Panorama Virtual
           Tour Applications for Introduction to Siliwangi University Campus

    • Authors: Muhammad Adi Khairul Anshary, Cecep Muhamad Sidik Ramdani, Euis Nur Fitriani Dewi, Andi Nur Rahman, Rezi Syahriszani
      Pages: 12 - 21
      Abstract: Most of the campus area introduction media use brochures to provide information to prospective students. This media among teenagers is no longer attractive. Most prospective students prefer information through multimedia such as short videos. Due to the limited time of video media, very little content is provided so that delivery will be very less. The use of Virtual Tour 360 multimedia technology will help to provide clear information in the form of text and the application of Point tracking technology will make it easier for users to feel like they are in a campus environment. The methodology used in making this application is the Luther-Sutopo version of the Multimedia Development Life Cycle (MDLC). The 360 Degree Panorama Virtual Tour Application Introduction to the Siliwangi University Campus is expected to make it easier to convey information that can be easily accepted by users. This application can see a real environment simulation on the Siliwangi University campus by representing information in the form of 360° panoramic images making it easy to display information visually. The test results obtained from the alpha test of the application of Point tracking can make it easier for users to run the application and the beta test results that the application functions very well get a score of 83.75%. 
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.39363
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Activation Control System in Motorized Vehicles Using the Global
           Positioning System (GPS)

    • Authors: Aris Budiyarto, Abdur Rohman Harits Martawireja, Mohammad Harry Khomas Saputra, Gun Gun Maulana
      Pages: 22 - 33
      Abstract: In Indonesia, the theft rate is still quite high. According to Bappeda data, cases of theft still tend to be high. In 2019, there were 362,000 cases of theft. CCTV use is still ineffective because at the time of the theft of goods, we only know the goods taken and the perpetrators. In order to catch the perpetrators and return the goods, it is necessary to process them first and find the location of the perpetrators themselves. Therefore, we propose an idea entitled "Activation Control System in Motorized Vehicles Using GPS". Where this tool will detect the position of a vehicle so that this vehicle remains in a restricted area. When this vehicle leaves the restricted area, the GPS system will send a signal explaining that the vehicle is leaving the area. So, if there is a theft, when the vehicle has moved away from about 50 meters from the area that has been locked, a notification will appear which will be displayed on the web application. The research stages that we will work on are first identifying the equipment and systems that will be used and conducting a study of the technology literature that will be developed, then identifying the theoretical and empirical system design and knowing the basic elements. Then master and understand the characterization of components and analyze the main functions so that they can work properly. Then do modelling and simulation and ensure that the components to be developed can work properly. And the final stage is to ensure that the system equipment is valid and reliable. Based on the results of the study, it shows that the system is active when the actual position away from the locked position/area as far as 100 meters has successfully functioned. Where the information changes to "Out of reach" from the previous "Within Reach" and there are notifications in the form of sound and vibration to increase security from theft.
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.39663
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implementation of the Association Rule Method using Apriori Algorithm to
           Recognize The Purchase Pattern of Pharmacy Drugs “XYZ”

    • Authors: Fadhila Putri Utami, Arief Jananto
      Pages: 34 - 46
      Abstract: XYZ Pharmacy is a Special Health Service Point for employees and retirees of the XYZ company. This pharmacy carries out the process of buying and selling drugs by providing various types of drugs. The number of sales transactions in each day, resulting in sales data will increase over time. If the data is left alone, the pile of data will only become archives that are not utilized. By carrying out the data mining process, this data can be used to produce information that can be used to increase sales transactions at XYZ Pharmacy. The method used in this study is the Association Rule which functions to analyze the most sold and purchased drugs simultaneously, this analysis will be reviewed from drug sales transaction data at the XYZ Pharmacy. The application of the a priori algorithm in this study succeeded in finding the most item combinations based on transaction data and then formed an association pattern from the item combinations. By knowing the types of drugs that are often purchased together through identification of purchasing patterns, it is very useful for the XYZ Pharmacy to maintain the availability of the drugs.
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40377
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Application of Virtual Assistant in Information System for Student
           Practicum Case Study Laboratory Informatics Department Siliwangi

    • Authors: Cecep Muhamad Sidik Ramdani, Andi Nur Rachman, Euis Nur Fitriani Dewi
      Pages: 47 - 59
      Abstract: Practical activities are carried out in an orderly and timely manner and require systematic recording of activities. The implementation of practicum activities takes place in the Siliwangi University laboratory, to create conducive conditions for practicum activities, a system must be able to support academic success. Not only that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, previous practicum lectures were held offline and campus policy required online learning. These problems can be overcome by building a logbook information system that can record and keep records of laboratory activities automatically. This information system was created using the Extreme Programming system development method. Starting from database design, system design with UML, system development with Visual Studio. NET 2021. This technology can be used by universities for practical activities at the Siliwangi University Laboratory. The application will remind students to complete each activity in each session by displaying notifications in each practicum schedule, rewards, announcements, and other information related to practicum activities. All activities must be recorded in the application. Based on the results of black box testing, the system can run according to the system test design that the response from each student to the application used is 75.68% which can be concluded that the application of virtual assistant is in the interesting category.  
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.39365
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Transaction Data Security Using AES and RC4

    • Authors: Puji Sari Ramadhan, Muhammad Syahril, Rini Kustini, Hendryan Winata, Robin Darwis Gea
      Pages: 60 - 70
      Abstract: This study discusses the effectiveness of using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and RC4 (Rivest Chipper 4) as digital data security algorithms to prevent and protect transaction data from irresponsible parties. This needs to be done because the development of sales transactions or other services has used digital technology a lot. This situation causes the need to secure digital data from existing transactions, so that transaction data can be stored safely. Transaction data security is carried out by changing data into ciphers or codes that are difficult to read using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and RC4 (Rivest Cipher 4) algorithms. This research begins by collecting existing transaction data and then transforming it into ASCII code. The results of the transformation will be used to perform calculations using the AES algorithm. After completing the calculation process using the AES algorithm, then do the calculations using RC4. These results will be stored in the database so that the transaction data that has turned into these codes cannot be known by other parties. The combination of the AES and RC4 algorithms is carried out to strengthen data encryption because there are more and more rotation systems and double security is carried out so that digital data is not easily read and misused. With the presence of this research, it can be shown that the AES and RC4 algorithms are capable of encrypting existing transaction data with multiple levels of security. 
      PubDate: 2023-01-04
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.41212
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Comparasion KNN, Decision Tree and Naïve Bayes for Sentimen Analysis
           Marketplace Bukalapak

    • Authors: Elisa Nathania Halim, Baenil Huda, Anggi Elanda
      Pages: 71 - 79
      Abstract: The number of platforms currently makes it easier for users to provide reviews, one of which is the Bukalapak application on the Google Play Store. While both negative and positive reviews can influence the value of the app, users can also be affected by the app's sentiment reviews. Therefore it is necessary to carry out sentiment analysis to classify negative and positive reviews. This research uses review data of 1000 reviews and then classifies them using the RapidMiner application using three methods, namely KNN, Naive Bayes, and also the Decision Tree. The results of the KNN method obtained accuracy values of 85.03%, precision of 84.98%, and recall of 100.00%, then for the Naive Bayes method obtained accuracy values of 73.95%, precision of 100.00%, and recall of 69.26%, and for the Decision Tree method obtained 89.12% accuracy value, 88.62% precision, and 100.00% recall. this can prove that the Decision Tree method is superior to the KNN method and also the Naive Bayes method.
      PubDate: 2023-01-07
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.41385
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Immunization E-Book Application Using Web-Based Object Oriented Method

    • Authors: Muhammad Rizki, Boni Oktaviana Sembiring, Eka Rahayu
      Pages: 80 - 87
      Abstract: The digital era, where all activities can be done using technology. Including about books that can turn printed books into digital books or E-books. Immunization is the process of making a person immune or immune to a disease. The type and schedule of immunizations will determine the health of their toddlers both now and in the future. Parents' ignorance of the type and stage of the immunization schedule is an obstacle for parents. To find out the types and stages of the immunization schedule, parents should read a guide book containing information on immunizations. With immunization books that are still conventional, books become less effective due to carelessness, such as being easily damaged and lost. To prevent and reduce these problems the author wants to design an E-book application or a web-based digital version of a book that can be used as a source of immunization information. In designing this application, the author uses the Object Oriented method, namely Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) for the system development method and Oriented Programming (OOP) for making the application. With the Immunization E-book Application using the Web-based Object Oriented Method, it is hoped that the general public, especially parents with toddlers, doctors and nurses can find out information about Immunization data quickly anytime and anywhere.
      PubDate: 2023-01-11
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40707
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Forecasting COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and
           Vietnam Using ARIMA and LSTM

    • Authors: Marina Wahyuni Paedah, Fergyanto E. Gunawan
      Pages: 88 - 100
      Abstract: COVID-19 has severely impacted the global economy, including ASEAN countries. Various plans and strategies are still needed during the pandemic-to-epidemic transition period to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The research focuses on the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, which are among the ASEAN countries with the highest number of cases in Southeast Asia. Those countries have cultural similarities, where gathering with friends and family is an important part of social life. This research evaluates the ability of ARIMA and LSTM to predict COVID-19 cases in each country, using daily data from January 23, 2020 to October 22, 2022. Datasets published by Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Our World in Data (OWID) are used, which are accessible through Github. Compared to ARIMA with  R2 of 0,8883 for Indonesia, 0,8353 for Malaysia, 0.97291 for the Philippines, and -3.105 for Vietnam, LSTM model can predict better in the four sampled ASEAN countries, with an R2 of 0.9996 for Indonesia, 0.9707 for Malaysia, 0.97291 for the Philippines, and 0.9200 for Vietnam.
      PubDate: 2023-01-11
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.41209
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • SARS-CoV-2 Detection from Lung CT-Scan Images Using Fine Tuning Concept on
           Deep-CNN Pretrained Model

    • Authors: Simeon Yuda Prasetyo
      First page: 101
      Abstract: The problem of the spread of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) is spreading fleetly and worldwide. Beforehand discovery and opinion of complaint is veritably important to ensure the right remedy so that it needs to be enforced through various practical approaches. In former studies, complaint discovery through medical imaging has started to appear and get a good delicacy of around 80 to 90 percent using machine learning. In the deep learning era, some trials get better accuracy of 95 percent using the traditional deep learning approach. Now, deep learning has developed more fleetly, especially for image classification. therefore, it's necessary to experiment with a pretrained model approach to medical images. In addition, the fine tuning approach will also be an aspect of the approach that will be carried out in this trial to be compared and to find out its effect, specifically on CT-Scan images of the lungs for the discovery of COVID 19. The results of this experiment showed that the pretrained model approach can get high accuracy. Relatively high accuracy, the smallest testing accuracy in this trial reached 94.78 percent of the Xception without fine tuning phase, this result has beaten the machine learning approach which is didn't reach 90 percent of accuracy. The best experiment testing accuracy get 97.59 percet on the VGG 16 by applying fine tuning. The results of this trial also show that the fine tuning stage (for the top 10th layers) can increase the accuracy of the model.
      PubDate: 2023-01-16
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40897
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implementation of Digital Libraries in Book Management and Donation in the
           Nyala Aksara Community

    • Authors: Saut Pintubipar Saragih, Mesri Silalahi
      First page: 113
      Abstract: Web Based Applications has been implemented to organize bookstore and it is reuired to handle a wider library system, especially in a non-profit organization such as Nyala Aksara community library in Batam City. All library sources especially book collections come from donations from the community or charity, with this situation it is expected for the commitee to be able provide a system to reach more people to donate with easiness. The E-library Web application is expected to be able to provide solutions for the Nyala Aksara organization management. The main problems is the donations systems that have not been systematically organized, and then borrowing and returning system for users. E-library application will be built using web-based programming like HTML PHP, MySQL database and designing method with UML Method. The e-library will provide services for those who want to donate books, this application will also provide a system that is able to manage borrowers and how to process the book returning. The results of this research is producing a solution for the organization called E-libarary which is a web-based library management.
      PubDate: 2023-01-16
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.41698
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implementation of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as a Website-Based
           Server Security System and Mobile Application

    • Authors: Rayco William, Ikhwan Ruslianto, Uray Ristian
      First page: 123
      Abstract: Server is a center for providing services and storing data in a computer network. A server is managed by server administrator who has a duty of monitoring security server. While on duty, there are deficiencies in detecting attacks, the slow information about the attacks, and how to handle attacks on the server. In this research, a server security system was created by implementing an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) based on website and mobile applications. Attack detection focuses on ICMP and TCP port attacks with the latency time when the system responds to an attack is 99,89 ms (very good). The attack handling system was successfully carried out using Iptables against the attacker's IP that detected by the Suricata system through the website and mobile applications, to be given action which is divided into Drop, Reject and Accept. Administrators can quickly take the necessary precautions after receiving an automatic notification when the server is under attack via Telegram with an average speed is 3.41second. The ping attack, port scanning and ping of death (DoS) attacks resulted in an increase in the performance load on the local server with the initial conditions of CPU performance ranging from 10-19%, increasing when a ping attack occurred to 21,6%, memory 41,7%, and disk 19,6%. Port scanning increased by 85,9% CPU, memory 41,9%, and disk 20,3%. Ping of death increased CPU 90,4%, memory 42,9%, and disk 20,8%. Based on the tests that have been done, an excessive increase is found in the ping of death attack which results in server performance increasing to 90,4%, if the attack occurs for a long time then the server condition will be hang (damaged).
      PubDate: 2023-01-21
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40258
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms in Analyzing Public Opinion
           Sentiments Against Fuel Price Increases

    • Authors: Hanif Wira Saputra, Rahmaddeni Rahmaddeni
      First page: 138
      Abstract: Twitter is a social media platform that is quite widely used by the world community, especially people in Indonesia. Twitter is one of the social media that provides information, one of which is the increase in the price of crude oil which was recorded at 105 US dollars per barrel. The increase in fuel prices has a negative impact on society, causing pros and cons. Based on these problems, the authors aim to compare the performance of the artificial neural network and naïve Bayes algorithms to determine the best model for sentiment analysis of fuel price hikes. The data used amounted to 1000 datasets in the form of text documents with labeling using the lexicon and split data 90:10, 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 as a comparison of precision values. The application of word vectorization utilizes TF-IDF in assigning a weight value to each word. Based on the results of the experiments that have been carried out, it is found that the best algorithm using an artificial neural network is capable of producing an accuracy value of 87% for 1000 data on public opinion sentiment on fuel price hikes. Based on the evaluation results, the model built can categorize public opinion sentiment into positive sentiment, negative sentiment, and neutral sentiment automatically and the polarity of public sentiment tends to be positive towards the issue of the fuel price increase that occurred.  
      PubDate: 2023-01-21
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.41911
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implementation of IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Fail2ban on Server for
           DDoS and Brute Force Attacks

    • Authors: Fazar Dawamsyach, Ikhwan Ruslianto, Uray Ristian
      First page: 149
      Abstract: Server security is an important thing that must be considered so that the server can work well and serve users. Attacks on servers can threaten server performance and data security in it. According to the National Cyber and Crypto Agency 2020 report, ports 22 and 80 were the top ports with the most attacks. One of the attacks on port 22 is brute force and an attack on port 80 is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). To solve this problem, a study was conducted to implement fail2ban IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to increase server security. The attacks tested focused on brute force attacks on port 22 and DDoS attacks on port 80 using the TCP protocol. The fail2ban system is equipped with a website interface and notifications via telegram. The test results show that DDoS attacks have more impact on CPU performance with the highest increase in CPU being 92%, while brute force attacks have more impact on server memory performance with the highest increase in memory by 100%. The increase in server performance results in slowed server performance. The system managed to prevent DDoS attacks with an average speed of 0.5 seconds while brute force attacks were 6.1 seconds. The system managed to prevent DDoS attacks with a total of 88 attacks and brute force attacks with a total of 864 attacks.
      PubDate: 2023-01-21
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40259
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Recommendations for the Best Contract Labor Handling Staff Using the
           Complex Proportional Assessment Method

    • Authors: Adi Widarma, Dharyana Suryadijaya, Bagus Rizki Lubis, Ira Murni
      Pages: 162 - 174
      Abstract: Staff or commonly referred to as employees are an important part of a company/institution, especially those who have the quality and enthusiasm to maintain the progress of the agency. The purpose of this research is to find out decision making or problem solving in determining the best contract staff recommendations at SERGAI DISPORAPARBUD so that later these staff can be more motivated in their performance. To conduct this research, observational research methods, interviews and literature studies were carried out and the calculation process was carried out using the COPRAS method. In addition to determining the best contract labor recommendations, several criteria must be met by each alternative, namely discipline, honesty, communication, cooperation, and responsibility. The results of this study indicate that 10 alternatives get the top ranking, one of which is a staff named Jaliya SE with a utility value of 100 getting the first rank in the recommendation to become the best contract worker at DISPORAPARBUD SERGAI.
      PubDate: 2023-01-31
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.42655
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Implementation of Network Security and Anticipating Attackers Using
           pfSense Firewall

    • Authors: Alhu Waladan Naufal Sholihan, Aan Restu Mukti, Suryayusra Suryayusra, Rahmat Novrianda Dasmen
      Pages: 175 - 183
      Abstract: At PT. PLN (Persero) UPDL Palembang uses routers from the Cisco 1900 series, hardware-wise this Cisco device is very old because it was released in 2009 according to a Cisco website source, using the Cisco 1900 series as a router is something that is very vulnerable to attack by attackers due to its backwardness. the times in terms of network security, and the lack of attention to network security is also a matter of concern in this regard. With these problems, routing is added for network security by designing a pc router firewall from pfSense, the pc router itself uses computer assets that are is no longer used but has sufficient specifications. Using the action research method, carrying out diagnoses, planning actions, following up, conducting evaluations, and learning materials. By designing a pc router firewall using pfSense it is hoped that the results will be quite good, because it uses the router firewall feature using pfSense to block attacks. Using pfSense as network security will certainly be safer because pfSense still regularly updates or improves its security and has an active forum community to date so that information can be exchanged.
      PubDate: 2023-01-31
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.42377
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • K-Means Cluster Analysis for District or City Clustering in Bengkulu
           Province based on The Number of Base Transceiver Stations and The Strength
           of Cell Phone Signal

    • Authors: Anisa Rahmawati, Endah Setyowati
      Pages: 184 - 196
      Abstract: The existence of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and the strength of cell phone signals in an area have greatly affected the ease of communication and exchanging information between people. This is one aspect to measure technological developments in a region. This study aims to use the K-Means algorithm to classify districts or cities in Bengkulu Province based on the proportion of BTS presence, the proportion of villages with strong telephone signals, and the proportion of villages with 4G internet signals. There are three clusters based on these three variables and there are still significant differences between districts or cities in Bengkulu Province. The output of this study becomes an input for the Bengkulu provincial government to be able to pay attention to the distribution of communication infrastructures in their province.
      PubDate: 2023-01-31
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40913
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Internet of Things based Control and Monitoring System for Koi Fish

    • Authors: Kevin William, Ikhwan Ruslianto, Irma Nirmala
      Pages: 197 - 208
      Abstract: Water quality is an important factor for fish koi cultivation. Poor water quality such as inappropriate temperature, pH, and turbidity can disrupt metabolic processes, inhibit growth and cause death in koi fish. Apart from that, feeding and checking water quality are still done manually. Because of this, we need a system that can monitor and control the feeding, temperature, and water quality according to the living environment of koi fish. In this study the system was built on an Android-based mobile application using the flutter framework. In addition, the system has a notification to provide information on changes in sensor readings in real time to users. The notifications are changes in temperature, pH, turbidity, water level, feed level and changes in control device modes. Testing the water temperature readings obtained a relative error value of 0,66%, water turbidity readings obtained an error value of 8,79%, water pH readings obtained a relative error value of 2,45%, water level readings obtained an error relative value of 1,57% and feed availability readings obtained an error value of 3,1%.
      PubDate: 2023-01-31
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.40886
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
  • Comparative Analysis of CPU Performance on FreeBSD 64-bit and RedHat
           64-bit Operating System Against Denial of Service (DoS) Using Hping3

    • Authors: Ihsan Fadli Tampati, Faizal Gani Setyawan, Wiyar Wilujengning Sejati, Aqwam Rosadi Kardian
      Pages: 209 - 219
      Abstract: Denial of Services (Dos) attack is a type of attack against server traffic. DoS works by placing a heavy load on the server, so that the server cannot accommodate connections from other users and can cause system failure on the server. On the other hand, Denial of Services (DoS) attacks can be used to test server resilience. The servers to be tested are using RedHat Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. Testing is carried out by flooding the system with DoS attacks using the hping3 tool, then comparing the test results in the form of percentages of CPU consumption and memory consumption between operating systems to determine vulnerabilities in each operating system. Based on a comparison of test results between operating systems, the FreeBSD operating system has better CPU performance than the RedHat Linux operating system, but has a vulnerability in internal memory to DoS attacks. Meanwhile, the RedHat Linux operating system has better internal memory performance than the FreeBSD operating system, but has a vulnerability in CPU performance against DoS attacks.
      PubDate: 2023-01-31
      DOI: 10.24114/cess.v8i1.42824
      Issue No: Vol. 8, No. 1 (2023)
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