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  • Implementing A Quality Learning In Schools

    • Authors: Andi Warisno
      Pages: 1 - 12
      Abstract: A quality learning process is a process of learning based on continuous improvement.
      The quality can be measured from the quality of inputs, processes, and outputs. In its
      implementation, it requires a culture of quality that grows from all parties: teachers,
      school principals, students, staff, cleaning service, and all of the school’s components.
      By improving the quality of learning, it means we have improved the quality of
      education as a whole.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Structure Of Human Skeleton Exhibits The Mysterious Love Of Allah (Swt) To
           Prophet Muhammad (Saw)

    • Authors: Mohammad Abul Hossain
      Pages: 13 - 39
      Abstract: This study presents a scientific explanation of a very important verse (Ayat),
      95:4 in the holy Qur’an. The verse is in sura At-Tin, states that:  ﻟَﻘَﺪْ ﺧَﻠﻘْﻨَﺎ اﻹِﻧﺴَﺎنَ ﻓِﻲ ٲَﺣْﺴَنِ ﺗَﻘْﻮِﻳﻢِ : "Verily, We created man in the best statue (mould)”. In response to the “best statue”, a mysterious observation is proposed by  correlating the four oaths of Allah (Sobhan wa tawla: SWT) which imposed before starting this verse, with the help of physical structure of oath materials, knowledge of medical science and other verses in the holy Qur’an. That is – the statue of human body (Adam) represents the combine structure of Arabic words (ﻣﺤﻤﺪ) Muhammad (Peace be upon him: PBUH) and (اﻟﻠﻪ) Allah (SWT), which made his (Adam) superiority to all others. Thus human became the topmost creature in the whole universe, and his body structure is created in the best statue, mentioned in the verse of the holy Qur’an. Actually, the creation of such structure of human body is the outlooks of the infinite love of Allah (SWT) to His prophet Muhammad (SAW). Regarding this, supporting verses in the holy Qur’an are discussed.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Islam In Southeast Asia

    • Authors: Arfah Ibrahim
      Pages: 40 - 52
      Abstract: This article will discuss about Southeast Asian Islam. This article describes how the
      process of Islamic presence in Southeast Asia, the process of dissemination,
      development and decline of Islamic teachings itself. Islam is a religion that has now
      spread to all continents and countries on the surface of this earth. Because indeed in
      the teachings of Islam itself demands to people who embrace Islam to spread it to other
      people who do not know Islam, in Islam too easy to understand the teachings
      according to the rational and also a lot of natural proof that Islam is a religion correct.
      So Muslims who have good morals ease in spreading so that people around nonMuslims
      want to accept, follow, and convert to Islam.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Key Money (Badl Al-Khulu): An Islamic Perspective

    • Authors: Habibur Rahman, Noor Mohammad Osmani
      Pages: 53 - 81
      Abstract: The key money (badl al-khulu) refers to the amount that one pays to the other who
      forgoes his/her right to enjoy the usufruct of the real estate like house, shop and others.
      This paper intends to study the legal status of exchanging key money from the
      perspective of Islamic law. The study is qualitative in nature and an analytical
      method is employed to accomplish the study based on both classical and modern
      references of the topic. The study finds that the exchange of key money could be
      between the tenant and the landlord or between the current tenant and the
      subsequent tenant, or among all these three parties. If the exchange of key money is
      made during the lease period then it is permissible. However, if it is made after expiry
      of lease period then it is invalid because after termination of the right of tenant the
      landlord is more entitled to his/her possessions and he/she may do whatever wishes.
      Nevertheless, if the landlord consents to the exchange of key money, and the tenant
      makes a new lease agreement with him, then the exchange of key money is valid
      despite the expiry of the lease period.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • تطوير الشخصية بالأوصاف الواردة المهمة
           في الأحاديث النبوية

    • Authors: Abdullah Al Mamun
      Pages: 82 - 97
      Abstract: كلنا ٌعلم أ ّن الله بعث محمدا صلى الله عليه وسلم إلٌنا لهداٌة الناس إلى ما هو خٌر فً الدنٌا والآخرة, مع أنه كان
      خٌر الناس فً ظروف الحٌاة البشرٌة كلها وفً حٌاته أسوة حسنة ولدوة كاملة, ولٌس هنان
      شٌا ما لا فٌه هدٌه وسنته من الألوال والأفعال والتمارٌر والصفات خلمٌة كانت أو خلمٌة,
      فكذلن فً تطوٌر الشخصٌة أٌضا, ففً حٌاته نجد كمالة الشخصٌة التً ٌدهش الناس بها عبر
      المرون كلها, فإذا تؤملنا فً ألواله وأفعاله وتمرٌراته وصفاته عثرنا على بعض الأوصاف
      المهمة الأساسٌة التً تساعد الناس على تكوٌن الشخصٌة الرابعة الموٌة وتطوٌره ما لم ٌجد
      الناس إلا بعد طلوع شمس الهداٌة فً مكة المكرمة, ففً هذا البحث نلاحظ تلن الأوصاف
      المهمة الواردة فً الأحادٌث الشرٌفة ونمسمها على الأربعة وهً الأوصاف العملٌة والأوصاف
      البدنٌة والأخلاق الحسنة والأوصاف الاجتماعٌة ثم نفصلها مع النصوص المتعلمة بها لٌتضح
      المرام ـ

      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Eorientation Of Individual-Transcendental Sufism Values In At-Tuh}Fah
           Al-Mursalah Manuscript Toward Socio-Empirical Value

    • Authors: Ihsan Sa’dudin
      Pages: 98 - 114
      Abstract: The manuscript at-Tuh}fah al-Mursalahas a track record of the past is full of virtues.
      Seeking virtue means preparing yourself through the purification process. Sufism, as
      a purification step to reach the Allah. The spiritual experience gained by sa>lik when
      meeting and union with Allah (individual-transcendental values) should be felt also
      by others. The transmission of spiritual experience is implemented in empirical life
      (socio-empirical values) as a form of practicing and teaching a loving Islam, so that
      the concept of rahmatan lil 'alamin can be felt by all creatures. The process of
      attaining the maqam requires clarity of heart; peace of mind, mind and environment;
      as well as sincerity amaliyah. Awareness to negate the existence of self (‘alam nasut)
      and purify the existence of divinity (‘alam lahut) in self as a form of preparation to
      accept the holiness of the Khaliq. It is this doctrine of purity that should be practiced
      and spread by the salik and perceived by all beings to create goodness in the universe.
      Goodness that does not look to ethnic, religious, ethnic, and state boundaries.
      Universal goodness as the real essence of Islam rahmatan lil a'lamin.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Eksistensi Peran Majelis Adat Aceh Dalam Mensosialisasikan Nilai-Nilai
           Pendidikan Islam Di Wilayah Barat-Selatan Aceh

    • Authors: Syaibatul Hamdi
      Pages: 115 - 137
      Abstract: Penelitian ini termasuk dalam jenis penelitian kualitatif. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode deskriptif-analitik yang dikonkritkan dalam bentuk penelitian lapangan dan didukung dengan data-data kepustakaan. Untuk mencapai akurasi penelitian, dilakukan dua langkah strategis, yaitu pengumpulan data dan analisis data. Pengumpulan data dilakukan untuk memilah sumber data yang bersifat primer dan skunder. Adapun analisis data dilakukan untuk menemukan pola-pola objek penelitian secara sistematis. Secara teknis, proses analisis
      data dilakukan dengan menggunakan metode hermeunetik. Metode ini digunakan untuk menemukan makna, peran, dan urgensi MAA dalam menanamkan nilai-nilai pendidikan Islam kepada masyarakat melalui sosialisasi adat. Hasil penelitian yaitu: Pertama, Terjawabnya pertanyaan bahwa majelis Adat Aceh sangat eksis dalam mensosialisasikan nilai-nilai pendidikan Islam melalui adat terbukti dengan terlaksananya beberapa kegaiatan sosialisasi adat kepada masyarakat wilayah Barat Selatan Aceh dalam rentang tiga tahun terakhir, Kedua; bentuk kegiatan sosialisasi nilai-nilai pendidiakan Islam yang dilakukan oleh Majelis Adat Aceh Wilayah Barsela di antaranya dalam bentuk seminar, FGD, Pelatihan, dan menerbitkan majalah atau buletin yang terkait dengan adat,. Ketiga, kendala yang dihadapi oleh Majelis Adat Aceh Barat Selatan Aceh diantaranya adalah: Kurangnya anggaran,Sarana dan prasarana yang belum memadai, Tidak adanya rumah adat sebagai simbol daerah, Dukungan pemerintah masih kurang maksimal, Simbol simbol adat yang ada tidak terawat dengan baik dan kurang keikutsertaan masyarakat dalam kegiatan mensosialisasikan nilai-nilai pendidikan Islam dalam Adat Aceh.

      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Determinant Factors in The Formation Of Students’ Islamic Personality At
           Indonesian School Of Bangkok (Sib) 2018

    • Authors: Andriyani Andriyani
      Pages: 138 - 149
      Abstract: Education is a necessity for every human being. In Islam, education is evidenced by
      changes in attitudes and behavior in accordance with Islamic doctrine that requires
      activities and environment to support its success, so it can be said that Islamic
      education is the formation of a Muslim personality. This study was conducted at
      Indonesian School of Bangkok (SIB) located in Thailand with cross sectional design.
      The results of statistical analysis showed that students who got Islamic Education in
      the family environment well tend to 7,636 times have a good Islamic personality,
      while students who got Islamic Education in school well, tend to be 6,238 times have a good Islamic personality. Islamic education in the family environment had most significant relationship with the formation of students’ Islamic personality in SIB Thailand.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
  • Can We Reconcile The Universal Human Rights with Islam

    • Authors: Mirza Fahlevy
      Pages: 150 - 159
      Abstract: The Universal Human Rights is one of the most intrigued issues and often hotly
      being discussed around the globe. The issue seems never escape from media. This is not because the Human Rights is irrelevant to the human being, rather its value is
      essential. Several countries, for example, shift human rights discourses when drafting certain bill before passing it to citizens. The international agreement also, like UN Resolution, and other international laws, often taking the human rights value into account before exercising it. All of these facts highlighted that the Universal Human Rights is an important principle to be integrated within the global citizens.
      PubDate: 2020-07-28
      Issue No: Vol. 5, No. 1 (2020)
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