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    • Authors: John Rafafy Batlolona
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of the HPC strategy on primary school student learning outcomes. This research produces several conclusions as follows: 1) The Homogeneity Psycho Cognition (HPC) learning strategy has been developed following the relevant development directions and procedures; 2) The results of the validation of the HPC strategy by experts indicate that the HPC strategy is appropriate for use with little revision; 3) The results of small-scale and medium-scale trials show that the HPC strategy is well-responded by students. The results of the study suggested the following matters: 1) It is necessary to conduct trials on a broader scale to obtain information about the effectiveness of the HPC strategy in various elementary schools in Ambon City and other districts; 2) Experimental research is needed to examine the effect of the HPC learning strategy on student learning outcomes in Physical Education, Sport and Health (PJOK) subjects including other subjects; 3) It is necessary to conduct a broader and in-depth research study on HPC strategies at various levels of education and subjects in various regions.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Draw Your Story: Exploring adaptation experiences of first-year students
           at the Institute of Teacher Education Malaysia

    • Authors: Tengku Norhani Tengku Besar
      Abstract: The transition from school to the institute of higher learning is a challenging phase that requires students to adapt to new environments and cultures.  This study aims to explore the experiences of first-year students at the Institute of Teacher Education by using storytelling through drawing. This study involved 18 students pursuing the Bachelor of Education Preparatory Programme at the Institute of Teacher Education in Malaysia. Storytelling through drawing results was analysed using thematic analysis. Findings showed that the first-year students at the Institute of Teacher Education have difficulties adapting in four main themes; academic, social, personal and interest. The findings of this study are expected to contribute towards the formation and development of appropriate interventions to assist the well-being of first-year students at the Institute of Teacher Education, Malaysia, in adapting to the new environment. 
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Virtual Learning of the Tribal Students in Bangladesh: Constrictions and

    • Authors: Quazi Farzana Yesmin; Mohammad Ehsanul Islam Khan
      Abstract: This paper depicted the current panorama of virtual learning of the tribal students in Bangladesh with the constrictions and possible solutions. The study aimed to deal with the major issues about tribal students’ online education by bringing out the key restraints of their distance learning and the possible solutions. The researchers followed a mixed method using a 5-point Likert Scale to point out the learner sensitivities, an online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to know specific information from all the tribes who participated in the study. Additionally, four different questions were also set for multiple response analyses. The results suggested that the tribal students have not agreeably received adequate facilities such as technological support, university funding, departmental encouragements, or monetary benefits from the quota system in the current pandemic (Covid-19) time to attend virtual learning sessions though they expect arrangements and future steps for academic learning. All institutions also could not provide them adequate opportunities to attend online classes. In conclusion, the study proposed some imperative measures for example, inclusion of flipped classroom, introducing blended learning henceforth, revising quota facilities, adequate electricity support and internet connection, etc. to help the tribal students as they should not get deprived.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Assessment of Students General Attitude in Gender-Inclusive Language

    • Authors: Arlene Delelis Talosa; Arlene Delelis Talosa
      Abstract: Centered on studies on language and gender, thus study generally aimed to assess the students’ general attitude towards Gender-Inclusive It likewise determined comparative assessment of the same when grouped according to sex. The study utilized quantitative research design. Survey Questionnaire using the IASNL was the instrument used which assess beliefs, recognition of sexist language and willingness to use gender-inclusive language. Respondents utilized were randomly selected students of the College of Teacher Education. Results revealed that most of the students are female, displaying a positive attitude towards gender-inclusive language which indicates the students’ openness to gender-inclusive language use. It was found though that women and men did not seem to care strongly one way or the other about gender-inclusive language. The result is reflective of the potential positive feedback to the GAD mainstreaming programs of the campus on the use of the said language.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Improving polytechnic students’ high-order-thinking-skills through
           inquiry-based learning in mathematics classroom

    • Authors: Abdurrahman Muhammad Sani; Abdullah Abdul Halim, Osman Sharifah
      Abstract: Mathematics is one of the most emphasized subjects and has grown immensely to provide a strong base for programs in science, engineering and technology. Training students in this field will give them the opportunity to improve their high order thinking skills (HOTS). But the students’ HOTS level is at low stage due to the learning approaches employed in classrooms. The aim of this study is therefore to investigate the effect of inquiry-based learning (IBL) in improving polytechnic students’ level of HOTS. In this study, pre-test-post-test quasi-experimental design was used involving two purposefully sampled National Diploma II classes. Seventy-three students participated in this study (36 students for experimental group and 37 students for control group). HOTS questions and worksheets based on IBL are the instruments used for this study. The findings of independent-sample t-test analysis showed that there was a significant difference between the mean scores of post-test for both experimental and control groups at alpha= 0.05 (p= 0.000) level of significant. Moreover, it was found that the students’ overall HOTS level (applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating) can be improved through this approach. In conclusion, IBL can have a positive effect on the HOTS of polytechnic students in mathematics classroom.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Satisfaction on the university frontline services: From the lens of
           transacting students and employees

    • Authors: Marivic A. Gorospe; Ma. Angelita Saquing Rabanal, Arlene D. Talosa
      Abstract: Client satisfaction is an influential predictor of academic life, such as services delivered with suitable standards.  Thus, the study focused on determining the level of client satisfaction on the frontline services of Cagayan State University at Aparri from the perspective of students and employees. To assess suitability, relevance, and to ensure adequate & reliable information for the evaluation of the study, the researchers adopted the descriptive- evaluative design and ascertained the level of clients’ satisfaction on the frontline services received and experienced on the campus. The study, however, was limited to the assessment of the respondents on their level of contentment only on the frontline services and providers they have encountered. The results indicate a very high level of satisfaction with which heads of offices have gained higher satisfaction ratings than that of their staff. When grouped according to the respondents’ profile, the older students rated higher the frontline services and providers than the younger ones. At the same time, regular employees have a higher level of satisfaction as compared to non-regular. The result of the study manifests students' and employees’ very high contentment with the actual performances of the frontline service providers.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • and Socrative as Innovative Teaching Method Tools: Integrating
           TPACK and Social Learning Theory

    • Authors: Narentheren Kaliappen; Wan Nurisma Ayu Ismail, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Dwi Sulisworo
      Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to share a lecturer’s viewpoint on using and Socrative applications as an innovative teaching method integrating TPACK and Social Learning Theory (SLT) at higher education. The applications were used to teach 44 undergraduate students who registered for Cross-Cultural Management course at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). At first, the lecturer used before the class starts and requesting the students to answer several questions before coming to the class. After completing each chapter, the students requested to answer some questions using Socrative application to test their understanding level. I found that at the beginning of the semester, the students not aware of these two applications. However, at the end of the semester, every student familiar with these applications and overall provided positive feedback on the usage of and Socrative application in the teaching and learning process. This study used IntenCheck sentiment analysis software to evaluate the students’ feedback. Student’s opinion on using and Socrative application as an innovative teaching method not explored before at UUM. Therefore, this viewpoint could provide useful insight for university lecturers to use these applications in their teaching and learning process.  
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Embracing TVET education: The effectiveness of project based learning
           (PBL) on secondary school students’ achievement

    • Authors: zaharah che isa; Nurulwahida azid
      Abstract: Project-based learning (PBL) is a method of learning that is gaining attention today at home and abroad. This method has long been used especially in developing countries. Various results of PBL-related studies have also been found to be effective and have a positive impact on students. However, although it has been introduced for some time in Malaysia, it is still considered foreign to students and teachers.  Therefore, this study was conducted to look at the effectiveness of applying the PBL method in the topic of project design on Form Two students' learning process. This quasi-experimental study was conducted through pre and post-tests on two control and treatment groups using a combination of quantitative (descriptive and inference) and qualitative (interview) approaches.  A total of 60 Form Two students were involved, of which 30 were treatment students and another 30 were control students. Five students from the treatment group were randomly selected to go through a structured interview process. This interview was conducted to confirm the results of the quantitative study. The results showed that there was a significant impact of independent variable on the dependent variable in students' project-based learning process. Therefore, this study demonstrated that the PBL method had a positive impact on students' attitudes and perceptions that were the integral part of the learning process. Interview findings also showed that among the positive things gained after learning through the PBL method were gained new experiences, more focused, increased interest in the content, more confident and responsible for the learning process.  In addition, the interview results also showed that the respondents suggested that the PBL method should be continued and implemented in other topics and subjects.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • EFL university teachers’ perspectives in written corrective feedback and
           their actual applications

    • Authors: Windy Wahju Purnomo; Yazid Basthomi, Johannes Ananto Prayogo
      Abstract: This study aims at investigating the EFL university teachers’ perspectives and their actual applications in providing written corrective feedback to the writing errors made by the EFL university students and their correlation. The study was based on 80 responses of a Google-form survey distributed to EFL university teachers with various teaching experiences from the most parts of Indonesia. Correlational design was used in this research. Descriptive statistics and Pearson’s correlation tests were used to analyze data. The results indicated that the majority of teachers had perspectives that it is valuable to provide and vary the strategies of written corrective feedback. In addition, the teachers mostly applied both direct and indirect feedback in various strategies and they only sometimes provided corrections in all aspects of errors and reformulation. It was also found out that the Indonesian EFL university teachers’ perspectives in the written corrective on students’ writing errors highly correlated with their actual applications. The results of the study provide both theoretical and pedagogical implications. Theoretically, it enriches the body knowledge of feedback and EFL writing. Pedagogically, EFL teachers are also suggested to improve their knowledge on various feedback techniques and apply it in their classroom practices.   

      PubDate: Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +000
  • Elementary Students' Attitudes towards STEM and 21st Century Skills

    • Authors: Riki Perdana; An-nisa Apriani, Rino Richardo, Endi Rochaendi, Cahya Kusuma
      Abstract: STEM and 21st-century learning are very important to be applied from an early age for all students, including at the elementary school level. This study aims to describe students' attitudes towards STEM and 21st-century skills according to gender and education level. The method used is descriptive quantitative by explaining and comparing the results of the questionnaires given to students. Student attitudes are described based on domain of STEM (Science, Technology/Engineering and Math), 21st-century skills, gender, and student grade level. The test instrument used refers to one of the articles that have been published in a reputable international journal with a questionnaire scale of 1-5. There are 130 elementary students who were obtained randomly from one of the elementary schools in Yogyakarta. The results showed that based on the science the meanscore of the students was 3.23 (moderate). on mathematics 3,21(moderate); on technology/engineering 3.68 (moderate) and on 21st century skill 3.65 (moderate). According to gender, there is a significant difference between the attitudes of male and female students towards STEM and 21st-century skills. But  there is no significant difference based on the grade of students. Based on these findings, before implementing STEM-based learning and 21st-century skills, teachers or policymakers must know the student attitudes. These findings can be used to create STEM and 21st-century learning.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:16 +000
  • Gender differences in anger expressions among secondary students

      Abstract: Individuals with choleric temperaments easily get angry and can be problematic if not expressed appropriately. The purpose of this study is to identify gender differences in anger expressions among secondary school students. Respondents were secondary school students in four states in the Northern region of Malaysia. A total of 3348 students were involved, including 1,800 males and 1,548 females. Respondents aged between 13 and 16 were randomly selected from 20 secondary schools. Descriptive analyses and t-test were used to identify anger expressions among secondary school students. Findings showed that 780 respondents agreed that they are hot-tempered, while 2568 others did not. From the 780 hot-tempered respondents, 370 are males and 410 are females. A total of 3160 from the 3348 respondents did not meet their school counsellors for counselling sessions when they had anger problems. The findings also revealed a significant difference in four types of anger expressions between male and female students. They were in aggressive, verbal, intrinsic anger expression, and intrinsic anger control. The findings revealed that school counsellors need to equip students with specific, creative, and innovative interventions to cope with different anger expression.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:16 +000
  • Development and Validation of Year Five Geometrical Measurement Skills
           Instrument (GMSI)

    • Authors: Siti Nur Annisa Mohd Nasser; Lim Hooi Lian
      Abstract: Geometrical measurement is one of the most difficult fields in primary school mathematics and regularly found to be an area of weaknesses. The factors affecting the low understanding is due to the lack of valid and reliable assessment instruments. Thus, this study aimed to develop and validate a Geometrical Measurement Skill Instrument (GMSI) to assess Year Five National school pupils’ geometrical measurement skills in geometrical measurement. GMSI was developed by applying the SOLO Taxonomy and was constructed in the super item format which consisted of 24 items altogether. This study applied a survey approach to assess 132 Year Five pupils’ geometrical measurement skills. The content validity was examined using the Content Validity Index (CVI) analysis. For the construct validity, data were obtained and analyzed using the Rasch analysis. From the CVI analysis, the results showed that GMSI could be used for the pilot study. Results for the construct validity indicated that GMSI fulfilled the psychometric properties and is valid and reliable. Hence, the results could help teachers and pupils to diagnose the strength and weaknesses of geometrical measurement and help them to plan systematic remedy to improve teaching and learning.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:15 +000
  • Relationship between Emotional intelligence and Burnout: An empirical
           investigation of Teacher Educators

    • Authors: Ravi Kant
      Abstract: Purpose of this investigation was to explore if a relationship exists or not between emotional intelligence and burnout by examine a sample of 200 teacher educators that were selected by a purposive stratified sampling method from among of all teacher educators in District Gaya, India. In this investigation, two instruments were used to collect data, such as Weisinger’s Emotional Intelligence Test and Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). This research is correlation type so to analyze the data, were used Pearson correlation co-efficient and Analysis of Regression. Investigations found that teacher educator were not significantly different in emotional intelligence on the basis of gender, locality and teaching experience. Gender and teaching experience has nothing to play on burnout but locality has a significant difference on burnout score of teacher educators. Research findings revealed that there is a significant negative relationship between emotional intelligence and burnout Syndrome(r=-0.221). Emotional intelligence had a significant contribution on burnout of teacher educators
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:15 +000
  • Building a synergy between mentors' field practices and
           teacher-trainees' performance in student teaching

    • Authors: Gail G. Gumilet; Bonimar T. Afalla, Sanny J. Dangis
      Abstract: The gradual change from the position of a teacher-trainee to the role of a teacher depends on effective teamwork between educational institutions and the wider education community. Hence, this study ascertained the relationship between the field practices implemented by the college deans, supervising instructors, school principals, and teachers, and the teaching performance of teacher-trainees. A descriptive-correlational study was employed in this study. A rating scale was used to collect data from the mentors and teacher-trainees who served as respondents. Descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, percentages, and weighted means were employed to describe the levels of mentors’ field practices and teaching performance of teacher-trainees. To establish a significant relationship between the variables, the Spearman rank-order of correlation coefficient (rs) was used. Results of the study show that when the deans, supervising instructors, school principals, and cooperating teachers manifest an exceptional level of field practices in student teaching, it follows that all the dimensions of field practices are highly practiced. Further, when the teacher-trainees exhibit an exemplary teaching performance, all other dimensions of student teaching are also found to be remarkable. Finally, an outstanding field practice in student teaching shows minor or slight influence in the outstanding teaching performance of teacher-trainees.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:15 +000
  • The adoption of cloud computing systems in the higher education sector in
           Oman in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Authors: Salim Al-Hajri; Abdelghani Echchabi, Abdullah Mohammed Ayedh, Mohammed Mispah Said Omar
      Abstract: The objective of the study is to identify the factors that influence the acceptance and usage of cloud computing systems in the Omani higher education sector, with special emphasis on the COVID-19 outbreak. For this purpose, 200 students from several Omani higher education institutions were surveyed, and the collected data were analyzed using Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings revealed that the intention to use cloud computing in this context is highly dependent on its perceived ease of use, usefulness, perceived reliability and responsiveness. It is noteworthy that this is one of the early studies that address the subject of cloud computing usage during times of crises, and specifically the COVID-19 outbreak. As such, it provides significant theoretical and practical contributions in the area of technology adoption.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:13 +000
  • Establishing a nexus between executive functions and management efficacy
           of academic leaders

    • Authors: Bryan B. Gabatino; Bonimar T. Afalla
      Abstract: Executive functions enable an individual to initiate and stop actions, track and modify behavior as necessary, and plan imminent behavior when faced with specific tasks and circumstances. It also helps one to predict results and adjust to evolving and difficult circumstances. This study, therefore, identified a connection between the executive functions and management efficacy of academic leaders of a State University in the Philippines. The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Adult Version was used in a correlation analysis to gauge the executive functions of academic leaders and a researcher-made questionnaire was administered to determine their management efficacy. The study was conducted using t-scores, means, and Pearson r. The stronger the potential of academic leaders to carry out their management skills, the more their emotional regulation leans towards the borderline. When they surprisingly practice their management skills, they appear to be average in inhibition, shift, self-monitoring, initiation, planning/organization, and task monitoring. As academic leaders' management skills reach a remarkable level, the more they are predisposed to functioning on their own initiative and can control their actions in the light of the circumstances. On the other hand, when academic leaders normally conduct change, self-monitoring, initiation, planning/organization, and task monitoring functions, they exemplify outstanding performance in their communication skills, adaptability, interpersonal relationships, and initiative, and imagination. But when their working memory, cognitive control, inhibition, and arrangement of materials is at the borderline, better interpersonal relationships, decision-making and judgment, and initiative and imagination are achieved.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:13 +000
  • Developing student’s metacognition ability in sciences through
           project-based learning with e-portfolio

    • Authors: Marheny Lukitasari; Rusdi Hasan, Akhmad Sukri, Jeffry Handhika
      Abstract: The aim of present study was to investigate the metacognitive ability of student using e-portfolio assessment in the project-based learning classes. The projects were the set out a critical analysis based on the selected references (project 1) and the set out of field activities based on the selected theme content (project 2). Student metacognitive ability consists of three phases, planning, implementation and evaluation abilities that were assessed through e-portfolio assignments. Eighty-seven participants divided into groups consisted of four to five students, conducted the projects, and submitted the progress of their projects in every decided step into online report assignments. The rubric of metacognition was used to acquire the quantitative score of skill that was separated into six levels category; not yet, at risk, not really, developing, OK, and super. The result revealed that 44.83% of the students belong to the last three of those levels and the rest are otherwise. The lowest and highest metacognitive ability of student is "not really" and "developing” respectively. Student metacognitive ability through conducting the project 2 activities is higher than the project 1. The findings showed that PjBl enable to foster the student metacognitive ability that developed through e-portfolio-based documents that student conducted during fulfilling all projects assignments.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:13 +000

    • Authors: Purwani Puji Utami; Alexius Dwi Widiatna, Herlyna Herlyna, Alpha Ariani, Faridah Karyati, Ardya Setya Nurvrita
      Abstract: The present research aims at investigating the direct effect of civil servant teacher job satisfaction on their absenteeism. Quantitative approach with survey method was employed. The sample involved was 198 civil servant teachers from public senior high schools in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. The result signifies that tcount < ttable (-2,84 < -1,97) leading to the acceptance of H0 and the rejection of H1. This explicitly states that civil servant job satisfaction has a negative direct effect on their absenteeism. For job satisfaction predictors, positive attitude places the highest position followed by comfort in work and certainty in work. While the highest predictors of absenteeism from the highest to the lowest are: punctual task completion failure, absenteeism style, and no explanation absence. The study is predicted to provide recommendation for schools to promote teacher job satisfaction and suppress their absenteeism rate. Providing comfort and creating positive working atmosphere for teachers either has significant consequence to endeavor job satisfaction promotion and absenteeism rate decrease. Besides, leaders and school management board assertiveness in the mechanism of decreasing absenteeism is unarguably decisive to create fairness in policy and procedure obedience
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:12 +000
  • Student experience of using mobile devices for learning chemistry

    • Authors: Wai Foong Lok; Mahizer Hamzah
      Abstract: Mobile devices have been utilized as an emerging learning tool in the 21st century to support the learning of chemistry. This study aimed to identify matriculation students’ learning experience with regards to the use of mobile devices for learning chemistry. The study employed a qualitative case study approach, which was carried out in a matriculation college. Online diaries and interviews were utilized as the instruments of the study. A total of 84 students initially reflected their learning journey using an online diary, whereas 17 students who were active in mobile learning were purposely selected for the interview. The findings revealed that students have positive and negative experiences towards the use of mobile devices for learning chemistry. They positively perceived that using a mobile device for learning chemistry promotes knowledge construction, visualization of abstract concepts, self-control in learning and intellectual discourse. However, the issue of learning resources quality challenged their available cognitive capacity for learning chemistry. This study offered educators with insights about the importance of incorporating mobile devices for learning chemistry. Educators can plan the appropriate instructional strategies for chemistry based on the students’ learning needs.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:12 +000
  • Learning at Home: Parents’ Lived Experiences on Distance Learning During
           COVID-19 in the Philippines

    • Authors: Casper Boongaling Agaton; Lavinia Javier Cueto
      Abstract: COVID-19 pandemic has closed-down schools and dramatically shifts the instruction to distance learning. However, students from the low-income families and from rural areas have limited access to technology necessary for online learning. Modular learning addresses this learning inequality by providing more inclusive access to education. This study explores the lived experiences of the parents who act as learning supervisor, tutor, and home-schooling teacher for modular learning during the pandemic. This research surveyed parents from the Philippines and applied Inductive Content Analysis. The results show an agreement on the effectiveness of the implemented educational policies to contain the pandemic including the nationwide closures of schools, delaying the reopening of classes, and implementation of various instructional modalities. On the other hand, parents face various challenges from the new mode of learning in virtual setting; delivery of instruction; unsatisfactory learning outcomes; financial difficulties while working for the family during lockdown; struggle with the use and availability of technology; and personal problems on health, stress, and learning style. This study serves as a basis for providing a comprehensive and inclusive education policies while considering the perspective of the learners’ parents during the pandemic and beyond.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:12 +000
  • Impact of Lesson Study on Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematics Achievement
           of Malaysian Foundation Programme Students

    • Authors: Hosseinali Gholami; Aida Suraya Md Yunus, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Nurzatulshima Kamarudin
      Abstract: Based on many researches, there is negative relationship between mathematics anxiety and achievement. However, there is no study about mathematics anxiety and achievement in Malaysian foundation centers. This research studied the impact of Lesson Study (LS) on mathematics anxiety and achievement of students in a Malaysian university. A total of eight lecturers were involved in planning the LS which was experimented on 44 students as experimental group, while 42 others were in the control group. In the experimental group, students solved problems individually and in teams in a student-centered approach. For the control group, students were taught using the conventional method. Mathematics anxiety was measured using the Mathematics Anxiety Scale-Revised (MAS-R). A mathematics test was used to measure the students’ ability in problem solving. The data was analyzed using t-test, ANOVA and MANOVA. The results showed that there is a significant difference between the means of the experimental and control groups in mathematics anxiety and achievement scores. However, there is no statistically significant interaction between the effects of educational method and gender on both mathematics anxiety and achievement. LS was found to be a suitable method to increasing the student’s ability in problem solving and reducing their anxiety.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:12 +000
  • From Competition to Collaboration: Unraveling Teachers’ Lesson Study

    • Authors: Romiro G. Bautista; Wilfredo B. Baniqued
      Abstract: Lesson Study, a professional development program among teachers, reciprocates teachers’ development to students’ outcomes – an act of leveraging classroom practices, enriching teachers’ content knowledge, and process skills and beliefs. This study explored the experiences of a group of science secondary school teachers that implemented the Lesson Study in their classes. Qualitative data were gathered from the informants’ interview during the implementation of the Lesson Study. Data were processed through document trail among the informants to ascertain the veracity of the transcribed responses, reflections, and observations. Thematic analysis revealed five themes on the experiences of the teachers in implementing the Lesson Study: developing a culture of oneness, crafting teachers’ competence through synergism, boosting teachers’ morale and confidence, refining the quality of the Research Lesson, and scheming avenues for critical thinking. It is, therefore, suggested that Lesson Study be implemented by all teachers across all subject-areas in the Division and introduced among pre-service teachers to further discover its efficacy towards teachers’ development and students’ outcomes. Furthermore, it is strongly suggested that Knowledgeable Others be involved in the implementation of the Lesson Study as their presence were found significant in ensuring its success as most of the teachers are not specialized to the field that they are teaching.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:12 +000
  • The learning organization: Building bridges the changes of state Islamic
           university toward an international standard

    • Authors: Tasman Hamami; Siti Nur Hidayah, Miftahus Sa’adah
      Abstract: The learning organization is a strategic process for every university as a public service institution to improve its performance. Learning organizations have an essential role in linking past experiences to future improvements in changing State Islamic Universities in Indonesia to achieve international standards. This study aimed to describe the State Islamic University's learning organization profile in Indonesia and reveal the university's readiness towards international standards. This study used a survey approach, collecting data through closed questionnaires and open-ended questions involving 300 respondents consisting of lecturers and employees of the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. The data analysis technique used descriptive statistics with a benchmark scale and explanations. The results showed that the average score on all learning organization variables was low, below the benchmark scale. This result was in line with lecturers and employees' perception that most of them (68%) expressed pessimism about universities' readiness to achieve international standards. In conclusion, the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga has not fully become a learning organization as a bridge of change towards an international standard
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:11 +000
  • Digital citizenship skills among undergraduate students in Malaysia: A
           preliminary study

    • Authors: Noor Banu Mahadir Naidu; Nur Hidayah Baharudin, Nurul Nadia Ibrahim
      Abstract: The purpose of the study is to examine level of digital citizenship skills among undergraduate students at the Sultan Idris Education University, Perak, Malaysia. The study focused on three sub-variables of digital citizenship skills; online wellbeing, online learning and online safety. The paper present report from a questionnaire conducted on 1000 students from nine different faculties. Items for each variable were constructed based on literature highlights related to digital citizenship framework and through experts’ validation. A descriptive statistic was used in determined the level of digital citizenship skills among the undergraduate students. The findings of the study showed that the level of digital citizenship skills of students is at a high level. This study expected to help stakeholders to further emphasize the study of digital citizenship and digital citizenship education in Malaysia in more detail.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:11 +000
  • Are Students with Disabilities Ready for College' The Influence of
           College Readiness to College Engagement

    • Authors: Alies Poetri Lintangsari; Ive Emaliana, Fatmawati Fatmawati, Unita Werdi Rahajeng
      Abstract: Students with disabilities are underpressed society that are exluded from social system, and also education. Inclusive education is seen as promising way to accommodate students with disabilities in accessing higher education, yet, the implementation leaves challenges for the students with disabilities and also the faculties. Regarding the secondary education curriculum that is not preparing students with disabilities to enter higher education, students with disabilities are struggling in adjusting college life. This research aims at confirming the influence of college readiness to college engagement of students with disabilities. 61 college students with disabilities participated in the survey on college readiness and college engagement. Independent T-Test and simple regression analysis was applying to test the hypothesis. The result shows that the college readiness influence college engagement with large effect size (r =.769 >0.50, F=85.494, p (.000) < 0.01) which indicates that the more students are college-ready, the more they are engaged. Subssections variables of gender and education background do not statistically significant affect the college readiness and engagement. As the opportunity for students with disabilities attending college is uprising, college transition program is highly suggested to prepare students with disability for college life.  
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:11 +000
  • E-Learning in New Normal COVID-19: Measure HOTS and Pro-Environmental
           Behavior about Environmental Pollution

    • Authors: Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan; Agung Purwanto, Henita Rahmayanti
      Abstract: Current environmental learning amid the COVID-19 new normal situation requires an innovation. This is due to students need various skills to solve environmental pollution issues using HOTS and is implemented in the form of PEB. The innovation is aimed at supporting e-learning utilization. This study aims to delineate university students’ HOTS and PEB and examine the e-learning utilization. Method used in the study is descriptive method using survey technique. Samples involved in the research are 265 university students. The study results indicate that the students’ HOTS score is, overall, in a very low category (31.37). The students’ PEB score, however, is already in a very high position (89.88) as a form to prevent COVID-19 in their surrounding environment. The result of e-learning description suggests that there are still some obstacles in terms of e-learning implementation. The research concludes that the HOTS score is relatively low, whereas the PEB score must be maintained. Suggestions proposed from this study is that to develop teaching materials or learning media, in this context book or supplementary book can be develop, related to environmental pollution as a disaster mitigation effort amid the COVID-19 new normal situation.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:10 +000
  • Teaching internship from the metaphorical lens of Filipino prospective

    • Authors: Danilo V. Rogayan Jr; Denn Harry R. Reusia
      Abstract: Understanding prospective teachers’ (PTs) conceptions and perspectives about teaching internship may serve as an anchor for understanding their new experiences. The study explores Filipino PTs’ concepts of teaching internship through a metaphorical lens. Seventy-five PTs from a state-owned university in the Philippines served as the subjects of this qualitative inquiry. Data came from written narratives and explanations provided by the participants to describe their ideas on what a teaching internship is all about. The metaphoric images were enumerated, counted, interpreted, and classified to show meaningful patterns and themes. Findings showed that conceptions converged into six categories: teaching internship as (1) an endless learning venture, (2) a rewarding obstacle to surpass, (3) a chance to be a surrogate parent, (4) an enhancement of pedagogical competence, (5) an immersion in the actual workplace, and (6) an ultimate path towards becoming a teacher.   Metaphors used by the participants were a mix of positive and negative symbolisms. The study offered possible descriptions for these conceptions and their implications on teacher education institutions (TEIs). The supervision of the off-campus teaching internship program could be enhanced at the onset of Education 4.0.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:10 +000
  • The influence of curriculum and school climate on the academic attitude of
           tahfiz students in Malaysia

    • Authors: Muhamad Suhaimi Taat; Roslee Talip, Musirin Mosin
      Abstract: This study aimed to examine the influence of curriculum and school climate on the academic attitude of tahfiz (memorizing al-Quran) students in Sabah, Malaysia. A total of 81 students (age 10-12) from 3 private tahfiz primary schools around Kota Kinabalu were involved in this study. This quantitative study used cross-sectional survey method by distributing questionnaires to the respondents. The questionnaire was developed by the researchers to suit the unique environment of the tahfiz schools and has gone through the process of validity and reliability. Descriptive analysis showed that student attitude variable showed a high level of mean score (above 3.80), while for school climate variable, the finding was at a moderate level (Mean = 3.56, SD= 0.530). As for curriculum variable, most students learnt the same main subjects as studied in government-aided primary schools, with addition to Quranic subject. However, no one learnt Computer Education subject. Multiple regression analysis showed that only the school climate variable significantly influenced the academic attitude of tahfiz students (R2=0.251, Beta=0.503, p<0.001). It is hoped that this study will be able to provide useful information for the improvement of tahfiz institutions in Malaysia.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:10 +000
  • Factor of zoom cloud meetings (ZCM): Technology adoption on the pandemic

    • Authors: Zulherman Zulherman; Zalik Nuryana, Astadi Pangarso, Farah Mohamad Zain
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to prove the factors that influence the use of online learning platforms used in the co-19 pandemic. The method used in this study is a study that uses quantitative methods to analyze the validity and reliability of items and to test hypotheses. This study uses the theory of UTAUT2 models with several other variables. The total participants in this questionnaire were 175 people: lecturers. teachers. and students at the university and were randomly drawn. Consists of ten independent variables and one dependent variable. The findings of this study on ten hypotheses were only two accepted and eight rejected but. the authenticity of this study was never investigated about the purpose of using the Zoom platform during the Covid-19 outbreak in the context of Education in Indonesia.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:10 +000
  • Empirical Investigation On Student Satisfaction In E-Learning In The Covid
           19 Period With Importance Performance Analysis

    • Authors: Lila Bismala; Lila Bismala, Yayuk Hayulina Manurung
      Abstract: The covid 19 pandemic caused learning to be done with an online system, one of which is by using e-learning.  The use of e-learning received a lot of reactions, both from the student and lecturer side.  Lecturers must be able to make the best preparation, both in terms of materials, media, content, interaction and flexibility in the use of e-learning, so that students do not have difficulty in distance learning done.  While students must prepare themselves as best as possible, both in terms of technology, ability, interaction with colleagues and lecturers, as well as motivation in conducting distance learning using e-learning.  This study aims to investigate Student Satisfaction in using e-learning as a method of distance learning during the covid 19 pandemic, using Importance Performance Analysis. The number of respondents in this study was 132 students. The results showed that there are several factors that need to be improved, such as materials presented in e-learning, interaction with lecturers, availability of facilities, and lecturers.  Factors that must be maintained include flexibility, assessment in e-learning that is felt to be appropriate, the benefits of e-learning, and students' ability to allocate time.  Meanwhile, factors that are considered less important and do not obtain priorities include peers, easy-to-understand materials, ability to learn independently and understand tasks.  In addition, students consider there are several factors that are considered too excessive, namely self-motivation, ability to understand the use of e-learning, independent learning process
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:09 +000
  • Decision-Making Style Profiles of Pre-Service Biology Teachers in
           Socio-Scientific Issues

    • Authors: Marlina Ummas Genisa; Bambang Subali, Djukri Djukri, Habibi Habibi
      Abstract: This study aims to describe the decision-making style regarding the socio-scientific issue (SSI) of pre-service Biology teachers in four regions of Indonesia as a guide in designing active, varied, and creative learning involving students in each learning session. Data were collected using a questionnaire to 514 participants and analyzed descriptively-quantitatively. The results show that each student's decision-making style is influenced by cognitive dimensions and processes during learning. Analytical decision-making styles also have a positive effect on gender, grade, region, and university. The description of these findings is discussed in this paper
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:09 +000
  • Pre-Service Biology Teacher’s Perception on Local Environment Problems
           as Contextual Learning Resources

    • Authors: AHMAD YANI; Mohmad Amin, Fatchur Rohman, Endang Suarsini, Muhammad Rijal
      Abstract: A survey and an exploratory study were conducted to analyze Lake Tempe as a resource for contextual learning (CTL). The first phase of the study included exploring the lake’s potential through interviews with the people who live in the lake’s coastal region. Quadrat transects were done to identify aquatic plants around the lake. A feasibility analysis was conducted to see the lake’s potential as a learning resource. Field data were collected and compared to the Environmental Biology (EB) curriculum, responses, and learning outcome. The data were analyzed descriptively and tested using a paired-sample t-test. The results showed differences in the three stations’ physicochemical parameters and decreased quality of the water. It was found that anthropogenic activity had a significant contribution to the lake’s pollution. Nine species of six aquatic plant families were found in the lake. The survey revealed that the lake was feasible as a learning resource with criteria easy to access, safety, time efficiency, costs, and the material's suitability for EB courses. The t-test showed a difference in the students’ scores between before and after exploration practices. These findings suggest that Lake Tempe can serve as a resource for CTL in EB courses.
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:09 +000
  • Roles of career maturity mediating the effects of locus of control and
           socioeconomic status on career readiness

    • Authors: Mar'atus Sholikah; Muhyadi Muhyadi
      Abstract: This study aimed to analyze students' readiness for careers out of their professions by considering the effect of locus of control and socio-economic status. Career maturity acts as the variable intervening. The quantitative method was chosen to test the hypothesis. A total of 80 students were selected to be respondents based on purposive sampling. Model testing was done by using PLS-SEM. The findings of this study found that the locus of control influenced student career readiness. Conversely, socioeconomic status had no significant effect on their career readiness. On the other hand, this study's career maturity partially mediates between locus of control and career readiness. Regarding the effect of socioeconomic status on career readiness, career maturity in this study was known had a role as an explanatory or predictor. This study concluded that if students want to improve their career readiness, they should pay attention to the locus of control and achieve career success. This study's results contribute to institutions, educators, students, and counseling, which inform that individual career maturity is an effective way to facilitate students' readiness in their career decision-making process. Future studies should adopt essential variables related to career readiness that is not examined in this study. 
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:09 +000
  • Gender of Leaders: Its Influence on Innovative Behaviour

    • Authors: AZIAH ISMAIL; Nor Shafrin Ahmad, Rahimi Che Aman
      Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to examine the different levels of Transformational Leadership between male and female principals and their relationships with teachers' Innovative Work Behaviour (IWB) in Malaysian secondary schools. In total, 477 teachers from various secondary schools are randomly selected as respondents; 218 are female principals, while 259 are males. The results of the study revealed that male principals practice transformational leadership higher than female principals. However, the female principals were highly influential on the teachers’ IWB compared to their male counterparts. This study provides a glimpse of the teachers' innovative behavior improvement resulted from transformational leadership by male and female school principals
      PubDate: Sat, 10 Apr 2021 06:22:08 +000
  • Issues in operating childcare centers in Malaysia

    • Authors: Nor Azah Abdul Aziz; Nur Hanani Zakaria, Emilda Hashim, Roznim Mohamad Rasli, Erni Marlina Saari, Mazlina Che Mustafa, Sopia Md Yassin
      Abstract: This paper discusses the qualifications of operators of Malaysian childcare centres, namely TASKA and TADIKA, and the challenges faced by practitioners in the industry of early childhood education (PAKK). This research used both qualitative and quantitative methods involving interviews and a survey. The sample study comprised 727 respondents consisting of 282 operators of TASKA and 343 operators of TADIKA. The research instruments used were a set of questionnaires and interview guidelines. The findings of the quantitative method showed the operators of TASKA and TADIKA had a diverse range of professional and academic qualifications, while the findings of the qualitative method highlighted a wide spectrum of challenges faced by operators of centres involved in the early childhood education industry. Collectively, such findings suggest that running a childcare centre is fraught with a myriad of challenges encompassing economic, logistical, social, educational, and financial factors, which have to be addressed effectively. Certainly, prospective operators must seek assistance from those who are involved in the running, monitoring, and managing such centres, notably experienced practitioners and relevant government officers. Also, to become successful entrepreneurs in this industry, they need to develop the passion and zeal to operate such centres with great success.
      PubDate: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 09:29:31 +000
  • Early childhood care and education trainees’ perspectives of their
           career path

    • Authors: Roznim Mohamad Rasli; Nor Azah Abdul Aziz, Erni Marlina Saari, Mazlina Che Mustafa, Sopia Md Yassin
      Abstract: Education, either formal or informal, plays an important role to help the masses. As such, educators, especially trainees, are entrusted to teach young generations all important elements, principles, or concepts in a wide range of disciplines. Surely, such an undertaking, especially for early childhood care and education, requires quality teachers. In this regard, existing early childhood care and education modules or curricula should be periodically reviewed and revamped (if necessary) to help produce competent teachers who are excellent in all aspects encompassing content, pedagogical, and technological knowledge. This paper discusses the professional growth and development of trainees in early childhood care and education (ECCE) in terms of short- and long-term goals, missions, and career path-planning. The paper also elaborates on the relevant training workshops, courses, modules, and curricula that can be implemented to help improve their practical skills. The discussion also highlights the importance of incentives, such as attractive salaries, bonuses, acknowledgments, and awards, from employers that can not only motivate trainees but also advance their professional growth and development. Certainty, strong development knowledge, practical skills, and experiences can help such trainees to be become highly competent, which can significantly contribute to nation-building efforts in Malaysia.
      PubDate: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 09:29:31 +000
  • The investigation of individual and global social responsibility levels of
           social studies pre-service teachers in terms of different variables

    • Authors: melek körükcü; ZAFER TANGÜLÜ
      Abstract: Bu araştırmanın amacı, sosyal bilgiler öğretmen adaylarının bireysel ve küresel sosyal sorumluluk düzeylerini belirlemek ve bu tutumlar arasındaki ilişkiyi farklı değişkenler açısından incelemektir. Araştırma anket modelindedir. Araştırmanın çalışma grubu, 2019-2020 öğretim yılında Niğde Ömer Halisdemir Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Sosyal Bilgiler Öğretmenliği Programı'nda okuyan 179 öğretmen adayından oluşmaktadır. Araştırmada kullanılan veri toplama araçları Demografik Bilgi Formu, Bireysel Sosyal Sorumluluk Ölçeği ve Küresel Sosyal Sorumluluk Ölçeğidir. Veriler SPSS 20 ile analiz edilmiştir. Çalışmanın sonuçları, sosyal bilgiler öğretmeni adaylarının bireysel sosyal sorumluluk düzeyleri yüksekken, küresel sosyal sorumluluk düzeyleri orta düzeydedir. Ayrıca, kadın öğretmen adayları lehine cinsiyet açısından anlamlı bir fark olduğu ve öğretmen adaylarının bireysel sosyal sorumluluk düzeylerinin küresel sosyal sorumluluk düzeylerini öngördüğü bulunmuştur.
      PubDate: Fri, 06 Nov 2020 12:42:52 +000
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