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Higher Education Studies
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  • Reviewer Acknowledgements for Higher Education Studies, Vol. 12, No. 4

    • Abstract: Reviewer Acknowledgements for Higher Education Studies, Vol. 12, No. 4
      PubDate: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 23:24:00 +000
  • Using an Integrated Training Course with Family, Community, and Buddhism
           in solving Unintended Pregnancies among Vulnerable Thai Youth

    • Abstract: This study aims to involve the institutions of family, community, and Buddhism in designing a training course that could enhance vulnerable youths’ knowledge of unintentional pregnancy prevention. The attitude toward the involvement of the three stakeholders and changes in teens’ behaviors are also the center of the investigation. 302 vulnerable teenagers from Khon Kaen, Thailand, were sampled. Purposeful sampling was used. Income, marital status, and neighborhood were used to choose participants. 10 public workers responsible for protecting vulnerable youth were also sampled to take part in an interview session aiming to investigate participants’ behaviors. The instruments consist of a training course for vulnerable youth unintended pregnancy prevention, a test for unintended pregnancy prevention knowledge, a satisfaction questionnaire, and a semi-structured interview. Frequency, percentage, mean score, SD, and t-test were used to examine the data. The content analysis assessed qualitative data. The results study illustrates how a training course developed with the collaboration between institutions concerned with human development led to the development of knowledge, attitudes, and positive behavioral changes among vulnerable youths.
      PubDate: Mon, 28 Nov 2022 01:55:09 +000
  • The Student Teachers’ Anxiety during Field Experiences in the
           beginning of New Normal

    • Abstract: The study had the objectives to 1)study student teachers’ anxiety during field experiences in the beginning of the new normal on 7 aspects: 1) own personality, 2)teaching context, 3)supervision context,4) classroom management, 5) subject content, 6) teacher professionalism context, and 7) Covid-19 pandemic context, and 2) compare the levels of the student teachers’ anxiety, classified by sex, duration of bachelor’s degree study, and the academic level. The sample consisted of 457 student teachers. The collection of data employed a questionnaire inquiring about anxiety and a focus group discussion record. The research found that: 1) The student teachers’ anxiety during the field experience in the beginning of the new normal was at a high level; 2)When classified by sex, there were differences in the supervision context, with statistical significance at the .05 level; females had higher anxiety than males; no significant differences were found on the other aspects; 3) When classified by the duration of bachelor’s degree study, there were differences in the teaching context and the supervision context, with statistical significance at the .05 level; the student teachers in the 4-year bachelor’s degree study had higher anxiety than those in the 5-year bachelor’s degree study; no significant differences were found on the other aspects; 4) When classified by the academic level, there were differences in the teaching context, the supervision context and the teacher professionalism context, with statistical significance at the .05 level; the student teachers in the master’s degree study had higher anxiety than those in the bachelor’s degree study; no significant differences were found on the other aspects.
      PubDate: Mon, 28 Nov 2022 01:48:13 +000
  • The Principle of Temporal Sequence in the Teaching of Chinese as a Second

    • Abstract: This study investigates the capacity of elementary-level Chinese second language learners to memorize serial verb sentences based on the results of a questionnaire. Our findings show that adult second language learners employ the concept of temporal sequence in language learning, consciously or unconsciously, whether or not the chronological principle has been formally taught. Therefore, we propose that specific cognitive principles, such as the chronological principle, should be carefully applied or formally taught in language training to maximize teaching and learning effectiveness.
      PubDate: Fri, 18 Nov 2022 23:42:10 +000
  • The Use of the SQ4R Technique in Enhancing Grade 11 Student Critical

    • Abstract: The objectives of the study were to study the effectiveness of the SQ4R technique in enhancing grade 11 students' critical reading and to investigate the students’ satisfaction with the SQ4R technique as a model of learning management in a reading class. A quasi-experimental approach was selected, and one group of participants was employed. The participants were 31 Thai grade 11 students in a secondary school in Thailand. The instruments were an SQ4R learning management plan, a critical reading test, and a satisfaction questionnaire were research instruments. The data were collected in a public school in Thailand. It took a semester to complete a pre-test, an implementation of the SQ4R learning management, a post-test, and a satisfaction survey. The data were analyzed using percentage, mean score, standard deviation, a paired samples t-test, and effectiveness index with the determining criteria of 80/80. the result shows positive effects of the SQ4R model on participants’ critical reading. It also indicates students’ satisfaction with the instructional model.
      PubDate: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 23:45:12 +000
  • Influence of Life Patterns and Coping with Stress on Teacher Students’
           Tobacco Purchasing Behavior in Bangkok

    • Abstract: Teacher students’ tobacco-purchasing behaviors have been a problem among teacher students in Thailand. Life patterns and coping with stress levels have been perceived as the main contributors to these behaviors. Life pattern is based on the concepts of the lifestyles of a person. People tend to share similar lifestyle orientations when they are in similar social groups or have similar interests. This includes teachers students and their learning environment. Additionally, coping with stress is referred to as teacher students’ coping skills when they feel pressure in life. Therefore, this research article aimed to study how life patterns and coping with stress influence teacher students’ tobacco-purchasing behavior in Bangkok. The research questionnaire was a five-level Likert scale questionnaire. Data was collected through a survey with 900 teacher students from three universities in Bangkok. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and Multiple Linear Regression by Enter technique. The data analysis indicated that life pattern positively influences the tobacco-purchasing behavior of teacher students in the Bangkok area with a coefficient of influence at .470 with significant at .01 level (P-Value
      PubDate: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 23:43:09 +000
  • Recommendations for a ‘Wellbeing Curriculum’ to Mitigate Undergraduate
           Psychological Distress Associated with Lack of Careers Confidence and Poor
           University Engagement

    • Abstract: To foster a ‘wellbeing curriculum’ in a climate with an increasingly competitive graduate jobs market, we believe it is critical to support undergraduate career development and to develop positive peer and educator relationships, particularly for non-vocational degree programs. However, these relationships between undergraduate wellbeing and their career development or peer/educator relationships have not been specifically examined. This study used a mixed methods approach to examine if poor career development or university engagement (quality of relationships with peers or educators, use of the university careers and counselling services, time studying) were associated with psychological distress for students in non-vocational degree programs. Undergraduates (biomedical science; n=1100) from five Australian universities participated in a survey to investigate relationships between psychological distress, as determined by their responses to the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales, and their career development or university engagement. Almost half of the students lacked confidence in their ‘future employment and job prospects’. Students’ psychological distress was significantly correlated with lack of confidence with their career development, poor relationships with their peers and educators and little use of the counselling service. Further exploration of these factors in student focus groups highlighted stress associated with academic competition between students and a critical need for undergraduate career development, especially industry placements. We provide pivotal recommendations to promote undergraduate and educator wellbeing, by developing a ‘wellbeing curriculum’ that supports career development and positive relationships between students and their peers and educators, particularly vital for non-vocational degrees.
      PubDate: Fri, 28 Oct 2022 23:22:21 +000
  • The Effect of Gender-Specific Instruction on Enhancing Student Learning
           according to Educators’ Perceptions

    • Abstract: This study aims to allow educators to give their opinions, perceptions, and interest level regarding gender-specific education in the public-school setting. The researcher drew participants from the school district treating it as a sample. The school district serves a diverse population of 6,233 students with varied socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities. Fifty-four percent of the students received free or reduced-price lunches. Approximately 49% of the students were African American, 47% Caucasian, and 4% other, consisting of a mixture of Asian, Hispanic, and other nationalities.The demographics for the 157 participants in the current research were as follows: 57 elementary educators, and 100 secondary educators. Of this sample, twenty-five were men and 132 were women, with an age range of 24-64. A questionnaire was designed consisting of four research questions to address teachers' perceptions regarding the implementation of gender-specific education. The researcher employed two different surveys, one specifically to gather data about boys and another to acquire data about girls. A school district in the southeast United States was chosen to garner K-12 educators' perceptions. The Gender-Specific Education survey was used to collect data from all teachers in the district and is composed of two parts: the first part of the survey ascertains demographic information, while the second part utilizes a five-point Likert scale that addresses teacher's perceptions, opinions, and level of interest regarding the implementation of gender-specific education. The researcher performed all data analysis using (SPSS) Statistical Software for the Social Sciences version 19. Frequency statistics were performed on the survey instruments, with percentile values. The researcher calculated the dispersion using standard deviation, variance, and mode while noting minimums and maximums. The researcher performed a distribution analysis of skewness and kurtosis, while all results were displayed in pie charts on percentage values. Finally, the order of frequency was noted and in ascending values, with the multiple variables organized by variable numbered output. The findings suggested that: (a) participants perceived gender-specific classes as being positive for male students, (b) the number of neutral responses indicated the lack of knowledge about the effects and outcomes of students in gender-specific settings, (c) participants at the secondary level would consider working in a gender-specific setting.Although this research study resulted in neutral teacher responses and yielded non-significant results, this study will serve to provide a basis for the implementation of other studies and to help policymakers in this school district to provide staff development on gender-specific strategies to the staff currently teaching gender-specific classes.
      PubDate: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 01:32:32 +000
  • The Community-based Institutional Administration Model to Promote
           Students’ Career Skills in Chiang Mai Education Sandbox, Thailand

    • Abstract: The research objectives were shown as follows: 1) to research the community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox, 2) to design the community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox, 3) to experiment the community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox, and 4) to develop the community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox by using research and development method. The samples of this study were 1) 9 basic education commissions, 2) 8 teachers and educational personnel, 3) 15 community leaders, monks, local wise men, and villagers, 4) 7 educational experts, and 5) 28 students, which in total were 67 people. The tools used in this study were as follows: 1) structured interview form, 2) community-based institutional administration model assessment form, 3) satisfaction assessment form, and 4) group discussion record form. Qualitative data were analyzed using Content Analysis and presented in a descriptive form (Descriptive Analysis), and quantitative data were analyzed using a statistical program to determine the mean and standard deviation. The result showed as follows:1) A community-based institutional administration model for promoting students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox must be an educational management in an area with spatial diversity. School administrators and teachers must provide great cooperation and interest in participating in the development of the school by following the guidelines of the education sandbox. Furthermore, piloting basic learning activities that involved community areas and the area surrounding a community that is rich in natural resources and the environment was essential. This was the significant strength point that allowed us to develop a community-based institutional administration model more effectively.; 2) A community-based institutional administration model for promoting students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox had an institution management strategy called the "4K Model," consisting of four strategies as follows: 1) Strategy 1 Knowingly: K1 Knowingly situations in the world, 2) Strategy 2 Keep Step: K2 Keep moving steps forward together, 3) Strategy 3 Knowledge: K3 Transferring knowledge from the community, and 4) Strategy 4 Kit out: K4 Sourcing support resources.; 3) Using the community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox, it was found that the overall level of satisfaction in both teachers and educational personnel, and students towards the use of this model was at the highest level.; 4) The community-based institutional administration model to promote students’ career skills in the Chiang Mai education sandbox that the researcher had developed to be more complete was under these five strategies as follows: 1) Strategy 1 Knowingly: K1 Knowingly situations in the world, 2) Strategy 2 Keep Step: K2 Keep moving steps forward together, 3) Strategy 3 Knowledge: K3 Transferring knowledge from the community, 4) Strategy 4 Kit out: K4 Sourcing support resources and 5) Strategy 5 Key success: K5 Key success. It was also found that there was a mechanism that supported this model, consisting of four mechanisms as follows: 1) policy mechanism, 2) academic cooperation building, 3) collaborative vision building, and 4) network party.
      PubDate: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 01:04:44 +000
  • Language Ideology and Practices in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

    • Abstract: Universities mainly play an important role in serving the national languages and demonstrating their supremacy in the country and at the same time universities strive to compete with the universities of the world. Between the preservation of the national language and the tendency to internationalize the university, a group of linguistic ideologies is formed, which is expected to be contradictory between some or between ideologies and practices. This paper investigates the linguistic ideology of academics in medical colleges at King Abdulaziz University, because of the important role of ideology in shaping education policies. This paper also investigates the practices of academics, and data was collected through interviews with the aim of revealing language ideologies, while I used a questionnaire to monitor language practices.The results revealed that academics have a pragmatic ideology as a reason for preferring to use English, for example: participating in conferences and publishing scientific papers in English. The results also revealed the existence of positive practices regarding the use of Arabic in communicating with students, and the study revealed the existence of positive practices towards Arabic regarding the use of Arabic references in teaching students and suggesting Arabic references to students if available.
      PubDate: Thu, 29 Sep 2022 22:23:43 +000
  • Occidentalism, Undergraduate Literary Reading, and Critical Intercultural

    • Abstract: The purposes of this paper are to investigate Taiwanese undergraduate students’ responses to a selected fictional text, and to propose a critical intercultural pedagogical approach of reading global literature in the EFL educational context based on the insights from the research findings. The authors first critically analysed Xiaolu Guo’s third novel, A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers, in terms of Occidentalism, in order to unpack the ideologies underlying her representation of the British and the Chinese. The analysis of the text was conducted through a qualitative approach of critical content analysis. After that, a semi-structured interview was adopted to scrutinise Taiwanese undergraduate students’ perceptions of the ideologies underlying the fiction. The analysis of the text identified three themes of British-Chinese binary opposition together with the juxtaposition of ethnocentric Occidentalism and reverse Occidentalism. The findings obtained from interviews indicated that two of the three dichotomies, i.e. individualism versus collectivism and cosmopolitan versus rooted, underlying the fictional text were commonly perceived by the interviewed undergraduates while they had diverse views on the second dichotomy, sexual freedom versus sexual reticence. Furthermore, some students’ responses to the fiction signified a subtle, implicit and delicate form of reverse Occidentalism. Based on the above research findings, the authors configured a critical intercultural pedagogy for raising students’ capability of decoding and deconstructing Occidentalist ideologies underlying global literature.
      PubDate: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 00:00:54 +000
  • The Use of Research-based Learning Management in Mathematics Teacher
           Education: A Work-Integrated Learning Study

    • Abstract: The purposes of the study were 1) to investigate the effects of research-based learning management in a work-integrated curriculum on student teachers’ learning management abilities and to investigate the effectiveness of research-based learning management in a work-integrated curriculum on students’ teachers’ research skills. The samples were 30 mathematics student teachers in the faculty of education, Mahasarakham University, Thailand. Purposive sampling was employed in participant selection. The instruments were a research-based learning management plan, a learning management ability evaluation form, and a research skill evaluation form. The study was conducted in a quantitative method. The statistics used in analyzing the effects of the treatment on learning management abilities were percentage, mean score, standard deviation, and Orthogonal Polynomials. Meanwhile, a one-sample t-test with the criterion of 75 was used to analyze the participants’ research skills. The results of the studies reveal a linear trend in student teachers’ development of learning management abilities. Moreover, an expected outcome was reached in terms of developing the participants' research skills.
      PubDate: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 01:24:51 +000
  • Quality in Higher Education: Defining the Conceptual Contents and their
           Relative Predominance

    • Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the conceptual content of the term “quality” in higher education, as it emerges from the descriptions and discussions of authors, researchers, and experts in 22 scientific publications. The analysis of the qualitative data is based on the methodology of grounded theory. From the analysis, 21 major dimensions or characteristics of quality in higher education emerged due to their high frequency of occurrence, were subdivided into five broader categories: “learning environment”, “learning content”, “processes”, “students”, and “teachers”. According to the main findings, from the "learning environment" category, the dimension concerning psychosocial elements predominated in the literature. From the category "learning content", two dimensions prevailed (student-centred teaching and learning) and the dimension concerning taking an interest in and caring about students. From the "processes" category, the dimension concerning assessment prevailed. In the category "students", the dimension of improved learning outcomes was the most frequently observed, and finally, from the "teachers" category, two dimensions prevailed over the others, one concerning pedagogical skills and the other termed skills: emotional, management, reflection.
      PubDate: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 03:50:15 +000
  • Exploration of Test Anxiety Profiles in U.S. Undergraduate Students

    • Abstract: The present study was conducted using latent profile analysis to determine whether homogeneous test anxiety groups could be identified among 625 undergraduates and to determine whether gender, self-critical perfectionism, and rigid perfectionism were significant predictors of class membership in the identified test anxiety groups. The students completed two multidimensional instruments, measures of test anxiety and perfectionism, online. Results of the latent profile analysis identified a test anxiety profile with three homogeneous groups as the best model. The three homogeneous groups were labeled low, medium, and high. Moreover, gender, self-critical perfectionism, and rigid perfectionism were found to predict class membership differentially in the three homogeneous groups. Implications of the results are discussed in relation to prevention and intervention in the fields of perfectionism and test anxiety.
      PubDate: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 00:55:46 +000
  • Some Solutions for Designing and Organizing A Study Influence Quality
           Accreditation on the Development of Teacher Training Programs in Vietnam

    • Abstract: This study presented the theoretical model applied to the research design with descriptions of the overall sample, survey sample, research location, etc. The main contents of the design and research organization and the results obtained in theory have been applied in practice. The results have fully met the scientific and technical requirements of the research nature of the major Measure and Evaluate in education. At the same time, the results obtained from this article hope to help standardize the toolkit to assess the influence of the accreditation of higher education institutions in general and the pedagogical training program in Vietnam, which is convenient, accurate and objective.
      PubDate: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 22:50:02 +000
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