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JOURNAL TOCS API Beta 1 Released

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the first Beta release for JOURNAL TOCs API. This release marks the culmination of the development work done by the JISC funded JournalTOCs API Project, which brings the current issues of more than 12,600 scholarly journals, directly from the publishers to researchers, authors, IR managers, librarians, learners and developers and any reader with interest in keeping abreast of the latest research.

Almost two months after the foundations of JOURNAL TOCs API have been laid with the first alpha release; the TOCsAPI software prototype enters the open stage of being usable by external web applications. During the next weeks, the Project team will focus on producing documentation for end users and developers as well as solving “known issues” and fixing reported bugs. Please notice that that beta software can be unstable and could cause crashes or data loss and, there is no guarantee of full support and/or responsibility for remaining bugs found in our beta release.

Known Issues:

  1. The memory usage or the Xerces DOM parser can cause memory overflow when the number of returned hits is relatively large, for example 12,000 search results.
  2. The handling of HTTP response status codes produced by unsuccessful requests is still patchy
  3. The URL used for calling the API methods is pending to be restructured to support the use of parameters, with the form name=value, appended to a URL call with a question mark (?) and separated by ampersands (&)


Basically JOURNAL TOCs API is an RSS feeds that can be called using one of the following “methods”:

1. journals

Example: management
(return metadata of journals that include the words technology and management in their titles)

2. articles

Example:”University of Warwick”
(return the articles produced by searching the phrase “University of Warwick” in the content of the journal TOC RSS feeds stored in our database of articles)

3. user

(return all the journals that a user with the email address of has saved in his MyTOCs folder at

4. institution

(return the articles that have been matched by the API look-up tool when searching the registered authors and/subject of the British Geological Survey institutional repository against our database of articles)

Full information on the above methods and usage examples will be  published in the API documentation that will be made available at in the coming days.

JOURNAL TOCsAPI is mainly aimed to developers of Institutional Repositories (IRs.) However, the API can also be useful for software developers of academic libraries, Research Information Systems, and web applications that provide information related with scholarly publications.

Beta Release

Written by Santiago Chumbe

November 28th, 2009 at 3:51 pm