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JournalTOCs free accounts can follow up to 25 journals

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At the moment we are dealing with a high volume of daily email alerts caused by the increasing number of free accounts. Some of those accounts are following 100s of journals. To protect the normal service of JournalTOCs, we are moving free accounts to a separated server and from next week, the maximum number of journals that a free account can follow will be limited to 25 journals. Users registered with the free service of JournalTOCs are advised to follow up to 25 journals only and remove the extra journals from their accounts. The new limit of 25 journals per account doesn’t apply to Premium users.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

December 7th, 2015 at 12:33 pm

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JournalsTOCS API Technical Documentation

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The JournalTOCs API consists of 4 calls: journals, articles, user and institution.

Technical documentation is now available for each call.

JournalsTOCs API Technical Documentation:





Written by lisa

December 8th, 2009 at 9:23 am

Alpha Release of JournalTOCs API

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I am pleased to announce the alpha release of the API for the Journal TOCs JISC Rapid Innovation project.

At the moment the API allows searching by journal title and searching by article.

Some examples are: gives a list of journals whose title contains the word library. returns the latest TOC of the journal with ISSN 1533-290X gives a list of the latest articles containing the word corrosion. returns a list of latest articles by authors at “University of Warwick” (please notice the double quotes around University of Warwick for phrase searching). returns a list of latest articles published by authors with the name Dorothy Bishop.

The aim of the JournalTOCsAPI project is to investigate two use cases using the API.

The 1st is to find new content for an Institutional Repository by alerting IR managers when a new article has been published.
The 2nd is to enhance the existing metadata in the IR by matching against articles in JournalTOCs.

We are still working with the development of the API, but we thought you may want to see how it works and have the opportunity of steering its development. Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog.

Written by lisa

September 23rd, 2009 at 12:53 pm

Use Cases and Prerequisite Data

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I recently wrote a blog post “clarification of the two use cases”. I also send this as an email to the community of users who had expressed an interest in the project, in order to better understand the expectations of the community. Many of the respondents were interested in both use cases, though some were interested either only in use case 1 or only interested in use case 2.

A prerequisite for use case 1 (Identifying new content) is a list of authors name: Though some IRs would be able to provide this data upon request, other institutions would be unable to populate such a list.

One IR manager commented “I see a stumbling point insofar as you need a list of authors. Even if I can get hold of a list of all researchers at [name of institution], they may sometimes publish using their full name, sometimes with initials, sometimes with first name and middle initial etc.”  This will be a challenge for the project and is being investigated by the NicNames project.

Use Case 2: enhancing metadata of deposited papers has a prerequisite of basic metadata about the article (such as title/description/journal etc). Most repositories would be able to provide this information either through OAI-PMH, RSS Feeds or through both methods.

Written by lisa

September 14th, 2009 at 5:22 pm

Clarification of Use Cases

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The two use case for the project were mentioned briefly in a previous post

The first use case: “Identifying New Content for Institutional Repositories (IRs)” will provide an alert to IR managers when a paper has been published in a journal by an author from their Institution. The aim of the First Use case is to help you to add new content to your repository.  The IR managers will request a search by providing author and affiliation through a RESTful API. The result of this search will initially be returned as an RSS Feed.

The second use case: “Alerting when Deposited Papers have been Published” will try to enhance the metadata of existing papers in the repository. The aim of the Second Case is to help you to keep your repository up-to-date and increase its metadata quality. For example a paper is deposited in the repository before it has been published in a journal, the IR manager will be alerted when the paper has been published and will be returned enhanced metadata for that paper which could then be added to the repository. A further example is if a paper deposited with incomplete metadata (i.e. doesn’t include volume/issue or page numbers), then this metadata can be extracted using the JournalTOCs API. The API will identify recently deposited papers from your repository, either through RSS or OAI-PMH, returning enhanced metadata for each article where possible.

Written by lisa

August 25th, 2009 at 9:35 am