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Transferring your journals (MyTOCs) from ticTOCs to JournalTOCs

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As you may be aware, the ticTOCs service will be discontinued at the end of March 2012. The teams of ticTOCs and JournalTOCs are working together to facilitate a seemly and conveniently transfer of ticTOCs users’ accounts and the content of their MyTOCS folders to JournalTOCs, so ticTOCs users can opt-in to continue enjoying the benefits of a TOC current awareness service without interruption.

In particular, the end of ticTOCs will affect the users who have signed up to have MyTOCs folders with ticTOcs. With the aim of helping those users, JournalTOCs has setup a web page from where ticTOCs users can transfer their accounts to JournalTOCs before the end of March. By completing the following simple steps, ticTOCs users can quickly and easily transfer their accounts and their MyTOCs folder to JournalTOCs:

  1. Login at
  2. You will see all your journals listed in the MyTOCs section
  3. Click Select All button
  4. Click Export Selected button
  5. Save the tictocs.opml file
  6. Go to
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Upload your tictocs.opml file

Once you have completed the above eight steps, JournalTOCs will recreate your ticTOCs account on the JournalTOCs website and automatically will upload all your TicTOCs journals to your “Followed Journals”. You will receive a welcome email confirming your registration and giving you useful information to make the most of JournalTOCs.

If some of your journals are not found in the JournalTOCs database, the JournalTOCs crawler will index the missing journals and automatically add them to your JournalTOCs account in the few days after your have registered with JournalTOCs.

Please contact if you have any query regarding the above procedure. Further information and guidance for ticTOCs users can be obtained by contacting

Happy Transfer!

Transfer from ticTOCs to JournalTOCs

Written by Santiago Chumbe

February 20th, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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The ticTOCs Best Practice Recommendation has been released

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We are pleased to learn that the ticTOCs Best Practice Recommendation Group has released their “Recommendations on RSS Feeds for Scholarly Publishers” document ( last week. The recommendations are based on early work developed by Malcolm Moffat at ICBL, Heriot-Watt University.

Undoubtedly, a wide adoption of these guidelines by publishers is very important for aggregators, projects and services that reuse the content of journal TOC RSS feeds, and more importantly, would benefit researchers and publishers.

Feedback and comments on the released Recommendations can be sent to

So far, the work done by the journalTOCs API Project has made apparent the need for more elements in the XML structure proposed by the Recommendations for journal TOC RSS feeds:

(A) Elements to provide information on the frequency of updates or how often the TOC RSS feed is updated. Without that information the automatic CRON jobs that are periodically crawling the RSS feeds, waste resources because they cannot synchronize their update schedules with the time when the TOC RSS feeds have been changed or updated. Including elements from standard RDF modules can alleviate this issue, although probably that will not be as efficient as the solution provided by using server extensions such as the Apache module “mod_oai”, which is used by OAI-PMH harvesters to efficiently discover updates and additions on subsequent re-harvestings.

We suggest the use of three RDF 1.0 Module Syndication elements to handle the frequency of updates. sy:updatePeriod to describe the period over which the channel format is updated. sy:updateFrequency to describe the frequency of updates in relation to the update period. sy:updateBase to calculate the publishing schedule. Further information on the Syndication module can be found at

(B) An element to identify the institution or the affiliation of authors. Unambiguous identification of authors of scholarly papers is already a big challenge. Nowadays, there is no service or mechanism able to resolve the identification of an author. However, if the publishers would provide the affiliation for their authors, the possibilities of identifying authors from the TOC RSS feeds’ metadata could increase dramatically. As we have mentioned in our “Author Affiliation” comments posted in Oct 12th, 09; the use of the dc:contributor element to capture authors’ affiliations should be recommended to publishers. Kindly read the above mentioned post for further details on using this Dublin Core element.

We hope that publishers pay attention and implement the best practices and recommendations produced by the ticTOCs Project, only then their TOC RSS feeds will be truly reusable.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

October 30th, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Welcome to the journalTOCsAPI Project blog

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The journalTOCsAPI Project is creating a facility for monitoring current journal issues to identify published papers for IRs

  • Project Team: Roger Rist; Santy Chumbe; Lisa Rogers
  • Project Friends: Jenny Delasalle; Phil Barker; Roddy MacLeod
  • Project details on JISC PIMS:

In short, the project is developing a prototype to solve or alleviate two use cases

1.1. First Use Case: Looking for new published papers

An IR manager needs to gather articles for the IR as these articles are published

Current scenario:
IR Manager attempts to capture articles that have been published by their academics by using a combination of e-journal TOC and A&I services (e.g. Zetoc, Scopus, Thomson WoS.) None of these services fulfill all of the IR managers’ needs, as they do not cover all publications and most of them have subscription barriers that may be problematic for IR managers. In the case of Zetoc, its alerting service is unable to completely solve the problem because it cannot identify with exactitude a specific author. In addition, much Zetoc metadata is maintained manually and for that reason is sometimes out of date. Setting up and maintaining a Zetoc alerting service is time consuming for the IR manager

Proposed scenario:
IR Managers are provided with an API to identify articles that have been published by their academics. IR manager setups and sends an “alerting” request (“search by author and affiliation”) to the JournalTOCs API. The API uses a look-up tool to monitor new journal issues by matching the “alerting” request against the ticTOCs RSS directory.  The API alerts IR managers when published papers are identified by the matching.

1.2. Second Use Case: Alerting when deposited papers have been published

IR manager needs to be alerted when deposited “submitted” articles have been published in scholarly journals.

Current scenario:
IR Manager uses “versions” to keep track of the status of papers already deposited in her IR. In many instances, authors are being encouraged to deposit their works as soon as they have submitted their papers to commercial publishers. Those papers are identified by the IR manager as “submitted” versions of the work, until they are published, when they should be tagged as “published”, with the relevant citation added to the metadata (including DOI if available).  IR manager uses time consuming procedures to identify “submitted” articles that have been subsequently published in scholarly journals. Practice has demonstrated that the IR Manager cannot rely on the author for completing this information, and very manual procedures are currently being used by IR Managers to solve this issue.

Proposed scenario:
IR Managers are provided with an API to alert them when items submitted to their IRs are subsequently published elsewhere, in scholarly journals. A requirement for using the API is that the IR have to have an RSS feed of newly added items.
Periodically the API harvests RSS feeds from IR
The API’s look-up tool matches the harvested IR RSS feeds against the ticTOCs RSS directory
API alerts IR managers of the published papers identified by the matching

Written by Santiago Chumbe

June 22nd, 2009 at 4:00 pm

JournalTOCs Background Publications

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These publications of the ticTOCs Project cover the presentations made on the technology, research, standards, advocacy work, and findings produced by ticTOCS and that are part of the background of the JournalTOCs Project.

You can download these publications from here, or request copies from the ICBL ( or the JournalTOCs Team (

Written by Santiago Chumbe

May 13th, 2009 at 1:33 pm