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Transferring your journals (MyTOCs) from ticTOCs to JournalTOCs

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As you may be aware, the ticTOCs service will be discontinued at the end of March 2012. The teams of ticTOCs and JournalTOCs are working together to facilitate a seemly and conveniently transfer of ticTOCs users’ accounts and the content of their MyTOCS folders to JournalTOCs, so ticTOCs users can opt-in to continue enjoying the benefits of a TOC current awareness service without interruption.

In particular, the end of ticTOCs will affect the users who have signed up to have MyTOCs folders with ticTOcs. With the aim of helping those users, JournalTOCs has setup a web page from where ticTOCs users can transfer their accounts to JournalTOCs before the end of March. By completing the following simple steps, ticTOCs users can quickly and easily transfer their accounts and their MyTOCs folder to JournalTOCs:

  1. Login at
  2. You will see all your journals listed in the MyTOCs section
  3. Click Select All button
  4. Click Export Selected button
  5. Save the tictocs.opml file
  6. Go to
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Upload your tictocs.opml file

Once you have completed the above eight steps, JournalTOCs will recreate your ticTOCs account on the JournalTOCs website and automatically will upload all your TicTOCs journals to your “Followed Journals”. You will receive a welcome email confirming your registration and giving you useful information to make the most of JournalTOCs.

If some of your journals are not found in the JournalTOCs database, the JournalTOCs crawler will index the missing journals and automatically add them to your JournalTOCs account in the few days after your have registered with JournalTOCs.

Please contact if you have any query regarding the above procedure. Further information and guidance for ticTOCs users can be obtained by contacting

Happy Transfer!

Transfer from ticTOCs to JournalTOCs

Written by Santiago Chumbe

February 20th, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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Why is JournalTOCs attracting so many academic librarians?

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We have been planning to report on the journals that were most preferred by JournalTOCs users. We thought that one way to produce this report would be counting the number of times a journal was found in the MyTOCs folders of our subscribed users. We decided to post the results today, perhaps to commemorate that one year ago today, on September 23, 2010, JournalTOCs announced the first version of its API.

We were surprised by the results. The top places were dominated by journals from the library and information sciences field. Before posting the results we did a quick check. Either a big chunk of our users were librarians or something was not right in our database. We quickly contacted 60 of our most active subscribed users and yes, most of them are librarians or are working in that area. So, it seems that academic librarians are the users that have more interest in keeping track of new issues published in specific journals. We wonder why?

Librarians can obviously see the benefits of keeping current with scholarly literature by using JournalTOCs. However, they have not so far been able to get this message across to many of their own library users. Another reason might be because JournalTOCs has received little funding, and so it has been impossible to launch a viable promotional campaign to reach researchers and academics directly.

The following are the top 50 journals drawn from the 5,265 journals that are being tracked by our MyTOCs subscribed users, as today:

No. Journal Title Publisher myTOCs< ?b>
1 Library Hi Tech Emerald 57
2 The Electronic Library Emerald 52
3 Library & Information Science Research Elsevier 44
4 D-Lib Magazine Corporation for National Research Initiatives 39
5 Library Hi Tech News Emerald 38
6 The Library Quarterly University of Chicago Press, The 36
7 Journal of Information Science Sage Publications 34
8 Library Management Emerald 32
9 Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical S… Elsevier 30
10 Library Review Emerald 29
11 The International Information & Library Review Elsevier 29
12 Nature Nature Publishing Group 27
13 New Library World Emerald 26
14 International Journal on Digital Libraries Springer-Verlag 25
15 Journal of Library Administration Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 25
16 The Information Society: An International Journal Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 25
17 College & Undergraduate Libraries Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 24
18 Journal of Information Literacy Loughborough University Library 24
19 Program: Electronic Library and Information System… Emerald 23
20 The Library Oxford University Press (OUP) 21
21 The Journal of Academic Librarianship Elsevier 20
22 Journal of Librarianship and Information Science Sage Publications 18
23 The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances Emerald 18
24 Communications in Information Literacy Communications in Information Literacy 18
25 Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 16
26 Cataloging & Classification Quarterly Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 16
27 Information Visualization Palgrave MacMillan 16
28 Journal of Library & Information Services in Dista… Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 16
29 Library History Maney Publishing 16
30 Science American Association for the Advancement of Scienc… 15
31 Advanced Technology for Learning ACTA Press 14
32 Huntington Library Quarterly University of California Press 14
33 ALT-J: Research in Learning Technology Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 14
34 Journal of Library Metadata Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 14
35 International Journal of Knowledge and Web Intelli… Inderscience Publishers 14
36 Journal of Digital Information Texas AM University Libraries 14
37 International Library Review Elsevier 13
38 Online Information Review Emerald 13
39 Library & Archival Security Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 12
40 European Journal of Chemistry European Journal of Chemistry 12
41 Archives and Museum Informatics Springer-Verlag 11
42 European Journal of Information Systems Palgrave MacMillan 11
43 International Journal for Philosophy of Religion Springer-Verlag 10
44 Journal of Interlibrary Loan Document Delivery & E… Informa UK (Taylor & Francis) 10
45 Journal of the American Society for Information Sc… John Wiley & Sons 10
46 Oxford Journal of Archaeology John Wiley & Sons 10
47 VINE Emerald 10
48 Mobile Information Systems IOS Press 10
49 South African Journal of Libraries and Information… Sabinet Online Ltd 10
50 The Indexer Society of Indexers 10

Written by Santiago Chumbe

September 23rd, 2010 at 6:02 pm

JournalTOCs reaches 3,020 subscribed MyTOCs users

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As of early this morning, JournalTOCs has 3,020 subscribed users worldwide and since last week we’re growing that figure at roughly five new members per day.

Why our users would want to subscribe to JournalTOCs? The main reason is to be able to save their preferred journals in their own MyTOCs folder. From there they can read their favourite new Tables of Contents (TOCs) at their convenience, or export them as an OPML file into any popular RSS feed reader. Their lists of preferred journals are thus permanently saved.

If you are one of our subscribed users, you are probably aware that saving journals in your MyTOCs folder is easy. From the homepage of JournalTOCs you only need to click the “Save to export your MyTOCs folder” link to export the list of your journals to any RSS reader that supports the OPML file format, such as the popular Google Reader. The complete process involves two steps:

A) First you need to save the content of your MyTOCs folder in an OPML file:

– Click on “Save to export your MyTOCs folder” link

– Save your file in your local disk (by default the file will be called mytocs.opml)

B) Secondly, follow the instructions of your favourite RSS reader to import OPML files. For example, these are the instructions for Google Reader:

1.  Login to Google Reader
2.  Click Settings
3.  Select Reader Settings
4.  Click the Import/Export tab
5.  Browse for your mytocs.opml file
6.  Click Open
7.  Click Upload
8. You will see the following displayed until it is done: Your subscriptions are being imported…

Google Reader Export OPML Setup

Fig. 1 Exporting OPML feeds into Google Reader

While 3,020 is an important milestone, we’re more interested about how we could enable our subscribed users to make even more of their MyTOCs content. Thus, to mark this milestone we have added two new features that are exclusively available for our MyTOCs users:

1.    A new search option that allows subscribed users to search for articles in their favourite journal TOCs (MyTOCs folder) only, and
2.    An alerting service that our users can activate to get email alerts when new issues are published in one of their favourite journals.

We’re proud to have reached this latest milestone, and we very much appreciate our MyTOCs users.  We continue developing JournalTOCs to make it even more productive, convenient and useful.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

September 20th, 2010 at 6:33 pm