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Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek – JournalTOCs Collaboration

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The University Library of Regensburg and JournalTOCs concluded the implementation of a collaboration agreement to include in the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (Electronic Journals Library (EZB)) journals information to enable their users to access to new journal TOCs from their EZB web pages. The new EZB service including the links from JournalTOC was launched on 5th December, 2013. The project mutually benefits both parties. In exchange of receiving free access to the JournalTOCs API, EZB helps with providing feedback and testing new features developed for the API.

journal RSS feeds at EZB

Annually, many journal titles are transferred between publishers, cease publication, have their URLs changed, new titles are published, etc. JISC Collections estimated that over 3400 journal titles were transferred between publishers in the 2009-2011 period only. JournalTOCs is able to keep track of those changes in a systematic or automated way. In particular JournalTOCs can identify when the URL for a journal TOC RSS feeds have been changed, removed or when new TOC RSS feeds are made available. Thus, through its customised APIs, JournalTOCs constantly is providing up-to-date information on journal metadata to research libraries and service partners such as EZB.

EZB was founded in 1997 by the University Library of Regensburg, in Regensburg, Germany; with the aim of presenting e-journals content to library users in a clearly arranged one-stop user-interface and to create for the EZB member libraries and efficient administration tool for e-journal licences. Over 600 institutions from Germany are part of EZB, which is also used by subject libraries and information services. The EZB was a sponsored project by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Bavarian State and the German Research Foundation (DFG). Since 2010 all participant libraries pay a small fee to keep the service ongoing.

Prof. Rafael Ball, Director of the University Library Regensburg, said “We want to give our users more helpful data, so we would like to include the information of JournalTOCs. It would be possible e.g. to integrate the information of JournalTOCs with a symbol and a hint like ‘recent articles’ on the detail site of a journal in EZB. So our users would get the possibility to set a dynamic bookmark, if they want to; we hope to give them a new better benefit with this feature.

JournalTOCs carries out systematic research into new types of integration of journal metadata, and develops new web services for enabling institutions to benefit from the metadata collected by JournalTOCs. The core aim of this research is to ensure that other services can provide their end-users with tailored access to the latest literature published in scholarly journals. JournalTOCs is currently involved with research projects and collaborations, it highly values working with members of the research community and welcomes future opportunities for collaboration particularly in the fields of:

  • Metadata standards for systematic discovery of new research
  • Integration of TOCs metadata within library services
  • Identification and clustering of Open Access articles

You can get in touch with JournalTOCs at:

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January 31st, 2014 at 1:15 pm

EDINA and JournalTOCs play JAZZ with S

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EDINA and JournalTOCs have signed a joint collaboration to develop a RESTful web service to integrate JournalTOCs data on SUNCAT web pages. The web service or API is codenamed JASS: Journals and Articles via SUNCAT Services.

Aims of the collaboration

EDINA has interest in using the metadata of journals and articles collected by JournalTOCs to enhance the Tables of Contents (ToCs) provided by its SUNCAT Service. As a result of the collaboration, SUNCAT would enable academic libraries to use a convenient and efficient tool to access recent journal TOCs via the SUNCAT interface. SUNCAT’s priority is to extend TOCs sources and to be able to offer more than the current issue.

Required Implementation

JournalTOCS will prototype automated tools to enrich JournalTOCs metadata to enable SUNCAT’s OpenURL linking at the article level.

JournalTOCS will work with the RSS feeds provided by publishers to enable SUNCAT with the capacity of displaying the current issues, past issues and future issues (if available) for the journal TOCs provided by JournalTOCs on SUNCAT web pages.

The metadata of journals and articles collected by JournalTOCs will be made accessible in SUNCAT through the JASS web service which will use the MODS schema as metadata exchange format. Also, both partners will work together to identify the interoperation required to support journal/article discovery within the overall EDINA/SUNCAT/OpenURL architecture context.

EDINA is a national academic data centre based at the University of Edinburgh. It is designated by JISC to support the activities of universities, colleges and research institutes across the UK. The mission of EDINA is to be recognised as integral to advances in the quality and productivity of research and education, in the UK and beyond.

SUNCAT is an EDINA service which enables researchers and librarians to locate serials held in libraries throughout the UK. It contains information on both print and electronic serials. SUNCAT is the largest freely available source of information about serials holdings in the UK. Researchers are able to locate serials held in 85 UK research libraries.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

August 15th, 2011 at 4:39 pm