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CRIS System PURE integrates JournalTOCs

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Now JournalTOCs is even more useful for a wider range of institutions that use CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) to manage their research business activities.

The latest release of PURE, the leading CRIS system for managing research information, integrates JournalTOCs alongside other sources of information such as Web of Science, Scopus, ArXiv and PubMed that power the “Self-import” module of PURE.

JournalTOCs-PURE integration has been formally released in PURE Version 4.9.0 this Thursday First of April 2011.

The integration is the result of contacts between the PURE and JournalTOCs teams initiated during the euroCRIS meeting at St Andrews University a year ago. The interest of PURE was to exploit the normalized bibliographic metadata produced by JournalTOCs, in particular by enabling its customers to select and import primary journal information from JournalTOCs into PURE records. JournalTOCs is available in PURE via its Self-import module, which is an API that PURE uses to integrate external sources of information into CRIS systems.

Bo Alroe, the Product Director of ATIRA, the software company that develops PURE, said “It is nice to see that PURE now has well-working integration with journalTOCs. I hope owners of PURE will have good use of it, so thanks [to JournalTOCs team] for the inspiration back then.

PURE is being used by three universities in Scotland (St Andrews, Aberdeen and Strathclyde), four universities in England, 49 institutions from Denmark and many more from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Belgium.

A CRIS is an information system storing data on current research by institutions and people. At institutional level it is a tool for policy making, evaluation of research based on outputs, documenting research activities and output and assistance in management and planning of research in progress. One particular type of CRIS standard for information systems is the CERIF standard, proposed by the EU and developed and maintained by euroCRIS.

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April 2nd, 2011 at 11:05 am

JournalTOCs Workshop: Presentation 7 – JournalTOCs in a CRIS

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The final presentation of the day at the JournalTOCs workshop was given by Lisa Rogers from the Institute for Computer Based Learning at Heriot-Watt University.

The presentation was entitled JournalTOCs in a CRIS and demonstrates how the JournalTOCs API could be implemented in a Current Research Information System.

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December 10th, 2009 at 4:39 pm