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RSS logo Last month all the TOC RSS feeds from both University of California Press (UCAL) and University of Chicago Press (UCPRESS) stopped working. As a consequence, the current content of almost 100 journal TOCs went out of date at JournalTOCs.

UCAL and UCPRESS explained us that since they have recently moved all their journals to JSTOR they were no longer producing their own TOC RSS feeds. So the problem was JSTOR 😉

When we visited JSTOR website we noticed that JSTOR was systematically not producing TOC RSS feeds for any of its hosted publishers! There were some exceptions, but even in those cases, the TOC RSS feeds were not easily available to anyone as the registration of an account was required to be able to request RSS alerts.

Fortunately UCAL, UCPRESS and JSTOR staff were very pro-active and happy to help. After exchanging a few emails and tweets, JSTOR quickly grasped the importance for publishers to have a TOC RSS feed for each of their journals they host. Exactly two weeks ago, John Holm, the JSTOR Technical Support Specialist, told us that TOC RSS functionality was going to be included in JSTOR‘s next platform update, scheduled to take place late this month.

Today, John Muenning, UCPRESS Publishing Technology Manager, advised us that JSTOR has reinstated the TOC RSS feeds for University of Chicago Press journals. We easily found the TOC RSS links for all the journals hosted at JSTOR under “Journal Tracking” on the right rail of the journal pages (TOCs and content) for each title.

Well done JSTOR!

Now JSTOR is systematically producing freely available TOC RSS feeds for all the journals and publishers hosted at its platform.

JournalTOCs harvester has started to detect the new TOCs from UCAL and UCPRESS via JSTOR and we expect that soon their current content will be up-to-date on JournalTOCs again.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

March 23rd, 2011 at 9:34 am