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JournalTOCs adds Search within the Journals You Follow, and Search by Subject

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JournalTOCs has just added a set of options to Search, allowing registered users to search just within the journals they follow or the journals for which their institution has full-text access. The new options are available only for customised versions of JournalTOCs. In addition, users of customised versions are able to search journals by subject as well as to search for articles published only in Open Access (OA) journals.

For example if your institution is VSSC, when you login at JournalTOCs, you will see two tabs in the Search box. If you click the “Articles” tab you will be able to search for articles in the Table of Contents of all the journals collected by JournalTOCs, in OA journals, in VSSC journals (the journals for which your institution has full-text access), in both OA and VSSC journals, or only in the journals you are following:

If you click on the “Journals” tab you will be able to search for journals by their titles, ISSN numbers or by their subject classification. Additionally, you will be able to search in the entire collection of journals included in JournalTOCs, or limit your search within OA journals, the journals for which your institution has subscriptions or only the journals you follow:

Written by Santiago Chumbe

July 17th, 2012 at 11:26 am