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Alpha Release of JournalTOCs API

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I am pleased to announce the alpha release of the API for the Journal TOCs JISC Rapid Innovation project.

At the moment the API allows searching by journal title and searching by article.

Some examples are: gives a list of journals whose title contains the word library. returns the latest TOC of the journal with ISSN 1533-290X gives a list of the latest articles containing the word corrosion. returns a list of latest articles by authors at “University of Warwick” (please notice the double quotes around University of Warwick for phrase searching). returns a list of latest articles published by authors with the name Dorothy Bishop.

The aim of the JournalTOCsAPI project is to investigate two use cases using the API.

The 1st is to find new content for an Institutional Repository by alerting IR managers when a new article has been published.
The 2nd is to enhance the existing metadata in the IR by matching against articles in JournalTOCs.

We are still working with the development of the API, but we thought you may want to see how it works and have the opportunity of steering its development. Please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog.

Written by lisa

September 23rd, 2009 at 12:53 pm