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Open Access journals using OJS platform: How to enable journal TOC RSS feeds

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From time to time, and increasingly recently, publishers of Open Access journals ask us to add their journals to JournalTOCs.

When we let them know that in order to be part of JournalTOCs, they
must produce RSS feeds for their current or latest journal Table of Content (TOC), we receive mixed answers but in most of the cases either they simply were not aware of the importance of RSS feeds or they do not know how to enable RSS support on the software they are using to publish the journals.

Taking into account that a vast majority of publishers use the Open Journal Systems (OJS) to publish OA journals, here we have a simple bullet list of steps to setup TOC RSS feeds support with OJS.

  1. Login as a Journal Manager
  2. From the Management menu, select System Plugins
  3. Select Generic Plugins
  4. Find the Web Feed Plugin and select the Enable link
  5. Next, return to the Web Feed Plugin and choose Settings
  6. Use the buttons to determine where the Feeds will display, and select how many items should display
  7. Hit the Save button
  8. Next, return to the Journal Manager home page
  9. Select Setup
  10. Select Step 5 – The Look
  11. Scroll down to Step 5.6 – Journal Layout
  12. You wil see the Web Feed Plugin listed in the “Unselected” column. Select it, and then use the right-arrow button to shift it into the Right Sidebar column
  13. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save

The list has been prepared with input from the OJS technical support team.

We are aware that in addition to OJS, there are other open source journal management and publishing systems available. They do not have as many users as OJS (currently more than 6,000 journals are using OJS) but they are still important and we would like to invite them to provide us with a set of clear instructions to produce TOC RSS feeds with their software. In particular we are interested in hearing from DPubS, GAPworks and ePublishing Toolkit.

Please note that new journals can be suggested using our Suggest Form

Written by Santiago Chumbe

May 31st, 2011 at 8:39 am

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