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Clarification of Use Cases

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The two use case for the project were mentioned briefly in a previous post

The first use case: “Identifying New Content for Institutional Repositories (IRs)” will provide an alert to IR managers when a paper has been published in a journal by an author from their Institution. The aim of the First Use case is to help you to add new content to your repository.  The IR managers will request a search by providing author and affiliation through a RESTful API. The result of this search will initially be returned as an RSS Feed.

The second use case: “Alerting when Deposited Papers have been Published” will try to enhance the metadata of existing papers in the repository. The aim of the Second Case is to help you to keep your repository up-to-date and increase its metadata quality. For example a paper is deposited in the repository before it has been published in a journal, the IR manager will be alerted when the paper has been published and will be returned enhanced metadata for that paper which could then be added to the repository. A further example is if a paper deposited with incomplete metadata (i.e. doesn’t include volume/issue or page numbers), then this metadata can be extracted using the JournalTOCs API. The API will identify recently deposited papers from your repository, either through RSS or OAI-PMH, returning enhanced metadata for each article where possible.

Written by lisa

August 25th, 2009 at 9:35 am