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Are OA journals frightened of TOC RSS feeds?

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Today, Roddy MacLeod tells us that he has added 25 Open Access (OA) journals to JournalTOCs recently. These new journals will increase the number of OA journals in JournalTOCs. Although finding and uploading individual OA journals is not a sustainable model for us, the work of Roddy is exposing a pattern that can be found in various OA journals. A lot of OA journals do not have TOC RSS feeds. For some reason they didn’t yet grasp the benefits of TOC RSS for the OA movement. Most of those journals use the Open Source software OJS, so it should be very easy for them to produce TOC RSS feeds. In the case of the OJS chosen journals, all that will be necessary is for them to do is to activate the RSS option. In other cases, it may involve some small development work.

Something needs to be done. OA journals cannot fail to notice the power of RSS. As Roddy has expressed here, there are many reasons why all scholarly journals should produce a TOC RSS feed. All the large and medium commercial publishers are producing journal TOC RSS feeds. So what happen with the OA publishers?

Written by Santiago Chumbe

November 1st, 2010 at 1:48 pm