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Changes to our free service

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In order to continue providing our users with the best service possible, JournalTOCs will be implementing some changes in May 2018 which will affect the users of our free accounts.

Firstly, the maximum number of journals that free accounts can follow will now be 15 journals. This is a continuation of the blog post we made two years ago which can be viewed here. The reasons we outlined previously still apply now.

Furthermore, the maximum numbers of articles returned by the Articles-Search API (e.g. for free accounts will be 25 articles per search. For anyone without an account, they will be able to continue using the API. However, their search results will be limited to 10 articles per search.

Finally, the Articles and the Journals APIs will only return results in XML (RSS) format.

These limits will not apply to Premium account holders who continue following up to 300 journals per user account, search for articles using the APIs without any limitations and receive search results either in XML (RSS) or JSON format. If you are interested in arranging a JournalTOCs Premium subscription for your institution, please get in touch with us at:

Written by Hayley Gibson

May 8th, 2018 at 10:59 am