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Finding current articles with BentoSearch

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The latest release 1.0.2 of BentoSearch, the Open Source Ruby on Rails library layer to search and display results from external search engines, has implemented support for JournalTOCs API to provide a look-up for journal current articles.

BentoSearch can be used by software developers to implement Ruby on Rails applications to leverage local academic library systems. It supports various relevant proprietary and free search engines such as the discovery services Summon, EDS and Primo, as well as the EBSCOHost and Scopus databases, alongside with Google Books and Google Site Search.

The main developer of BentoSearch is Jonathan Rochkind from Johns Hopkins University Library. He works with APIs to combine functionality from different places into integrated applications. He is using the JournalTOCs API to develop an integrated “Current Articles from This Journal” display into his local library applications. Jonathan has helped us to identify and resolve various issues with the feeds normalized and returned by JournalTOCs API. He has also developed the open source Umlaut software.

BentoSearch full documentation for developers is available here

Examples of implementing the BentoSearch library can be found here

The only requirement to use the JournalTOCs API from BentoSearch is to have an email address registered with JournalTOCs.

You can see a very basic prototype, by looking up journals at: (link resolver demo)
and looking for the “Current Articles” link under “See Also“, if available.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

April 8th, 2013 at 10:16 am