Save to export your Followed Journals

You can export the list of your journals to any RSS reader that supports the OPML file format.

An OPML file is a text XML file you can use to export your favourite journals all at once to your preferred RSS reader such as NewsBlur, Digg Reader, Feedly or Bloglines.

How does it work?

A) First you need to save the content of your Followed Journals in an OPML file:

  1. Click on "Save & Export"
  2. Save your file in your local disk (by default the file will be called mytocs.opml)

B) Second, follow the instructions of your favourite RSS reader to import OPML files. For example, these are the instructions for Feedly:

  1. Login to Feedly (
  2. Scroll down and find the Import OPML link
  3. Click Browse to find and upload your mytocs.opml file
  4. Click the “Import” button
  5. That is all! You will see your imported journals' RSS feeds ready to be categorized.