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. Why publishers should never NOINDEX their RSS feeds

Last week, JournalTOCs stopped indexing all of the 40 journals published by OA Publishing London because this publisher took the unusual and illogical measure of requesting aggregators not to index (aggregate) the RSS feeds for the current issues of its journals....   (read more)

. Crowdsourcing the journal selection process

Since this year JournalTOCs has started to move on to a crowdsourcing model to maintain its growing database of journals. Reaching the 24,000 journals milestone was the turning point. This number practically represents the bulk of relevant journals that have...   (read more)
. How to grab an RSS feed of the latest articles of a journal and have it show up as a widget on other website
(27-Aug-14) To grab an RSS feeds for a particular journal from JournalTOCs, you can use the API call journals. For example: http://www.journaltocs.ac.uk/api/journals/0143-3369?output=articles&user=super.journaltocs@gmail.com The above call will grab the feeds produced and normalized by JournalTOCs for...   (read more)
. Systematic identification of OA articles from hybrid journals

JournalTOCs is pleased to announce that the automated identification of Open Access (OA) articles from hybrid journals has started to work today

This is a highly important development in the efforts being made towards enabling system...   (read more)
. JournalTOCs is continuing to grow. 24,000 Scholarly Journals are now included in the largest RSS-based alerting service for researchers
(07-Mar-14) As a result of adding 1000 more journals since October 2013, the number of scholarly journals whose latest Tables of Contents (TOCs) are included in the JournalTOCS alerting service for researchers has passed the 24,000 major milestone. Almost half of those 1000 additions come from Hybrid and S...   (read more)
. LM takes LibTOC service offline after months of being outdated
(20-Feb-14) The LibTOC current awareness service was removed from the Internet a few weeks ago. LM launched LibTOC in April 2013. LM created LibTOC thanks to a JournalTOCs Premium license, which gave LM full access to up-to-date information to the entire database of JournalTOCs as well as premium access to...   (read more)
. Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek - JournalTOCs Collaboration
(31-Jan-14) The University Library of Regensburg and JournalTOCs concluded the implementation of a collaboration agreement to include in the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (Electronic Journals Library (EZB)) journals information to enable their users to access to new journal TOCs from their EZB web pages...   (read more)
. An OpenRefine service created with the JournalTOCs API
(07-Dec-13) Ted Lawless has developed an OpenRefine reconciliation service for academic journals that queries the JournalTOCs API and translates the response to the format that OpenRefine is expecting. OpenRefine (ex-Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with big data, cleaning it, transforming it fr...   (read more)
. Exporting Search Results to Reference ManagerĀ® (RefMan)
(05-Nov-13) From time to time, we receive questions about RefMan. For that reason, although Adept have no plans to release new versions of RefMan, we have prepared this small guide to help users needing to export search results from JournalTOCs to RefMan. Let's assume that your search query is: Optical...   (read more)
. The Most Followed Open Access (OA) Journals at JournalTOCs
(10-Sep-13) Overall Nature, Science and New England Journal of Medicine are the most followed journals at JournalTOCs (Top Journals). However, among the Open Access (OA) journals (which are carefully selected by JournalTOCs), D-Lib Magazine, the Journal of Information Literacy and, the Journal of Library &...   (read more)
. The JournalTOCs big metadata
(31-May-13) Every day, we create approx 5 thousand new records; most of those records are metadata of journal articles published in the previous 24 hours. The following image represents the metadata that JournalTOCs has collected so far.

...   (read more)
. Awards for two services developed using JournalTOCs
(07-May-13) Recently two of our licensed institutional users have been awarded with a project grant and a prestigious award respectively, both of them involving the use of JournalTOCs Premium. 1. Award to develop an automated e-TOCs current awareness service at the NYMC The Health Sciences Library of the...   (read more)
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