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Journal Cover   Library Hi Tech News
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   Hybrid Journal Hybrid journal (It can contain Open Access articles)
   ISSN (Print) 0741-9058
   Published by Emerald Homepage  [311 journals]
  • Library Web Sites for People With Disability: Accessibility Evaluation of
           Library Websites in Pakistan
    • Authors: Arif khan, Haroon Idrees, Khan Mudassir
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 6, August 2015.
      Purpose This study assesses the accessibility of library web sites of top-ten Universities of Pakistan. The study also explores commonly identifies accessibility barriers in the subject web sites. Accessibility analysis of library web sites has been conducted using Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAET) to examine compliance of the library web site with Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.0. The study also attempts to rank each web site according to number of quality issues identified. Based on literature review, the study also proposes a framework to conduct web accessibility evaluation of library web sites. Web accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the Web, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and aging (old-age). Design/methodology/approach This study examines accessibility of subject web sites using automated accessibility evaluation tool based on Library Web site Accessibility Evaluation Framework (LWAEF). Commercial web accessibility evaluation tool SortSite® was used to assess accessibility issues in library web sites. The tool was also tested to validate components of the LWAE framework. Findings Result shows that 70% of library web sites do comply with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. It means that compliance to essential guidelines of priority A level of WCAG 2.0 are finely met by 70% library web sites of Pakistan. However, important accessibility issues still exist in the subject web sites. Moreover, in terms of accessibility issues, overall quality of university library web sites in Pakistan is in better condition. Originality/value Equal access to information by all citizens is an important UN’s charter supported by all developing countries. By assessing the needs of all citizens has been of great importance and value to developing countries like Pakistan with 19.2% population of disabled people. The paper presents overall status of accessibility to information and is conducted to focus the library web sites of Pakistan for the first time. Focusing the library web sites for accessibility evaluation, this research study will help improve accessibility elements of library web sites in other developing countries also.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-27T01:04:42Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-01-2015-0010
  • Personal Digital Archiving Conference, New York University, April 24-26,
    • Authors: Melissa Gasparotto
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 6, August 2015.
      Purpose This review gives an overview of presentations and discussions held at the sixth Personal Digital Archiving Conference held at New York University, April 24-26, 2015. Design/methodology/approach A narrative approach is used to describe the event. Findings As individuals lead increasingly online lives and digital objects become correspondingly important to the archive, a whole host of issues from the technical to the ethical arise. Conference presentations ran the gamut, touching on all of these complicated areas and fleshing out the scope of the challenges that lie ahead for individuals grappling with their own data as well as archivists working to be responsible stewards it. Practical implications This review touches on key practical, technical and ethical issues in the field of personal digital archiving, a new and increasingly important area for libraries and archives. Originality/value The conference explores current challenges and practices in personal digital archiving.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-27T01:04:34Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-04-2015-0034
  • WeChat in the library: promoting a new virtual reference service
    • Authors: Raymond Pun
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 6, August 2015.
      Purpose WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed in China. Released in 2011, it currently has over 355 million users worldwide. The paper addresses how New York University Shanghai Library utilizes WeChat to support students' research and information needs. The paper explores the information exchanges and interactions as well: what are students asking and what they can gain from this app; and features of app are explored: WeChat can send files, support video-chat, and group and voice messaging. By examining the opportunities and challenges of this app, the paper offers best practices to maximize WeChat as a library virtual service. Design/methodology/approach The design approach of this paper is to analyze the information exchanges and interactions from participants. By collecting and analyzing the responses, the paper presents the opportunities of the app in supporting patrons who are often mobile and also how the app can be used for student engagement that is beyond reference services. Findings From virtual reference to social media outreach. this paper finds the app can offer a wide range of support and service through the library. Based on the positive daily interactions in the app, the research notes that the app can be utilized in many contexts: to support virtual service, to create student engagement, to promote library services, and to create an online community of student users. Originality/value This paper introduces in the context of an American institution and how this app can be utilized to support virtual reference and student engagement. The most important feature of this work is to demonstrate how to use this app to promote and to provide library services remotely. The paper introduces an alternative virtual reference service that can be utilized in any university setting.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-27T01:04:13Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-03-2015-0017
  • Current CITE-ings from the Popular and Trade Computing Literature
    • Authors: Martin Kesselman
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 6, August 2015.

      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-27T01:04:04Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-06-2015-0042
  • Broadband, digital literacy and public libraries: the Mill Park story
    • Authors: Greg Rolan, Tom Denison, Christine Mackenzie
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 6, August 2015.
      Purpose The paper presents the results of a research project designed to explore the impact of the establishment and operation of a broadband enabled digital training facility at the Mill Park public library, focusing on the role of public libraries in both engaging and educating local communities, and exploring issues related to the provision of training through public libraries, benefits or problems in doing so, and the relationship to new and existing services. Design/methodology/approach The paper takes a case study approach, following the development of the training program and changes implemented throughout the first two years of operation. Findings The Mill Park Library has successfully met, if not exceeded, the goals of promoting broadband services, up-skilling the community, and promoting digital readiness within it local community. Both directly and through partnerships with other organisations and schools, it has not only addressed the needs of community members, but also engaged them more fully with the library’s other services. Practical implications The paper offers insight into the value of strong community-based networks in supporting the successful design and implementation of ICT-related training programs. Originality/value The paper offers insight into the value of strong community-based networks in supporting the successful design and implementation of ICT-related training programs.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-27T01:03:54Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-03-2015-0020
  • New & Noteworthy
    • Authors: Heidi Hanson, Zoe Stewart-Marshall
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, July 2015.

      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:46:47Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-05-2015-0038
  • Calendar
    • Authors: Heidi Hanson, Zoe Stewart-Marshall
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, July 2015.

      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:46:43Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-05-2015-0037
  • Conference report of INTED 2015, the International Technology and
           Education for Development Conference
    • Authors: Martin Kesselman
      Pages: 1 - 2
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, Page 1-2, July 2015.
      Purpose – This article is a conference report dealing with instructional technology. Design/methodology/approach – The methodology adopted is an overview of a conference report. Findings – There is much to take away from INTED2015. Originality/value – This article is the only report of INTED2015.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:46:59Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-04-2015-0032
  • Through the looking glass: thinking through the internet of things
    • Authors: Peter Fernandez
      Pages: 4 - 7
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, Page 4-7, July 2015.
      Purpose – This column aims to explore how the concept of the “Internet of Things” technology will impact everyday life, and examine its implications for libraries. The Internet serves as the foundation for a staggering array of connections between humans and computers all over the world. As a conceptual model, the “Internet of Things” (IOT) begs the question, what if the Internet expanded beyond humans and computers to include the other everyday objects that surround us? Design/methodology/approach – This column will explore how this technology might impact everyday life, and examine this technology’s implications for libraries. Findings – Companies of all kinds, including Intel, Microsoft, AT & T and DHL are all investing in the IOT, citing a variety of reports that estimate tremendous future growth. For example, a recent report by Business Insider predicts that by 2019, the IOT will be the largest device market in the world (overshadowing desktop computers and mobile devices combined) and create $1.7 trillion in new value, affecting business, homes, transportation, health care and government operations . Originality/value – Almost regardless of the success or failure of any given product, the concept of the IOT is a model that is affecting investors and businesses of all types, and in turn affecting technologies that are being developed today. By better understanding the IOT, librarians can therefore be better positioned to respond to developments as they emerge.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:46:51Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-05-2015-0035
  • Ask me anything: what is Reddit?
    • Authors: Katie Elson Anderson
      Pages: 8 - 11
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, Page 8-11, July 2015.
      Purpose – This article aims to provide an overview of the popular website Reddit. Design/methodology/approach – In many cases, items that are popular on Reddit become viral, appearing on other social media sites and in the news several days later. Findings – The site’s content is supplied by its users, and the popularity of that content is also determined by the membership. While the site can be described simply as an aggregator of user provided content, this simple description does not adequately capture the essence of the Reddit community and the impact of that community and its generated content on society. Originality/value – Librarians should be aware of this impact and the potential that Reddit possesses for connecting with a number of different communities.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:47:02Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-03-2015-0018
  • On eBooks in academic libraries: an article based on a presentation at the
           Library 2.014 Conference
    • Authors: Donna Ellen Frederick
      Pages: 12 - 15
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, Page 12-15, July 2015.
      Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate and discuss some of the commonly held misconceptions about using and managing eBooks in academic research libraries and to outline what skills, abilities and knowledge are required of librarians and other library staff who work with eBooks. eBooks are an important presence in the vast majority of academic libraries. It is reasonable to expect that this presence will increase in the years to come. The value of eBooks to many students, faculty and researchers is undeniable and their availability has created new learning and teaching opportunities which were not possible with print-only library collection. Design/methodology/approach – eBooks bring multiple benefits to the academic environment. Findings – eBooks provide portable information resources for students and researchers doing fieldwork. eBooks have the potential for relieving pressure on space in some libraries. Some eBook platforms offer students new and enhanced ways for interacting with library materials, including accessibility features. Originality/value – The addition of eBooks to academic library collections addresses a growing preference among some patrons for information in electronic format.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:47:05Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-02-2015-0015
  • Know the Lingo: how ILEAD Ohio influenced library collaboration and
           discovery for patrons
    • Authors: Jessica Crossfield McIntosh, Kirstin Krumsee, Julie E. Zaveloff, Derek C. Zoladz
      Pages: 16 - 18
      Abstract: Library Hi Tech News, Volume 32, Issue 5, Page 16-18, July 2015.
      Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to share the authors’ collective experiences of ILEAD, explore the mobile app (Know the Lingo) development process and inspire further use of the open access code. Libraries have changed over time, providing more and more access to information. Despite the goal of the library to serve as a provider of information resources, the authors’ classification systems, vocabulary and jargon can often alienate the majority of the users. The authors’ team, brought together by ILEAD Ohio, worked to determine a community need among the authors’ institutions, which led to the creation of Know the Lingo, a mobile application (app) that aids patrons with discovery. Design/methodology/approach – This paper will define and describe the application steps for ILEAD, the authors’ collaboration efforts and the finalization of the authors’ project. Findings – Throughout the process of ILEAD, the authors’ team discovered new ways to engage the communities, collaborate effectively and produce an innovative technological project. Originality/value – ILEAD is a new grant program that is operating through various states in the Midest. It is our hope that the program continues to grow, and this paper strives to support that mission. Leadership and community are strongly held values in the information science discipline, and ILEAD strives to provide that support to librarians across the country.
      Citation: Library Hi Tech News
      PubDate: 2015-06-19T10:47:10Z
      DOI: 10.1108/LHTN-01-2015-0008
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