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Austral Journal of Veterinary Sciences
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ISSN (Print) 0719-8000 - ISSN (Online) 0719-8132
Published by SciELO Homepage  [888 journals]
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  • Finishing lambs using an integral feed under a restricted-feeding program
           in an intensive production system in Northern Mexico

    • Abstract: Abstract: The objective of this study was to compare the productive performance of finishing lambs using an integral diet under a restricted-feeding program. Ten Dorper lambs were assigned to two homogenous groups according to live weight and age under a complete randomised block design. Group 1 was fed a traditional diet commonly used by the producer and group 2 was fed an integral feed restricted to 75% of dry matter requirement of lambs. The evaluated variables were: dry matter intake, initial and final live weight, daily weight gain, feed efficiency and body growth expressed in height, body length, thoracic diameter, cane length and cane width. A partial cost analysis was carried out to evaluate the economic viability. Lambs fed with the integral feed had better feed efficiency, higher dry matter intake, daily weight gain, height, body length and thoracic diameter when compared with the lambs fed the traditional diet. The use of an integral feed under a restricted-feeding program reduced the cost of finishing lambs by 2.46 dollars per head and finishing length by 120 days. Overall, providing an integral feed under a restricted-feeding program is a viable alternative for improving finishing lambs under intensive conditions in the Northern Mexico.
  • Effects of tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) powder on broiler performance
           parameters and histopathology of internal organs

    • Abstract: Abstract: The aim of this study is to evaluate whether the addition of tarragon in the diet of broiler chickens affects their performance and histological structures of internal organs. A total of 240 day-old Ross 308 male broiler chickens were used. The experiment included four treatment groups, with six replications per treatment. The experiment lasted 42 days and the chickens were provided with feed and water ad libitum. Experimental groups were given basal diet only (control group), basal diet + 0.1% tarragon powder (T1 group), basal diet + 0.2% tarragon powder (T2 group) and basal diet+ 0.5% tarragon powder (T3 group). The tarragon additive did not affect the values of the daily feed intake (DFI) and feed conversion rate (FCR) during the trial periods, while the highest daily weight gain (DWG) was recorded in the control group (P<0.05) on days 29-35 and 36-42. The longest jejunum villi was observed in the T2 group (P<0.05). The results indicate that different amounts of tarragon powder additive did not affect the DFI and FCR as performance parameters, while they had a negative impact on DWG. In addition, the livers, kidneys and intestinal tissue structures did not change. Therefore, the tarragon powder had no negative effects on the health of chickens.
  • Cryopreservation of horse semen with a liposome and trehalose added

    • Abstract: Abstract: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of cryopreserved equine semen in the presence of trehalose-loaded liposomes on the integrity and function of sperm cells. Six ejaculations of five stallions collected with an artificial vagina were used. The ejaculates were diluted with INRA 96® 2:1 v/v and transported at 22 °C to the laboratory. Before cryopreservation, the semen was diluted with INRA Freeze® to obtain the following treatments: T1) INRA Freeze® (control), T2) INRA Freeze® + liposomes, T3) INRA Freeze® + liposomes+trehalose. Data were analysed using the Kruskal Wallis test. The percentages of sperm with intact DNA were 54.5, 57.9, and 64.8% for T1, T2 and T3, respectively (P>0.05). When evaluating the acrosomal and capacitation state after filtering with Percoll®, the percentages of spermatozoa without acrosome reaction and without capacitation were 67.8, 79.2 and 68.1% in T1, T2, and T3, respectively (P>0.05), while the capacitated sperm without acrosome reaction and without capacitation was similar in T1 (47%) and T3 (32%) (P>0.05), and lower in T2 (16%) before filtering with Percoll®. The use of liposomes and liposome-trehalose did not affect on the functional status and nuclear chromatin of the equine sperm after freezing, but it did affect the percentage of capacitated sperm without acrosome reaction after selecting the thawed semen using the Percoll® gradient.
  • Haematological parameters in a free-ranging population of Didelphis
           virginiana from Mexico

    • Abstract: Abstract: The American opossum Didelphis virginiana is the marsupial species with the largest geographic distribution in North America, a very important natural host and key to the maintenance and transmission of many zoonotic pathogenic microorganisms of importance in public health, and one of the wild mammals with the greatest adaptation to the human environment, but despite all that very little is known about some physiological aspects in their free-ranging populations. In the present study, basic haematological parameters of 201 opossums from a synanthropic population of D. virginiana in a rural locality of the state of Yucatan, are first described. The average values of haemoglobin, packed cell volume, red blood cells, and eosinophils were higher in males and adults (except eosinophils) than in females and juveniles, respectively, and juvenile opossums had higher values of lymphocytes, neutrophils, and platelets than males. Non-pregnant females had significantly higher values of mean corpuscular volume, lymphocytes and platelets than pregnant ones, while red blood cell count and segmented neutrophils showed higher values in pregnant females. The establishment of the basic haematological parameters for free-ranging populations of D. virginiana is a very useful reference for both the health monitoring of the populations and further studying the host-parasite relationship of some zoonotic pathogens present in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Accidental and late parasitological diagnosis of Leishmania sp. in a dog
           from a low disease transmission area of Brazil: A case report

    • Abstract: Abstract: Canine Leishmaniasis diagnosis must be fast and accurate since dogs are urban reservoirs of the disease and earlier therapeutic intervention is more clinically effective. However, this still represents a challenge, particularly in low transmission areas. The present report describes the difficulties of clinical suspicion and the late diagnosis of a dog infected with Leishmania sp.
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