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International Journal of Science and Innovative Technology
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
ISSN (Online) 2630-0532
Published by Association of Researchers of Thailand Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Analysis of Tailing Storage Facility Cover Design Alternatives using soil
           water atmosphere hydraulic performance modeling in Thailand

    • Authors: Quanchai Leepowpanth, Tran Thanh Long
      Pages: 13 - 20
      Abstract: This research aims to analyze the Tailing Storage Facility cover design alternatives using soil water
      atmosphere hydraulic performance modeling. The analysis comprises of 3 steps: first, the potential
      infiltration in tailing is estimated by Green and Ampt method. Second, the water flow though the tailing
      is demonstrated under groundwater model. Third, TSF covers design alternatives is analyzed percolation
      performance between surface water and TSF based on the thickness of clay cover. Results of data
      analyzed show the percolation of 1-4 meters clay are lower than limited seepage (Percolation of 1 m
      thickness of clay in this study is 9800 m3/ 12 years < 0.88m/ha/day= 264,000 m3/ 12 years, (Billiton,
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • Water Reuse for Cooling Tower in Water Shortage Area

    • Authors: Chawalit Chanamai, Narin Phaowanich
      Pages: 21 - 31
      Abstract: The water is the limited resources in Kalasin, while the replacement and new power plants need to be constructed for ensuring stability of power supply in upper northeast of Thailand. This is the challenge reserving and suppling power generation in water scarcity area.  Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) seriously concerns about the limited resources in water shortage area. Thus, water reuse and water recycle are the key for sustain water in scarcity province and resolving water pollution for the large scale.   This study focuses primarily on the sustainable water resources design of the treatment system of make-up water from domestic waste water for the power plant’s cooling water. The volume of wastewater was calculated by MIKE Urban 2017 with Ecolab. Recycled water for cooling tower can reduce water replacement of make-up water, but the level of nutrient of water will increase. The important parameters in cooling system are algae, bacteria and other chemicals (chloride, calcium, silica, total hardness). The process of treatment and production for cooling water comprises of coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, ultrafiltration (UF), and nanofiltration (NF) or reverse osmosis (RO) for chemical control, while chlorine, ozonation and ultrasonic are alternative processes controlling of microorganism in cooling system.   The 78.6 million m3/year treated municipal wastewater in Kalasin is divided into 47.8 million m3/year of makeup water process and 30.8 million m3/year for ecology system preservation. For make-up water system, the proposed treatment processes can save approximately 10.1 to 19.2 percent of cooling tower make-up water by using up to 7 cycles of concentration.
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • Noise Reduction in Shooting Range with Recycled PET Bottle

    • Authors: vorasun buranakarn
      Pages: 32 - 42
      Abstract: Normally acoustical concern has less interested for most people.  For Royal Thai Navy Shooting Range (established 1970) is now facing noise problem since the expansion of Bangkok city area.  Within a decade, houses, townhomes and condominiums were built besides and around shooting range which clearly known at the date of bought that those properties will face to shooting noise problems.  The new Thai constitution gives more human right without any compromises, therefore, people and neighborhood have raised more complains to shooting noise.  All sounds from allowed bulleted were measured from 25 to 2000 Hz.  It has about 110-118 dBA in 1000-4000 Hz, 108-110 dBA in 8000 Hz, and 95-97 dBA in 20000 Hz.  After 4 squaremeters of 42 kg/cu.m. glassfiber installed, it has about 110 dBA in 1000-4000 Hz, 95-105 dBA in 8000 Hz, and 89-95 dBA in 20000 Hz. Using 4 squaremeters of 5 cm. thick recyled polystylene drinking bottle, sound reduction is similar.
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • HR practices: selecting the initiative approach applied and its impact on
           the business sector in Northeastern region, Thailand เ

    • Authors: Chinnawat Chueasraku, Rangsita Bunnag, Dinh Supasamut
      Pages: 44 - 51
      This paper intends to investigate whether transformational HR, the trend of favorable tool, should accommodate to each organization as well as to be proved that between applying another 2 variables; transactional and traditional HR that defined as input factors can work corroboratively and lead to effectiveness of people management. The quantitative method was employed to testify the relationship and the influence as the cause and effect. Two hundred and five (205) questionnaires were returned from all four cities in central Isaan cluster distributed from August to the middle of September 2018.
      The descriptive statistic results showed that the majority of the informants were female (69.3%) and worked in Roi-Et (46.8%) and in Agricultural business (28.8%). Majority of them were working in level of operation staff (63.4%). To consider the most activities preferences of populations are Transformational HR. According to the inferential statistic by hypothesis testing, there was significant difference between the adopting tactical vs. strategic HR practice in term of various industries. Other hypotheses that were tested confirmed that the input factors, which were Traditional, Transactional and Transformational HR positive relationship with each other. However, two out of three (traditional and transformational HR) are led to the firm’s HR practice effectiveness. And not only factors attached in transformation HR but traditional HR activities have also positive influence on Strategic HR practice. Moreover, the paper argued that all focused HR activities can predict the firm’s HR arrangement as was 39.4%. While, this implies that HR activities as Compensation, Learning & Development and Structural Realignment are factor that have a greater influence or statistically significance on the firm’s strategic HR practice. According to the findings, the theoretical aspects clarified that the HR activities may not only applied strategic functions, but ‘routine or administration HR functions’ are also important and should effectively deployed into the organization. The suitable acquired HR activities have to use matching with types and culture of business. The summary also confirmed the prediction of traditional and transformational variables work corroboratively effecting on effectiveness of HR arrangement as the power of prediction 39.4%. However, the beta value for tradition was 0.273 and for transformational approach is was 0.421. This implies that the adoption of transformation is a factor that has a greater impact than traditional application. Apart from that even the factors as routine (traditional HR) and strategic activities influence the people management effectiveness as shown in results but HR information system (transactional HR) has also important as well as we must groom HR person all the time to oversee and manage HR department effectively.
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • A spatial dynamic of the Coastal Eutrophication Analysis System by SPA
           Process realization and Data Analysis

    • Authors: chalisa veesommai
      Pages: 52 - 61
      Abstract: One of the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 14) life below water addressed to coastal eutrophication, which has the primary problem that facing the most of coastal water bodies in worldwide areas. It is crucial to have a flexible analysis system for analyzing the dynamic coastal water-quality. So, this paper presents a new analysis system with a mathematical equation for Metadata analysis and eutrophication classification, which created in the database. The essence of this paper is to illustrate the meta-level knowledge of database for coastal eutrophication analysis. For the implementation of the Mathematical Equation for Metadata analysis and eutrophication classification found that Oligotrophic had 71 points, Mesotrophic had 148 points, Lower-eutrophic had 154 points, Eutrophic had 100 points, Upper-eutrophic had 49 points, Seriously-eutrophic had 31 points, Hyper-eutrophic had 13 points.
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • Raw Water Canal Stabilization for Protection against flood

    • Authors: Khomkrit Wetchasat
      Pages: 62 - 71
      Abstract: Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) had been greatly affected by the flood disaster in October to November 2011. Overwhelming low quality water from the flooded Industrial Park and its surrounding communities overflowed the canal’s dyke and entered into the east bank raw water canal. As the result, MWA needed to increase the amount of chemicals to cope with such unacceptably low quality of raw water. Temporary dyke was also constructed along the canal with afford to stop low quality water to additionally enter into the canal. After the crisis, permanent scheme for protecting the entire length of canal from Bangkhen Water Treatment Plant to Samlae Raw Water Pumping Station is developed into the urgent plan. The objective of this paper was to studied appropriate flood protecting structures for raw water canal that optimized all requirements including limited time and cost. Additionally, the method of piling along the canal’s existing dyke that provided the minimum effect to slope stability was also of interest. Findings could be drawn as follows; The final solution for flood protection should be comprised of 3 main forms of structures including 1) light reinforced concrete retaining structure, 0.22×0.22×12 m L-shape pile, 2) reinforced concrete retaining wall, 0.35×0.35×14 m I-shape pile, 3) compacted clay dyke. Having been finished, these structures were expected to effectively provide sustainable protection to east bank raw water canal as well as provide acceptably improved canal’s stability.
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • Emerging Issues in Copyright: Thailand Perspective

    • Authors: Thammanoon Phitayaporn
      Pages: 72 - 75
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
  • Research Applied to Agricultural Innovation for Sustainable Development

    • Authors: Sujinna Karnasuta
      Pages: 76 - 77
      Abstract: Thai fruits are agricultural products that are extremely important both for domestic consumption
      and for export to foreign countries. One of the most popular Thai fruits is mangoes, which have a
      relatively high economic value. Therefore, it is used as a case study in learning and understanding of
      research in creating agricultural innovation. The research includes both applied research and fundamental
      research that can be integrated together in creating innovations related to the development
      of mango quality preservation and can be a case study in applying research methods to creating
      innovation in other cases of agriculture and in other different areas.
      Applied research on mangoes in steam roasting of A grade Mahachanok mangoes reveals that
      obtained ripe mangoes provide overall amount of soluble solids, less acid titration and the period to
      be mature fruits not quite different from those in control group at the temp of 25ºC. However, storing
      mangoes at 13ºC through steam roasting helps slowing down the maturation period 2 times longer than
      the conventional storage at 25ºC in the period of 7.3 days which is not quite different from those in
      control group in the period of 6.3 days. B grade mangoes passed steam roasting process lose more
      weight, having skin of peels that turns to yellow more slowly. And the content of ripe fruit provide
      higher amount of acid titration and total soluble solids less than those in control group.As for other
      qualities, such as firmness, total amount of carotenoids and vitamin C, these are not different from
      those in control group. As for immersion of mango fruits into hot water, all treatments reduce weight
      loss when storing the fruits at 25ºC. And for immersion in hot water at 50ºC for 20 minutes, this causes
      mango peel skins to turn into yellow color more slowly during storing (Ubon Chinnawang et al, 2018)
      In addition, there are researches on the efficiency bio-fermentation of garlic, galangal, lemongrass and
      including herb complex from these 3 plants, as well as extracts of herbal waste and bio-surfactants
      produced from yeast, in the inhibition of fungal pathogens in Nam Dok Mai mango to be selected as an
      ingredient in the coating of the peels of mango fruit. The results in the isolation of fungi from mango
      fruits, leaves and stems in 10 isolation treatments find that the most pathogenic fungi that causes
      problem is Colletotricum sp. And for research in testing the effectiveness of antifungal agents, the
      results reveal that the bio-fermentation of garlic has the best effect on fungal destruction when testing
      with Poisoned food technique. And mango fruits coated with anti-mold biocompatible film help
      prolong the deterioration for up to 8 days when curing at room temp comparing to the control group
      that is applied with and without coating. These results indicate that biological coating substance that 
      contains garlic fermented water, garlic extract and bio-surfactants from yeast provide best efficacy in
      inhibiting fungi which can be applied to extend the life, and improve the quality of Nam Dok Mai
      mango (Uraiwan Khamkliang et al.,2018) However, the application of fundamental research results is
      important as for this case. For example, in the research on factors that are related to the maturation
      period which include colors of both peel and content mango fruit, the amount of soluble solids, the
      titrate acid content, the firmness of both peels and content of the fruit, and the TSS / TA values, the
      results indicate that using variables of firmness of the whole peel along with the TSS / TA values can
      help classify the maturation periods into 3 groups from raw, ripe and over-ripe with the accuracy of
      91.7% (Charuwat Rojanaphatarakun and Sirichai Kalayarat , 2002)
      The above sample cases both applied research and fundamental research can be used as
      reference data for development as agricultural innovations, both process innovation and product
      innovation like the research of Nam Dok Mai and Mahachanok mangoes growth in Thailand, in this
      paper. Such application of the results of research can be like , development of new innovation the
      process, storage procedures for maintaining quality of mango fruits to last longer up to 8 days by
      storing at the temp of 25ºC and by immersion into 50ºC hot water for 20 minutes. And the extension
      of application can be also the innovation of bio-mango coating substances mixed with garlic fermented
      water, garlic extract and bio-surfactants from yeast which are effective in inhibiting fungi for quality
      preservation of Nam Dok Mai mango. Both examples of innovation can be used as indicators for the
      level of ripeness to indicate the storage efficiency and market demand as well. In the utilization of
      more accurate indicators obtained from the research like color of peels and content of the fruit, the
      amount of soluble solids, titrate acid content, firmness of both peel and fruit content and TSS / TA
      values, the method of indicator measurement can be included in one step of both innovations. In the
      same case of research to innovation, a significant sample of the copyright innovation is Organic
      Playground (OP) that can grow organic mangos and plant biodiversity being proper quality and a lot
      of market demand. The innovative OP are also the new green agro-tourism and the public learning
      PubDate: 2019-01-30
      Issue No: Vol. 1, No. 2 (2019)
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK
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Fax: +00 44 (0)131 4513327
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