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Dumlupınar Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
ISSN (Print) 1302-1842 - ISSN (Online) 2587-005X
Published by T.C. Kütahya Dumlupınar Üniversitesi Homepage  [2 journals]

    • Authors: Olgu AYDIN
      Abstract: The structures andgeographical formations observed in the Aegean region of Turkey differ from theother coastal regions of the country. Especially, elevation and aspect havedifferent characteristics in this region. Thus, the precipitation conditionsare influenced and the annual precipitation amounts observed in the plains arenot consistent. In this study, Kriging with an External Drift was applied toobtain a prediction map of precipitation in the Aegean region. Annual meantotal precipitation data obtained from 36 stations (1976–2010) were used. Elevationwas used as a secondary variable in Kriging with an External Driftcalculations. The R2 of 0.35 shows that at least one quarter of theprecipitation behaviour can be explained by the model. A distribution thatcomplies with the orographic extension draws attention in the Kriging with anExternal Drift precipitation estimation map. The results show that Kriging withan External Drift and incorporation of elevation as a secondary variable couldbe used to supplement sparse observations in the mapping of precipitation.

    • Authors: Kerem KILIÇER; Vildan ÖZEKE, Ahmet Naci ÇOKLAR
      Abstract: The value and importance of information andcommunication technologies (ICTs) and the Internet for human life is increasingcontinuously. Particularly, the transformative influences of socio-digitalcommunity -known as social media- on social quarters become much prevalent. Socialmedia enables individuals through its interactive nature to connect via cyberinteractions at global level with diverse cyber communities. In this regard,this study aimed at deeply investigating the cyber behaviors of active socialmedia users from the perspective of cyber human values. The survey method wasapplied to collect the research data from 2719 participants. Both singular andcorrelational survey models were employed. The results show that the level ofcyber human values is higher in women, higher in high socio-economic status andhigh monthly income. Moreover, cyber human values differentiates with respectto perceived personality types and family environment.
  • Analysis of the Factors Affecting Labour Supply

    • Authors: Ahmet OĞUZ
      Abstract: Accordingto classical economists, the wage that determines the labor supply is the realwage rate. It is accepted in classics that the substitution effect is biggerthan the income effect. In Keynesians, the factor that determines the laborsupply is accepted as the nominal wage. This circumstance causes to laborsuppliers to fall into error. Monetarist economists accept the labor supply asthe function of the expected wage. With reference to them, the selectionbetween working and relaxation is made based on the expected wage level. The sum of employees andunemployed in a country is called as the labor supply.  In this context; In this research that madean econometric analysis of the factor determine the labor supply in Turkeycase, the labor supply was used as the affected factor. The influencing factorsare Inflation (CPI), Manufacturing Industry Production Index (Q), Labor CostIndex (W), Jobless Rate (İO), Labor Productivity(PL), GDP Growth Rate (GR) and Real Export (RX)variables. According to the econometrical results of the research, there is a longtermed relationship between inflation, jobless rate, real exportation, laborproductivity, real wage, growth, and labor supply.
  • Adana and Cholera (1890-1895)

      Abstract: Infectious diseases have been oneof the major threats to human beings throughout history. These diseases spreadrapidly due to the influence of the population movements and pose a serious threatto the societies due to loss of lives. The most significant epidemicsexperienced by human beings in the historical process were originated ininfectious diseases such as plague and cholera. Cholera developed in India inthe first half of the 19th century and was quickly disseminated in manycountries. In this process, the Ottoman Empire was affected by this infectiousdisease due to its territorial wideness and human existence.The cholera epidemic in Adanabetween 1890 and 1895 is the subject of this article. For, Adana was one of theimportant places where cholera was seen within the Ottoman frontiers. Thedisease was usually disseminated in the city via the pilgrims and then spreadto Anatolia in a short period of time. For this reason, the necessary measureswere taken in order to prevent dissemination of the disease immediately afterit was diagnosed. In this context, the harbor of the city was kept inquarantine and the people who entered and left the city were kept underobservation for a certain period of time by creating lazaretto in Pozantı andHaçin, the doors of Anatolia. After the positive results of the precautionarymeasures were observed and the adverse effects of the disease were lessened,the lazaretto was abolished and the quarantine was ended. However, many peoplelost their lives in Adana between 1890 and 1895 due to the epidemic. Finally,this article argues that the cholera epidemic spread to Adana via mobilepopulation and infected population were controlled by the quarantine method inorder to prevent the epidemic.
  • A Research on Distribution Channels of Fresh Vegetables in Turkey and
           Future Relevance

      Abstract: The subject of this research isexamination of distribution channels of fresh vegetables and fruits whichconstitutes a very important part of the world's nutritional resources due toits features rich in nutritional values and appealing to a healthy nutritionaltrend. Evaluating the producer side, in spite of the high earnings / efficiencyand resistance against economic crisis for producer, earnings of some membersinvolved in distribution channels of fresh vegetables are many times moreearnings of producers. On the other hand, fresh vegetables and fruits can be grownwith high efficiency with effects of geographical location and climate featuresshows the importance of effective post-production distribution channel design.The main aims of the study are introducing the present distribution channelalternatives and changes that can be seen in the near future.

    • Authors: Şerife Önder
      Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the effectof institutional sustainability, thereflection of cyclical economy concept at the macro level on businessorganizations, on profitability through the organizations in Turkey. For this reason, Multiple LinearRegression Analysis was applied withthe data of 33 business organizations preparing sustainability report accordingto Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and located in Istanbul stock exchange(BIST). In this study, in whichbusiness organization profitability was measuredby Return on Assets (ROA), sustainability was measured with five different variablesincluding both Overall Sustainability Rating and Community Employees,Environmental and Governance Performance Rating which are subtitles. In this study, twodifferent models were used considering sustainability measurement (fromboth main topics and subtopics). After the analysis, it was found out that sustainability applications in Turkey affected profitabilitystatistically significant and positive way.  It wasfound out that this effect of sustainability resulted   from the environmental applications of thebusiness organization and environmental factors positively affected businessorganization profitability.
  • Application Of Gravity Model To Inter-Provincial Trade Relations: The Case
           Of Kütahya

    • Authors: Ercan Yaşar; İlhan Korkmaz
      Abstract: In this study, it is aimed to investigatetrade between Kütahya and other provinces in Turkey within the Gravity Modelframework. Because of the limited time-series data on inter-provincialcommerce, analyzes were carried out with data from 2013. In the literatureregarding Turkey, gravity model has been used generally to examine the trade,tourism and migration flows between Turkey and other countries.  On the other hand, it has not been found anypaper that explaining inter-provincial trade flows in Turkey. In this aspect,it is expected that the study will contribute to the relevant literature. Inthe study, base models were estimated for Kütahya’s sales, purchases and totaltrade variables and it has seen that gravity model gave strong results inexplaining the trade among provinces. According to the findings, there is asignificant and positive relationship between the gross domestic productvariable representing the economic size of the cities and the trade inaccordance with the literature. There is a significant and negativerelationship between the distance between the provinces and trade.
  • Women Entrepreneur Profile And Their Issues In Balıkesir: A Survey On
           The Food Sector

    • Authors: Melike GÜL; Kudret GÜL
      Abstract: The aim of the study is to determine the profile andproblems of the women entrepreneurs operating in the food sector in Balıkesir.The data were obtained from 60 female entrepreneurs who received KOSGEB creditsupport in Balıkesir province between 2012-2017 periods. Interviews andquestionnaires were applied to obtain data. Frequency and descriptivestatistical analyzes were used for data analysis. The data obtained through theinterviews were classified according to the subjects. The research results showthat the most important entrepreneurship features of female entrepreneurs areconfident, successful and economic independence. In the process of establishingbusiness, female entrepreneurs receive the most support from their husbands.Providing capital, finding workplace and bureaucratic difficulties are the mostimportant problems that women entrepreneurs face in opening workplace. On theother hand, the most important problems faced post-entrepreneurial are listedas finding qualified staff, work-house balance and finding customers. The studyalso includes suggestions for new entrepreneurs based on the experienced womenentrepreneurs.
  • Use of Value Flow Mapping Technique in Production Line Design

    • Authors: Emre Bilgin Sarı
      Abstract: Manufacturingenterprises are in a continuous research to improve their operations andachieve better results at lower costs. Lean manufacturing creates theimprovement gates for businesses by offering proposals for obtaining economicand quality products by eliminating wastes for businesses. Theimprovement can be started is due to the definition of the point where theproblem arises. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is an effective technique that canbe used to implement the philosophy of continuous improvement for businesses. Inthis study, the improvements are discussed for the business can meet thecustomer demand more quickly and easily while applying a DAH method in aproduction operation to separate value-added and non-value-added transactions. Forthis purpose, the current flow map has been drawn up in accordance with theoperator's current data. In the current situation, problems such as thepresence of too many semi-finished stocks, long delivery times after ordering,difficulty in traceability of the products in the lines, large order changesand bottlenecks in some production processes have been identified. At theseproblem points, improvements were made so that the production times for each ofthe production units were determined and the balanced production flow at the appropriatepoints was designed. The principles that would provide simultaneous flow of theproduct and the planning were determined and the future situation map was drawnby designing the lean production flow. Possible improvement objectives weredetermined and possible gains were calculated to achieve the designed futuresituation. Comparisons of current and future situation have been made.

    • Authors: İpek Beyza Altıparmak; Abdullah Durakoğlu
      Abstract: The French philosopher Sartre, who carriedthe deep scars of World Wars I and II, defended the freedom of the human, whichhe perceived as the highest of values, and he protested against factors thatthreatened freedoms his entire life, as well as penning works of differentkinds to that end. He has literary works in the media of theater, essays, novelsand stories. Sartre, who portrays the dilemmas of the modern individual in histexts, has written the story “Room” for this purpose as well. This study aims tocritically evaluate the ethical model via his story “Room”. The story, which isshaped by the protagonist Eve and the choices that she makes, has as its maintheme the place of human freedom as the sole and most important vale, thedilemma the individual finds themselves in, and the choice they make whenconfronted with this dilemma. According to Sartre, we are faced with choices inevery moment of life, thus we have to make a choice. In the story, Eve is alsoconfronted with choices. In this study, the ethical model presented by Sartreis analyzed through the dilemma faced by the protagonist Eve and the choice shemakes in face of this situation. In the conclusion of the study, the modelSartre presents humanity with is found to be insufficient.

    • Authors: alev kocak alan; ebru tümer kabadayı, cansu gökmen köksal
      Abstract: Despite the widespread use of theInternet and the ease of connecting to electronic networks at any time frommobile devices, some consumers still cannot make online purchases because oftheir personality characteristics. In this context, the object of this study isto ascertain the personality characteristics of consumers who shop online andhow the pressure of time, which is one of the great difficulties on today'sconsumers, affects on online shopping intention. An online questionnaire wasapplied to 300 people who had done online shopping in the past and the resultswere analyzed by regression analysis with SPSS 21. Three of the five hypothesesproposed have been accepted. The result has been achieved as consumers who haveinnovative and opinion leadership personality characteristics tend to shoponline and the time pressure have an important effect on online shoppingintention. Research limitations and suggestions for future studies arediscussed in the conclusion.
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS, UK
Tel: +00 44 (0)131 4513762
Fax: +00 44 (0)131 4513327
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