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Journal Cover Komunika: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi
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   ISSN (Print) 1978-1261 - ISSN (Online) 2548-9496
   Published by Fakultas Dakwah IAIN Purwokerto Homepage  [1 journal]

    • Authors: Lilis Sarifatul Ajariyah; Agus Sriyanto
      Abstract: In August 2015, there are two major Islamic organizations in Indonesia, NU and Muhammadiyah held a consultative forum which is the highest in the conference organization. 33 NU congress held in Jombang, East Java began 1 to 5 August 2015. As at August 3 to 7 held 47 Muhammadiyah congress in Makassar, South Sulawesi. One of the print media that provide accounts is Kompas. Interestingly, Kompas has a history as the founder of the mass media-founders are Catholic figures. As P. K. Ojong, Oetama, R. G. Doeriat, Frans Xaverius Seda, Polycarp Swantoro, R. Soekarsono, there are also representatives of the Supreme Council of hierarchical elements of the Indonesian Bishops (Mawi), Catholic party Union of Catholic University Students of the Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI). Kompas discourse about NU and Muhammadiyah that are the focus of research. How the two types of the news media is manufactured into a text. Because the media really is in the middle of a social reality that is loaded with a variety of interests, but has been linked with the social reality. As Aart Van Zoest once said, that a text has never been separated from ideology and have the ability to manipulate the reader toward an ideology. In the text of the media, reporters, also the editor, full power over the choice of words to be
      worn. He may or must select one word in between the rows of words that are quite similar yet different “flavors” of his. This research is a library (library research) with a focus on the study of print media ie newspapers Kompas, while the object to be studied is the preaching of NU and Muhammadiyah 33rd to 47th. In conducting the study, researchers used a discourse analysis approach Norman Fairclough. Fairclough focused discourse on language. Therefore, this analysis will focus on how it is formed and shaped the language of social relationships and social context. From this analysis, there are three points which were highlighted by researchers that democracy, state, and religious. Based on these three points, then the compass  which in this case represented by the reporter had identified himself as part of the Muhammadiyah. In doing news about Muhammadiyah Congress, journalists tend to bring out the themes of good and using the words positive connotation. While in Congress proclaim the Nahdlatul Ulama, there was some news that gave rise to unfavorable theme of the NU and use words negative connotation.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 08:35:42 +070

    • Authors: Ellen Prima
      Abstract: Cognitive science is a science which studies how human mental processes to influence one’s behavior. Principal major issue that needs to be known in the understanding of cognitive science and their development is related to how the initial state of cognitive science itself, the mind is adapted, the development process starting from the concrete to the abstract, the conceptual nature of the change, the difference between learning and development, format representation of the underlying changes in development, the role of implicit and explicit cognitions in the development, the role of the association and the rules in the development, the universal development, cognitive domain and how to influence the development of brain structure. There are three difference in the cognitive domain of the most common sense that domain as a module, as the domain of expertise, and domain as a model of mind. Ilmu kognitif adalah suatu pengetahuan yang mempelajari tentang bagaimana proses mental manusia dalam mempengaruhi perilaku seseorang. Pokok pembahasan utama yang perlu diketahui dalam memahami ilmu kognitif dan perkembangannya yaitu terkait dengan bagaimana keadaan awal dari ilmu kognitif itu sendiri, pikiran yang teradaptasi, proses perkembangan mulai dari hal yang kongkrit sampai dengan abstrak, sifat konseptual dalam perubahan, perbedaan antara belajar dan pengembangan, format representasi yang mendasari perubahan dalam perkembangan, peran kognisi implisit dan eksplisit dalam perkembangan, peran asosiasi dan aturan dalam perkembangan, perkembangan secara universal, domain kognitif dan bagaimana struktur otak mempengaruhi perkembangan. Ada tiga perbedaan domain kognitif dari indera yang paling umum yaitu domain sebagai modul, domain sebagai bidang keahlian, dan domain sebagai model pikiran.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 08:35:33 +070
           VERSI PINK & BLACK

    • Authors: Dede Susanti; Kholil Lur Rochman
      Abstract: The woman’s body in the advertising world today used as a commodity in the public interest. In the space of capitalism, women became a profitable commodity handful of parties. In the world of advertising, women became an object to conquer the commercial market. “Body” and the expression of women explored massif to give the impression that support a variety of image ads. Researchers chose Magnum ice cream ad version of Pink and Black as advertisements analyzed because the message conveyed in these ads are more creative and taking pictures with the reversal of the model in repeated up to three times this can build imagination in sex. This research was conducted through qualitative approach with descriptive research. Source of the data obtained is Video ads Magnum ice cream Pink and Black, the production of PT (Walls) Unilever. In addition, data obtained also from official data: books, journals, papers, articles, and research results preexisting relevant to this study. The theory used in this research is the theory of Marxism commodification. Results The study confirmed that the female body attractiveness is always used as a commodity which is able to accumulate capital or generate profits. Because the woman is a very big market in the media industry which is believed to strengthen the advertising message. The concept of commodification in the ad Magnum ice cream version of Pink and Black itself is using her sex appeal with the intention to attract public attention to generate suggestions sexual show some fragments of the body’s vital to be ‘exclusive’ shown by visualization of the reversal of the model is carried out three times in playback ads. As well as other forms of commodification that is the commodification of content where
      the content / message in the form of sexual material and includes images of the model with a sensual pose, commodification audiences in this ad are
      people who consume products produced by media. And lastly commodification of workers who could hire them in the activities of production and distribution by the capital owners. Tubuh perempuan dalam dunia periklanan masa kini dijadikan sebagai komoditas dalam menarik perhatian publik. Dalam ruang kapitalisme, perempuan menjadi komoditas yang menguntungkan segelintir pihak. Di jagat iklan, perempuan menjadi objek untuk menaklukkan pasar komersial. “Tubuh” dan ekspresi perempuan dieksplorasi secara massif untuk memberi berbagai kesan yang mendukung citra iklan. Peneliti memilih iklan es krim Magnum versi Pink and Black sebagai iklan yang dianalisis karena pesan yang disampaikan dalam iklan tersebut lebih kreatif dan terdapat pengambilan gambar dengan penjungkirbalikan sang model yang di ulang sampai tiga kali ini dapat membangun imajinasi dalam seks. Penelitian ini dilakukan melalui pendekatan kualitatif dengan jenis penelitian deskriptif. Sumber data yang diperoleh adalah Video iklan es krim Magnum Pink and Black, produksi PT (Walls) Unilever. Selain itu, data yang diperoleh juga dari data resmi: buku, jurnal, makalah, artikel, dan hasil penelitian yang sudah ada sebelumnya yang relevan dengan penelitian ini. Adapun teori yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah teori komodifikasi Marxisme. Hasil penelitian ini menegaskan bahwa kemolekan tubuh perempuan selalu dijadikan komoditas yang mampu mengakumulasi modal atau menghasilkan keuntungan. Karena perempuan adalah pasar yang sangat besar dalam industri media yang dipercaya mampu menguatkan pesan iklan. Konsep komodifikasi dalam iklan es krim Magnum versi Pink and Black ini sendiri yaitu menggunakan daya tarik seks dengan maksud menarik perhatian
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 08:35:18 +070

    • Authors: Umi Halwati
      Abstract: This research is motivated by the fact that every society has the power that can be empowered. In reality, women’s empowerment can not be separated from the mass media. Media plays an important role in community development activities in addition to those factors that physically exists, the costs that are physically visible, and a program that systematically reads as a motor of an empowerment. Can not be denied that the media be a factor that plays a role in social change. The metodology used is a discourse analysis of Teun Van Dijk that include text analysis, social cognition and social analysis. The results of this study are in terms of thematic, news in Kompas on community empowerment more women are taking the theme of the spirit of environmental conservation, the management of waste into valuable goods and high economic value, the spirit of education for the rural women, education for the children of scavengers and businesses by empowering residents. In the schematic aspect, Kompas has a systematic scheme from the start the title, lead and mutually continuous body. In terms of semantics (meaning that will be emphasized), Kompas in its message emphasizing the importance of community empowerment. The characters are raised in rubric “sosok” is the inspiring figures are considered “essential” and interesting. From the aspect of syntax, Kompas taking shape, sentence structure with many uses elements of coherence, namely by using conjunctions to show that the attitude of painstaking, diligent, not easily discouraged and high social sensitivity is the foundation of community empowerment. From the stylistic aspects (choice of words) Kompas uses words that are universal, humanistic and not dry. In the aspect of rhetorical style repression by Kompas uses graphic elements to highlight or emphasize deemed important by using a full color photo or image be equiped complete biodata. From the aspect of the analysis of Social Cognition, can be dissected that reality carries the ideology of Journalists Kompas humanistic ideology. idealism Kompas journalist for the achievement of the mission that the mandate of the People’s Conscience. Kompas vision that promotes the vision of making transcendental humanism humanistic Kompas use language in presenting the facts to the reader. In speaking, Kompas does not use language that dry, formal, abstract and rational, but that involves feelings of intuition, and human emotions. From the aspect of social analysis, that ownership is held by a group or its members, in this case that directly or indirectly affect the discourse of empowerment is a character or figure, journalist, and editor of Kompas. In terms of “akses” (access) each group has access enabler respectively in disseminating the empowerment of communities through printed and electronic mass media. Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh fakta bahwa setiap masyarakat memiliki daya (potensi) yang dapat diberdayakan. Realitanya, pemberdayaan masyarakat perempuan tidak dapat dipisahkan dari media massa. Media
      sangat berperan dalam aktivitas pemberdayaan masyarakat di samping faktor orang-orang yang secara fisik ada, biaya yang secara fisik tampak, dan program yang secara sistematis terbaca sebagai motor dari sebuah pemberdayaan. Tidak dapat ditolak bahwa media menjadi faktor yang berperan dalam perubahan sosial masyarakat.Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah analisis wacana Teun Van Dijk yang mencakup analisis teks, kognisi sosial dan analisis sosial. Hasil penelitian ini adalah dari segi tematik, pemberitaan di Kompas tentang pemberdayaan masyarakat perempuan lebih banyak mengambil tema semangat pelestarian lingkungan, pengelolaan sampah menjadi barang berharga dan bernilai ekonomi tinggi, semangat pendidikan untuk masyarakat perempuan desa, pendidkan untuk anak-anak pemulung dan bisnis dengan memberdayakan warga. Dalam aspek skematik, Kompas mempunyai skema yang sistematis dari mulai judul, lead dan body saling berkesinambungan. Dari sisi semantik (makna yang ingin ditekankan), Kompas dalam pemberitaannya menekankan pentingnya pemberdayaan masyarakat. Tokoh-tokoh yang diangkat dalam rubrik “sosok” adalah tokoh inspiratif dianggap “penting” dan menarik. Dari aspek sintaksis, Kompas memakai bentuk, susunan kalimat dengan banyak menggunakan elemen koherensi, yaitu dengan menggunakan kata penghubung untuk menunjukkan bahwa sikap telaten, tekun, tidak mudah putus asa dan sensitivitas sosial yang tinggi adalah landasan pemberdayaan masyarakat. Dari aspek stilistik (pemilihan kata) Kompas menggunakan kata-kata yang universal, humanistis dan tidak kering. Dalam aspek retoris, gaya penekanan yang dilakukan Kompas menggunakan elemen grafis untuk menonjolkan atau menekankan yang dianggap penting dengan menggunakan foto atau gambar full color  dilengkapi biodata lengkap. Dari aspek analisis Kognisi Sosial, dapat dibedah bahwa realitas ideologi Jurnalis Kompas mengusung ideologi humanistik. Idealisme jurnalis demi tercapainya misi Kompas yaitu “Amanat Hati Nurani Rakyat”. Visi Kompas yang mengutamakan visi humanisme transendental menjadikan Kompas menggunakan bahasa humanistis dalam menyajikan fakta kepada pembaca. Dalam berbahasa, Kompas tidak memakai bahasa yang kering, formal, abstrak dan rasional, tetapi yang menyangkut perasaan intuisi, dan emosi manusia. Dari aspek Analisis sosial, bahwa kepemilikan yang dimiliki oleh suatu kelompok atau anggotanya, dalam hal ini yang secara langsung maupun tidak langsung mempengaruhi wacana pemberdayaan masyarakat adalah tokoh atau sosok, wartawan, dan redaksi Kompas. Dari sisi akses (access) setiap kelompok pemberdaya mempunyai akses masing-masing dalam menyebarluaskan pemberdayaan masyarakat, baik melalui media massa cetak maupun elektronik.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 08:34:54 +070

    • Authors: Siti Nurmahyati
      Abstract: Da’wah is an attempt to persuade and influence others in realizing the teachings of Islam, to achieve worldly prosperity and welfare of the hereafter. The success was fueled by propaganda aspects are interrelated, anatara preachers, propaganda material, propaganda strategy, mad’u (target da’wah). The number of women in this country nearly half of people (49.36). therefore, it is important to empower women in da’wah to build their own people in consciousness and religious activities that provide the basics of life prosperous world and hereafter. Dakwah merupakan suatu upaya untuk mengajak dan mempengaruhi orang lain dalam merealisasikan ajaran Islam, untuk mencapai tujuan kesejahteraan duniawi maupun kesejahteraan ukhrawi. Keberhasilan tersebut pun dipicu oleh berbagai aspek dakwah yang saling terkait, antara juru dakwah, materi dakwah, strategi dakwah, mad’u (sasaran dakwah). Jumlah kaum perempuan di negara ini hampir mencapai separuh dari jumlah masyarakatnya (49,36). Oleh karena itu, sangat penting sekali pemberdayaan perempuan dalam dakwah untuk membangun kaumnya sendiri dalam kesadaran dan aktivitas-aktivitas keagamaan yang memberikan dasar kehidupan sejahtera duniawi dan ukhrawi.
      PubDate: Wed, 01 Feb 2017 16:23:03 +070
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