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Scientific Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences
  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
     ISSN (Print) 2322-2956
     Published by Sjournals Homepage  [9 journals]
  • Discourse analysis of sex stories in a pornographic site in Iran

    • Authors: Amin Nasiri, Elham Rostami, Mohammad Bagher Safwat, Mojtaba Bakhshandeh
      Abstract: Internet pornography As A controversial issue and important problem on Different communities particularly on the value-based community and Muslim countries were introduced.   And behavioral science experts with extensive research in this field are looking for emotional - social and psychological impact of this phenomenon and demand to impose legal restrictions on providing pornography product and context. Among these The Erotic stories due to making the condition of same-essence identifying and choice of sexual partners in the reader's mind, by its own discretion create Ability to create deviation and incidence of anomaly among individuals that with its reviewing a scientific understanding of the dominant discourse can be found in it. To conduct this research, critical discourse analysis is used. Discourse analysis is a qualitative method that aims to fill the gap between micro and macro analysis of social phenomena. Hence analysis and critical readout of 75 stories with sexual content as a random sample from a pornographic website has been explained in two levels. Based on Findings of this study what can be seen in the discussion on this story is a purposeful narrative, professional expertise that Start From an obscene and provocative space and addict readers to itself. In these stories,   Master narrative do not impinge of the Design Principles of sites operator for stories feature and all are looking to convert human subjects to non-human objects that are Discharged from any human feelings And  have no purpose other than sex. What on This relationship can be seen are the narrators and their sexual partner’s unusual sexual immorality and the visualization of people who like professional porn movies stars act.
      PubDate: 2014-08-07
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • The Toxicity Effect of Vanadium on Artemia franciscanna and Artemia

    • Authors: Mehrnaz Baniamam, Nima Pourang
      Abstract: The presened research was carried out in order to study how the toxicity of such heavy metals as vanadium affects on the remains of nauplius and the growth and life cycle of Artemia urmiana and Artemia franciscanna. The  in 24 h of A. urmiana and A. franciscana exposed to vanadium were 0.0107 ,0.011 mg/l respectively. In growth experiments, the length of animals was considered as growth index. Results indicates that the mean length of animals in (0.001, 0.002 and 0.003 mg/l) V on first, 5th, 7th and 11th days of life significantly decreases in comparison with control groups (p<0.05).Bioaccumulation of V in the same concentration, after 24 h in nauplius and also in adults of A. urmiana and A. fransicana were statistically significantly higher than of the control groups (P < 0.05). Both species accumulate vanadium in their bodies. However A. urmiana is more resistant to the heavy metals. Results show, vanadium is high toxic on Artemia.
      PubDate: 2014-08-04
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • ‎ON functors D_d (-) and D_d (M,-)

    • Authors: M‎. ‎S‎ Sayedsadeghi, M.H Bijan-Zadeh, Kh. Ahmadi-Amoli
      Abstract: Let be a Noetherian ring and  be a non-negative integer‎. ‎Let  be an -module‎. ‎We define the - transform functors    and  on the category of -modules‎. ‎We show that‎, ‎if  is an injective - module‎, ‎then  is injective - module‎. ‎Also, a criterion under which the isomorphism  holds will be investigated‎. Finally‎, ‎we investigate ‎, ‎where  and  are -modules‎.
      PubDate: 2014-07-27
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Criteria for locating health care activities and its evaluation: Case
           study: Shohada-ye Khalij-e Fars hospital

    • Authors: Nazanin Nasrollahi, Elham Mankhian
      PubDate: 2014-07-24
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • The use of packed water in urban drinking water and its advantages to
           other methods of separating drinking water from undrinkable water (The
           case study : Ferdows city in south Khorasan)

    • Authors: Mehdi Akhgari, Ahmad Mansuri, Saeed Mansuri, Sara Mirzaei
      Abstract: Today,more than one billion people of the world don't have access to safe drinking water.  Therefore, due to the population increase andconsequently increasing water needs, and the reduction of drinking watersources available, separating drinking water and non-drinking water seemsnecessary. In this article, the use of packed water is compared to other methods,such as two networks (drinkable and non-drinkable) water supply, public waterstations, purifying drinking water, and transferring high quality water fromdistant areas. Some statistics and information about the cities of Birjand, Ferdowsfor statistical analysis are used. Most scientists believe that changing theworld weather is because of the greenhouse effect, which has had many harmfuleffects on the planet. With the increasing of the use of fossil fuels andaccumulation of pollutant gases in the atmosphere of the earth which are theresults of spreading industries and cars in the recent centuries, thegreenhouse effect has occurred that the heat and returning long waves can't goout of the atmosphere, and consequently the earth temperature has increased. Theincreasing temperature phenomenon then would be a sign of a trend to a drierclimate.
      PubDate: 2014-07-24
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Measuring the trend of people to participate in restoration of worn-out

    • Authors: Amir Asadi, Hossein Azizi, Ghazale Rabani Abolfazli, Amir Pour Rajayi
      Abstract: Wearing out the urban texture, specially, when itcomes to be an obvious characteristic of a district as a living cell ofmunicipal life and a part of city system, its effects go beyond the andencompasses the whole city system. Developing the collaborative work andcreating the collective energy resulting from participation of owners andresidents of worn out cities is a fundamental strategy which should be regardedby the officials and municipals. In this research, in order to measure thetrend of people to participate in restoration of worn out textures of Shadkhanehdistrict in Neyriz, questioners were used as a tool of data collection. Thesample includes residents of Shadkhaneh district. With regard to Morgan Table,360 samples were selected but to reach better results, 400 questionnaires werecompleted. GIS and SPSS software were used for data analysis. The results ofthis study showed that people participate less and different factors involve inthis issue. Finally, correlation test was done between the variables whichsuggested that there is significant correlation between the location dependenceand public participation, social connection and public participation and alsoawareness and social participation.
      PubDate: 2014-07-24
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • The Bioenvironmental modeling of Bahar city based on Climate-consistent

    • Authors: Parna Kazemian
      Abstract: The identification of the climate of a particularplace and the analysis of the climatic needs in terms of human comfort and theuse of construction materials is one of the prerequisites of aclimate-consistent design. In studies on climate and weather, usingillustrative reports, first a picture of the state of climate is offered. Then,based on the obtained results, the range of changes is determined, and thecause-effect relationships at different scales are identified. Finally, by ageneral examination of the obtained information, on the one hand, the range ofchanges is identified, and, on the other hand, their practical uses in thefuture are selected. In the present paper, the bioclimatic conditions of Baharcity, according to the 29-year-long statistics of the synoptic station between1976 and 2005 was examined, using Olgyay and Mahoney indexes. It should beadded that, because of the short distance between Bahar and Hamedan, they havea single synoptic station. The results indicate that Bahar city has dominantlycold weather during most of the months. Therefore, based on the implications ofeach method, the principles of the suggestive architectural designing can beintegrated and improved in order to achieve sustainable development.
      PubDate: 2014-07-24
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • A comparative study on housing renovation policies in earthquake-prone

    • Authors: Shiva Heidarzadeh, Hooman Mesgarian, Maryam Fadaii Ghotbi
      Abstract: Givensubstantial contribution of housing  inhuman life and geographical position of Iran in Alpine-Himalayancollision belt, it seems urgent to deal with that in case of absence ofreasonable and correct management approaches for post-earthquake housingrenovation, wide varieties of socioeconomic issues and catastrophes will emerged. hence, in respect tosome drawbacks  while houses renovatingin earthquake-stricken areas of Iran, the present research aims at comparative analysis of housingrenovation policies of some earthquake-prone countries in order to promoterenovation policies in Iran. To satisfy this end, a comparative study was conductedon housing renovation policies among Iran, china, Japan, India and Indonesiausing descriptive-analytical approach. The results showed Iran's weakness in someareas such as zoning hazard-prone area while renovation, compliance to seismicstrength criteria, and superiority in programs such as materials availabilityand government investment on affairs in which people are not involved. Eventuallyto compensate such shortcomings, some guidelines for promote renovation plan inIran are suggested.
      PubDate: 2014-07-24
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Good governance, new development model

    • Authors: Farhad Gheisari
      Abstract: Today’s world, which is called ultra-modern world, develops special political, cultural, social and economic requirements and necessities; whereby new relationship between state and nations is required. In the past, state played important role at develop or produce services or goods, Today’s state relationship and other departments will provide Possibility of developing. For this reason, extensive efforts have been made to achieve suitable pattern of development with focus on sustainable development, so structural system and relationship between departments have been surveyed. Good governance pattern focus on accountability, Consensus-oriented, partnership, law-oriented, efficiency, clarity, responsibility and justice and designs a modern system according to interaction between triple departments of state, private and civil which Latent abilities and talents in the society are used to present effective public services, reinforce effective civil Institution and economic growth in collaboration with economic department.
      PubDate: 2014-07-23
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Analysis of how the country's divorce

    • Authors: Hasan Abdi
      Abstract: Adverse effects and consequences of divorce for the couple, their families, and the many factors that may cause the various planning and training can take forward these adverse outcomes. Therefore, this study in order to identify areas of acute, as well as plans to reduce divorce and its aftermath in various provinces of the country, has been done. In this study, we first mapped matrix provinces, each province based on the divorce rate in the country, was discussed. Therefore, according to the first field studies and library, established the potential matrix, a matrix with 10 columns, including indicators, and 30 lines, including the provinces of the country. Then, using component-based methods, hierarchical cluster analysis, the provinces, based on the divorce to happen, it was graded. Compare returns shown that among the provinces, the provinces (Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Southern Khorasan, Yazd, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, North Khorasan, Golestan and Ilam), has the lowest divorce and Tehran and Semnan provinces, have the highest divorce rate. The result of this was possible is that, in the context of tribal and ethnic yet they are strong, strong family ties, and that of the more modern, have tended, and Tradition tribal beliefs, they have been forgotten, with more divorce, and family ties are low, but economic, social, political, cultural, particularly those involved, and in small towns, marriage more and less divorce, and large cities, high divorce, and marriage are less than another. So, do research and applied research and adaptive, in the context of family, plus the sum of values ​​in previous studies, and their meta-analysis, to solve family problems, and the formulation of Islamic patterns - Iranian family, is inevitable.
      PubDate: 2014-07-23
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • An exposition of the role of external base absorbent of solar energy with
           intelligent constructional structures with a view to reduction in energy

    • Authors: Samira Sadeghi Kelishadi, Zahra Kazemi
      Abstract: There is no doubt that one of the most important challenges facing engineers and designers ofarchitectural design and engineering is indeed the problem of energy. It is inline with this trend of thought that energy can be seen as a critical elementwith a view to the enhancement of mans economical and social welfare and it isin the sphere of construction engineering that the need arises for the use ofthe appropriate construction material which can best serve this vital aim ofenergy conservation by using renewable energy sources such as solar energy. Itis therefore a foregone conclusion that the more we are capable of using solarenergy we are helping to conserve our other energy sources and thus help toreduce our overall energy consumption. It is with this view in mind thatconstruction engineers and those working in building design have aimed at usingsystems that can manage energy consumption within their constructionalstructures, having arrived at a point where their building designs can actuallybe termed intelligent or smart constructionalstructures, whereby the system asa whole is capable of using solar energy instead of the traditional fossilfuels. Yet that which makes possible the use of solar energy more so today thanever before is the use of external ducts, which are installed in places mostexposed to sunlight, and have the capability of changing color and becominglighter or darker as the state of exposure calls for is the use of a certaintype of smart glass within the built structure, that makes possible the mostefficient use of sunlight entering the building, having the capability ofchanging color in correlation to the amount of sunlight received and becominglighter or darker appropriately, allowing that quantity of sunlight to enter thebuilding as is needed to counteract the greenhouse effect which causes anuncontrolled increase of temperature within the built structure, and thusallowing the most efficient use of solar energy in keeping the place pleasantlywarm in winter and cool during the summer months. It is therefore from thisperspective that we have through the use of library studies embarked on theinvestigation of the particular structural make up of this type of smart glasswith the capability of structural change in its color variance which counts as the most important compositional part ofsmart buildings, to explicate the mechanisms at work and the benefits acquiredfrom the use of such ducts within a smart constructional structure as apracticaltechnique in line with reducing energy consumption so that designersof any type of construction may make efficient use of this technology.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Dovecots: tourist attraction of Isfahan villages

    • Authors: Atefeh Ansari, Dariyush Heydari bani
      Abstract: Today, tourism is considered as one of the major economicactivities in many courtiers. Given the financial resources devoted to and the workforce involved in tourism, it has appeared as a global thriving industry.One of the notable subdivisions of this industry is rural tourism. This kind oftourism has played a considerable role in attracting tourists and in helpingeconomic activities all around the world. Iran is no exception. In this regard,among the cities of Iran, villages of Isfahan have a good potential for ruraltourism. Also, considering the existing problems in Isfahan villages such aswater shortage for irrigation, low agricultural productivity and joblessnessetc, rural tourism may be a reliable economic alternative. Of the oldstructures survived in Isfahan villages, dovecots are especially important.Varity in form and size, fascination of the indoor space as well as harmonywith surrounding nature are among the main rural attractions of the dovecotsfor tourists. Unfortunately, some of the dovecots are disappearing or havebecome deserted. In this connection, the studies so far done on dovecots havemainly examined architectural features of the dovecots as historicalstructures; little attention has been paid to the visual character of them asrural landscapes and tourism attractions. In the present study, afterconducting field observations, collecting and processing data, the conditionsof villages with dovecots were analyzed. Accordingly, 18 villages- based on 11criteria- were compared with each other and then ranked. The villages enjoyingbetter facilities, better accessibility, more dovecots and cultural, historicaland natural attractions were ranked higher. Thus, higher rank villages can beconsidered as potential tourism centers locally and regionally.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Comparison of the climatic indicators of architecture in warm and dry area
           (case study of Zabol city)

    • Authors: Fariborz Hadifard, . Navid Yaghoubzadeh, Behdad Pezeshki
      Abstract: In any geographical region we are witnessing thearchitecture formation proportional to the climate with that specific regionthroughout different generations of human life, which is inevitable and whetheryou like it or not it is created due to different and various climaticconditions. These features eventually will manifest themselves in the form ofsome principles or a general formula which indicate to the architecturespecific to that certain climate. However, gradually with the growingachievement of various forms of energy the principles of the compliance of thebuildings with climatic conditions were ignore and this led to an increase inthe usage of energy. The present paper seeks to provide some solutions forcreating comfort with Building design in harmony with the climate throughstudying the warm and dry climate of our country as well as throughidentification of an appropriate architecture indicator for this climate. Forfocusing on this aim, Zabol city with a warm and dry climate has been selectedand with the use of the data and figures adopted from Statistics courtesy ofMeteorological Agency of Iran for a 15 year period and analyzing them in 5climatic indicators including: Mahoney, Evans, effective temperature (ET), fabriccomfort and bioclimatic of the building and human comfort has been studiedconsidering these indicators and the necessary recommendations have beenprovided and finally comfort has been introduced in Zabol climate and suitablepatterns of architecture have been provided for Zabol city that has beenpresented in the conclusion section at the end of the article. Also, in thispaper it is seen that Mahoney indicator suffices for Zabol climate and in caseof necessity and for completing our work we can use Evans indicator as well andthe indicator of fabric comfort can be exclusively used for textureidentification (outside the building) of this climate.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • The investigation of the impacts of walls and green facades on the
           optimization of energy consumption in buildings and its role in a
           sustainable development

    • Authors: Sara Heidarian, Mohammad Ebrahim Mazhary
      Abstract: In recent decades,artificial environments, compared to the natural spaces in urban areas, areexpanding day by day. Following the same trend in Iran, apartment living framewithout any natural space has changed. And it is while the need to nature isstill alive in human beings. Moreover, all over the world due to major problemssuch as global warming, air and water pollution, excessive energy consumptionand its high economic costs, utilizing technologies of sustainable architectureand specially creating green buildings has got great importance. In thisregard, the use of green areas can be used as appropriate strategy in order tosolve existing problems and creating sustainable architecture. In this paperwith research method based on library studies and descriptive analyticapproach, green walls, to improve the energy consumption efficiency inbuildings, have been investigated. And also the role of these systems in visualaesthetics of urban area in line with the objectives of sustainable developmentis examined. It seems that using green walls as a way to reduce the energyconsumption in buildings can be an effective option to advance the goals ofsustainablearchitecture.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Analyzing the role of climatic factors on road accidents (Case study:
           Ardabil-Parsabad road in Ardabil Province, Iran)

    • Authors: Sadegheh Alizadeh
      Abstract: Road accidents and their fatalities are among the currentchallenges human society facing, which in turn resulting in huge social and economiccosts on the countries. Thedeveloping countries are the biggest victims of the road accidents such that inthese countries, road accidents are considered asthe major cause of death. Unfortunately, Iran is amongthe countries in which the rate of road accidents is high. Among thedriving factors that affect road safety and transport isclimate. Ardabil-Parsabad road in Ardabil province is one of the roads manyaccidents have been occurred during years, and thistrend began when the number of cars increased resulted in huge road deaths in1990s. In this study, data has been used from four meteorological stations inArdabil, Samian, Meshkin-Shahr and Parsabad, over a period of5years(2008-2002).For this purpose, several climatic elements werecollected including the average daily temperature, average of minimum temperatures,average of maximum temperatures, the number of snowy days, the number of frostdays, starting glacial period, duration of the snowfall, duration of theglacial period, total average humidity and moderate precipitation, average of sunnyhours, average number of foggy days, the average number of windy days. This analysis is provided using Excel software inthe Arc GIS environment of continuous levels of these parameters in the region.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Urban sustainable development (Case study Darreh Shahr city)

    • Authors: Azim Ali Shaei, Maryam Amouzadeh
      Abstract: Appraisement and report of cities sustainable development have started in some counties especially in the developed countries,for some years and their main goal is investigating the sustainability or unsustainability of development of cities. According to the investigation of varying parts ofcity and its comparison with country average, it is found that most of socialeconomic and environmental indices are low in comparison with the average valueof the country. Keeping the livestock, low per capita of green area, problems of potable water, weakness of thegarbage collection system, incompetence in wastewater disposal, constructions,air pollution, urban traffic and etc. are the problems of this city making unstable environmental, social and economic conditions of Dahreshar city. Basedon the lack of clarification of all aspects of a sustainable city andimpossibility of presenting the definite solutions to achieve the sustainablecity, there are some solutions to achieve the urban sustainable development ofDahreshar city such as: Increasing urban use density, reduction of reliance oncars in transportation (especially personal cars), modification of citymanagement system, protection and renovation of natural systems around city,reduction of resources consumption to decline the pollutions. It seems that thebasic cause of unsustainability of Dahreshar is dedicated to weakness of citymanagement, and urban management review if presented for its solution (e.g. definiteauthority, plans, goals and executive methods and etc).
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Tracing dust sources in different atmosphere levels of Tehran using hybrid
           single-particle lagrangian integrated trajectory (HYSPLIT) model

    • Authors: Fahimeh Mohammadi, Somayyeh Kamali, Maryam Eskandary
      Abstract: Thepresent study aims to tracing dust sources of Tehran (capital city of Iran)using HYSPLIT model and atmospheric circulationsystems atdifferent levels. The statistical analyses within the period 1981-2005 indicatethat one of the most significant dust events in Tehran province occurred in May2000 and continued for more than 4 days in Abali, Chitgar, Firuzkuh, Karaj andNorth Tehran stations. For this purpose, in order to identify the sources of dustparticles and their directions, firstly, high-level atmospheric data includingzonal and meridional wind, geopotential height at pressure levelof 700 and 850 hPa and atmospheric circulation patterns werestudied from two days before the storm, the first of May until the end of thesecond, fourth and fifth day. By using atmospheric circulation maps, the synoptic systems effective in causing dust events, flowsdirections and their speeds were determined. In this modeling approach, a backwardparticle tracking method was applied to determine the direction of dustparticles, 48 hours before dust storm in Tehran, at three elevations of 100,500 and 1000 meter. With regard to the fact that the pressure systems ofnorthern latitudes are active over Iran in transition period of spring, itshould be noted that the results of the present study were affected by thesesystems. Results indicate that the high-pressure system hovering above theSaudi Arabia and the low-pressure tongue at higher latitudes play an importantrole in forming particle motion patterns and flow speeds of mentioned levels.Using HYSPLIT Lagrangian model shows the effects of arid regions of SaudiArabia, Iraq and some parts of Syria on producing greatest amount of dustparticles transferred to Tehran.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Check the physical development of urban and agricultural land use change
           (Case Study: Urmia City)

    • Authors: Vahdat Heidary, Akbar Namazi
      Abstract: Agricultureand rural areas of sustainable urban development are important factors in anyurban to rural life depends on it. Cities should be based on the role andpotential talent and act in their area and to develop ways to minimize thenegative effects on the process of rural life. But villages and farmland in thecountry as a result of urban development threaten In this regard, agriculturallands around Urmia An example of this is obvious. This research is based on therural and agricultural land use change and changing to the development of Urmiaidentify. In this study, applied research and its methods - descriptiveanalysis. Data and information required by the master plan and detailed citymaps and satellite images as well as through analysis of documents relatedbooks and related organizations has been collected. The research result showsthat the turnover of agricultural land to urban use due to the physicaldevelopment of the city is still an important example of changes inagricultural land in the villages of Topragh ghaleh , Sadagheh, dadah saghi ,Elias Abad ,band, the state there may be seen Major reasons affecting thechange of agricultural land includes plans for urban development and migrationthat turned sharply on the amount of agricultural land to the city of Urmia inrecent years have added As well as some of the marine operations, including roads,salmas,sea road,anhar,band , Mahabad and the direction of the development ofthe city of urmia in the status existing and the future of the show is that thementioned topics, while agricultural land and significant in their villagesrather than have that data in the future as well as their impact on thephysical development of the city and as a result the user change agriculturalland will show.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Tourism, water resources and urban sustainability A case study of the
           impact of tourism on development Agchay dam, sustainability and income in

    • Authors: Ghahraman Rostami
      Abstract: Thehigh number of towns and settlements has a very top of their undeniable role inthe lives of the vast expanse of land, which is so important in the study andplanning of sustainable development and more measured information should be decided.However, the use of past experiences and proper planning for the futurerequires a correct summation of past experiences and needs logical assessmentof the situation in the future. Therefore, Recognition of villages and citiescan be considered as one of the most important parts of sustainable development.Nowadays The researches ofrural and urban community are important  in knowing the advancing the country's development goals So, to reviewthe  (Qarezyaaddin)City has been studiedfrom the viewpoint of economy and living conditions. (Qarezyaaddin) center ofChayparh city has been chosen as one of the target cities due to Bastam  historic castles and   Agh Chai dam,which is  the first aristocraticarch dam disclosed tofertile do this study, library and field methods through interviewswith target groups has been used.These results indicate that Qarezyaaddin has arich economic  potential of the  city  native livestock and agricultural fields.This result indicates that theincreased revenue from tourism, livestock and agriculture sectors stronglyinfluenced the city.And it has become a dynamic city So that rapid changes inurban development in recent years  isvery impressive compared to surrounding towns.satellite maps shows this fact.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Analysis of the spatial-local distribution of the sport complexes using
           GIS system

    • Authors: Naeim Amiri, Nasim Amiri, Mojtaba Movahedi, Afsoon Mahdavi
      Abstract: This article studies theexiting status of the sport spaces of Kerman city using geographicalinformation system (GIS). After studying the exiting status of the sportspaces, it was found that the exiting distribution of sport spaces in the urbanhierarchical level is not appropriate. In carrying out this research, first thefield survey was performed using GPS, and then the resulted data were insertedin GIS software. After that, by applying the descriptive-analytical methodusing the resulted information, and also by applying the library method, thespatial- local distribution of the sport complexes of Kerman city was studied.The findings resulted indicate that distribution of the sport complexes centersof Kerman city, in contrast with other urban facilities, show lower abeyancefrom the urban categorical rules (urban zones, regions, areas andneighborhoods). In some regions, even sever shortage of sport complexes wasobserved. This article tries to provide some strategies for development ofsport complexes towards meeting the citizens' needs.
      PubDate: 2014-07-22
      Issue No: Vol. 3 (2014)
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