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Missiology : An International Review    [5 followers]  Follow    
  Hybrid Journal Hybrid journal (It can contain Open Access articles)
     ISSN (Print) 0091-8296 - ISSN (Online) 2051-3623
     Published by Sage Publications Homepage  [718 journals]
  • Editor's notes
    • Authors: Starcher; R. L.
      Pages: 4 - 5
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507025|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/4
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Forty years of the American Society of Missiology: retrospect and prospect
    • Authors: Robert; D. L.
      Pages: 6 - 25
      Abstract: This essay was delivered as a plenary address at the ASM meeting in Chicago, June 21, 2013. It demonstrates how over the past 40 years, the Association has established the academic legitimacy of missiology across Catholic, mainline Protestant, and evangelical divides. It suggests a tripartite periodization of ASM history. The founding era was marked by crisis over the identity of missions and mission studies. In the second era, beginning around 1989–91, mission studies moved beyond its captivity to a colonialist paradigm and influenced other academic disciplines, including theology, ecclesiology, and church history. The 21st century brought a new era of world Christianity, in which awareness of Christianity as a global religion reframed mission studies. The article raises several challenges for the ASM moving forward in a global era, such as asking what is uniquely North American about the American Society of Missiology.
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507026|hwp:master-id:spmis;0091829613507026
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Forming and restoring community in a nomadic world: A next generation
           perspective on the future of the discipline of missiology
    • Authors: Zscheile; D.
      Pages: 26 - 38
      Abstract: The emergence of a 21st-century participatory culture in a globalized world invites us to reimagine missiology in light of a participatory triune God who forms and restores community amidst difference and otherness. It pushes us toward the local, where we reclaim the centrality of local Christian communities and their ordinary disciples as primary missionary organizations and personnel. The American context must be recognized as a major 21st-century mission field requiring intentional engagement with a diversity of cultures. These realities call for new patterns of giving, receiving, learning, and innovation as missiology accompanies local churches witnessing to and seeking to form community with their neighbors.
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507028|hwp:master-id:spmis;0091829613507028
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • The future of the discipline of Missiology: Framing current realities and
           future possibilities
    • Authors: Van Gelder; C.
      Pages: 39 - 56
      Abstract: This article was delivered as the Presidential Address at the annual 2013 American Society of Missiology (ASM) meeting. It utilizes the framework of adaptive change in contrast to technical change to name and frame the critical challenges facing the discipline of missiology at the beginning of the 21st century. Three adaptive challenges are discussed: (1) ASM’s constituency and their basic ministry assumptions appear to be increasingly out of fit with global church shifts and the rise of the majority church in the South; (2) much of the North American (NA) mission enterprise is being marginalized globally from its historical hegemony and lacks sufficient critical distance to address this shift either abroad or at home; and (3) ASM’s failure to attend to the development of a missiological ecclesiology for congregations in context, especially in NA, continues to limit the contribution of missiology to theological education. Suggestions are offered for how these adaptive challenges might be taken up as part of the ongoing work of ASM.
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507027|hwp:master-id:spmis;0091829613507027
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • A future for missiology as the queen of theology?
    • Authors: Nussbaum; S.
      Pages: 57 - 66
      Abstract: This article calls for a new dialogue between the disciplines of Western systematic theology and missiology, attempting to overcome the specialist tendency that dominates all of academia. Following Wilbert Shenk in particular, it proposes a missional model for systematic theology as an alternative to modern and postmodern models. An earlier version of this article was presented in a workshop in June 2013 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Missiology as part of its three-year discussion of the future of missiology.
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507418|hwp:master-id:spmis;0091829613507418
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • What Is Missiology?
    • Authors: Langmead; R.
      Pages: 67 - 79
      Abstract: Should missiology seek the status of a theological discipline? After a brief account of the history of academic missiology it is argued here that a trinitarian missiology is at the heart of all of theology. Missiology should both permeate theology and exist as a subject area to accompany missionary praxis, making theological education at least missiological to the core, if not itself missional. Missiology is part of practical theology, praxis-based and oriented to specific contexts. It draws on both theological and other disciplines (particularly the social sciences) as an interdisciplinary enterprise rather than as a discipline in its own right.
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613480623|hwp:master-id:spmis;0091829613480623
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Group discussion conclusions on the future of the discipline of
           missiology: annual meeting of the American Society of Missiology
    • Authors: Fensham, C; Binder, M, Effa, A, Karecki, M, King, R, White, L. B.
      Pages: 80 - 86
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507400|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/80
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Global Pentecostal Movements: Migration, Mission, and Public
    • Authors: Danielson; R.
      Pages: 87 - 88
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/87
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Cultivating Sent Communities: Missional Spiritual Formation
    • Authors: Flanders; C.
      Pages: 88 - 89
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030a|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/88
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Ethnic Identity from the Margins: A Christian Perspective
    • Authors: George; S.
      Pages: 89 - 90
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030b|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/89
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Complexities of Money and Missions in Asia
    • Authors: Hibbert; R.
      Pages: 90 - 91
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030c|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/90
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: A Matter of Belief: Christian Conversion and Healing in
           North-East India
    • Authors: Iyadurai; J.
      Pages: 91 - 92
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030d|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/91
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography
    • Authors: James; C. B.
      Pages: 92 - 93
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030e|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/92
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Summoned from the Margin: Homecoming of an African
    • Authors: O'Brien; W. R.
      Pages: 93 - 94
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030f|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/93
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Discovering the Mission of God: Best Missional Practices for
           the 21st Century
    • Authors: Pickens; G. F.
      Pages: 94 - 95
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030g|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/94
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Health, Healing and the Church's Mission: Biblical
           Perspectives and Moral Priorities
    • Authors: Rasmussen; S. D. H.
      Pages: 95 - 96
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030h|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/95
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement
    • Authors: Reisman; K. D.
      Pages: 96 - 97
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030i|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/96
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: British Untouchable: A Study of Dalit Identity and Education
    • Authors: Schreck; H.
      Pages: 97 - 98
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030j|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/97
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Donald McGavran: His Early Life and Ministry. An Apostolic
           Vision for Reaching the Nations
    • Authors: Shenk; W. R.
      Pages: 98 - 99
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030k|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/98
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Book review: Western Christians in Global Mission: What's the Role of the
           North American Church?
    • Authors: Steffen; T.
      Pages: 99 - 100
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507030l|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/99
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
  • Books and media resources received
    • Pages: 101 - 109
      PubDate: 2013-12-20T02:02:07-08:00
      DOI: 10.1177/0091829613507029|hwp:resource-id:spmis;42/1/101
      Issue No: Vol. 42, No. 1 (2013)
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