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Journal Cover   European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
   ISSN (Print) 1805-3602
   Published by European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences Homepage  [1 journal]
  • The Effect of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Program on
           Learning Vocabulary among EFL Left and Right Hemispheric Dominant Learners

    • Authors: Khatereh Khoshnoud, Ali Reza Karbalaei
      Abstract: Vocabulary is a core component of language proficiency, and provides much of the basis for how well learners speak, listen, read, and write. Without  an extensive vocabulary and strategies  for acquiring new vocabulary, learners often achieve less than their potential and may be discouraged from making use  of  language learning  opportunities around them  such  as  listening  to  the radio, listening to native  speakers,  using  the  language  in  different  contexts,  reading  or  watching  television. CALL refers to the use of computer in the teaching and learning of a second or foreign language. The field of CALL includes the use of a computer in the language process. CALL programs aims to teach students in aspects of the language learning process via the medium of computers. Unfortunately, in Iran, textbook writers and syllabus designers have paid less attention to the role played by the CALL in classrooms. Teaching is not supplemented with modern technologies, specially CALL in teaching English. The use of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the field of education has increased remarkably in recent years due to the modern changes in language software. However, CALL is not widely employed in the field of second/foreign (L2) language learning in Iran.  Interested in the application of CALL,  this  study  examines  two  methods  of  vocabulary  teaching/learning  (CALL-based  versus  non-CALL based). For this purpose, 38 male and 48 female elementary Iranian EFL learners participate in the study. They are randomly assigned into CALL-users   and non-CALL users and posttest control group design is employed.  To  collect data,  a proficiency  test will be used to homogenize the participants and  a multiple-choice vocabulary test  will be  used  as  posttests  to  find  out  the  effectiveness  of  the  methods. Finally, The results of  t-tests and the  pedagogical implications  of  this  study  for  L2  teachers  and learners will be presented.
      PubDate: 2015-11-20
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • The Mediating Effect of Social Undermining on the Relationship between
           Organizational Justice and Organizational Silence (The Case Study: Tax
           Organization of Fars Province)

    • Authors: Roya Khayer Zahed
      Abstract: Nowadays, everybody knows human capital is the most important asset of every organization. In this study, considering the mediating effect of social undermining, the association of organizational justice and organizational silence is evaluated. The research data have been collected through questionnaires from 56 employees of Tax organization in Fars province. Data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling (SEM). The findings show that there is a significant negative correlation between level of organizational justice and organizational silence. Also, social undermining plays a mediating role in the relationship between organizational justice and organizational silence.
      PubDate: 2015-11-18
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Measuring the Development Degree of Public Health Care Services in Border
           Regions of Iran (Case study: West Azerbaijan province)

    • Authors: Rouya Yousefi Zanganeh, Soheila Andisheh
      Abstract: One of the indices of a development, whose geographical distribution is uneven among the cities of Iran, is the health care index. The regional imbalance of development indices in most third world countries acts as a center-periphery. Such that the farther we get from the center towards the border regions, the lesser the intensity of development becomes. Therefore, the marginal areas and border regions are always among the least developed regions of these countries. In this research, in order to identify and determine the degree of the development of the West Azerbaijan province cities which is one of the North West border provinces of Iran, 7 indices in public health care services for 2011 belonging to 17 cities were studied, and the results were evaluated using the numerical taxonomy technique. Data collection was performed using library method. The ranking results showed that Urmia city is the most developed city and in the next stage, cities of Khoy and Miandoabare of cities with average to high enjoyment degrees. The least enjoyments belong to Oshnavie, Poldasht, Chaipare and Shot cities. The other cities also do not have appropriate positions in this index. Therefore, this province, as a frontier and disadvantaged province, has a long journey towards achieving sustainable development. It's necessary to adopt balancing regional policies and optimally distribute facilities.
      PubDate: 2015-11-18
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Impact of External Walls Insulation Location and Distribution on Energy
           Consumption in Buildings: A Case Study of Northern Cyprus

    • Authors: Haleh Boostani, Elmira Mirzapour
      Abstract: This study aims to investigate the impact of walling in terms of insulation location and distribution on energy consumption in building. The number of seven wall assemblies with the same thermal mass varying in thermal insulation location and distribution was studied. Dynamic thermal simulation was employed using EDSL Tas software as the main research tool. Continuous (24 hours) air conditioning and Northern Cyprus climatic references were applied in Famagusta as well. The outcomes revealed that utilization of thermal insulation indicated significant improvement on the overall energy performance of the buildings. It also indicated a significance when locate insulation layer in the outside of the building external walls. This project is the first part of a much larger project that intends to propose the suitable wall construction in the case of Northern Cyprus which not only create a knowledge base of passive techniques in terms of walling but it also address areas of material, thickness and the hybrid technologies.
      PubDate: 2015-11-14
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Data Health Assurance in Social and Behavioral Sciences Research

    • Authors: Ch. Mahmood Anwar
      Abstract: This illustrative study reincarnates the philosophical assumption of Methodology for science among other assumptions like Epistemology and Ontology in the context of social and behavioral sciences. Based on literature review the study divided the overlapping and perplexing Gaussian Linear Regression Model (GLRM) assumptions into two comprehensive groups. The study modeled straightforward diagnostics for GLRM assumptions violations by using the data collected from 150 postgraduate university students. Finally, the study provides the remedial directions to address possible problems created by GLRM assumptions violations.
      PubDate: 2015-11-14
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • A Comparative Review of Personality Traits and Depression in Diabetic and
           Kidney Patients in Shadegan City

    • Authors: Majid Naeimavi, GholamHossein Maktabi, Khalil Tofanizadeh, Hamdan Rahimi
      Abstract: The current study intends to evaluate and compare the personality traits and depression in the diabetic and kidney patients in Shadegan city. The tools used in this research include Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The sampling method was a simple random one which was carried out on the study population including 50 diabetic and 50 kidney patients in Shadegan city who responded to the two relevant questionnaires. In addition, to analyze the data, T-test for the independent group was used. The results showed that there is a significant difference between personality traits and depression in diabetic and kidney patients. It was observed that the prevalence of personality traits and depression in diabetic patients was less than that of kidney patients.
      PubDate: 2015-11-09
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Exploring the Possibility of Discharge of Nitrogen from the Lower Part of
           the Soil by two Between-crops Plant of Perko and Buko in order to better
           Use and Prevent the Waste of Nitrogen

    • Authors: Mahtab Beladi, Ali Kashani, Davood Habibi, Farzad Paknejad, Saeed Vazan
      Abstract: Since the nitrogen is one of the essential elements of plant with high mobility and tremendous waste, some cover crops with improved root system probably can prevent leaching of this element. This study was done in Agricultural Research Station of Islamic Azad University of Karaj located in Mahdasht area during the crop year 2013-2014. This study was done by using factorial experiment in a randomized complete block design with two cultivars of Brassica family of Perko and Buko, 3 levels of nitrogen (N0, N150, N300) Kg per ha, from urea source (due to nitrogen use efficiency in Karaj) at two different depth of 0-30 and 30-60 cm of soil. The research results showed that the triple interaction of in-depth plant at nitrogen on root fresh weight, root dry weight, the percentage of nitrogen in depth of 30 cm, 60 cm depth of soil nitrogen, at probability level of 1% and the percentage of organic carbon (P <0.05) among the studied plants is significant. The comparisons showed that Buko at the highest amount of applied nitrogen in the soil (300 kg N ha) left less nitrogen in the soil. The lowest amount of nitrogen leaching was for a depth of 30 cm and at 150 kg of nitrogen per hectare which belonged to Perko. By using high levels of nitrogen in the soil the waste and leaching of this element was tremendous. Therefore, Perko root fresh weight and root dry weight at 150 kg nitrogen per hectare were the highest at 30 cm depth of soil. Control plants had low root dry weight yield and aerial dry weight yield. Buko root length at a 60 cm depth of soil was higher than Perko so that at this depth of soil Buko was capable than Perko in preventing the nitrogen waste. Buko at high levels of nitrogen had higher nitrogen percentage in root and aerial organ. The protein amount of aerial organ increased with enhancement of nitrogen absorption to plant organs. Buko had more protein than Perko. Buko total dry weight was more than Perko.
      PubDate: 2015-11-02
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Personality Mediated Career Development under Islamic Work Ethics in
           Pakistani Religious Schools

    • Authors: Arsala Marium Khan, Shakira Usman Nazeer, Syed M. Imran Haider Naqvi
      Abstract: Religious schools known as Madrassas in Pakistan contribute significant human resource development (HRD) to the society enabling career development (CD) of protégés under Islamic work ethics (IWE). Yet the impact of IWE on CD and protégés’ personalities in recognized and well reputed Madrassas need elaboration. This study hypothesized that personality mediates the relationship between IWE and CD. It collected data employing stratified random sampling for 280 final year protégés in the Madrassas from Lahore, Pakistan. Data was analyzed using Pearson’s correlation, linear regression and Baron and Kenny test. Results confirmed full mediation of personality among IWE and CD and also the direct correlation of IWE as a significant determinant of CD in the selected context. While results of this study remained akin to various studies describing CD for business organizations it contributed value adding role of IWE in CD of religious human resource.
      PubDate: 2015-10-30
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Farmer’s Literacy Rate as Key Driver in Food Production and Food
           Security: An Empirical Appraisal from Punjab, Pakistan

    • Authors: Sana Iftikhar, Hina Amir, Zunaira Khadim, Kanwal Bilal
      Abstract: Farmer’s education in rural areas is an essential element to get better agricultural productivity (Mellor, 1976). The main purpose of the study is to examine that the literacy rate is key determinant in every aspect of agricultural production (food production). Either it is land, irrigation, livestock, agricultural credit or agricultural labor; literacy rate is serving as key driver in agricultural production as well as in food security. For this purpose cross-sectional data of Punjab province of Pakistan is used. Desired data were collected from Food Insecurity Report 2009 (SDPI, SDC and World Food Program 2009), Punjab Development Statistics (Government of Punjab 2009) and Punjab Agricultural Census Report 2010 (Government of Pakistan, 2012). OLS model was used to find out the results and the results show that the farmer’s literacy rate has positive and significance relationship with food security in both separate cases and overall contribution of all possible variables. Government should intervene in enhancing the educational programs for Farmers and play vital role in enhancing the farmer’s literacy rate.
      PubDate: 2015-10-23
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Whether Companies Need to be Concerned about Corporate Social
           Responsibility for their Financial Performance or Not' A Perspective
           of Agency and Stakeholder Theories

    • Authors: Talat Afza, Sadaf Ehsan, Sajid Nazir
      Abstract: Present study used the theoretical framework of both the Agency and Stakeholder theories in order to empirically investigate the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the financial performance (FP) of firm both in the short and long run. According to the agency theory approach core motive of the company’s existence is to maximize their owner’s wealth and therefore spending on other stakeholders in the form of CSR is an additional cost that leads to decrease in the FP. Contrary to this, Stakeholder theory argues that firms should satisfy the social needs of various stakeholders and perform CSR as it protects the firm from negative confrontations and boycotts of their stakeholders that reduces the operating cost and boosts the financial performance. A sample of 76 Pakistani manufacturing firms listed at Karachi Stock Exchange has been used for the time period ranged from 2009-2012. A series of tests like F-test, LM-test and Hausman-test have been applied to identify optimum panel data model and Random model found to be the appropriate one. Results of Generalized Least Square Regression results revealed that CSR has a positive impact not only on the short term financial performance of Pakistani manufacturing firms but also helped them to maintain the sustainable long term financial performance.
      PubDate: 2015-10-23
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Scientific Basis of the Future Teachers Extracurricular Activities
           Organization (Educational Aspect)

    • Authors: Saltanat Ganiyevna Tazhbayeva
      Abstract: The study outlines the theoretical basis of extra-curricular activities of students, which represent one of the subsystems of the educational process of pedagogical university, professional and personal development and self-development of future teachers on the basis of individual creativity. To test the hypothesis, a survey has been conducted which covered students from different courses and faculties, university professors, school teachers, methodists, so a total of over 1525 people, including in the experiment involved the future experts in the amount of 369 students, 56 teachers of Russian language and literature, and 50 school administrators. The models of management of students’ extracurricular activity and the education concept have been elaborated for the purpose of improving preparation of future specialists. The results indicate that the implementation of a comprehensive programme for the organization of the educational process in extracurricular activities helps to increase from stage to stage of formation of the students' levels of professional and personal qualities.
      PubDate: 2015-10-15
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Estimating Iranian Wheat Market (A Comparative Study between ARDL and SUR)

    • Authors: Leila Yazdanshenas, Reza Moghadasi, Saeed Yazdani
      Abstract: In this study with estimating the econometric pattern of wheat, the affecting element in supply, product, import and consumption can be recognized. Auto regressive distributed lag (ARDL) and seemingly unrelated regressions (SUR) have been used for getting the following results: Price elasticity of demand for wheat is 2/29 and the cross price elasticity of demand between wheat and barley is 1/49. Production function showed that with increasing the area under harvested with 1 percent, the amount of production will increase 0/68 percent. Fertilizer has direct effect in the amount of production in next year. Results of consumption model show that consumption income element in demand model is a small number with positive sign but it is not meaningful. The results of demand elasticity of bread showed that this factor is 0/156. It means that the demand for bread is not very responsive to changes in price. Although results showed increasing the consumption per capita of rice with 1 percent will decrease the consumption per capita of wheat with 0/23 percent. Import model shows that increasing the amount of gross domestic production with 1 percent will increase the amount of demand with 1/1 percent. In this estimation, the coefficient of the price ratios is positive and is opposite the ordinary cases. It is because of the responsibility of government in importing wheat and this activity doesn’t relate to domestic price and is related to domestic needs.
      PubDate: 2015-10-15
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
  • Comparative Study of Attorney's Intervention in Pre-Trial Stage and
           Its Influence on Fair Judgment in Iran and the United States of America

    • Authors: Naser Ghasemi, Sirous Zarghami, Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi
      Abstract: In the legal system of Iran and United States of America Attorney possesses the most important position in the Criminal Procedure. This position in Iran and United States of Americaplays a key role in the pre-trial stage. Legal system in the United States of America is called “common law”, and Criminal Procedure in this system is “adversarial”. The court does not exist in this system. Iran's legal system which is almost similar to the French system, has the court body. Despite this difference, in the two criminal justice systems, there are similarities within the pre-trial arrangements (Yousefi, 2011). Therefore, in this study, the influence ofattorney’s intervention in pre-trial stage, on three elements of the most important principles of a fair trial, including the principle of neutrality, equality of arms, not giving judicative role to a pursued person have been reviewed. Finally, it was found that attorney's intervention in the preliminary investigation can have negative effects on the principles of fair trial.
      PubDate: 2015-10-15
      Issue No: Vol. 4 (2015)
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