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Journal Cover European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
   ISSN (Print) 1805-3602
   Published by European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences Homepage  [1 journal]
  • Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in Member of OIC

    • Authors: Awais Anwar Muhammad, Noman Arshed, Nabeela Kousar
      Abstract: This study examines the causal relationship between economic growth, renewable energy consumption and oil prices using the data of 29 OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) countries. The data are taken from 1990 to 2014. The study applies panel co-integration and causality in order to evaluate the long run and the causal relationship between the variables. Additionally, the empirical results suggest the existence of co-integration between the variables. The impact of renewable energy consumption on economic growth is positive and significant. The panel granger causality reveals the unidirectional causality between renewable energy consumption, oil prices and economic growth.
      PubDate: 2017-03-23
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Transfer of Science and Technology Achievement for the Development in
           China: The Case of Independent Innovation Pilot Area of Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu,
           Anhui Province

    • Authors: Xiong Liyong, Rashmi Chatterjee, Song Wei
      Abstract: Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu independent innovation pilot area is the first “comprehensive reform” pilot area with the theme of “independent innovation”. It has made remarkable improvement in the regional innovation system construction and also achieved important results in scientific and technological domain. The main objective of this study is to identify the characteristics, routes, policies and roles of different institutions for the transfer of S&T achievements. By in-depth review of policies in the pilot area with respect to different stakeholders, we recognised four main existing models that facilitated the transfer of S&T achievements in the pilot area. These models are – government policies that promote S&T achievements, market oriented policies that linked market demand with the transfer of S&T achievements, production study research model that strengthen collaboration between university (resources) and industries (capital) for social development, intermediary service agencies that linked government with general public for technology diffusion in the society. We pointed out the existing problems and give some recommendations to the policy makers for the future development of independent innovation pilot area.
      PubDate: 2017-02-16
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Strategic Management based on Information Technology in Organizational
           Empowerment and Creation of Competitive Advantage

    • Authors: Shahin Alavitalab
      Abstract: Nowadays, information technology capabilities have changed from their traditional role and transformed to a means to create competitive advantage and increase market share. In this research, an attempt has been made to analyze strategic information technology and associated services and their ability in creating competitive advantage for the organization. Information technology has been grounded on extent of integration of information processes and structures. Findings of this study indicate that information technology strategies play a potential role in empowerment of organization, that an organization with special strategies will have a higher competitive advantage and better performance. With regard to the results from this research, IT-based strategies can be transformed to competitive advantage facilitating the strategic decision makings within organization. Ultimately, a model has been proposed to elaborate IT-bases strategies and create empowerment and competitive advantage within organization.
      PubDate: 2017-02-08
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Sources of Self-Efficacy as Predictors of EFL Learners’ Course

    • Authors: Abbas Ali Zarei, Faezeh Naghdi
      Abstract: It is generally believed that self-efficacy as a psychological construct contributes to learning process and academic performance. The present study attempted to investigate the possible differences among self-efficacy sources as predictors of EFL learners’ academic achievement in educational settings. To this end, a questionnaire of EFL self-efficacy sources together with Nelson English Proficiency Test were administered among 219 senior EFL learners. The collected data were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results indicated that of the four sources of self-efficacy, only enactive mastery experience accounted for a statistically significant portion of the variance with course performance and, therefore, was a positive predictor of students’ course performance. The results of the present study imply that when learners continue to develop self-efficacy, they will have better English performance scores. It is also concluded that what an educational system needs to consider, in addition to general teaching and learning process, is focusing on personality features of learners. The findings of this study can, therefore, provide implications for researchers, teachers, materials developers, and syllabus designers.
      PubDate: 2017-02-08
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Investigating the Factors Influencing RFID Adoption Intentions of
           Retailers: Evidences from Lahore-Pakistan

    • Authors: Asif Mahmood, Muhammad Aadil Naveed, Ibrahim Abdullah, Muhammad Shakil, Muddassar Sarfraz
      Abstract: Although there have been many articles emphasizing the common remunerations of the RFID implementation in the supply chain but the progression of instigating the equipment  for the administration tenacity is somewhat on the leisurelier side particularly in likes of Pakistan and other under developed realms. The perseverance of the investigation is to accomplish a scrutiny of the administrative issues which stimulus the RFID implementation intents. The investigation is to be conducted by the mean of a statistical study of the numbers congregated over an opinion poll through different retailers in the Lahore region. The inquiryis done with the assistance of SPSS and for this perseverance the questionnaire is alienated in agreement to some variables explicitly technology competence, social issuesand competitive pressure. The emphasis group for the study is the retail industry as it is supposed to be the most conspicuous field which can develop the maximum improvement from the RFID technology espousal.This research would benefit in enhanced understanding of the aspectsimpelling the RFID implementation aims on the administrative foundation.
      PubDate: 2017-02-07
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Effect of BA and Ovule Developmental Stages on Embryo Rescue in Perlette
           Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) Cultivar

    • Authors: Laya Khoshandam, Hamed Doulati Baneh, Rasoul Jalili Marandi, Reza Darwishzadeh
      Abstract: Production of seedless varieties is one of the major breeding goals in grape vine. Traditional methods result in low percentage of seedless progeny production. Today for producing high percentage of seedless progeny, embryo rescue are used. In this research, the effects of BA concentrations (0, 30, 60 and 100 mg L-1) and the stage of ovule development (25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 days after pollination) were assessed on the success rate of the embryo rescue in Perlette grape (Vitis vinifera L.). BA was sprayed 14 days before and 7days after the anthesis. The berries were harvested at 25, 35, 45, 55 and 65 days post pollination. Ovules were cultured  in Nitch and Nitch medium with 0.35 mg L-1gibberellic acid (GA3) and 1 mg L-1 indolacetic acid (IAA). Characters such as germination, collapsed, callus-formed and enlarged ovules were recorded. The results revealed the effect of BA pre-treating and ovule developmental stage on percentage of germinated embryos, collapsed, callus- formed and enlarged ovules. The highest germination percentage was observed in BA 100 mg L-1 at 65 days post pollination treatment. The highest percentage of the collapsed ovules was observed at 25 days after pollination in all treatments. The highest percentage of the callus formation was observed in the BA treatment of 30 mg L-1 at 55 days after pollination. The highest percentage of the enlarged ovules was observed in the BA treatment of 60 mg L-1 at 45 days after pollination.
      PubDate: 2017-01-24
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Relationship between Organizational Resources and Organizational
           Performance: A Conceptualize Mediation Study

    • Authors: Ammar Ahmed, Ismail Bin Lebai Othman
      Abstract: The organizational performance plays a significant role as a catalyst to the development and economic growth of any country. Therefore, grounded on a detailed review of literature, the current study aims at spotting certain internal factors with a profound impact on the organizational performance. Although, the literature regarding the organizational performance highlights a several studies that provide the suggestion for some of the most effective factors such as organizational commitment, organizational culture, employer branding with a significant impact on organizational performance, yet there are certain studies that extend some discordant and inconsistent findings regarding the relationship of these factors with the organizational performance which necessitates the given relationship to be further investigated in presence of some mediating or moderating phenomenon. Therefore, based on the relevant literature, organizational innovation turns out to be the mediating construct that may effectively define the inconsistencies in giving relationship and further enhance the organizational performance. Thus, this study proposes to re-scrutinize the given relationships by further investigating it with the mediation of organizational innovation. Accordingly, the current study is going to propose ten research propositions to be tested with the help of a proposed theoretical framework. The given framework would hopefully lead to very useful and interesting insights for researchers. This paper is underpinned by the theory of Resource Based View. Therefore, it may also extend a knowledge contribution to the literature of this theory regarding the organizational resources. This paper is also expected to generate very useful insights for the Bankers, Policy Makers and regulatory authorities in charge of ensuring the desirable level of organizational innovation and performance in banking sector of Pakistan.
      PubDate: 2017-01-24
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • Assessing the Impact of Brand Equity based on Fans’ Brand Loyalty (Case
           study: foolad Khuzestan, Iran)

    • Authors: Seyed Emad Hosseini, Maziyar Kalashi, Mohammadali Sahebkaran, Abdorahman Jami Alahmadi, Nadia Savari
      Abstract: The aim of this study was to assess the impact of brand equity based on soccer fans brand loyalty. This is a descriptive-correlational study based on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The population consists of fans of foolad Khuzestan club in Khuzestan state of Iran. In order to collect the data Khodadadi and colleague questionnaires (2014) were used, while 389 questionnaires were analyzed finally. In order to analyze the data, Partial Least Squares Models and Smart PLS3 were utilized. The results show that there is positive and significant relation between all study factors (attitudes of brand imagination, brand imagination characteristics, brand imagination benefits, brand identity) and brand loyalty and as well as three aspects of brand imagination and brand identity. In assessing the impact on Brand loyalty factors and brand identity, brand imagination benefits was the most efficient factor. In addition, between all brand imagination factors and brand loyalty, there is an indirect positive and significant relation through brand identity.
      PubDate: 2017-01-24
      Issue No: Vol. 6 (2017)
  • The Study of the Quality of Working Life with Organizational Commitment
           and Job Satisfaction among the Employees Using Correlation Analysis (Case
           Study: Aseman Carton Making Factory of Isfahan)

    • Authors: Ziba Batvandi, Mohammad Ghazavi
      Abstract: Organizational commitment is regarded as positive or negative attitudes toward the related organization. The             quality of working life is a comprehensive program that increases employee's satisfaction and their learning from environment leading to an increase in organizational commitment . The study is descriptive – inferential and 30 samples were selected by simple random sampling method. The instruments used for data collection included work quality, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The reliability of questionnaire was .83,  according to Cronbach's alpha test and the questionnaire was  valid  as it was already  used in previous researches in this field. Data analysis was done by  Pearson correlation and multiple regression through SPSS 22. The results indicated that there was a positive significant relationship between quality of working life and job satisfaction among the employees (p<0.001).  Further, the relationship between job satisfaction and fair pay components, safe working environment, working life, social integration was confirmed. Among the dimensions of factors of quality of working life and organizational commitment, there was a significant relationship between  fair payment and organizational commitment (r=0.65    p<0.05). The relationship of other factors was not confirmed with organizational commitment. Among the dimensions of organizational commitment, a positive significant relationship was observed  between emotional commitment and quality of working life (r=0.58 p<0.05). In order to predict job satisfaction based on the quality of working life,  regression model was significant at  0.001 level. Given the results, the company should attempt to raise organizational commitment among  employees with special attention to participate them in organizational decisions, fair payment, employees' and their families' welfare, employee's dependence on company and reducing job stress.
      Issue No: Vol. 6
  • Short-Term Effects of Glutamine Supplementation on Levels of Blood Lactate
           and Fatigue Index in Male Elite Swimmers

    • Authors: Abbas Sadeghi, Mohammad Mahdi Husseini
      Abstract: Food supplementations are public assistance for a variety of championships sports. Competitive and recreational athletes use the nutritional supplements to improve their performance in a long time. In this context, there is lack of information about whether glutamine supplementation has the potential to help improve the muscle recovery after a period of intense aerobic exercise to exhaustion. This study aimed to assess short-term effect of glutamine supplementation on the levels of lactate and fatigue index in male elite swimmers.  Research method was mid-experimental and research design was a pretest-posttest with control group that was administered as double-blind. Twenty swimmers with age range of 26-18 years were selected based on convenient sampling. Then, based on swimming record results of 50 and 100 m freestyle breasts  were randomly divided into glutamine and swimming training group (n = 10) or placebo and exercise swimming group (n=10 ). Then the glutamine was given to supplementation group and the placebo was given to the control group, both groups began to swim for 4 weeks. Studied variables including lactate levels, fatigue and athletic performance index were measured before and after the study.  The results showed that use of glutamine amino acids led to a significant reduction in the fatigue index and produced lactate in the supplementation group compared to the placebo group. The time of athletes' performance wasn’t significantly increased.  The results showed the glutamine supplementation in areas such as swimming where the athlete must take part in a day in several competition, has a significant impact on the reduction of blood lactate concentration and more endurance of athletes than accumulation of lactic acid and reduction of swimming athletes fatigue index . However, more research is needed in this area.
      Issue No: Vol. 6
  • The Necessity of Teaching Verbal and Non-Verbal Taboos to Non-Iranian
           Persian Learners from the Perspective of Teachers Teaching Persian to

    • Authors: Mehdi Khodadadian, Seyyed Mehdi Abtahi
      Abstract: Teaching and learning verbal and non-verbal taboos in language classes have always been one of the issues attracting the researchers’ attention. Also, the current study is one of the studies which has dealt with the necessity of teaching verbal and non-verbal taboos to non-Iranian Persian learners from the perspective of teachers teaching Persian to non-Persians. The participants of the current study were 23 of the instructors of Persian Language Center of Iran’s Imam Khomeini International University. The participants were both male and female and all of them were 34-up years. The method of the current study was a descriptive one in which a researcher-made questionnaire was used. The questionnaire had 22 questions, all of which were based on the attitudes of 12 experienced instructors of Persian Language Center of Iran’s Imam Khomeini International University regarding teaching verbal and non-verbal taboos to non-Iranian Persian learners. The results of data analysis indicated that non-Iranian learners’ awareness of verbal and non-verbal taboos is essential, and teaching verbal and non-verbal taboos to non-Iranian learners is not essential. Based on the instructors’ perspectives, the age and gender of the learners cannot be a hindrance in answering their questions about laborious terms and non-verbal taboos. Moreover, the instructors’ strategies on how to teach the students the necessary verbal and nonverbal taboos and the role of teacher’s position when teaching verbal and non-verbal taboos were investigated and analyzed. The results showed that, in general, female young teachers and those having less experience in teaching directly try to avoid teaching taboos in their classes.
      Issue No: Vol. 6
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