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3C Empresa     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
A contrario     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Abant İzzet Baysal Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Abordajes : Revista de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 14)
About Performance     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
Academicus International Scientific Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Access     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 26)
ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural & Policy Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
ACCORD Occasional Paper     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Accountability in Research: Policies and Quality Assurance     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 16)
Acta Academica     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Acta Scientiarum. Human and Social Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Philologica     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Adıyaman Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi     Open Access  
Administrative Science Quarterly     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 147)
Administrative Theory & Praxis     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Adultspan Journal     Hybrid Journal  
Advances in Appreciative Inquiry     Hybrid Journal  
Advocate: Newsletter of the National Tertiary Education Union     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
África     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Africa Spectrum     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
African Affairs     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 59)
African Renaissance     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
African Research Review     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
African Social Science Review     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi     Open Access  
Ágora : revista de divulgação científica     Open Access  
Akademik İncelemeler Dergisi     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Akademika : Journal of Southeast Asia Social Sciences and Humanities     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Al-Mabsut : Jurnal Studi Islam dan Sosial     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Alliage     Free  
Alteridade     Open Access  
American Communist History     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 19)
ANALES de la Universidad Central del Ecuador     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Anales de la Universidad de Chile     Open Access  
Analysis     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
Andamios. Revista de Investigacion Social     Open Access  
Anemon Muş Alparslan Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi     Open Access  
Annals of Humanities and Development Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 5)
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 41)
Annuaire de l’EHESS     Open Access  
Anthropocene Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Anthurium : A Caribbean Studies Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Approches inductives : Travail intellectuel et construction des connaissances     Full-text available via subscription  
Apuntes : Revista de Ciencias Sociales     Open Access  
Apuntes de Investigación del CECYP     Open Access  
Arbor     Open Access  
Argomenti. Rivista di economia, cultura e ricerca sociale     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Argumentos. Revista de crítica social     Open Access  
Around the Globe     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Arquivos do CMD : Cultura, Memória e Desenvolvimento     Open Access  
Articulo - Journal of Urban Research     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Asia Pacific Journal of Sport and Social Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Asian Journal of Social Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 12)
Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 7)
Asian Social Science     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Astrolabio     Open Access  
Atatürk Dergisi     Open Access  
Australasian Review of African Studies, The     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Australian Aboriginal Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association Journal     Full-text available via subscription  
Australian Journal of Emergency Management     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 6)
Australian Journal on Volunteering     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Balkan Journal of Social Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Bandung : Journal of the Global South     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
BARATARIA. Revista Castellano-Manchega de Ciencias sociales     Open Access  
Basic and Applied Social Psychology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 36)
Basic Income Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 9)
Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences     Open Access  
Berkeley Undergraduate Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Big Data & Society     Open Access   (Followers: 30)
Bildhaan : An International Journal of Somali Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
BMC Medical Ethics     Open Access   (Followers: 16)
Bodhi : An Interdisciplinary Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Body Image     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
BOGA : Basque Studies Consortium Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Boletín Cultural y Bibliográfico     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Border Crossing : Transnational Working Papers     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Brain and Cognition     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 31)
Brasiliana - Journal for Brazilian Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
British Review of New Zealand Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Bulletin de l’Institut Français d’Études Andines     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Caderno CRH     Open Access  
California Italian Studies Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
California Journal of Politics and Policy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Caminho Aberto : Revista de Extensão do IFSC     Open Access  
Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Caribbean Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 12)
Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Catalan Social Sciences Review     Open Access  
Catalyst : A Social Justice Forum     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Catholic Social Science Review     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
CBU International Conference Proceedings     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Cemoti, Cahiers d'études sur la méditerranée orientale et le monde turco-iranien     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Challenges     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
China Journal of Social Work     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
Chinese Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Ciencia e Interculturalidad     Open Access  
Ciencia y Sociedad     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ciencia, Cultura y Sociedad     Open Access  
Ciencias Holguin     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Ciências Sociais Unisinos     Open Access   (Followers: 3)
Ciencias Sociales y Educación     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
CienciaUAT     Open Access  
Citizen Science : Theory and Practice     Open Access  
Citizenship Teaching & Learning     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Ciudad Paz-ando     Open Access  
Civilizar Ciencias Sociales y Humanas     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Civitas - Revista de Ciências Sociais     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Claroscuro     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
CLIO América     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Cogent Social Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Cognitive and Behavioral Practice     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 10)
Colección Académica de Ciencias Sociales     Open Access  
Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Communication, Politics & Culture     Open Access   (Followers: 13)
Communities, Children and Families Australia     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
Compendium     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Comprehensive Therapy     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 3)
Comuni@cción     Open Access  
Comunitania : Revista Internacional de Trabajo Social y Ciencias Sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Confluenze Rivista di Studi Iberoamericani     Open Access  
Contemporary Journal of African Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Contemporary Social Science     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
Contribuciones desde Coatepec     Open Access  
Convergencia     Open Access  
Corporate Reputation Review     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 4)
CRDCN Research Highlight / RCCDR en évidence     Open Access  
Creative and Knowledge Society     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
Creative Approaches to Research     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 11)
Critical Psychology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Critical Studies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 9)
Critical Studies on Terrorism     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 26)
Crossing the Border : International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
CTheory     Open Access  
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales - Universidad Nacional de Jujuy     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Cuadernos Interculturales     Open Access  
Cultural Studies Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 15)
Cultural Trends     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 15)
Culturales     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Culturas. Revista de Gestión Cultural     Open Access  
Culture Mandala : The Bulletin of the Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies     Open Access  
Culture Scope     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 2)
De Prácticas y Discursos. Cuadernos de Ciencias Sociales     Open Access  
Debats. Revista de cultura, poder i societat     Open Access  
Demographic Research     Open Access   (Followers: 11)
Derecho y Ciencias Sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Desacatos     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Desafios     Open Access  
Desenvolvimento em Questão     Open Access  
Developing Practice : The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 21)
Development     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 16)
Diálogo     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
DIFI Family Research and Proceedings     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Discourse & Society     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 64)
Distinktion : Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 6)
Doct-Us Journal     Open Access  
Drustvena istrazivanja     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward terrorism and genocide     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 13)
e-Gnosis     Open Access  
e-Hum : Revista das Áreas de Humanidade do Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
E-Journal of Cultural Studies     Open Access  
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 5)
Économie et Solidarités     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 1)
Education, Business and Society : Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues     Hybrid Journal  
Égypte - Monde arabe     Open Access   (Followers: 4)
Éire-Ireland     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 8)
Electoral Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 28)
Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 3)
Empiria. Revista de metodología de ciencias sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Encuentros Multidisciplinares     Open Access  
Enseñanza de las Ciencias Sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Entramado     Open Access  
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion : An International Journal     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 14)
Equidad y Desarrollo     Open Access  
Espace populations sociétés     Open Access   (Followers: 1)     Open Access  
Estudios Avanzados     Open Access  
Estudios Fronterizos     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Estudios Sociales     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Estudios Sociales     Open Access  
Ethics and Social Welfare     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 20)
Ethiopian Journal of the Social Sciences and Humanities     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 8)
Ethnic and Racial Studies     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 39)
Ethnobotany Research & Applications : a journal of plants, people and applied research     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
Études canadiennes / Canadian Studies     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
Études rurales     Open Access   (Followers: 2)
Eureka Street     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 4)
European Journal of Futures Research     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
European Journal of Social Psychology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 31)
European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences     Open Access   (Followers: 10)
European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies - Revista Europea de Estudios Latinoamericanos y del Caribe     Open Access   (Followers: 6)
European Review of Social Psychology     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 11)
European View     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 1)
European Yearbook of Minority Issues Online     Hybrid Journal   (Followers: 5)
Exchanges : the Warwick Research Journal     Open Access   (Followers: 1)
ExT : Revista de Extensión de la UNC     Open Access  
Families, Relationships and Societies     Full-text available via subscription   (Followers: 7)

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Journal Cover CBU International Conference Proceedings
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  This is an Open Access Journal Open Access journal
   ISSN (Print) 1805-997X - ISSN (Online) 1805-9961
   Published by Central Bohemia University Homepage  [5 journals]

    • Authors: Tsvetana Kostadinova Antipesheva
      Abstract: This theme of solving problems is very actual. Their conclusion begins in school and continues whole life. This presentation consists of an investigation with students about solving problems. During the work the following conceptual basis for research intentions was raised: As a basic conceptual basis in this study the increased interest in psychological approaches such as changes in Bulgarian educational paradigm determine the need for the transformation in education is considered. Conceptually, thе reason is the fact that the current situation needs ways which to be found to improve the practical training of young people.Last but not least, it can be said that modern socio-scientific context puts imprints on attitudes and the ways of acquiring the students, the emphasis is placed on the learner as an individual - with specific needs, attitudes and motivation. In connection with the teaching of problem-solving, the following general questions arise: How the students in the program acquire the necessary training' Is it adequate in their future practical activity' How modern is the current methodology for solving problems and how to update it' What are the new guidelines to improve training in order to solve problems in a meaningful' How to determine the ratio of students to solve problems' There are the conclusions from the results of the investigation.
      PubDate: 2017-10-06
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1113
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Cristian Ploscaru, Ionuț Nistor
      Abstract: This study proposes a theoretical approach to the idea of a platform for research and education on the historical substance of regionalization in Romania, with reference to the case of the historical province of Moldova. Furthermore, to identify the consequences, reactions, weaknesses, opportunities afforded by administrative restructuring from a post-regionalization demographic and socioeconomic viewpoint. An inter-disciplinary analysis – historical, demographic, economic – the traits of a Romanian society stemming from Moldova, the historical dynamics that underpin the modern Romanian state, will provide a picture of the current situation, focused mainly on its causes while trying to find explanations rooted in economic and social behaviours and attitudes which came to define and inform the subsequent development strategy of regionalization, allowing Moldova to play a central economic role in relation to other territories, similar to the role it played in the past two centuries, in the context of European integration strategies, in neighbouring parts of the continent (Republic of Moldova, Ukraine). The theoretical approach involves three components, expanding concentrically: 1) component of knowledge / research; 2) digital platform; 3) e-learning component. The research component seeks dynamic historical development of Moldova, from the time after the Union of the Romanian Principalities until today, focusing on specific regional elements. We will try to identify and analyze the specific features of Moldova, links with other areas of historical Moldavia, as the interaction between them and the Romanian public policy. Within the demographic component, we look at the historical population dynamics of Moldova, including various ethnic and religious communities, rural-urban ratios, social and professional structures. Another issue concerns the economic and comparative analysis in space and time, with respect to Moldova historical economic dynamics parameters - resources, infrastructure, industry, agriculture, trade, transport, etc. Both aspects will be analyzed in correlation with the impact of a permanent political factor, pursuing public policies promoted by the political regimes in their chronological sequence.
      PubDate: 2017-09-30
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1112
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Adem Dreshaj, Bedri Millaku, Sabiha Shala, Afrim Selimaj, Halit Shabani
      Abstract: : Concerns and uncertainty about the life on Earth are constantly growing, today greater than ever before, as a result of human activity. In this regard, the major dangers that threaten our planet include uncontrolled utilization of natural resources, environmental deterioration and environmental pollution over Earth's regenerating possibilities. Whereas, the main causes of pollution are deforestation, erosion, greenhouse gas emissions, poor urban and industrial waste control and uncontrolled mining activities. All of these lead to serious consequences for life on Earth, because of the natural resources of the soil and its capacity to absorb waste gases (CH4), and the release of heavy metals such as Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu, Fe and As, which are the biggest soil pollutants. The Earth is being cemented, and its regenerating capacities are being diminished every day.
      PubDate: 2017-09-29
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1111
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Loredana Jitaru, Lorena Florentina Popescul
      Abstract: The EU and China enjoy one of the most fruitful relationships of cooperation in the world. In time, this cooperation has evolved into a strategic partnership created in 2003. A central part of the development and consolidation of the Strategic Partnership was that of the cooperation between these two actors in the field of research, development, and innovation. This paper intends, on the one hand, to analyze the cooperative relationships between the EU and China in the field of research, development, and innovation, and on the other hand to offer a bigger picture of the present day relationships in the field. This paper uses methods of quality research, more precisely document analysis.
      PubDate: 2017-09-25
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1109
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Raluca Iulia Iulian
      Abstract: After the end of the Cold War, the new European and global security environment has undergone profound changes. In the new security environment, international terrorism represents one of the main threats at a global level, the others being the proliferation of chemical, atomic, and bacteriological weapons of destruction and organized crime. Terrorism is difficult to define. Although it is an important issue today, there is no unanimously accepted scientific definition. There have been numerous attempts to define terrorism that complement each other. The paper focuses on Islamic terrorism which has undergone a certain evolution over time and has proliferated in recent years. Nowadays, it has some particularities which will be presented in the paper; they reflect the specificity of this phenomenon with a view to understanding its origin, the purposes, and its consequences. Samuel P. Huntington’s theory of the Clash of Civilization and Eric Neumayer and Thomas Plümper’s theory of the Strategic Logic of International Terrorism provide useful explanations. The aim of the paper is to examine the evolution of this phenomenon after 9/11 2001, which represents a turning point in the evolution of international terrorism.
      PubDate: 2017-09-25
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1108
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Venelin Terziev, Nikolay Nichev
      Abstract: The tasks being solved by the military units, which are part of the Bulgarian Army, require the possession of high-level knowledge and abilities for organizational activity from the newly promoted Logistic Officers. While performing his functional obligations, the Logistic Officer must promptly and thoroughly estimate the received task, duly organize the activity of the subordinated units and personnel and organize the collaboration with the State authorities, with the business, non-governmental and further organizations.The research target is the professional military training of the future Logistic Officers, while the research subject is the developing of readiness for the organizational activity of the Logistic Officers in the course of their professional military training. The aim of the research is to outline the lines for improving the process of developing of readiness for the organizational activity of the Logistic Officers in the course of their professional military training. The research methods are: a theoretical analysis of the literature for military education and of the standard documents is made in the course of the research; analysis and synthesis of the scope and the contents of the basic definitions, being used in the elaboration; abstraction; conclusion and analogy.
      PubDate: 2017-09-25
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1110
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Onur Aydoğdu, Zübeyir Sarı, Ufuk Saadet Yurdalan, Gülden Mine Polat
      Abstract: In recent years, many different technologies on virtual rehabilitation have been produced and used in research. However, existing studies are limited because most of them focus on the balancing ability of the elderly or studied stroke patients with same systems. Thus, it is necessary to investigate the effects of a new virtual rehabilitation system in patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a virtual rehabilitation system using a MarVAJED® system which provides visual and auditory stimulus aimed at educating and controlling the joint proprioception, range of motion, pain intensity, and knee swelling in individuals with an ACL injury. A total of fifteen patients with ACL reconstruction participated in this study. In addition to conventional physiotherapy, a virtual rehabilitation treatment was applied with visual and auditory stimulus for a total of eight weeks, three sessions per week. There were statistically significant improvements in measures of proprioception, range of motion, pain intensity, and knee swelling between pre– and post – treatment (p<0.05). We concluded that this new VR system known as MarVAJED effectively treat ACL patients by improving proprioception, range of motion, and by decreasing pain intensity, and knee swelling.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1047
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Funda Demir, Meral Yildirim, Nevin Karamahmut Mermer, Emek Moroydor Derun
      Abstract: Breast milk is suggested as the best method for baby nourishment by The World Health Organization (WHO, 2003). However, in some cases, breastfeeding is not possible due to different metabolic reasons. In such cases, an infant formula that is similar to the breast milk content is designed to meet infant nourishment requirements during the first 6 months after birth. It is important to know the content of infant milk formula for a baby’s health. The purpose of this presented study is to determine the elemental (Fe, Cu, Al, Cd, As, Ni, Ba) contents of the four different brands of first infant milk formula sold in the Turkish markets. Elemental contents of samples were identified by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) after a microwave digestion process. Target hazard quotients (THQ) of analyzed elements were calculated and risk analyses were conducted. According to the results, the hazard indexes (HI) of infant milk formula samples were founded as less than 1 and all samples were included in the low risk group.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1048
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Teodora Dimcheva, Boryana Levterova, Desislava Bakova, Nonka Mateva
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide acquires epidemic dimensions. In Europe, five nosological groups (diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and mental disabilities) constitute 77% of NCDs and cause about 86% of deaths in the region.OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to assess the quality of life in patients with chronic non-communicable diseases under dispensary observation.METHODS: The pilot cross-sectional study was performed among adult with chronic diseases in primary care practices in the Plovdiv district (the second largest in Bulgaria) from May to June 2013.RESULTS: A total of 200 adults with chronic diseases participated in the study. The mean age was 55.6 years (range 25–95, standard deviation (SD) 16.9). The most common chronic diseases in our study were cardiovascular 51% (ischemic heart disease, hypertension, etc.), followed by endocrinology diseases (23%). There was statistically significant differences in the assessments of "general health" in different groups of participants by gender (χ2 = 16.65, P <0.002), age (χ2 = 12.57, P <0.05) and social status (χ2 = 28.54, P <0.0001).CONCLUSION: The subjective assessment of health is a factor that has a strong impact on the quality of life of patients and is an important component in evaluating the effectiveness of provided health care for patients with chronic non-communicable diseases.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1049
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Sigitas Chmieliauskas, Sigitas Laima, Karolina Ginčienė, Gerda Andriuškevičiūtė, Meda Sutkevičiūtė, Monika Stančiukaitė, Jurgita Stasiūnienė, Algimantas Jasulaitis
      Abstract: A sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is diagnosed in the case of a sudden and unexpected death of an infant during sleep and where an autopsy shows no obvious pathological lesions or injuries. Although literature indicates a wide range of risk factors, there is no single opinion on the specific cause of SIDS. This paper describes a study of 191 infant deaths in which the State Forensic Medicine Service established 29 SIDS cases. Microscopical and histological results of samples taken from sections of the respiratory system reveal serous fluid in the alveoli and change specific to asphyxia in all autopsy cases of infants diagnosed with SIDS. The risk of SIDS is highest in infants aged 1–4 months. Salivary gland secretion increases with the development of infant physiology, and this increase coincides with infant teething. However, in this phase, an infant’s swallowing reflex is still to form completely. Findings suggest that the serous fluid found in the alveoli was from the salivary glands, and thus, saliva aspiration may be associated with infant deaths due to SIDS.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1050
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Daniela Koleva, Mariana Batzelova, Julia Nikolova, Maria Orbetzova
      Abstract: : It is believed that microvascular dysfunction plays a major role in the development of insulin resistance (IR). Performing nailfold capillaroscopy wit­h evaluation of microvascular parameters in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) would undoubtedly be helpful for the investigation of novel pathophysiological mechanisms in IR occurrence. The aim of the present study was to compare the values of microvascular parameters between PCOS patients and clinically healthy women and to assess its relationship with clinical and metabolic parameters in the PCOS women. Our study included 21 PCOS patients and 22 clinically healthy women (controls). Nailfold capillaroscopy was conducted and the following parameters were assessed: arterial limb diameter (d art), venous limb diameter (d ven), top diameter of loops (top d), length of loops, d art/d ven ratio, d ven/d art ratio, number of capillary loops (n cap), number of abnormal loops (% abn cap) and a presence of perivascular diapedesis. Weight, height, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), immunoreactive insulin (IRI), lipid parameters, total testosterone, systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were measured in the PCOS women. Body mass index (BMI) and homeostasis model of insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR) were calculated. We found significantly higher values of age, BMI and % abn cap in the women with PCOS as compared to the controls. Interestingly, % abn cap showed a negative correlation with age. Furthermore, an inverse association between top d and the values of SBP and DBP was established. We determined a positive correlation between the presence of perivascular diapedesis and the values of FPG, HOMA-IR and testosterone. As a conclusion, the higher % abn cap in the PCOS women might be an early pathophysiological sign of microvascular dysfunction. The positive correlation between perivascular diapedesis and the degree of IR, hyperglycemia, and hyperandrogenemia shows the existence of a chronic low-grade inflammatory process in PCOS.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1051
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Marija Ljubicic, Sanda Zubcic, Sonja Sare
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Upon arrival into a health institution, a deaf person is exposed to a higher stress level. They are at risk of receiving inadequate health care and health-related information due to limitations in communication between the deaf person and the health care workers. Despite the awareness of the presence of communication difficulties, research about the ways of communication between nurses and deaf people hasn’t been sufficiently presented. This article focuses on the ways in which nurses and deaf people communicate, the difficulties in communication arising from that; emotional reactions and nurses’ interest in the manual alphabet and sign language, and the perception about the need for an interpreter of sign language in a health institution. OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this cross-sectional study is to examine the difficulties in communication upon a deaf person’s arrival into a health institution.METHODS: The original paper-and-pencil questionnaire for nurses includes questions about the communication problems upon the arrival of deaf people into health institutions. Differences between study variables were assessed for significance using the Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal-Wallis test. The associations between variables were explored using Spearman rank correlation coefficients.RESULTS: The results show that 65% of the nurses think that the communication problem is strongly pronounced as the problem is the inability of deaf people to respond when called (65%) and difficulties in understanding (40%). The interest of nurses for problems of deaf people affects the manifestation of difficulties and the understanding of messages. The most frequent way of communication is showing (95.1%) and writing (62.5%). There is no significant difference in relation to age (p=0.103), sex (p=0.473), level of education (p=0.901) and the length of service (p=0.062).CONCLUSION: The obtained results show how pronounced the communication difficulties between nurses and deaf people are. An interpreter in a health institution is necessary for effective communication. There is a high priority need for quality education of nurses about the ways of communicating with deaf people.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1052
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Marija Ljubicic, Marijana Matek Saric, Katja Curin, Raquel P. F. Guine
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Nurses play diverse roles in educating patients about a healthy diet and in promoting healthy eating habits, through their conversations with patients and families and through their work providing enteral and parenteral feeding to critically ill patients. Given the position of nurses as key providers of dietary guidance, and given the health benefits of dietary fibre, we wanted to assess the level of fibre-related knowledge among nurses in Croatia.OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this cross-sectional study was to compare knowledge between nurses and the general population from Croatia about the health importance of consuming dietary fibre.METHODS: Knowledge from 369 nurses and 727 residents from the general population about fibre was assessed using a validated survey developed by the CI&DETS Polytechnic Institute, Viseu, Portugal. Differences between nurses and the general population were assessed for significance using the Mann-Whitney U test and the Kruskal-Wallis test, while associations between study variables and knowledge were explored using Spearman rank correlation coefficients.RESULTS: The level of knowledge among nurses and the general population in Croatia about dietary fibre varies from «undecided» to «partial knowledge». No association was observed between nurse education level and either general knowledge about fibre or knowledge about the health benefits of fibre intake. No significant differences were observed between nurses and the general population in general knowledge (p = 0.894) or in health-related knowledge (p = 0.578).CONCLUSION: The results suggest the need for updating and expanding nursing curricula. The similar level of knowledge between nurses and the general population about dietary fibre indicates the need to strengthen nurse education and training in the areas of diet and diet therapy in Croatia. Given the role of nurses as diet educators and advisors, this may help improve the quality of health care.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1053
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Darina Miteva, Yordan Radkov, Lilyia Ivanova, Trifon Chervenkov, Vanya Kostadinova
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Various biomarkers are used to evaluate the severity and prognosis of community acquired pneumonia (CAP).OBJECTIVES: To study and compare the prognostic value of MR-proADM, РСТ and CRP in predicting the severity and outcome of CAP.METHODS: A prospective cohort study of 92 patients hospitalized with CAP in the Clinic of Pneumology and Phthisiatrics of MHAT “Saint Marina”–Varna in 2015 was conducted. The biomarkers were measured on admission. Midregional pro-adrenomedullin (MR-proADM) and procalcitonin (РСТ) were measured by standard ELISA, and C-reactive protein (CRP) was determined by latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetric assay. CAP severity was assessed by CURB-65.RESULTS: Patients were on average 59.2±16.8 years of age; 68.5% of them were male. The in-hospital mortality rate was 7.6%. The three biomarkers MR-proADM, РСТ and CRP were significantly higher in non-survivors compared to survivors (0.918±0.045 ng/ml vs. 0.397±0.269ng/ml, р<0.001; 2.14±0.60ng/ml vs. 1.12±0.68ng/ml, р<0.001 and 215.12±96.39 mg/L vs.175.74±221.5mg/L, p<0.05 respectively). In patients who needed intensive care, the biomarkers were also significantly higher than those in patients treated in the general hospital unit (0.509±0.336ng/ml vs. 0.414±0.28ng/ml, р<0.05; 1.92±0.76 ng/ml vs. 1.15±0.70ng/ml, p<0.05 and 221.98±100.34 mg/L vs. 165.31±122.84 mg/L, p<0.05 resp.). MR-proADM and РСТ showed a moderate correlation with the CURB-65 (r=0.33, p<0.01 and r=0.30, p<0.05 respectively). CRP did not correlate with the CURB-65 (r=0.10, p>0.05).CONCLUSION: MR-proADM, РСТ and CRP were significantly higher in non-survivors and in patients treated in the intensive care unit. MR-proADM and РСТ showed a moderate correlation with the CURB-65, while the correlation coefficient for MR-proADM was higher. CRP did not correlate with the CURB-65.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1055
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Yuliya Modna, Bernadette Scott
      Abstract: Time management is one of the biggest problems of medical students. In this study, we examined the circadian rhythms of medical students and factors which may affect academic performance: perceived stress, sleep quality, time management. Students answered a Morningness-Eveningness questionnaire, the Time Management Personal Assessment questionnaire, the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), and the Perceived Stress Scale questionnaire. The correlation (R=0.87) between chronotype and GPA (P<0.001) showed a higher GPA in students with morning chronotypes. The PSQI analysis demonstrated 47% of the students had poor sleep quality; a correlation (R= - 0.56) between the PSQI and GPA (p< 0.04), supporting a link between higher GPA and good sleep. Results also showed a correlation (R=0.59) between time management and GPA (p< 0.01), implying that the students with excellent time management skills (17%) had excellent GPAs. Chronotypes, quality of sleep and time management, influence GPA and can be used as a guidance tool for academic advisors.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1056
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Mária Novysedláková, Róbert Šeliga
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Cardiovascular disease, in terms of its frequency, the severity of organ damage, and the consequences for the health of the population constitutes one of the most pressing problems of our population. The prevention of subsequent coronary events and the maintenance of physical functioning in such patients are a major challenge in preventive care. However, many patients opt for a change in their lifestyle, some with the support of a health professional.OBJECTIVE: This empirical survey focuses on the knowledge of respondents about preventing cardiovascular disease. Statistical methods determine the differences between males and females in attending preventive check-ups, understanding and observing risk factors in their lifestyle, and having an interest in changing their lifestyle.METHODS: The survey uses a non-standardized questionnaire. Apart from demographic data, the questionnaire had 10 items assessing the respondent’s knowledge of risk factors for cardiovascular disease, 10 on lifestyle and attitudes to the change in lifestyle, and five regarding their interest in education about the subject. Exploratory data includes answers from 70 respondents, who were outpatients in a general practitioner’s department. Of these, 32 are males (46.0%) and 38 are females (54.0%). Results of the survey are analyzed using the Chi-Squared test. RESULTS: Fifty-four of the 70 respondents (55.7%; 20 males and 34 females) undertake preventive check-ups at the general practitioner’s department at least once in two years. No significant differences present between males and females in attending preventive check-ups (χ2 = 3.455; df = 1; P = 0.05) and in showing a willingness for a lifestyle change (χ2 = 1.789; P = 0.05). However, based on the given data, a significant difference presents between males and females regarding proper regime observance (χ2 = 18.651; df = 1; P = 0.05). For example, females know the observance of a healthy diet is necessary for preventing ischemic heart disease (χ2 = 20.124; df = 1; P = 0.05).CONCLUSION: The study shows that the difference between males and females is significant regarding their understanding of risk factors related to lifestyle and proper regime observance. Thus, education could lead to reducing or eliminating such risk factors. Prevention of risk factors is complex and lifelong. Under conditions of the Slovak health service, registered nurses are responsible for the education of patients.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1057
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Diana Paskaleva, Maria Semerdjieva, Stoilka Tufkova
      Abstract: Introduction: The role of the nurse for pain management in geriatric patients is not only for the administration of painkillers prescribed by a doctor. It also includes timely information about it, accurate assessment of its extent, which facilitates the physician's diagnostic actions, rapid intervention and control of the syndrome, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of geriatric patients.Purpose: We set a goal to investigate the opinion of geriatric patients, and if the pain syndrome is positively affected by the nurses in inpatient care.Materials and methods: The study includes an anonymous survey of 392 patients aged over 65 years who received treatment in the inpatient department.Results: It was determined that sex factorial signs P<0,01 (χ2 = 10,63) and age P <0,001 (χ2 = 18,29) are expressed according to the management of pain during hospitalization.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1058
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Nataliia Pavlyukovich, Oleksandr Pavlyukovich, Marta Garazdiuk, Oleg Wanchuliak, Oleksandr Garazdiuk
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Investigation of the rheological properties of the erythrocytes is one of the crucial issues in the pathogenesis of most diseases of internal organs. Changes in the morphological structure of the red blood cell membrane serve as an early diagnostic criterion of coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus type 2 and anaemia, thus a search for modern methods of investigation which can be used for early detection of erythrocytes membrane disorders is of great importance. Methods of laser polarimetry of the erythrocytes suspension smear are crucial in this area.OBJECTIVES: Investigation of the possible structural changes of the erythrocytes membranes in patients with coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus type 2 and anaemia of different degrees of severity.METHODS: For the objective assessment of the structural state of erythrocytes membrane laser polarimetry of the red cell suspension smear was applied. Set of the statistical points of the 1st-4th grades was calculated and their effectiveness in the early pre-clinical detection of the erythrocytes membrane disorder was established.RESULTS: Images of the erythrocytes suspension samples, registered in the co-axial and crossed planes of the polarizer and analyser transmissions, regardless of the investigated group, are coordinating heterogeneous. However, obvious signs of the changes of the images structure depending on the presence and type of pathology are not visually detected. As the basis of an objective approach, a statistical analysis with histograms of the coordinate distributions of the random variables and a statistical calculation of the statistical points of the 1st-4th grades should be used. All statistical points, which describe the coordinate distributions of the various parameters of the Stokes vector, have individual sets of values and may be used for the differential diagnosis of the coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus type 2 and anaemia.CONCLUSIONS: Interconnections between the values of the sets of the statistical points of the 1st-4th grades, which characterized coordinate distributions of the intensity, azimuth and ellipticity of the polarization of the erythrocytes suspension laser images of the elderly and senile patients with comorbidity were established by means of laser polarimetry. The most sensitive were asymmetry and kurtosis, which can be used for early detection of the erythrocytes membrane disorder when routine methods of its visualization and estimation still are not able to be applied.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1059
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Zhivko Peychev, Antonia Yaneva, Sava Petrov, Stela Peycheva
      Abstract: : In pathogenic experimentation in homeopathy on healthy volunteers, some individuals develop stronger reactions than others, i.e. they show more symptoms of the same biologically active substance. They are defined as sensitive type (ST) individuals. The aim of this work is to create a web-based module for determining ST patients in the homeopathic information system. Material and methods: We carried out an analysis of test questions relating to the definition of ST patients from a specialized homeopathy manual (Horvilleur, 2003). For the development of a web-based GUI, we used Oracle APEX. Results: For the implementation of the software module of ST and the disclosure of its features an electronic questionnaire was developed, containing 533 test questions. Processing the responses from the test allows the programming module to indicate one of 20 medications for ST patients in a specific clinical situation. Conclusion: The module for determining ST patients helps the doctor practicing clinical homeopathy to significantly shorten the time for prescribing the medicament for the terrain treatment in primary care. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1060
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Entela Kolovani, Ergys Ramosaço, Rovena Byku, Najada Çomo, Rezart Xhani, Ervin Rrapushi, Dhimiter Kraja
      Abstract: Intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guérin immunotherapy is an effective agent for superficial bladder carcinoma. The main adverse effect of this treatment is cystitis. Arthralgia and migratory arthritis occur only in 0.5% of patients. Reiter syndrome is a very rare complication that can occur after intravesical apply of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Immunotherapy. We report the first Albanian patient who developed Reiter’s syndrome, following intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guérin. Diagnose of Reiter’s Syndrome was clinically based, excluding every other reason that could have caused it. Treatment was made with non-steroid and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, followed by a full recovery result. Even though Reiter's Syndrome is a rare, but significant complication of BCG immunotherapy, it’s important to identify it in time, in order we to offer an adequate treatment.  
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1061
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)
           PLOVDIV FOR A PERIOD OF 70 YEARS (1939 – 2009)

    • Authors: Daniela Ivova Taneva
      Abstract: Introduction: The periodical tracking and comparison of the physical development indices give an idea of the dynamics of the acceleration and the efficiency of the social and medical events for a protection of maternity.Aim: Tracing the accelerative changes of the newborn Bulgarian children for 70 years.Materials and methodology: The study is retrospective longitudinal research and includes the period 1939 – 2009. The initial information of the last survey was obtained at the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at University Hospital St George – Plovdiv for the period 1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009. For the statistical processing is used variation analysis.Results and discussion: The dynamic changes of two anthropometric indices are traced – height and body mass. There are two periods in the survey. The first, a 46-year period, is characterized by an apparent increase in the values of the two indices until 1975, inclusive, after which the acceleration rate gradually slows down. During the second ten-year period, 1985 – 1995, there is a sharp decrease in the height and the body mass of the newborns, as their values are back to the level of 1946-47. The authors relate this negative tendency with the economic situation in the country, with the progressive impoverishment of the population, with the unemployment and the uncertainty in the future. In the last period, 1995 – 2009, there is a slight increase in the values.Conclusions: This survey is the most extended study of the physical development of the newborn children in Bulgaria. The accelerative changes in the basic indices for physical development start in the antenatal period. The social factors are the basis for acceleration.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1063
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anna Todorova, Antoaneta Tsvetkova, Silvia Mihaylova, Kalina Andreevska, Antonia Kondova, Mariana Arnaoudova
      Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a chronic disease with great social and economic impact that is largely undiagnosed and inadequately self-treated. Healthcare professionals such as pharmacists play a key role in recognizing and assessing the severity of AR, dispensing of OTC drugs, counseling of patients and in severe cases, referring them to health care specialists for further treatment.OBJECTIVE: This study explores the impact of pharmaceutical care and patient counseling on the self-management of seasonal AR. METHODS: The participating pharmacists follow the stepwise algorithm of ARIA (Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) Pharmacist’s Guide. The effectiveness of the specialized pharmaceutical care is assessed by the changes in patients’ quality of life (QOL) before and after the provision of patient counseling and pharmacist monitoring on patient self-management. The quality of life is measured with the help of the generic tool 12v2 SF.RESULTS: As a result of the provided pharmaceutical care, the analysis indicates improvement of all assessed aspects of patients’ QOL. The analysis shows that the better scores of the indicators Physical functioning, Vitality, Physical health and Mental health are not accidental; rather, they are in a statistically significant correlation with the provided pharmaceutical care.CONCLUSION: The study highlights the need for professional patient counseling and the education of patients to perform adequate disease management and improve their quality of life.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1064
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Songül Ünüvar, Zübeyde Tanrıverdi
      Abstract: Background: Recurrent miscarriages are common complications in pregnancy. Neopterin is one of the immunologic biomarkers of several diseases related to activation of the cellular immune system. RSA is associated with immune system related abnormalities. Objectives: We aimed to investigate the effectiveness of neopterin levels in the early diagnosis of RSA.Methods: Eighty RSA patients and forty-three healthy controls were included in the study. The neopterin concentrations were determined by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method. For the statistical analysis, Mann-Whitney U test and Pearson correlation test were used the; p<0.05 was considered statistically significant.Results: Serum mean neopterin levels were 16.47±0.095 nmol/L in RSA group and 6.14±0.041 nmol/L in control group, respectively. Compared to the control group, a statistically significant increase (p=0.0183) in the serum neopterin levels of the patients was observed. There was a negative correlation between serum neopterin level and age in both the control (R=0.0774, p=0.6236) and RSA groups (R=0.1415, p=0.2089). However, this correlation was not statistically significant (p>0.05).Conclusions: With overstimulation of interferon-γ (INF-γ) during pregnancy, the production of neopterin increases by monocytes/macrophages. The measurement of neopterin levels in the serum contributes to the early diagnosis of pregnancy losses. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1065
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Antonia Yaneva, Nonka Mateva
      Abstract: Cognitive interventions, especially cognitive training, may improve cognitive functions in healthy older adults. Computerized cognitive training platforms offer several advantages over traditional programs for cognitive training and stimulation. The focus of this article is the methodology of the studies that apply a particular online training program. We investigate the effectiveness of several studies for cognitive training in healthy elderly people and evaluate reported outcomes and potential bias and what factors determine, influence or contribute to the positive or negative results. The post-intervention scores demonstrate that computerized cognitive training may enhance some cognitive functions and the overall cognitive status but there is need for additional research to prove its effectiveness.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1066
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Margarita Atanasova, Anna Malinova
      Abstract: Business applications are difficult to use for the average user. An adaptive user interface improves employees’ productivity and is presented as a solution to this problem. However, developing user interfaces that are adapted to the needs and culture of the enterprise is time-consuming and expensive. We developed a software prototype for generating adaptive user interfaces that makes this process less time-consuming and more efficient. We propose an extension to the Cameleon Reference Framework project by Information Society Technologies, on the implementation level by adding an additional step for defining the Area of Business Operations. That way the prototype can extract business tasks for the selected industry therefore, presenting to the developer a more intelligent selection of predefined tasks. In this article, we also present a programming approach for transforming a task model, as defined by the ConcurTaskTrees notation, into an abstract user interface. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1067
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Elena Awwad, Osama Awwad, Mohammad Farraj, Tamer Essawi, Kamel Adwan, Assad Manasra, Stelian Baraitareanu, Maria Rodica Gurau, Doina Danes
      Abstract: : Brucellosis is endemic in Palestine and therefore since 1998 a national program of brucellosis control has been launched. In the traditional breeding area of small ruminants, brucellosis is often reported in humans, mainly as a food borne disease. Any control strategy requires a well-functioning surveillance system, the co-operation with owners and a sustainable financial support. The aim of this study is sizing up of the current situation of knowledge, of the attitude and practice (KAP) regarding brucellosis, among sheep and goat farmers. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 118 participants through an anonymous questionnaire to assess to which extent the flock owners are familiar with the knowledge and practices related to brucellosis of small ruminants. The designs of the questionnaire consider the implementation of KAP. Results shown that farmers, independent on their education, heard about brucellosis (100%) and all of them consider the washing of hands as necessary after close contact with animals or their products, and animal vaccination as being necessary to prevent brucellosis. Despite the educational level, almost all owners are aware about the risk of exposure of their family to animals infected with Brucella: they are considering the heating of cheese at boiling point and the use of gloves, as appropriate practices to reduce the exposure to Brucella. Great majorities of the participants (89.8%) have good knowledge about the transmission of Brucella from animals to humans, but only 37.3% correctly answered about the transmission of brucellosis by drinking raw milk, eating unpasteurized cheese, eating raw meat, liver, spleen and kidney or by contact with an aborted foetus and placenta fluid. Referring to the brucellosis’ prevention, 83% answered that boiling of milk and cheese and wearing of gloves when handling an aborted foetus could prevent it: these answers fit with the level of knowledge. From the questioned owners, 28.8% knew that boiling the milk affect his nutritive value; 84.7% think that owners of animals and their families are more exposed to brucellosis and 11.9% of their families have been diseased. Relative good general knowledge of owners about brucellosis was recorded, but high-risk behaviors still exist. Awareness campaigns on the control and prevention of the brucellosis are success stories, and government agencies should continue the public education.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1068
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Cristina Andreea Babaita, Raluca Moresan, Petre Preda
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1069
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Marius C. Breabăn, Adrian Graur, Alin D. Potorac, Doru G. Bălan
      Abstract: Current data networks carry a multitude of data types. These include high-definition video streams and other data sensitive to network delays as well as real-time voice transmissions.Active network node equipment fulfills requests, while providing network management without affecting the data availability. Starting out from this model, a new idea is based on moving the network bandwidth control at the user’s communication interface. This paper presents a new approach to setting up QoS parameters based on local upstream traffic limitation management. This approach is quite useful in providing a certain guaranteed bandwidth for the users. So, this software ensures a specific network bandwidth according to with the rights coming up from their association with a certain ”Active Directory” group of users.  The necessary active network equipment in terms of basic QoS management can be replaced by a local application for data traffic limitation, while for the involved participants the remaining bandwidth for other communications has a higher degree of availability. An efficient bandwidth control can be implemented when extracting specific AD fields and transferring pre-calculated user related parameters to a local running limiter.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1070
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: B. Yeşim Buyukakinci, Nihal Sokmen
      Abstract: Indigo, one of the oldest dyes, has a very important role for the textile sector.  It is primarily used to dye cotton clothes, and blue jeans and over one billion pairs of jeans around the world are dyed blue with indigo. Although Sodium Hydrosulfite (Na2S2O4) is used as a reducing agent in most indigo dyeing processes, it is environmentally unfavorable because of the resultant contaminated toxic wastewater. In addition, the color fastnesses of dyed samples using Na2S2O4 as reducing agent are not good enough.In the present paper sodium borohydride (NaBH4) were used as ecologically safe reduction systems for the indigo dyeing of cotton fabric. After dyeing processes, the color yield and fastnesses according to washing and rubbing were measured, and results were compared.It was found when NaBH4 was used as reducing agent instead of Na2S2O4, the color yield and the fastness properties of the dyed samples improved.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1071
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anil Demircali, Huseyin Uvet, Yusuf Kahraman, Tunc Kose, Serhat Sisu, Kadir Erkan
      Abstract: : In this article, we present a microrobot manipulation technique with high precision positional ability to move in a fluid environment with diamagnetic levitation. Untethered manipulation of microrobots by means of externally applied magnetic forces has been emerging as a promising field of research, particularly due to its potential for medical and biological applications. The decreased size of the robots makes them suitable for both in vitro applications such as sorting, moving, filtering micro particles (e.g. cells) within lab-on-a-chip platforms and in vivo applications such as minimally-invasive surgeries or targeted drug delivery inside a human body. Precise (nano) positioning of the levitated microrobot on the pyrolytic graphite is demonstrated in the liquid. Positioning is achieved by the movement of a "lifter" magnet on the sensitive microstage. The suspended microrobot successfully tracked the identified roots. Our study is about controlling the microrobot suspended on the pyrolytic graphite with nano-precision via fixed lifting magnets. The purpose of the presented method is to eliminate the friction force between the surface of the substrate and the microrobot. Thus, high accuracy motion can be achieved.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1073
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Paweł Drąg, Krystyn Styczeń, Konrad Matyja
      Abstract: We present a general framework for measurements and optimization of differential-algebraic models. Moreover, we propose an application of the considered methodology in ecotoxicology. The differential-algebraic models can be used to describe different ecotoxicological relations. One of them is the influence of the environmental pollution on the Daphnia's movement characteristics. Changes in these characteristics can be used as a tool for assessment of neurotoxicity. The camera-based measurement and optimization system enable us to obtain the differential-algebraic ecotoxicological relations in a fully automated way.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1074
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maya Georgieva, Diana Tzankova, Stanislava Vladimirova, Atanas Bijev
      Abstract: : This research aims to contribute to the global search for more effective tuberculostatics that has been triggered by recent outbreaks of tuberculosis. A group of pyrrole-containing derivatives are designed and theoretically elucidated. The identification of the pharmacophore group using the PharmaGist webserver is attempted. Also, the corresponding drug-like properties of the tested compounds are evaluated, together with their possible toxicity risks. The pharmacokinetic behavior of the structures is predicted, based on the Lipinski’s Rule of Five. The effects of some structural parameters are tested. In addition, in vitro evaluations of the anti-tubercular activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv are performed, with compound GA-9 registering the highest activity.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1075
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Peter Veselý, Michal Greguš, Eleonóra Beňová
      Abstract: : IT companies are presenting to their customers cloud computing as a technology that will give them a competitive advantage if they implement it faster than their competitors. It is true that cloud computing can improve the businesses capability to access, share, and protect their company's data, particularly when they have a limited capacity to manage on-site modern technology resources. Using cloud services or simply only thinking of moving data to the cloud creates a wide set of concerns, starting with basic security concerns, and going as far as to the availability of cloud services, that is the company would not be able to get to the data when it needs it. Small and medium companies do not have enough resources to fight cyberattacks, but they can implement policies that will minimize the risk of the loss of their valuable data. The aim of this paper is to describe the current threats companies are facing when they use cloud services and to give them advice how to minimize the risk of these threats. We will specify a set of rules especially for small and medium companies and organizations that should help them to be able to choose more secure cloud services for their particular needs.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1076
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Liliana Rocio Guerrero-Villalobos, Fabián Orozco López
      Abstract: In this paper, a set of computational tools were used to design and evaluate molecular structures resulting from the combination of the biologically interesting pyrazoline, aminopyrimidine and thiazolidine nuclei (molecular modification) to obtain new bioactive compounds. Key physicochemical properties were calculated (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity), to determine the bioavailability of the designed compounds and to perform a preselection of 12 derivatives which were then optimized and studied by molecular docking with the receptor PBP3 (4bjp) from Escherichia coli. By these studies, 8 compounds were selected by their binding energies (from -5,36KJ/mol to – 7,05KJ/mol) and significant interactions with the amino acids of the receptor in its active site. In general, the synthesis of the selected compounds was carried out from the α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds as precursors. The dihydropyrazole derivatives were obtained from the reaction of chalcones with one equivalent of hydrazine derivatives by one-step cyclocondensations. The pyrimidine series were synthesized starting by the reaction of chalcones and guanidine, giving rise to the corresponding amonopyrimidines, which were then reacted with aromatic and heteroaromatic aldehydes to obtain the acyclic azomethine compounds. The thiazolidine-4-ones were obtained from the aminopyrimidines synthesized above, using three-component cyclocondensation reactions with 2-mercaptoacetic acid and benzaldehyde, in anhydrous toluene or benzene as solvents and using conditions of reflux with Dean- Stark. Finally, assays were carried out aiming to the formation of β-lactam rings, using the Staudinger-type cycloaddition reaction of 2-chloroacetyl chloride with cyclic imines. All the obtained compounds were fully characterized by IR spectroscopy, as well as mono- and bidimensional NMR techniques. The most promising compounds will be evaluated by in vitro assays as potential antibacterial agents.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1077
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)
           FROM MEAT

    • Authors: Anna Zadernowska, Wioleta Chajęcka Wierzchowska, Arkadiusz Zakrzewski
      Abstract: Listeria monocytogenes is a Gram-positive intracellular bacterium, which causes foodborne listeriosis. This organism can be introduced through many routes to food-processing environments and may become established on food-processing equipment. Examination of 130 meat samples was conducted and the Listeria monocytogenes prevalence was determined by using an ISO culture method and PCR method. The isolated strains’ ability to form a biofilm was determined with the microplate (MP) method. Out of 130 meat samples examined, 22 (17%) contained L. monocytogenes. The majority (n=13; 59%) of the strains were characterized by a no biofilm producer.  Four of the of Listeria monocytogenes strains (18,2%) showed strong and five of them (22,7%) moderate ability to form biofilm
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1078
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Wioleta Chajęcka Wierzchowska, Anna Zadernowska, Łucja Łaniewska-Trokenheim
      Abstract: The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of S. aureus such as methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) is a worldwide problem. Ready-to-eat (RTE) food which does not need thermal processing before consumption could be a vehicle for the spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. The present study evaluated the molecular genetic characteristics (RAPD) and pheno- and genotypical antimicrobial resistance profile of S. aureus isolated from 75 RTE food samples (sushi, hamburgers, salads). All of the isolates (n=32) were resistant to at least one class of antibiotic tested of which 75% strains were classified as multidrug resistant. Most of the isolates were resistant to cefoxitin (87,5%) followed by clindamycin (78,1%), tigecycline and quinupristin/dalfopristin (53,1%). All methicillin resistant staphylococci harbored mecA gene. Among tetracycline resistance isolates all of them harbored at least one gene: tet(M), tet(L) and/or tet(K) and 78,9% of them were positive for the Tn916/Tn1545-like integrase family gene. Our results indicated that retail RTE food could be considered an important route for transmission of antibiotic resistant staphylococci harboring multiple antibiotic resistance genes.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1079
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Stoyan Cherecharov, Hristo Krushkov, Mariana Krushkova
      Abstract: The wide use of web-based information systems and a lack of highly skilled developers are the primary motivation to search for methods and approaches to optimize the building of such systems. This paper describes a model for creating web-based information systems by using a core of reusable, independent, and installable base modules. Such a system is easily adapted to a client’s needs and is extendable by adding specific modules that interact with the remainder of the system by following certain rules. The approach allows flexible and rapid development of applications for small to extremely large web-based systems, simply by adding modules with adequate functionality. The growing demand of Bulgarian customers for such systems is the reason for building a base module for automatic processing of Bulgarian text. This paper presents a module that performs automatic morphological analysis and synthesis, verifies syntactic agreement, automatically places stress, and processes complex verb forms, among other functions. The described functionality can be integrated with other modules using a suitable interface
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1080
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rositsa Cholakova-Bimbalova, Andon Vassilev
      Abstract: In the climate conditions of Bulgaria, early stages of maize plants development often go under suboptimal temperatures. Chilling stress is known to cause different physiological disturbances in young maize plants during the transition period from heterotrophic to autotrophic nutrition. However, the effect of chilling may differ among maize hybrids. Photosynthetic performance could be a good indicator for the hybrid tolerance to chilling. The aim of our study was to evaluate the tolerance of young maize plants from two hybrids – the new Bulgarian hybrid - Kneza 307 and the hybrid P9528 using as criteria the changes in their photosynthetic performance.Plants at the third leaf stage were exposed for seven days to chilling stress. At the end of the experimental period, growth, leaf lipid peroxidation, and several photosynthetic parameters were measured. We found that chilling stress reduced the new mass accumulation, increased lipid peroxidation, diminished net photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll content, and enhanced non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence. Although the responses of both hybrids were similar, some specificity were observed and discussed. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1081
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maratbek Gabdullin, Tlekkabul Ramazanov, Tomiris Ismagambetova, Alexander Tikhonov
      Abstract: In this paper dense hydrogen plasma, which is of considerable interest in both theoretical and practical areas such as non-ideal plasma encountered in thermonuclear reactors, is considered. The structural and thermodynamic properties of dense non-ideal hydrogen plasma were investigated. Potentials taking into account the quantum-mechanical effects of diffraction and symmetry have been used as a model of interaction. The symmetry effect was considered for the different directions of spin of electrons. Pair correlation functions have been obtained in the solution for the integral equation of the Ornstein-Zernike in hyper-netted chain approximation on the basis of the interaction potentials. Thermodynamic properties for hydrogen plasma were calculated using the interaction potentials and pair correlation functions. The quantum symmetry effect weakens the interaction between the charged particles leading to a decrease in the absolute value of the non-ideal part of the thermodynamic characteristics of the dense plasma. The symmetry effect is more pronounced for higher values of density.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1082
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dominika Jagoda-Sobalak, Iwona Łapuńka
      Abstract: This article indicates the need to create innovation in the economy. The innovative process is closely related to creative management, including methods of creative problem solving. The presented tool to support the use of creative problem-solving methods (in particular inventive creation methods) is aimed to design and implement innovative solutions. The described tool supports the selection process of methods and enables fast application of the method. The tool was designed based on literature research and a repeated case study. A case study consisted of 3 stages: creativity research, creative sessions using the inventive methods, and development of guidelines for the construction of the tool to support the design and implementation of innovative solutions. The study included manufacturing and service companies in southern Poland. The tool (in the form of a database of inventive methods) has been positively verified. The conducted verification was held according to the adopted scheme in the repeated case study. However, the methods used to generate innovation have been selected by using the application process of the tool supporting selection of inventic methods.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1083
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Natalia Kamanina
      Abstract: Because of the unique energetic, refractive and photoconductive characteristics of effective nano-objects, especially carbon nanotubes, the modification of optical properties of the organic and inorganic materials can be considered as the preferable one via the use of the nanostructuration process. Emphasis has been given to the incorporation of nanoobjects directly in the materials’ body and on their surface. Under the conditions of a surface treatment of the inorganic structures, an IR-laser at the wavelength of 10.6 micrometers was used to orientate carbon nanotubes deposited in the electric field of 100-600 V×cm-1. Dramatic spectral and mechanical parameters changes have been found. Refractive features of the nanostructured organics have been studied via applying the second harmonic of the pulsed Nd-laser at different spatial frequencies and under the nanoparticles sensitization doping such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, shungites, quantum dots, and graphenes. A drastically obtained laser-induced refractive index has been established. A prediction has been proposed to extend the area of the application of the systems considered.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1084
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Daiga Konrade, Dace Klava, Ilze Gramatina
      Abstract: In the production of apple juice, the by-products such as the peel, bark and seeds remain biologically active substances and a good source of dietary fibre. The aim of our study is to incorporate apple by-product flour (ABF) into cereal crispbreads and to determine the total dietary fibre (TDF) content, the colour and the structural changes after addition of ABF to cereal based extrudates. Hot air drying was applied for the preparation of ABF from apple pomace. For the development of new products, a laboratory single-screw extruder GÖTTFERT 1 L series (Germany) was used. An extrusion screw (compression ratio 2:1) at a speed of 60-80 rpm and a rectangular die (aperture: 20 mm wide, 1.0 mm high, 100 mm long) were also used. The basic ingredients for extruded crispbreads were wheat flour, rice flour, wheat bran, rye flour, oat flour with addition of ABF in different proportions (5%, 10%, 15%).The content of total dietary fibre (TDF) was determined according to the AOAC –AACC method No.985.29 by FOSS Analytical Fibertec E 1023 system. Density, textural properties and colour was also determined. The obtained results showed an increase of TDF from 9.39 to 15.89 g 100g-1 in wheat crispbreads with AB and from 15.8 to19.89 g 100g-1 in rye crispbreads with ABF, hardness of products with ABF was from 17.2-21.7 N and density from 0.24-0.35g cm-3, moisture of final product was 3.89-4.24±0. 01%. The main purpose of the current research was to determine the effect of ABF addition to cereal crispbread content, of the TDF and the textural properties.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1085
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Teodora Koynova, Vanya Koleva, Asya Dragoeva, Ivayla Kuleva
      Abstract: Abstract: Sedentary lifestyle has become a great concern to human health. City parks play a great role in the solution of this problem, but exposure to urban pollutants leads to the necessity to monitor environmental quality.Purpose of Study The aim of the study was to evaluate the possible cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of soil samples collected from Shumen city park using Allium cepa L.-test.Methods The following microscopic parameters were used: mitotic index, index of each phase of mitotic division, mitotic abnormalities and interphase cells with micronuclei or two nuclei.Findings and Results The decline of the mitotic activity and changes in the proportion of mitotic phases indicate soil cytotoxicity. Various mitotic abnormalities and binucleated cells revealed genotoxicity.Conclusions and Recommendations Established cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of soil revealed a potential health risk to park users. Further analyses should be provided, since positive results from Allium-test serve as an alarm.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1086
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Milan Kutaj, Martin Boroš
      Abstract: This paper describes the development of a new generation of magnetic contact. The development of this new generation of the magnetic contact is a part of the research activity of the security engineering laboratory. The new generation of magnetic contact is based on the Hall-Effect Sensor and microcontroller unit. Older magnetic contacts use a simple reed relay with only two states – normally closed or normally opened. The combination of the Hall-Effect Sensor and microcontroller unit provides advanced possibilities such as a programmable level of magnetic field sensitivity, adding different communication modules, programmable inputs/outputs etc. The results of this paper explain proposal of the new generation of magnetic contact, which can be used not only as a part of intruder alarm systems but also as a part of smart homes and other autonomous systems. The content of the paper can be used for even deeper research and by security systems developers as well.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1087
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Nevin Karamahmut Mermer, Muge Sari Yilmaz
      Abstract: : The invention of mesoporous materials is of significant interest to many scientists worldwide. The Mobil Crystalline Materials No 41 (MCM-41) is a well-known mesoporous molecular sieve that was discovered in 1992 by a scientist at the Mobil Oil Corporation. The MCM-41 is widely used in catalysis, ion exchange, drug delivery, optics, gas sensing, and sorption. In this study, the surface of a mesoporous silica MCM-41, synthesized from pure silica, is functionalized with a methyl group by grafting. The synthesized and functionalized samples are characterized by X-ray powder diffractometer (XRD), and the functionalized sample are also characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The textural properties of the samples are determined using N2 adsorption and desorption analysis. Thermal behaviors of the samples are analyzed using thermogravimetry (TG) and derivative thermogravimetry (DTG). The results of the analyses show that the functionalization of the synthesized material through grafting was accomplished with the surface area of the functionalized sample determined as 600.87 m2 g-1.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1089
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Oleg Mihaylov, Galina Nikolcheva, Peter Popov
      Abstract: The article presents an unsupervised learning algorithm that groups technological features in a setup for machining process. Setup generation is one of the most important tasks in automated process planning and in fixture configuration. A setup is created based on approach direction of the features.  The algorithm proposed in this work generates a neural network that determines the setup each feature belongs to, and the number of setups generated is minimal. This algorithm, unlike others, is not influenced by the order of the input sequence. Parallel implementation of the algorithm is straightforward and can significantly increase the computational performance.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1090
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Oleg Mihaylov, Galina Nikolcheva
      Abstract: Traditionally fixture design processes are costly and time-consuming when carried out manually. To try to reduce the negative features, we are creating a computer-aided fixture design system, integrated in the SolidWorks’ environment. This system uses rule-based reasoning in the form of If-Then-Else rules, incorporated in its VB.NET code. This paper presents our progress in the form of an interactive add-in program for locating parts. This program generates modular fixtures for locating prismatic or cylindrical parts, using rules and mathematical equations. Its usage can shorten the time needed for determining the type and position of every module of the fixture, their assembling, and inspection.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1091
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anca Mocan, Ștefan Călin Daniel, Anca Drăghici
      Abstract: Ergonomics is well recognized as the study of the design of workplaces, equipment, machines, tools, products, the environment, and systems which takes into consideration a human being's physical, physiological, biomechanical, and psychological capabilities. Within warehouse logistics the need for ergonomic improvements is considerable, given the high level of manual labor and range of movement. Wearable technologies have the potential to improve the means through which an ergonomic study is accomplished. This paper discusses smart textiles and the ways in which they can help with ergonomic modelling by providing a faster and cheaper alternative to video capturing and subsequent computer rendering as well as how they can help in reducing the Hawthorne effect during data collection.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1092
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maratbek Gabdullin, Tlekkabul Ramazanov, Zhuldyz Otarbay, Meruert Mamatova, Tomiris Ismagambetova
      Abstract: In this paper composition of a non-ideal lithium-hydrogen-uranium plasma was studied using the Saha equation. The results obtained in this paper can be used both in theoretical calculations and in the implementation of various experimental projects related to non-ideal plasma, in particular, for studying the thermodynamic properties of nuclear fuel detected in gaseous plasma form in nuclear jet engines. The degree of ionization of lithium, hydrogen, and uranium atoms was determined as the ratio of the number of free electrons to the total number of nuclei in the plasma. The composition of the ionized plasma was calculated in the framework of the system of the chemical model of plasma. A system of nonlinear Saha equations is obtained, which was solved by numerical methods. The calculations were carried out in the Debye approximation, taking into account the screening effects. As a result, the dependence of the degree of ionization of lithium, hydrogen, and uranium atoms on concentration and temperature at different percentages of these atoms in the substance is presented: 10-85-5%, 9-90-1%, respectively.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1093
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dorota Palka, Jarosław Brodny, Kinga Stecuła
      Abstract: The rapid rate of introducing new technology leads to the issue of staff awareness in operating the latest equipment. Many users do not understand how new devices work and how to use the new machines and gadgets. This article presents the results of research aimed at determining the influence of new technology on the technological awareness of mining workers. Surveys and advanced expert interviews have shown that the lack of technical knowledge means the introduced changes are often perceived negatively by staff and that the main reason for this outcome is the absence of effective education. Lack of knowledge means that frequently the effectiveness of the new and technologically advanced machines is marginal. Presented problems due to the high competition in the energy market have a crucial practical significance. The results of this research may be valuable as a source of information and knowledge for companies.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1094
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dorota Palka
      Abstract: Harsh working conditions and the introduction of technologically advanced machines are placing growing demands on the qualifications of mine workers, forcing mine workers to undergo continuous training. This article presents the results of research concerning the evaluation of training and expectations of workers in a mining plant to identify further actions in this area. The results indicate that workers negatively evaluate previous training. Based on advanced expert interviews and panel discussions, the directions and recommendations regarding the necessary changes to training are set out. Employees suggest broadening the subject of occupational health and safety training. Their concerns relate to the operation and maintenance of new machines, telecommunication equipment, mining support, ventilation, and interpersonal communication. The results indicate a growing awareness among employees of the role and importance of training and the acceptance of upgrading skills as an investment in the future.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1095
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rozeta Hasalliu
      Abstract: The grape used in wine making has many wild microorganisms like lactic acid bacteria, yeast, acetic acid bacteria. During the alcoholic fermentation, the evaluation of these microorganisms depends on their activity. There is an interaction between yeast and lactic acid bacteria during this period of wine making. In this study, we have made wine from the autochthonous Albanian grape Kallmet variety using the spontaneous fermentation and inoculated fermentation with the yeast Saccharomyces bayannus. Yeasts carry out the alcohol fermentation, and lactic acid bacteria make malolactic fermentation in wine. With this fermentation, lactic acid bacteria convert malic acid to lactic acid, reducing the acidity of the wine and create a microbiological stability. During the alcoholic fermentation, the evaluation of lactic acid bacteria is not required. The aim of our study is to evaluate the first quantity of lactic acid bacteria to Kallmet grape, their performance during the two fermentations, spontaneous and inoculated fermentations.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1096
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dani N. Sarsekova
      Abstract: Forest breeding should be produced not only by the representatives of the local flora, which is not very diverse in some areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but by species and forms of trees growing in temperate zones of the worldwide. In particular, this refers to arboretums located in the conditions significantly different from the place of natural growth of the introduced species. One of this arboretum is the JSC "Forest nursery" of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan which is located in the South-East of the republic.The aim of this study was to study the ecological and genetic variability of coniferous introducents in the foothill desert-steppe zone and to determine the share of genetic and environmental factors. The variability and the relative stability of the expression of the quantitative trait in ontogenesis, which characterizes the species adaptation to the new conditions in 9 Yellow pine trunks, Crimean pine trunks and Scots pine trees, 7 Blue spruce trees and the same number of trees in European spruce,   in which annual increments of the height of one morphological Location.Beginning with the growth of 2014 and then sequentially down the trunk, so long as lateral branches of the first order in whorls were preserved or traces were observed in a good way. Thus, the value of the mean squares differs significantly in the increments of a single morphological location and in the increments of tree groups, in the introductions species and in the periods of their life. Therefore we are allowed to conclude that there are still some parts and interference in the estimation of the ecological, genotypic and phenotypic dispersions that have different values and are manifested to a greater extent, or in the analysis of increments of tree groups, or increments of one morphological location, that is, they change the cause of their display.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1097
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Kinga Stecuła, Jarosław Brodny, Dorota Palka
      Abstract: Production enterprises mainly focus on activities concerning tangible resources. In recent years, however, this focus has shifted increasingly towards intangible resources such as knowledge as a key resource. Knowledge plays a crucial role in building an enterprise’s competitive advantage, including that of mining entities involved in coal extraction. This article presents results of research into the causes of unplanned stoppages in the operation of longwall shearers. An examination of the parameters of the longwall shearer operation reveals an oversight in recording the causes of many unplanned machinery stoppages. Using informatics tools, the authors determine the reasons for most stoppages. The knowledge gained in this research has practical significance in providing a basis for implementing actions to limit the number of stoppages and improve the effectiveness of the machinery.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1098
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Kinga Stecuła, Jarosław Brodny, Magdalena Tutak
      Abstract: One of the factors which highly affects the economic effectiveness of production enterprises is the level of the use of technical means. This factor is also significant for mining companies extracting coal. The optimal use of mining machines can impact the future of these companies. The paper presents the authors’ solution which is an informatics platform supporting an analysis of the mining machines’ effectiveness. It uses a data warehouse to archive, synchronize and analytically process the data obtained from the studied machines. The article shows an example of applying an informatics platform to investigate the effectiveness of the longwall shearer’s work. The analysis was based on the data obtained from the industrial automation system. Afterwards, the shearer’s availability and performance, and quality of the product, which is coal, were determined. The developed tool should find wide practical application in production companies across different kinds of industries.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1099
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Suzana Stojanovska, Aleksandar Krstanovski, Julijana Tomovska
      Abstract: The main purpose of this research study is the determination of volatile flavoring substance acetaldehyde in some fermented, industrially manufactured dairy products, offered on the Bitola’s market and the comparison with acetaldehyde quantities measured in fermented dairy products produced in laboratory conditions. Six samples of fermented dairy products (yoghurt and sour milk) were purchased from the local supermarkets and four samples were “homemade” manufactured in laboratory conditions. Results of the acetaldehyde quantities in different fermented dairy products were obtained through the observation of acetaldehyde values successively in a two week period and, in order to confirm the mutual correlation of variables, i.e. of the absorbance and concentration, calibration curve was created. The highest acetaldehyde quantities in all fermented dairy samples were measured on the first day of this research study, while after the fifteenth day of examination acetaldehyde concentration in each sample was equal to zero. Undoubtedly, certain conditions like pH, temperature, strain ratio, etc. need to be met.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1100
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Emmanuel Kweinor Tetteh, Sudesh Rathilal
      Abstract: Industrial waste oil in water from oil refineries and petrochemical processing poses a major environmental concern. Environmental pollution from these wastewaters is increasing and will continue to rise due to a growing demand for petrochemical products and energy. The composition of these industrial wastes varies from location to location as well as with manufacturing processes. In terms of water quality issues, chemical oxygen demand is considered one of the most problematic in oil refinery wastewater treatment. This study applies the response surface methodology to obtain a response model for industrial wastewater treatment. Operating parameters are optimized to enhance the treatment performance. The study, focusing on the effects of input variables for chemical oxygen demand removal, was experimentally carried out using dissolved air floatation jar tests. The experimental matrix incorporated the Box-Behnken design in the response surface methodology. In addition, the procedure evaluated the effect of the input variables and their interactions to obtain the optimum condition for the extent of efficiency. The results show that the chemical oxygen demand removal was sensitive to the effect of the input variables and their interactions. The statistical analysis established that the quadratic model was highly significant with a low probability (<  0.0001), indicating that the correlated regression scattering was unlikely random. The predicted model results corresponded well to the experimental results, with a coefficient of determination close to 1.0. The response surface of the model is presented in three-dimensional plots. These study results show that the addition of a coagulant to remove chemical oxygen demand is effective under acidic conditions when response surface methodology is applied.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1101
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vilma Tomço, Aleksandër Xhuvani
      Abstract: The purpose of this work is the evaluation of the performance of TCP streams when the link that causes a bottleneck is also shared by the background traffic. Standard TCP is the most used protocol which sustains the majority of Internet traffic. Nevertheless, TCP manifests some problems when using almost all of the available bandwidth. Based on these problems, there are recognized different versions of TCP. The aim of this paper is to test the conflict between TCP flows bandwidth allocation. We have implemented a network which includes FTP traffic and background traffic. The TCP flows are simulated so that they begin transmitting at different times. Background traffic is added besides the TCP flows so that we approach a real network model. Besides studying how the TCP flows compete with each other, we will evaluate if the background traffic has an impact on the behavior of TCP flows and if it influences how the available bandwidth is shared equally among flows. We compare standard TCP Tahoe and TCP Reno, which do not differ much between each-other, but use different algorithms so through simulation we will evaluate the changes in the bandwidth they use, even though we expect the TCP flows to be more aggressive in getting bandwidth from other TCP flows.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1102
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Tran Van Minh, Nguyen Van Khoa, Bui Thanh Hoa
      Abstract: : The high demand of Oncidium orchids leads us to find out efficient methods of propagating them.  However, the propagation rate of traditional methods are low in nature and a hybrid seed is not genetically stable. Thus, plant cell biotechnology is examined as the most effective way to resolve the barrier of elite clone production. Shoot clusters were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 2,4-D (1 mg/l) for callus induction (76.19%) before induced callus was  favoured for PLBs regeneration (98 PLBs/callus cluster) on MS medium supplemented with NAA (0.75 mg/l); the combination of BA (0.5 mg/l) and NAA (0.5 mg/l) was favoured for PLBs regeneration (28.18 PLBs/shoot cluster) from shoots cultivation. The PLBs (79.21 PLBs/PLB cluster) were then proliferated on MS medium supplemented with NAA (1 mg/l) and BA (1 mg/l) for shoot regeneration (12.42 shoots/PLBs cluster). Multiple-shoots were divided to 3-4 shoots/cluster for micropropagation on the MS medium supplemented with the combination of BA (0.25 mg/l) and NAA (0.25 mg/l) to reach 11.66 shoots/cluster. Shoots were finally separated to single-shoot for rooting on the MS medium supplemented with NAA (0.75 mg/l). A scheme for Oncidium micropropagation using PLBs culture techniques was set up.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1103
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Nguyen Thanh Quang, Tran Van Minh
      Abstract: The lily is considered one of the highest value cutting flowers as well as is popular to the majority. Bulbs are often imported from the Netherland with an expensive price. Thus, it is difficult to sell commercial lily flowers in the domestic market and international trade. This study focused on mass producing the source of somatic embryos with a high regeneration ability used for the lily micropropagation. Internodes were cultured on MS medium and supplemented with 0.1 mg/l BA and 0.5 mg/l NAA to induce callus, while embryogenic cells reached the highest value at 98.2% before such embryogenic callus was then multiplied on the same media within 5 weeks. The suitable media for somatic embryos regeneration was MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/l BA and 0.25 mg/l NAA which after 5 weeks of culture gave us a shoot number of 3.7 shoots/clusters, a shoot height of 87.3 mm, a leaf diameter of 7.7 mm. Multiple shoots regenerated from embryogenic cells were then used as materials for micropropagation. Results showed that the highest data for multiple shoot multiplication was reached in the bioreactor culture system with the maximum number of shoot height (100.25 mm), shoot number (7.1 shoot/cluster) and fresh weight of shoots (1470.94 mg/cluster). The suitable medium for rooting was MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/l NAA.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1104
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Venelin Tsankov Makakov, Rositsa Todorova Velichkova, Iskra Sashova Simova, Detelin Ganchev Marko
      Abstract: Floods continue to be the most economically devastating natural disaster in the world. Worldwide, there are a lot of laws and regulations addressing this problem, as well as different models and approaches developed for flooding risk assessment at different stages of urban planning. The aim of this work is to review the existing measures for prevention of floods that threaten the security of the human population, flora and fauna. The study focuses on the necessary measures which must be implemented to tackle the problem, and early warning of population in emergency and disaster situations in order to reduce damage from floods. Existing statistical data is reviewed and analyzed and, as a consequence, recommendations are proposed.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1105
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Meral Yildirim, Nevin Karamahmut Mermer, Funda Demir, Emek Moroydor Derun
      Abstract: Industrial development brings waste problem which is a challenge for both human health and ecological cycle. Arsenic is a toxic and carcinogenic heavy metal that should be removed from drinking or waste water. In this study, an industrial waste of bottom ash was used as an adsorbent to remove As (V). To find an appropriate adsorption conditions, the adsorption temperatures and contact time were varied between 30 °C-50 °C and 5-180 min, respectively. The experimental results were fitted to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The highest values of n and KF for Freundlich isotherm were obtained for 30 °C and calculated as 0.432 and 0.006, respectively. According to kinetic studies, the kinetics of these experiments could be explained by pseudo-second order kinetic model, and the pseudo-second order rate constant was calculated as 0.034 g/mg.min, 0.033 g/mg.min and 0.030 g/mg.min for 30 °C, 40 °C and 50 °C, respectively. According to experimental results, bottom ash can be used for removal of As (V) from water sources. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1106
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Javor Mitkov, Maya Georgieva, Alexander Zlatkov
      Abstract: This study evaluates a series of caffeine-8-thioglycolic acid amides that were synthesized in the study, for signs of possible degradation. The chemical stability of the test compounds was examined under different conditions of pH and temperature over time. A modified reversed phase-high-performance liquid chromatography method was applied to determine stability and identify possible degradation products. The study identified a new product from oxidative destruction of the test compound through controlled synthesis.
      PubDate: 2017-09-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1107
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Irena Malolli
      Abstract: Mobile data traffic has dramatically increased during the recent years. The high demand for data communication increased the challenges for network operators. Communication Network operators are investing to provide more capacities and they are looking for innovative ways to cope with increased market demand for broadband data communication.The liberalization of the telecommunication market and the competition put the operators under pressure to keep high quality services with low cost. New pricing policies are introduced in order to maintain market share and keep their users in a competitive market. The battle with OTT makes the situation more critical.This article will analyze the situation in the field of data communication, compare different instruments which are used or are under development in different countries and in Albania. The article will analyze the pricing policies used for data communication as a solution to cope with the high demand of data traffic. The article will identify some critical issues on these practices, draw conclusions and give some recommendations on the proper ways to keep the right balance between technical and commercial solutions and user experience/satisfaction.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.942
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Oleg Svaytoslavovich Mariev, Andrey Alexandrovich Pushkarev
      Abstract: Innovations are essential for international competitiveness. In this research study, we analyze factors that affect the involvement of Russian firms in the innovation process. Our objective is to find out which factors on a regional level are the most important for innovative activity, that would allow for improving the innovation policy. We overview the main groups of factors that were considered to be significantly affecting innovations. We then proceed to analyze the regional-level data, and classify the Russian regions into three groups based on set of their characteristics. Our results suggest that currently the most important external determinants of innovation propensity for the Russian regions are the share of organizations that carried out scientific research, FDI, appropriate infrastructure and the quality of human capital. It implies that the innovation policy should focus mainly on these indicators. We also found substantial differences between regional groups, both in significance of the considered indicators and in their power. Based on the results, we propose several policy recommendations that would facilitate innovation activities of the Russian regions
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.943
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Nicoleta Cristina Matei, Marin Ţole, Mihaela Andreea Stroe
      Abstract: The purpose of a tangible fixed-assets revaluation is to establish true values for assets and a genuine picture of the financial position and the result of public institutions. This article presents the legislation needed to implement international provisions regarding the accounting system of public institutions, especially those concerning the revaluation of tangible fixed assets. It contains a comparison between the national regulations and guidelines of the International Public Sector Accounting Standard for tangible fixed assets. It highlights the convergences and divergences regarding the accounting treatment for determining the initial value of tangible fixed assets, the setting out of the reassessed value, the accounting treatment applied to the revaluation results, and the achievement of a revaluation surplus. It also describes the manner in which the revaluation of tangible fixed assets can influence the financial and patrimonial position of a public institution
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.944
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ramutė Narkūnienė, Vladimiras Gražulis, Iluta A rbidane
      Abstract: : The authors of this article discuss the tourism development conditions in the municipalities of the Eastern Aukštaitija region, in Lithuania, and the Latgale region, in Latvia. The aim of the research is to explore tourism development conditions in the municipalities of the Eastern Aukštaitija region, in Lithuania and Latgale region, in Latvia. Objectives of the research are to characterize the factors influencing the development of tourism, to perform an analysis of the main factors of tourism development of the Eastern Aukštaitija region in Lithuania and the Latgale region in Latvia, and to define the major factors of tourism management in the municipalities of the Eastern Aukštaitija region, and the Latgale region. The scientific problem - the tourism development trends have not been studied in a local, municipality level in Lithuania and Latvia and tourism in districts is developed without a clear and long-term development strategy and consistent implementation of the program. The authors of the article apply the analysis of scientific literature, quantitative research – a survey and questionnaire data generalization. Six tourism specialists in the eastern Aukštaitija region, and 30 tourism specialists in the Latgale region, were interviewed. Tourism development issues are discussed and the results of the research (analysis of scientific literature and the questionnaire, analysis of strategic documents) are performed. The conclusions of article are: factors which influence tourism in the Lithuanian and Latvian regions most are the image of tourism destination/awareness, quality of tourism services, management of tourism destination, variety of tourism services and tourism infrastructure. Second conclusion: tourism specialists identified management of tourism destination, image of tourism destination/ awareness, quality of tourism services in Lithuania region;  cultural, natural and human resources and tourism services (travel organization, tourism information services, nutrition in the Latvian region, as tourism development strengths in municipalities of the Lithuanian and Latvian region; tourism diversity and tourist infrastructure in the Lithuanian region and tourism infrastructure and entertainments in Latvia region were identified as weaknesses.  Third conclusion: tourism development in both regions is threatened by such factors as unplanned changes of the state economic development priorities, population migration to other countries and other factors. While, tourism development in the region can benefit from EU funds, and the growing demand for active recreation and health tourism products in the hospitality industry and etc. Tourism development at the municipalities of both regions in Lithuania and Latvia is influenced by such factors, as the development of the tourism planning and management system, adequate competence of human resources, cooperation between public and private sectors, planning and organization, legal tourism base, tourism projects development and implementation, tourism development strategy and research in the tourism development area.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.945
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Mirjana Nedovic
      Abstract: Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and engaging in sports activities. Sports and physical activity play an important role in all aspects of human life because they improve the quality of life and have positive effects on both mental and physical health. Anyone who is engaged in any sports activities reduces the risk of illness and has a more positive attitude towards life. Therefore, the existence of a fitness center is justified, and there is a growing interest in programs which can positively impact on a person in all aspects of their physical, mental, and social life. The purpose and the aim of this study is to find the most convenient way of communication of a fitness center with target groups of potential future clients. Current members’ preferences regarding the quality of training and possible improvements and means of advertising, were determined through a questionnaire along with how much they are willing to pay for the provided services. The analysis of the results pointed out the best direction to follow in the fitness center business to help to guide development, and ensure the satisfaction of present and prospective members. It was concluded that fitness centers underutilized the marketing activities needed to promote their activities and cement their position in the market.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.946
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Alexander Nepp, James Okrah
      Abstract: The ongoing distribution of the pension system is on the threshold of losing its sustainability, financially, which has produced a deficit in the budget of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the deflection of pension funds to the distribution system in 2014. This situation was to some extent caused by demographic risks. Funded systems could become the main instrument for mitigating the demographic problem of the distribution pension system. But the problem is, these systems are unprotected to demographic risks as well.The paper examines the effect of demographic uncertainty on funded pension systems. It describes the process necessary for the financial sustainability of a funded pension system under the force of demographic and macroeconomic factors. It explores the conformity of Russian funded pension systems and that of OECD countries with the status of financial sustainability in the time from 1958 to 2012, making a prognosis for the financial viability prospects. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.947
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Sergey Oparin, Nikolay Chepachenko, Marina Yudenkо
      Abstract: This paper reports on a study of the methodological principles and roles of social institutions in controlling business activities. The level of their administrative interference in business activities is analyzed, particularly regarding administrative barriers restricting business in the construction sector. The study concludes that social institutions, on the one hand, reduce economic risks of entrepreneurship and encourage the fulfilling of formal norms. However, on the other hand, they perform a restrictive function, increasing entrepreneurs’ transactional costs. The paper provides examples of informal norms that restrict entrepreneurial activity in the construction field, with a conclusion about non-systemic business support measures.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.948
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Hristina Oreshkova
      Abstract: In support of the critical analysis targeted at substantiating the necessity of reintroducing “prudence” in the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (CF), that is the primary author’s goal, the article provides further results as well as views and arguments, based on research, provoked by the International Accounting Standards Board’s decision to revise the CF (in September 2010) and remove “prudence” in favour of “neutrality” regarded as a qualitative characteristic. The author’s aim is not to discuss the role of the CF as a whole, or its objectives, but to contribute to the current debate on a complicated and highly controversial issue, raised in the Discussion Paper (DP), followed (in January 2014 and May 2015) by the Exposure Draft (ED) containing proposals for a revised CF.The thesis held by the author, both before and now, is that for a considerable number of reasons it is imperative to restore “prudence” in the CF, subjected to revision at the moment (and yet expected) as an introduction to thnternational Accounting Standards (IAS)/International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), with a clearly defined content of its definition in order to avoid misinterpretation or misunderstanding, which, in my view, will not impair “neutrality”, but will support it.
      On the basis of my long-lasting research alongside the thorough observation of the regulatory process, I would argue that as a supranational body, developing the accounting norms for many business entities operating in the EU and elsewhere, the EU accounting standards setter, who is responsible for the ambiguities or at least misconception, due to its prerogatives, has not been consistent in its policy with regard to prudence over the years. Probably one major reason is the influence of political, institutional and other factors in the global process of convergence. The development and deliberations as of December 2016 and January and February 2017 as to the revision of the CF have convincingly confirmed that once more.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.949
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vadim Pashkus, Natalie Pashkus, Asya Chemlyakova
      Abstract: This article discusses competitiveness of public health institutions, which relates to their market position as ranked by various entities (including government). For this purpose, a model of competitive positioning is designed for assessing healthcare organizations. This model allows one to assess the level of competitiveness of a medical organization, evaluate its market positioning, and develop a strategy for furthering its development using features of their position provided by the model
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.950
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vadim Pashkus, Natalie Pashkus, Asya Chemlyakova
      Abstract: In the present day, in the context of the toughening of global competition in the field of health care and the efforts that different countries of the world spend on improving the efficiency of the public sector of economy, the problems associated with determining the factors of competitiveness of healthcare organizations come to the forefront. The research conducted by the authors showed that assessing the competitiveness and development potential of medical companies with the Keigan-Vogel positioning map often gives incorrect results. The study showed that a significant part of errors (22-28%) is due to an incorrect evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of medical services, which necessitates a clear delineation of these concepts. The work shows how these indicators effect the competitiveness of organizations in the health sector and what happens if we do not distinguish between these two concepts.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.951
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Melita Peršolja
      Abstract: Due to the complexity of health promotion interventions, uneconomical evaluation indicators are recommended. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of multi-component workplace health promotion intervention. The goals were to study the association of health promotion with health status. In a controlled study trial, 278 workers of primary schools and municipal administration had the chance to participate in six-month workplace health promotion program. Employees have fulfilled a questionnaire at baseline and then again after completion of the program. The results showed that in the test group, the incidence of problems with health significantly declined, but the rating of health status decreased and the average absence days increased over time. The higher working hours per week correlated to obesity and high blood pressure. It can be concluded that workplace health promotion activity could support a change in health status and therefore contribute to higher quality of life.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.952
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Cristina Petrescu
      Abstract: OBJECTIVE: In the study conducted accentuated personalities related to daily cigarette smoking in college students were investigated.MATERIAL OF STUDY consisted in a case-sample of 349 daily smokers (49.3% females, 50.7% males) and a control-sample of 880 non-smokers (65.3% women, 34.7% men) from an initial group of 1364 (aged 19-30 years) surveyed students.THE METHOD was an observational case-control inquiry with two questionnaires applying: Health Questionnaire (60 items-8 items for smoking) and Accentuated Personalities Questionnaire (88 items, alpha-Crohnbach index-0.823). Statistical analysis (chi square and gamma correlation) was performed by SPSS 20 Program.RESULTS: Three accentuated personalities were more prominent in daily smokers in comparison with nonsmokers and were related to daily-smoking with statistical significance: IV-unruly (answers to items: S30–χ2=14.73, γ=0.23; S42-χ2=30.25, γ=0.36; and S52-χ2=32.71, γ=0.35; Sig.0.000), I-demonstrative (S7-χ2=18.89, γ=0.27; S44-χ2=16.24, γ=0.27; and S88-χ2=20.05, γ=0.27; Sig.0.000) and VII-cyclothymic nature (S72-χ2=32.24, γ=0.35; Sig.0.000).CONCLUSION: a relation between accentuated personalities and cigarette smoking is suggested. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.953
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Osamu Kodama, Lukáš Pichl, Taisei Kaizoji
      Abstract: Bitcoin time series dataset recording individual transactions denominated in Euro at the COINBASE market between April 23, 2015 and August 15, 2016 is analyzed. Markov switching model is applied to classify the regions of varying volatility represented by three hidden state regimes using univariate autoregressive model and dependent mixture model. Causality extraction and price prediction of daily BTCEUR exchange rates is performed by means of a recurrent neural network using the standard Elman model.  Strong correlations is found between the normalized mean squared error of the Elman network (out-of-sample 5-day-ahead prediction) and the realized volatility (sum of minute returns squared throughout the trading day). The present approach is calibrated using simulated regime change in standard econometric models. Our results clearly demonstrate the applicability of recurrent neural networks to causality extraction even in the case of highly volatile cryptocurrency exchange rate time series data.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.954
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dragomir Popov, Femi Odebiyi
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify the residents’ preference among three pricing strategies: a la carte pricing strategy, limited choice pricing strategy, and bundled pricing strategy. The study analyzes the correlation between the year of study of the dormitory residents and the preferred pricing strategy. It uses an online survey for LCC International University students who were enrolled for the 2015-2016 academic year. A fixed choice set analysis is performed to analyze 126 valid responses. The results show that 42.4% of the respondents prefer an a la carte pricing strategy, contrary to the currently limited choice pricing strategy employed by LCC residency halls. Additionally, the study finds out that the residents are more likely to switch their preference from a bundled pricing strategy to an a la carte pricing strategy the higher their year of study is. Resident preferences for pricing strategies can provide dormitory operators with valuable information on establishing best pricing structures.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.955
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Alexander Protasov, Tatyana Kotcofana, Polina Stazhkova
      Abstract: The paper is dedicated to the study of nonlinear dynamics of inflation. We hypothesize that in the second half of the twentieth century, inflation cycles replaced the pre-existing inflation-deflation cycles. This hypothesis is based on the study of data about price levels in various countries of the world for the period of 1950 to 2016. The paper shows some results of a spectral analysis that was applied to the dynamic series of prices. The results of the spectral analysis confirmed the hypothesis about the existence of inflation cycles.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.956
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rima Rubčinskaitė, Gindrutė Kasnauskienė
      Abstract: : Economic globalization affects regional development through different economic value creation chains.  The structure of regional economic activities’ groups and size of clusters could also influence the structure and size of gross value added in a particular region. This paper examines the impact of the main labor force indicators on the generated gross value added in diverse economic activities in the Baltic States and the neighbor regions of Finland and Poland in the period of 2000-2013 according to Eurostat data. The research has shown that the structure of economic activities clusters in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) significantly differs from the neighboring regions of Poland and Finland. We also found that the labour force input has a significant impact on the following economic activities’ clusters in the Baltic States: “Industry (except construction)”, “Wholesale and retail trade, transport, accommodation and food service activities”, “Construction”, “Professional, scientific and technical activities; administrative and support service activities”, “Financial and insurance activities”, “Arts, entertainment and recreation; other service activities; activities of household and extra-territorial organisations and bodies”. The impact of the labor force on generated gross value added differs in diverse economic activities. The authors believe that the results of this study could be useful for policy makers in building more progressive national and regional economic development strategies.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.957
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dovilė Ruplienė, Lina Garšvienė, Dalia Rudytė, Solveiga Skunčikienė, Roberta Bajorūnienė
      Abstract: The competition between municipalities is problematic due to a common misconception that rivalry is impossible because documents regulating finances are the same across all local self-governments. In contrast, scientific research shows that the livability of one municipality can differ to another because of differences in their social-economic benefits. This distinction is not conditioned by geographic location or other special features of the municipality but rather by the amount of funds assigned and allocated to social and public welfare. This article aims to reveal the factors pertaining to the municipalities’ fiscal competitiveness that affect economic growth within the state. This has relevance as a reallocation of a municipality’s expenditure could provide new possibilities towards increasing future revenue of the municipality. For reaching the aim is examined by evaluating the effect of municipalities’ fiscal competitiveness on Lithuania’s economic growth using the volume and structure of expenditure in its municipalities. Results show that the major channels determining the fiscal competitiveness of a region are human resources, the business sector, and the institutional environment, and that these differ among municipalities.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.958
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rysty Karuevna Sadykova, Assem Madysheva
      Abstract: In recent years, the cluster approach has become the main instrument of an effective state strategy for the development and management of tourism in countries with a high level of competitiveness. It is based on the interaction and cooperation of organizations operating in the tourism industry and government structures, without which innovation activity cannot be managed, new approaches emerge that involve an indirect impact on the development of the region within the national innovation system by creating conditions for increasing innovation activity and susceptibility of economic entities. The development of many regions is constrained by the lack of necessary conditions: inadequate material and financial resources, underdeveloped research base, inconsistent regional policies.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.959
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Yolanda Saldaña, Fernando Miguel Ruiz, Laura Leticia Gaona, Juan Jesús Nahuat, Kelly Alejandra Muñoz
      Abstract: Most micro and small businesses start as family businesses, as they start from family savings as their main source of financing. However, the methodology used to incubate businesses in Mexico does not include tools to effectively manage family influence. This paper outlines the reasons why government agencies that allocate federal resources for business incubation should incorporate such tools into their methodologies. A documentary and a field investigation were carried out. The results show the tendency to start a business with family savings and therefore, with family interference. Likewise, it was found that newly created businesses show a high failure rate. It concludes the need to include in the methodologies used by business incubators in Mexico tools and knowledge in the field of family business. This, with the purpose of contributing towards the increase in the length of time that new companies last and the consolidation of existing micro and small enterprises in Mexico.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.960
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Yolanda Saldaña, Fernando Miguel Ruiz, Laura Leticia Gaona, Juan Jesús Nahuat, Kelly Alejandra Muñoz
      Abstract: Due to the interaction of two incompatible systems: family and business, family business managers may have cognitive biases that result in an ineffective management. Therefore, the objective of this research study was to identify and determine the most common biases in the management of a family structure business. A documentary investigation was carried out with the purpose of compiling in a single document such biases. The analysis made it possible to conclude that the identified biases arise precisely from the interaction and incompatibility of these two systems; and that the absence of knowledge on the part of the business family and of directors of familiar companies of the presence of these biases impacts the permanence and consolidation of the familiar company.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.961
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Simona Šályová, Janka Táborecká-Petrovičová, Alena Kaščáková
      Abstract: Market orientation represents an established concept whose implementation leads to the achievement of superior performance. Specific features of market-oriented companies are the subject of many studies for years. The purpose of this article is to examine the market orientation of two types of companies from foodstuff industry in Slovakia. In this article we compare the market orientation of food producers who are holders of certificate of quality “Značka kvality SK” and those who are not. “Značka kvality SK” is a certificate awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic. In our research, we would like to find out if the companies which are awarded as leaders in food quality have a predisposition for market-oriented behavior. In our research we used statistical parametric t-test and the non-parametric Mann-Whitney test. The results indicate that there is no significant difference between market orientation of producers who hold the certificate of quality “Značka kvality SK” and those who do not. These findings support the assumption that concept of market orientation is applicable for all kinds of companies. This article presents partly the results of complex research focused on investigating the relationship between market orientation and business performance.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.962
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Viktor Šoltés, Katarína Repková Štofková
      Abstract: Crime and other antisocial activities are the social phenomena that adversely affect the lives of people. Besides the negative impact on the quality of human life, the crime has a negative impact also on the economy. Damage caused by criminal acts can also be quantified in economic terms. This damage consists principally of the assets stolen from victims of crime, e.g. material damage. A substantial part of the damage also represents the financial losses that were caused by the economic crime. Another part of the damage is financial compensation provided by the state to the violent crime victims or their family members.The paper deals with the analysis of the economically quantified damage caused by different types of crime in the Slovak Republic. The aim of this paper is to identify and analyze types of crimes that cause the largest economic losses and subsequently propose measures for elimination of critical types of crime to prevent greater economic losses.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.963
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Natália Stalmašeková, Tatiana Genzorová, Tatiana Čorejová
      Abstract: Behind a successful company there are several factors which affect its activities and performance. These are various economic issues, production processes, capital and people- employees. The human resources of a company largely depend on how the company is able to respond to challenges of the market. Employers are recently trying to take care of their employees much more than just rewarding them with a salary. They provide them a variety of employee benefits with which they try to motivate them to better perform. The aim of the paper is to describe the system of benefits provided by companies in general. The first part of paper contains a general framework of the issue and the second part describes the current situation of providing benefits in Slovakia and abroad, specifically in the United States. The paper highlights the differences in understanding of importance of benefits in each country. The final part of the paper contains research about opinions of students of the University of Žilina about providing benefits at the workplace.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.964
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Elena Velkova Stavrova
      Abstract: The shadow banking or financial institutions specializing in lending who take an increasingly larger share of today's markets and channels for the movement of financial resources in the markets of resources between economic agents or households.The main scientific question of this paper is to analyze the reasons of dynamic trends of development of the shadow financial system, and how that contrasts with the conventional model of financial intermediation of commercial banking:• “The chains for value creation through credit intermediation that move free financial resources in economic systems for realizing more efficient operations with fewer risks;• In non-banking credit intermediation chain trades that take place on weighted average price - and exchange rates in the markets for short-term securities.• Yield creation in the shadow banking industry are intensively secured strongly which personally are guaranteed both, from individuals and the firms.• Value chains in the alternative banking system have carried out extensive conventional financial transformation outside the banking system. This means that this type of intermediation converts illiquid, risky fixed assets in "safe" and liquid short-term liabilities.”The used methods are: content analysis, and econometrics analysis of empirical databases of the years 2012 – 2016 by two financial sectors from BNB.The finding based on the econometrics analyses supports the scientific hypothesis about relations between the process of the increasing role of the informal banking sector, which pushes conventional bank financing due to high credit standards of banking institutions and limited access to finance for individuals who receive their income in the area of the gray economy.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.965
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Polina Stazhkova, Tatyana Kotcofana, Alexander Protasov
      Abstract: This article is devoted to the analysis and evaluation of competitive environments by using some indicators of market concentration. An analysis was made of the key (main) concentration indices most often used in countries with developed market economies. The state of the competitive environment in the banking sector of the Russian Federation is estimated with the use of indices. The consistency of these indicators to the basic antitrust regulations was investigated. The authors show that in order to obtain reliable results each of the available methods of monopoly power detection requires a detailed market analysis.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.966
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vladimíra Štefancová, Anna Šatanová, Danka Harmanová
      Abstract: The basic principle of continuous improvement of each enterprise is to comprehend its particular transport processes. For better understanding and detailed analysis there are available lots of quality improvement toolkit. The relationship between consequence and potential causes can be monitored through various fundamental and specific tools. This article is oriented on train delay which belongs among the typical problems in the railway sector and is considered significant from the customer's perspective. The aim of this paper is to highlight the possible applications of quality management methods in the framework of the train delay issue. These delays influence a trains' punctuality and therefore it is important to identify most prevalent causing these problems reasons as well as to analyze them and propose solutions.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.967
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Alžbeta Suhányiová, Ladislav Suhányi
      Abstract: The subsistence minimum is a socially recognized minimum level of income for a person; any person whose income is below this level is considered to be in material need. It is one of the key elements of socio-political interventions; in that it binds with important functions in different areas. The level of minimum wage in Slovakia has not changed for the last four years, and now, this issue is a subject of extensive discussions in professional and scientific circles. The paper describes the subsistence minimum and presents the significant legislative changes that affect the functions of the subsistence minimum. The paper analyses, examines, and evaluates the development of the subsistence minimum of: an adult natural person, of another jointly assessed adult person, of non-dependent underage children, and of dependent children – in the period from 1998 to 2016 (the present). The paper also reflects on the current situation in dealing with the issue of the subsistence minimum and its impact on selected social benefits and personal income taxes in Slovakia. The results of the research helped us to propose recommendations on the issue of setting the subsistence minimum and the whole issue as such.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.968
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Agnieszka Tłuczak, Sabina Kauf
      Abstract: Sustainable consumption takes inspiration from the newest trends in economics which is a collaborative economy. This type of economy changes the model of organization and distribution based on sharing, using and creating together. The basic aim of this study is pointing out a purpose of a collaborating economy in the accomplishment of sustained consumption rules and in a conscious and self-motivated limit of personal consumption to the purpose of co-sharing. This task is going to be achieved with empirical verification of consumers behavior based on answers to a questionnaire. Research has confirmed the suggested hypothesis. People want to attend in collaborative consumption, which is positively correlated with the level of self-satisfaction from life and income. The results presented in this paper shouldn't be treated as final, because it was pilot research.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.969
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Secărea Tudorel
      Abstract: Making decisions on funding or not funding projects is the most difficult process in management, especially for the state services that have a limited budget. The aim of this study is to establish a new simplified system for evaluating small projects based on translating all values into economic terms. The new system tries to simplify the Cost-Benefit Analysis (on which it is based) to the bare minimum and still keep a high degree of relevance to the decision-making process. The conclusions were somewhat remarkable, mostly because the system gives accurate and relevant data for comparing projects despite its simplicity. The other big benefit of this system is its simple nature and ease of understanding even for people with no economic studies.The applied part of this paper involves an analysis of real projects in Brasov County – Romania and the results of applying Cost-Benefit Analysis and the new method for evaluating projects.The paper concludes proposing a new, modern and simple system for improving decision making on small projects. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.970
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Svetla Tzvetkova
      Abstract: : The functioning of public transport as a primarily social phenomenon leads to the realization of a significant social effect. The more deployed and high-quality the level of transportations is, the larger the social effect is. This also elevates the culture of passenger service and the use of modern environmentally friendly means of transport. The social effect has a multilateral manifestation, but the most significant one is its manifestation in the following trends: satisfying the population's various travel needs; reducing travel time and increasing free time, thus increasing the time for rest, relaxation, entertainment, educational and sport activities. The social effect is also achieved through the use of modern and environmentally friendly means of transport with reduced harmful emissions and noise impact on the population's health. The primary goal of socially effective public transport is to be accessible to everyone, to provide comfort, awareness, safety and security during passenger travel by incorporating efficient and stable urban intelligent transport systems and modern integrated environmentally friendly public transport with better emission indicators. The present report is dedicated to the main trends of increasing the social effectiveness of public transport in cities.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.971
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Agnieszka Wiśniewska, Marta Musiał, Beata Świecka
      Abstract: Household finance is heavily dependent on the phase of a family’s development. As the family grows, the household's financial needs change. Young Poles choose not to create families, mostly because of their financial situations. In order to increase the number of births, the "Family 500+" program was introduced in Poland, where parents can receive a benefit of 500,00 PLN (about 120 euros) per month for a second and every further child. It is indicated that the effects of the 500+ program are both positive and negative. Some effects of the program are already visible, although many forecasts have not yet been confirmed in the statistics due to the short duration of the program. The purpose of the article is to identify the impact of the government's family policy program: "Family 500+," introduced in April 2016. This article describes the assumptions and instruments of family policy in Poland, a description of the assumptions of the "Family 500+" program and the implications for household finances in Poland in terms of consumption, income, debt, the labor market or poverty.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.972
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vyara Kyurova, Dilyana Yaneva
      Abstract: : In striving to secure a competitive advantage in the market, companies endeavor to create a high level of trust and attachment of customers to the company. Building a positive image is a prerequisite for businesses to enhance their competitiveness. In this regard, the main objective of this paper is to identify measures of corporate image, competitiveness of enterprises, and the relationship between them. This paper uses statistical methods (variance, regression, and correlation analysis) to study the influence of corporate image on the competitiveness of enterprises in the field of interior design. A questionnaire method is used to gather the primary data. Examined indicators are assessed using a 7-point Likert scale. The results of the survey indicate a strong correlation between the level of corporate image and that of competitiveness of enterprises. The conclusion includes a summary concerning the use of the corporate image as an important tool for a sustainable market presence and achieving a strong competitive edge.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.973
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Darina Zaimova, Julia Doitchinova, George Zheliazkov
      Abstract: One general characteristic of Eastern European countries (EEC) countries is that at the early stage of transition from a central-planned to a market economy the majority of land was returned to the rural population, which resulted in large numbers of relatively small and dispersed land plots. Geographical proximity and the similar institutional model of these countries identify common development constraints: generally small farm sizes, unclear cooperative legislation or inappropriate taxation policies, individualism and general unwillingness by the farmers to collaborate, absence of value chain activities and entrepreneurial spirit. This paper is purposed towards identifying, analyzing and evaluating the causes of economic and social changes in the development of agricultural cooperatives in Bulgaria in the past two decades.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.974
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Bistra Nikolova Boeva, Stela Georgieva Zhivkova, Ivan Stoyanov Stoychev
      Abstract: : Sustainable development issues are considerably popular subjects within the international research community. On the other hand the importance of the issues related to global supply chains has also increased significantly. This paper will also mention a change in one of the main economic paradigms: from international exchange between countries and individual companies there is a transition to exchange between the participants along the global supply chains. The interest in global supply chains and their management is provoked by the fact that they are a major source of competitive advantage on global markets. Nowadays, global supply chains are an integral part of the activities of a number of companies operating abroad. Every business operation finds its place in one or more supply chains. Within the contemporary context of scarce resources and the widely spread sustainable development idea, the companies compete on a global economic scale where the main business unit is the world as a whole, not an individual country or region. All these trends and global developments provoked our scientific interest and with the project “Corporate governance and the global supply chains” we tried to find out how the global supply chains are actually influenced by the issues of sustainable development. Within the course of the project we have reviewed and analyzed quite a lot of scientific literature, we studied the publicly available information of the big international corporations related to their social corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues. In addition, we have made empirical research among local suppliers of big international companies as well as a number of international NGOs dealing with sustainable development and social policy issues. Some of the findings from our project are presented in the current paper.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.975
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Eva Živčicová, Monika Gullerová
      Abstract: This qualitative research paper examines managerial competences through self-reflection. The main purpose of the evaluation is to identify strategic goals for developing and educating managers. Managerial competences are perceived as intellectual potential, through which the functions and roles of managers are performed. In the paper, managerial competences are evaluated through the self-reflection of middle managers. Due to the recommended extent of the paper, self-reflection results were presented as a case study using a SWOT analysis. The results were incorporated into the development strategy of managers. The study represents an atypical example of defensive development strategy of managers, i.e. the strategy of strong managers in adverse working environment. The main purpose of the study is to highlight the possibilities of applying SWOT analysis for self-reflection of managers and subsequent incorporation of results into development and education programs.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.976
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Robert Walter Dumisani Zondo
      Abstract: The role of educators in education is indispensable.  Hence, students continuously search for a business education that can equip them with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to succeed in running businesses.  Consequently, this study evaluates the perception of Academic Managers in the private Higher Education Institutions (HEI) of South Africa (SA) on the significance of entrepreneurship education.  It explores the reasons for offering such an education in the private HEIs in SA.  There were 78 private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in SA that were identified for participation in this study.  These institutions are registered in terms section 54 (1) (c) of the South African Act (SAQA, 2012).  For the study to achieve its objectives, the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) provided a sample frame of all the private HEIs in SA.  From the 78 HEIs identified, 22 offered the pastoral courses and were excluded from the study.   As a result, a target population of 56 HEIs participated in the study.  This research has two objectives.  That is, examining the perception of Academic Managers on entrepreneurship education, and the reasons for offering such education in the private HEIs in SA.    This study uncovers the need for entrepreneurship education in private HEIs of SA.  The results present the value of entrepreneurship education as a practice that develops students into cross functional innovative thinkers.  It provides valuable data relating to the significance of entrepreneurship education for developing students into business minded individuals.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.977
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Xolani Protus Simamane, Robert Walter Dumisani Zondo
      Abstract: The retail industry is arguably one of the most prosperous sectors in the global economy. It serves as an intermediary between producers and consumers. Given its significance in the everyday lives of people in communities, and its role in national economies, the industry operates under extensive competition driven by growth in Information Technology which has dramatically changed the consumption patterns and buying behavior of consumers today.  This study investigates the impact of transformation on the provision of products and services in operational-level retail businesses of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).  This is a case study and the South African Post Office (SAPO) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) participated in the study.  Of the 101 branch managers of SAPO, 72 participated in the study, representing a 71 percent response rate.  The sample frame was obtained from both the Human Capital and the Infrastructure Management departments of SAPO in KZN.  Descriptive statistics and chi-square tests were used to analyze the two objectives. That is, to establish if the change brought about by business transformation activities improves the provision of products and services in retail businesses and thereby improves the financial performance.  It also determines if retail businesses undergoing transformation inspire confidence amongst employees, and thereby achieving their financial goals.  The findings revealed that business transformation has the ability to improve the provision of products and services of retail businesses.  Continuous communication with regards to transformation inspires confidence among employees, thereby leading to productivity improvements and the achievement of the organizational goals. Productive employees contribute positively to the financial performance of the business.  The original value of this study is its approach in uncovering strengths and weaknesses of business transformation in the operational-level retail businesses.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.978
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Asya Grigorova Tsonkova
      Abstract: The dynamic transport business and the ever-growing competition on the market for transport services increase the significance not just of staff management but of effective staff management as well. The staff is an inseparable part of both resources and enterprise structure however, it should be underlined that it is the most complex and most difficult one to manage, plan, organize and control. The main key factor for the success of a transport enterprise is its employees and workers. Given the ever-growing supply of transport services, customer criteria regarding their quality grow as well. European transport firms constantly strive to implement special approaches, principles and methods in the management of human resources with the purpose of improving the quality of the services they offer. However, one of the primary and an especially serious issue related to staff management in transport firms remains staff fluctuation. It is an essential part of financial relations and an indispensable component of the complex PR system. The present report studies the issues related to staff management and fluctuation within transport firms.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.979
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Alexander Nepp, James Okrah
      Abstract: : In the framework of this study, we have obtained a mathematical model for maintaining the financial sustainability of PAYG pension systems.
We introduce the term financial soundness, by which we understand the maintenance of a balance between the contributions to the pension system and the costs of pension payments. We have proved that the financial sustainability of PAYG systems depends on the growth rates of wages, the growth rate of contribution rates. And demographic factors such as the ratio of the number of pensioners and the working population. However, in the context of countries' competition for investment and the impossibility of increasing the rates of contributions to the pension system, as well as the limited business opportunities to increase wages, the financial sustainability of PAYG systems is determined only by demographic factors. Financial stability in such conditions is violated in case of excess of the rate of increase in pension payments over the rates of Support Ratio (ratio of working population and pensioners.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.980
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maia Angelova Stoeva, Sashko Plachkov, Diana Mitova, Lyubima Zoneva
      Abstract: The article presents the nature of the research approach and its application in the framework of the studied disciplines of the cycle of technological training. Presented are the results of monitoring study of the skills of 11-14 year old students for research. The design of research-oriented training in technology and entrepreneurship predisposes the increase of the interest in the learning process and the learning motivation in parallel with the implementation of basic educational goals.The suggested tools aim to diagnose the skills of the students in the research training. Described are the basic levels of administration of the research approach in the training and its influence on building skills on a high level (at meta-level) in the students. The idea is similar to Bloom’s taxonomy according to which levels that follow the logical transition from easy to difficult act in the cognitive sphere.Knowledge and basic intellectual skills formed during are explored, with an emphasis on problem-solving cognitive and practical tasks. The creative technical abilities of the students are being studied through case studies and situations, and an algorithm for key research projects has been developed.The focus is on the interdisciplinary research training project which requires a broad general culture and knowledge from various scientific fields. A critical analysis of the results and conclusions about changes in teaching practice takes a special place in the article
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.981
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Eronim Celestin Blaj
      Abstract: Nowadays, humanity is continuously challenged by globalization at all levels: technological, economic, political, ecological, and social-cultural. The axiological crisis we face makes us find and develop viable values – by priority, ethical values - for the present time. More than ever, man needs to look for and to reconstruct his moral ideal by discovering new points of reference concerning the choices to be done. This paper focuses on the necessity of an ethical perspective open to principles rich in philosophy and religion. The purpose is to highlight the question of the moral ideal of human life in a globalizing context by accounting the offer of these two major cultural domains.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.982
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ioana Borca
      Abstract: The 200 year old Bánffy Castle exists as architectural evidence of the Hungarian nobility with significant importance in the garden history of Romania. The Renaissance style, late Baroque influence, and Neoclassic accents characterize the landmark, which has surpassed, through restoration, the test of time, and has since revitalized the social life in the nearby village. A cultural and physical message has already been highlighted by reconverting the ruin into a functional space, but a current approach to support the landscape as a local patrimony is lacking. This article discusses a reconstruction study of a green area within the historic garden, by analyzing another example of a Bánffy domain in Transylvania. The need for patrimonial protection of architecture, and landscape has great value in sustaining a local memory. This paper concludes with a discussion on the impact of garden rehabilitation in Modern Age.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.983
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Tanya Borisova
      Abstract: This article summarizes the main conclusions about the state of reading literacy of students in the same class in a Bulgarian school and the correspondence between the international criteria for establishing reading literacy of the students. A study, based on the longitudinal method, outlining the didactic parameters of reading literacy in the Bulgarian school was conducted. Emphasis is placed on the needed changes regarding overcoming the problems in the education in reading literacy of Bulgarian students, its limits and variety in its improvement; the correlations which exist between the results of the national external assessment (NEA) of the students in the subject of Bulgarian language and literature of the fourth, seventh and twelfth grade.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.984
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Arzu Ispalar Çahantimur, Rengin Beceren Öztürk
      Abstract: Raising the environmental awareness of architectural students becomes increasingly important given today’s global environmental challenges. As a prominent player in urban development, an architect needs to be concerned with the alternative ways for achieving environmental sustainability. Subsequently, environmental issues constitute an important part of the curriculum in architectural education. The scope of this study covers an elective course in an architectural graduate program of Turkey with the main aim of making fresh architects aware of their vital role in environmental objectives. In this course, the students are asked to visit and examine the vernacular architecture at a rural Turkey settlement. In this assignment, the students use a series of architectural as well as social science research methods. They present their findings visually and offer their proposals as a conclusion. Their proposals involve ways, not only, to achieve sustainability for this rural settlement but, also, to adapt the traditional design methods and materials examined within the course into contemporary design techniques. Given the acquisitions of the graduate students, this paper concludes with a recommendation for improving architectural course content by integrating applied learning.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.985
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Peter Čonka
      Abstract: Illegal employment of children deserves our specific attention because the healthy development of children is one of the most important factors of an advanced society. The aim of this contribution is to provide a preview of a theme, especially in a branch of the Criminal law. The contribution deals with the definition of child labor and analyses the legal adjustment of illegal employment of children included in Criminal Code of the Slovak Republic while also pointing out international sources of this legal adjustment. The Criminal code of the Slovak Republic, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other relevant literature and documents about child labor are the main sources of this survey. We can consider this legal adjustment as suitable, but it is important to focus on its adherence. An important benefit of this particular analogy is a general overview on the theme of illegal child labour by analysis of relevant legal adjustment. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.986
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Elena Delgadová, Monika Gullerová
      Abstract: : In 2004, Slovakia became a full-fledged member of the European Union. Since then, Slovakia has been one of the attractive investment locations for multinational companies in the region of Central Europe for its skilled and educated labor force. Managers who want to succeed in running multinational companies in culturally diverse settings must have the intercultural competence, i.e. the capability of thinking and acting in interculturally appropriate ways. The lack of intercultural competence skills in managers may result not only in miscommunication but can also be detrimental to the financial and economic success of organizations. The purpose of the paper was to identify cultural differences in management in German, Korean and French multinational companies operating in Slovakia. In the paper, the methods of questionnaire, literature research, analysis, synthesis were utilized. 160 respondents participated in the research on establishing cultural differences in management based on Hofstede’s model of cultural dimensions.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.987
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Nicholas Dimmitt
      Abstract: Can a project based learning (PBL) pedagogy improve critical thinking skills in first-year university students' This was the research question that drove this action research investigation. The purpose of this study was to find the best practice pedagogy to improve critical thinking skills for college students. A literature review examined the themes of PBL best practices, millennial student learning styles, and critical thinking pedagogy. Methodology included a student survey to better understand the needs for university level, critical thinking skills. The potential effectiveness of a PBL approach to improve the critical thinking needs and challenges of these students was analyzed. The results indicate that a PBL method can provide students with effective techniques for improving self-reliant, critical thinking skills. The paper concludes with recommendations for best PBL practices and strategies for developing independent, critical thinking abilities which are essential for students to be successful in their academic endeavors.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.988
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Snezhana Dragusheva, Biyanka Tornyova, Maria Semerdjieva, Silviya Novakova
      Abstract: The training nursing students in the Republic of Bulgaria confirms with the contemporary European requirements. The training is theoretical and practical, with the practical training accounting for at least 50% of the total number of hours in the specialty. The practical training includes clinical practice and pre-graduation traineeship, which complies with the Ordinance on the Unified state requirements regarding the training of nurses. The clinical practice and the pre-graduation traineeship involve a total duration of 2740 hours for students majoring in Nursing (Ordinance on the Unified state requirements). The level of satisfaction of these nursing students is an important indicator of the quality of the practical training. The study involved a sociological method of direct group survey involving an original set of questions with one developed specifically for this survey and others adapted from the questionnaire on job satisfaction of the Institute of Psychology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This questionnaire on satisfaction comprises 36 statements with three subscales: 1) work organization or organization of the practical training; 2) social-psychological conditions; and 3) material. The approach uses a Likert-type scale from 1 to 4 (1 = “no”, 2 = “to a certain extent”, 3= “very much”, and 4 = “extremely”) to score responses. The opinion of 280 fourth-year nursing students from three universities: the Medical University of Plovdiv, Trakia University of Stara Zagora, and ‘Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov’ University of Burgas, is surveyed. The analysis of the results from the conducted empirical survey shows that in their professional activity the surveyed students are primarily motivated by love and care for people (78.8%) followed by the desire to perform an activity that is beneficial to society (63.3%). Then follows the respect on behalf of patients, the team, and society as a whole (52.5%) and subsequently, the emotional attractiveness of the work reflected in the desire to do work that brings pleasure and joy (job satisfaction; 42.4%). The level of student satisfaction with their practical training depends on the organizational-educational, social-psychological, and material and technical conditions of the hospital environment. The analysis of the survey data confirms the significant role of practical training for the professional qualification of these nursing students. However, certain negative trends are also identified. These trends are connected with the satisfaction of the students concerning the procedures they have the opportunity to perform, their relationships with their mentors and medical teams, and that at times they are required to perform inappropriate activities. This calls for increased control on behalf of the tutors.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.989
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Pavol Durana, Darina Chlebikova
      Abstract: The aim of this paper is to highlight the changes that have occurred in society due to globalization. There has been a change in the social environment, economic security of family and social security of pupils. The result is the change of behavior and socialization in school, leading to undesirable practices in primary schools, such as bullying, truancy, drugs, rebellion, violence, emotional abuse and so forth. Social pedagogues are the experts in schools that can help in these areas and can help to harmonize the school environment. The questionnaire survey made in 18 primary schools in Žilina tries to find out the existence of social pedagogues and their activities in primary schools
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.990
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Kateřina Dvoroková, Lumír Kulhánek
      Abstract: In the Czech Republic, there is historically a wealth of experience with eLearning. In recent years, however, new platforms were developed that have escaped the attention of the academic sphere. The purpose of this article is to evaluate experience with the platform of Pearson Company within the innovation of the course Monetary Theory and Policy at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Ostrava. In the Czech Republic, the history of eLearning has been dating since the year 2000. Among the best-known eLearning projects within universities belonged the project "Virtual University" or the online training system WebCT. The most widely used eLearning tools in the Czech Republic today are LMS Moodle, Articulate, Adobe Captivate, eDoceo, etc. Surprisingly eLearning platforms built within the renowned book publisher – e.g., Pearson or Oxford, are less known in the Czech Republic. In this article, we will, therefore, discuss the possibilities that Pearson platform for eLearning offers for universities, and we will conclude with our further experience with its practical use.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.991
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Luiza Enachi-Vasluianu, Flavia Mălureanu
      Abstract: In a broad sense, conflict is an interactive process displayed through incompatibility, disagreement or dissension among social entities such as individuals, groups, organizations, etc. In a society in a changing, based on competitiveness, conflict is an integral part of human relationships, as it is a natural component of everyday life. New perspectives on conflict agree that its presence is natural and inherent in the human activity. The educational context is, inevitably, a space of conflicts. According to the actors involved, there has been established the following typology of conflicts: (a) conflicts among students, (b) conflicts among students and teachers, (c) conflicts among teachers and parents, and (d) conflicts among teachers. This paper aims to study the sources of conflict between students at the gymnasium and high school levels to lay emphasis on the aspects that could generate situations of risk or even educational crisis. The starting point in the research was specific literature, the observations and the experiences in the classroom. The items identified were a competitive atmosphere, intolerance, deficient communication as a result of linguistic ambiguity, inappropriate expressions of emotions, aggressiveness, lack of skills in solving conflicts, abuse of teacher’s authority, etc. A questionnaire-based survey was developed, and the respondents were instructed to answer depending on how often they met the situations described by the indicators in the questionnaire. The results obtained were processed using the SPSS analysis. Further studies on conflicts between teachers and students/parents, teachers/peers can complete the research.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.992
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Elena Gavrilova, Kira Trostina
      Abstract: The rationale behind this research is based on the claim that the students actively involved in university-geared extra-curricular activities (ECAs) in foreign languages gain higher employability than their uninvolved peers. With the recruitment market toughening and the universities’ budgets tightening, the role of ECAs in increasing a student’s profile needs revisiting. This paper examines the correlation between participation in free-of-charge and fee-paying ECAs in foreign languages and greater opportunities for better employment. In recognizing the value of extra-curricular input in their future, student’s views of themselves are reshaped. This outcome results in an increase in the number of student-led versus teacher-initiated activities, thus developing students’ autonomy, critical thinking, and cognitive skills. This article reports on the review and findings of the benefits of ECAs in a Russian economic university. The survey shows that employer-focused ECAs in foreign languages unfailingly provide university graduates with an added edge. The paper concludes with a proposal that inexperienced job-hunters have more confidence to seek better employment when armed with a portfolio of achievements in ECAs and non-degree courses.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.993
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Kateřina Glumbíková, Alice Gojová, Soňa Vávrová
      Abstract: The article deals with the use of an anti-oppressive approach in Czech social work focused on homeless people. The theoretical part, among others, looks into the intersectionality of oppression with homeless people. This contribution also presents partial results from two research studies focused on the reflection of oppression by homeless people. The results show that oppression is perceived as pervasive and interconnected by homeless people.  Intrinsically, it forms a barrier in the process of their reintegration into permanent housing forms and a barrier to their access to health services. The necessity of applying the anti-oppressive approach in Czech social work can be clearly deduced from the obtained outcomes. Specifically, its individual instruments such as the production of counter-narratives to oppressive metanarratives, advocacy, critical reflection, and agency.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.994
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Adriana Grenčíková, Jana Španková, Dagmar Petrušová
      Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the developments and trends in higher education. The mission of universities is to develop harmonious personality, knowledge, wisdom, goodness, and creativity in a person and to contribute to the development of education, science, culture and health for the welfare of the whole society. It is necessary to pay attention to changing trends in the labor market in connection with the introduction of new technologies and the creation of new jobs as well as the changing requirements of employers in order to fulfill this mission. Despite falling unemployment, it is still necessary to pay significant attention to the preparation of the new workforce which enters the labor market and mainly to the education of a highly qualified workforce that is required by the labor market. The authors are dedicated to education itself as well as educational trends, they sought to underpin the theoretical background of education through statistical indicators.  The authors used a time series analysis for the identification of trends and changes of the monitored parameters. They used a regression analysis for the prognosis of trends and have been using the index of correlation and determination for the choice of the most probable future development.It is essential that the training of the workforce for the labor market and the education sector respond to the changes in a flexible manner. The conventional way of education will become substandard over several years, not only the content but also a technological transformation will be required.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.995
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Martin Halaj
      Abstract: Every organization has an interest in protecting its assets and increasing its profit. To preserve the integrity, organizations generally ensure their assets are safe. Today, especially in large organizations, asset security is a chief priority in decision-making. A factor affecting the level of an organization’s security is its safety culture. This factor is measured by the level by which the organization and its employees adopt and comply with security rules and principles. The status of a safety culture can have a positive or negative impact on the organization’s security, which directly affects its development. The aim of this article is to describe approaches for assessing the safety culture of different organizations. The study results can be used to compare several organizations, and it is possible to identify differences in the level of safety culture after applying innovative changes.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.996
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Monika Hanáková, Aba Teleki, Boris Lacsný
      Abstract: This paper presents a method of modifying original scores to obtain independent random variables. It includes an analysis of the consequences of using such a method. The paper also describes the mathematical background of the method in detail and discusses the possible use of the method in identifying student or participant assessments that are over- or underrated. The method distinguishes performances of students and assesses their written solutions using a scoring scheme. In this study, it is used to analyze the competence of participants in the Physics Olympiad competition. Scoring schemes that are appropriately set by an author for a physics problem present the participant scores as independent random variables. The assessment solutions are analyzed using analytical tools (such as covariant matrix) for the dependence of random variables. The evaluators of the participants’ solutions were highly qualified professionals. Nevertheless, the study found statistical evidence of minor distortion in the evaluations, though this was found to only marginally affected the ranking of participants
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.997
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vesela Kazashka, Margarita Ruseva, Paulina Stoyanova
      Abstract: This paper reflects the goals and objectives of the fundamental scientific research project “Young Scientists 2016” at the Scientific Research Fund of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.The aim of this research is to analyze and map the cultural industries in Plovdiv. The intention is the resources of cultural industries to be researched using empirical data and then based on this research to be ranged and mapped.  Furthermore, the research team is looking for a new model and tool-set for appraisal of the cultural industries. The methods employed are based on success indicators borrowed from economics and statistics.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.999
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Kristina Kilova, Vanya Lazarova, Tanya Kitova, Desislava Bakova, Angelina Kirkova-Bogdanova
      Abstract: Processes such as economic and cultural globalization put forward the issue on the quality of education. The increasing interconnectivity between economy and different societal spheres, driven by the accelerated development of information technology and the free movement of capital, increasingly links the prosperity of a country and its individuals to knowledge and technology, to the ability to learn and understand experience. In this context, it is of paramount importance to set national educational goals and to shape relevant policies.Constructive student feedback, establishment of systems of continuous control, and implementation of changes based on a scientific conceptual framework will help the education to move from quality assurance to quality improvement. The quality of education is a responsibility of all participants – lecturers, students, institution management. Automating the feedback process with students will lead to a faster analysis of the results, making adequate management decisions in order to achieve the ultimate goal – improving the quality of higher education.In the present paper the need for regularly providing students with the opportunity actively to participate in the management of quality of education is justified. The paper deals with the automation of collection, analysis of the needed information and consequent adequate management decisions. A conceptual model of “Web-based information system for quality assessment of the education” in higher schools with a focus on the survey and its design are also presented.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1000
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Angelina Kirkova-Bogdanova
      Abstract: Healthcare specialists should have a sound level of computer literacy to work with medical information systems, electronic health records, telecare solutions and other modern ICT applications. A successful career in an ICT supported position as in healthcare requires proficiency in using computer technology in performing tasks. The knowledge about the level of computer literacy of our students allows two important decisions to be taken: first - the necessity of restructuring the content of the subject “Informatics” to make up for the gaps from previous education in technologies and second – the evaluation of volume and nature of electronic educational resources to be included in the training.The aim of the present study is to assess computer literacy of health care students and to investigate the self-assessment of their computer skills.Materials and methods: The study was conducted in the period April – December 2016 among 279 students from different health care specialties. To receive an objective grade, computer literacy was assessed by a didactic test specially designed for this purpose. The process of creation and validation of the assessment tool is discussed. Students were also asked to self-assess their computer literacy.Results: The students demonstrated good computer literacy with no statistically significant impact of gender and age. Female students tend to underestimate their computer skills, while men have realistic self-assessment. Students become more critical with age – older students have lower self-assessment compared to their real performance.Conclusion: The computer literacy of healthcare students is not alarmingly low, it allows them to take full advantage of e-learning. However, the course in informatics should include more activities that would allow them to upgrade their computer skills.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1001
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Agata Klaus-Rosińska, Jan Betta
      Abstract: The purpose of this article is to provide a way of creating a maturity model for organizations implementing research projects. This will be done with an emphasis on constructing questionnaires to collect the necessary data. The result of the article is not the final version of the questionnaires but a guideline on how the construction can look like. The article presents also the reasons and explanations why maturity models in project the management area are important. The methods used in the article are literature review and lessons learned from previous experiences.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1002
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Zuzana Koblišková, Zuzana Haramiová, Tomáš Tesař
      Abstract: : A pharmacist is an expert on medications. At the same time as the most accessible health care provider, the pharmacist fulfills an important social mission. For a pharmacist, work satisfaction plays an important role in several aspects of his practice in a pharmacy. Our primary goal was to conduct a local analysis with the purpose of testing the proposed questionnaire evaluating various dimensions of the professional satisfaction of pharmacists. Our secondary goals were as follows: to analyze individual dimensions of pharmacists’ professional satisfaction, to assess the quality of life in the context of the pharmacists’ professional satisfaction and to analyze the impact of selected characteristics (age, location of the pharmacy) on the pharmacists’ quality of life. The study is based on a questionnaire survey among pharmacists in Bratislava from July to September 2016. Data were collected in person. Respondents were randomly selected from community pharmacies., Equal number of respondents were selected from three different types of pharmacies: a) public pharmacy or its branch in a medical facility or a health centre b) public pharmacy or its branch in a shopping centre c) public pharmacy or its branch in a residential housing development. The results of the study show that the professional satisfaction of pharmacists in Bratislava is evaluated positively. Out of all 27 questions of the questionnaire, only three were evaluated negatively. The analysis points out that pharmacists are dissatisfied with the conditions in the workplace, regulation and legal responsibilities stemming from the profession of a pharmacist, healthcare system, and health insurance companies. The majority of the pharmacists characterized their state of mind on the job as concentrated. Older respondents were more tired and less energized. With regards to the location of a pharmacy, respondents that work in pharmacies located in residential housing developments feel the most concentrated. The knowledge of needs and problems of the profession is the essential precondition for its continued successful development, and its position in current as well as future European and Slovak healthcare systems. Until now, the quality of the professional life of pharmacists has not become a subject of systematic research and evaluation in Slovakia. Our study showed that the professional satisfaction of pharmacists in Bratislava is evaluated positively.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1003
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)
           IN PLOVDIV

    • Authors: Vasil Kolev, Asya Ivanova
      Abstract: This paper presents the conditions of economic and political changes within  the 90s in Bulgaria and the necessity of a new way of thinking at managing cultural institutions  in the conditions of the market economy. As a response to that problem it was created the first of its kind in Bulgaria master’s degree program „Art management.“For that purpose a brief overview of the formal models of funding the arts worldwide are presented along with the characteristics at regional levels which led to the creation of the new educational programme.The main disciplines studied in the educational module aiming to develop a new set of skills among artists are listed with a brief introduction of their scope. A local survey conducted at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv, analyzing  the interest of the first of its kind in Bulgaria master’s degree program „Art management“ is presented. The initial result of the evolution of the educational programme based on the number of students enrolled per year are the motivation for the start of a lager research project “ÄRT” funded by the SRF, Ministry of Education and Science.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1004
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Joanna Maria Kowalewska, Maria Jolanta Sołtysik
      Abstract: For every designer, it is crucial to be creative. But generating new, innovative ideas tends to be a difficult task. Nevertheless, some technique can be used to improve the quality of the designing process. Getting knowledge about such tools can be of much value for all future architects and engineers. This article presents an original academic course, which was inaugurated in 2015 at the Faculty of Architecture in Gdańsk University of Technology and organized for the first year students of Spatial Planning. The course was repeated in 2016 and is being currently led in 2017. The title of the course was ‘Garden Cities and the Gardens in the Cities. A Course with Elements of Training Creativity’. The aim of the course was to encourage the participants to develop their creativity by introducing creative thinking techniques and thus to facilitate their projects. Among the recommended creative thinking techniques were mainly the ones presented in the ‘Odyssey of the Mind’ educational program, including such techniques as the ‘Mind Map,’ the ‘Brainstorm’ and the ‘Superheroes.’ Moreover, during the study, participants had a chance to improve their team working skills. The practical usage of the introduced innovative methods was to be tested on issues concerning green environmental projects in urban areas. At the end of the course, most of the participants declared, in the final students’ questionnaires, to use the recommended techniques in future, and that they strongly appreciated all that they had learned during the study.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1005
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Michal Kozubík, Barbora Odrášková
      Abstract: This study compares family upbringing in Slovak Roma during the 18th century with that of current times. It attempts to identify parallels between the Samuel Augusitni’s 18th-century masterpiece: Gypsy in Hungary, and more recent data from a long-term study of Roma people in the eastern Slovakia–Poprad District. Open and axial coding inspired by the Strauss and Corbin Grounded Theory method is used to analyze the data. The primary results reveal that the common feature in all social classes of the settlement is a strong relationship between children and family. The poorest parents fail to provide adequate living conditions. Their children are brought up on the ‘street’ and come home only when hungry, thirsty, or want to sleep. Parents do not support further education of their children for several reasons: fear of an unknown environment, distrust of most educational institutions, or financial benefit of the family.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1006
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Viacheslav Krylov
      Abstract: This article analyses the evolution of literary reflections among the representatives of the 19th-early 20th-century trends and schools where ideas on national literature distinctness were formed. The study specifies both an invariant of the notions of national literature identity and individual variations that did not find further development in literary self-awareness. The essays of the 1870-80s suggest that there was formed an image of the original literature opposed to European literature. A new impetus to the problem of national identity in literature was attached to the era of the Silver Age; however, the analysis of the literary review, historical and literary discourses of the turn of the century leads to the conclusion that it was in this era that the ideology of literary centrism was further strengthened, and the exclusive status of Russian literature in culture received detailed reflection.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1007
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Diāna Laiveniece, Linda Lauze
      Abstract: In modern linguodidactics, there is no uniform understanding of the necessity of translation in the acquisition of a foreign language. The aim of the research is to find out the language attitudes held by full-time and Erasmus exchange program foreign students towards translation in acquiring Latvian as a foreign language on language proficiency level A1 and A2.The research is based on a qualitative study dealing with the results of survey data as well as direct observations inferred from the work with foreign students. The questionnaire consists of 11 questions on translation and usage of dictionaries and a question about personal information. The answers of 35 respondents from 12 countries have been analyzed. 91.43 % of the respondents enjoy translation tasks, only 8.57 % of answers are negative. The highest evaluation was given for word translation, that is, 4.23 for translation from a foreign language (Latvian) into English (being the intermediary language) and 4.15 the other way round in a five point scale. Diverse linguistic experience, differences among language systems, students’ language attitudes establish the purposeful use of translation in foreign language acquisition.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1008
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rovena Kushta
      Abstract: Motivation of workers is a field of interest to any institution. Motivated workers displaying high levels of satisfaction, or otherwise lack of dissatisfaction, have a positive impact on the overall work performance. The study aims to measure motivation levels and the influence of factors such as motivation-hygiene on satisfaction/dissatisfaction level among workers of social care institutions. A quantitative method of assessment is used. The sample consists of 110 workers. Results show a positive and statistically significant correlation between motivation factors and the levels of satisfaction with work. Responsibility is the selected factor with the biggest impact on satisfaction by the workers of the institutions surveyed. There is a positive but not statistically significant correlation between such factors as hygiene and lack of satisfaction at work. To the workers, the responsible supervisor is the factor with the biggest impact on the lack of satisfaction at work, while administrative policies are calculated as being r (Pearson) = -0.27 and sig = 0.761, which shows that they influence the dissatisfaction levels at work. Therefore institutions must pay attention to motivation strategies with the purpose of increasing satisfaction and thus decreasing dissatisfaction levels at work.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1009
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ermira Lleshi
      Abstract: Albania has made positive steps in improving the legal framework of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and the political environment. The laws have encountered several amendments in the last 10 years, but there is still room for improvement. Albania has incorporated the EU directives and the UNCITRAL recommendations into PPPs legislation and we have to admit the effectiveness of the law 125/2013 “On concessions and public private partnership.” This paper aims to present a view of the actual legal and sublegal framework of PPPs in our country and to note the development of this sector in potential benefits for both sectors, private and public.Moreover, judicial quality has improved in Albania even though there is room for further improvement. Moreover, there has been noticed a strengthening of institutional capacity due to co-ordination of consultants and external advisers, but government agencies are at the early stages of developing PPPs. The political environment for PPPs is favourable, especially in the energy and transport sector. Further improvement is required in the transparency and fairness of procedures in practice.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1010
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Hristo Manev, Mancho Manev
      Abstract: The increased usage of information technologies in everyday life and especially in education leads to demands for new forms of teaching, studying and the appropriate examination and evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills of the students.Modern electronic educational systems use only those technologies that improve the learning process and make it more effective. Interactive education provides an opportunity to develop skills for independent literature research and activation of cognitive activity.In this work, it is shown how modern electronic education is implemented in the curriculum of English language pharmaceutical students at the Medical University – Plovdiv in the course of Information Technologies. It is developed with a methodological approach of a hybrid system, i.e. compulsory attendance at lectures in combination with two different types of conduction of the final test for comparison – a paper-based test and a remote web-based one. The results received from the parallel tests are processed and analyzed and the conclusions are used to enhance the quality of the developed test and the type of implementation. Moreover, the examined students fill in an anonymous poll to show the authors their thoughts for this type of hybrid educational system.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1011
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Hermína Mareková
      Abstract: : The basic principle for the exercise of professional social work is the respect for human rights and social justice. The social worker's activity is associated with high expectations on the part of society, although the moral standards of society are typically on a lower level. The legislative environment or norms governing the decisions of social workers are determined by legislation as well as generally applicable ethical norms. In practice, this creates ethical dilemmas consisting in the acceptance of a hierarchy or priorities of individual norms, whereas the adopted and applied values and norms can be counterproductive. This situation may cause a conflict between professional ethics and valid social norms. The following article tackles the issues in social work arising from the stereotypes surviving in society and a lack of competence of many social workers.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1012
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Erika Melonashi
      Abstract: Online activity serves different purposes, one of them being communication and social interaction. Studies have demonstrated that individuals tend to display online behavioral patterns that are similar to their social groups; also there is some evidence that individuals who have interaction difficulties in real life (e.g., social anxiety) might engage more in online behavior. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between self-reported time spent online, descriptive social norms, and social anxiety symptoms in a sample of 356 Albanian University students. Participants were recruited online. Results showed a significant predictive model for self-reported time spent online, F (7,342)=48.99, p<.001, R2=.50. Age, gender, and the four social anxiety components were not significant predictors; only descriptive norms had a significant effect, β=.70, p<.001. Results are in line with the social normative approach to internet use and have several implications which are discussed in the paper.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1013
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)
           OLD AGE

    • Authors: Vanina Mihaylova, Dimitar Shopov, Iliya Bivolarski, Adolf Alakidi, Kristina Kilova
      Abstract: : Ageing should be considered not only as an increase in the number of elderly and old people in their absolute and relative numbers, but also as a unity of the transformations of the lifecycle, with an emphasis on: later retirement, prolonged period of good‑quality life, an active approach towards the process of retirement and differentiation of the category of “fourth age”. The general preparation for old age has earned a new appeal in the contemporary societies. Motivation of the old people for activity – both physical and intellectual – is of great importance for the better survival of the old age and long life in good health, supported by realized well-being and feeling of joy from life. In this aspect the study of both risk and protective factors for human health (in a salutogenetic perspective) becomes increasingly fundamental. The issue of population at an advanced age has definitely been considered as an independent subject since the beginning of the 21st century. Moreover, the society perceives it as an essential basis for further progress and flourishing of the mankind. In this sense the demographic strategies treating the problem need to address it in a new positive way, with different and positive attitude, accepting the population-related failures and anxiety and turning them into challenges and advantages.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1014
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ján Mišík, Jozef Kubás
      Abstract: A prerequisite for performance of self-government and its integral components is the government’s ability to adequately execute self-governance, which is essential for its efficiency and thus, the meaning of its existence. In villages, in addition to the main activities, a number of supporting activities are carried out to ensure smooth functioning of the core business. Among the supporting activities for municipalities is safety management. The current management guidelines and processes of many municipalities cover components of safety management, but not in a systematic approach. The adoption of an ‘official’ process of safety management realizes the need for a critical review of their existing practices and its process in the field of security. This contribution deals with the issue of safety management and the responsible roles for creating a safety management system of a village. The purpose of such a system is to ensure the safety of all operations involved in achieving village objectives and to prevent security threats to life, property, and the environment. This contribution mainly focuses on the safety sector of municipalities, which forms the core of the safety management system of a village.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1015
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Akan Mubarakov, Jaroslav Kultan, Ainash Davletova, Mira Rakhimzhanova
      Abstract: When considering the various areas of computer mathematics, especially geometry sticks out, where the problem analysis clearly and fully illustrates the computer. The discipline called "Computer Geometry" (F.Preparato, M.Sheymos) worthily appreciated by modern scientists. However, the practice of training in the higher education institutions (especially training of future teachers), does not provide studying of the Computer Geometry as an academic subject. Perspectives and methodology of Computer Geometry are developed by detailed study of specific problems, and the selection of the content of such course should be conducted on the basis of certain principles, all of which in total have to reflect the prospects of formation of the identity of the trainee as the subject of education adequately.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1016
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Cabangile N. Ngwane
      Abstract: : Traditional cultural practices reflect values and beliefs of members of a community. Culture is an umbrella term, which explains common things people share such as language, customs, beliefs and the way of life. This paper seeks to look at male circumcision culture of a certain indigenous group in South Africa. Male circumcision is associated with ethnic marks, virility, masculinity, rite of passage to manhood however, there are many ethical concerns centering on male circumcision. Hence, this paper seeks to explore the ethical concerns surrounding male circumcision culture of a selected ethnical group in order to contribute to ethical execution of the practice. Little has been done on ethical issues surrounding male circumcision.  The fallacy surrounding this phenomenon needs further investigation. The paper intends to contribute to the debate on male circumcision as a way of mitigating HIV/AIDS infections. The Social Norm Theory has been used to explain the phenomenon under study. The constructivist research paradigm enabled the interviewing of participants from the target population, as the study is inductive in nature. The key finding was that they do male circumcision mostly in an unethical way that it also affects women and children. They also do it based on the misconception and the fallacy that they will not get HIV/AIDS.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1017
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Cabangile N. Ngwane
      Abstract: : The study investigates ethical supervision and mentoring during work-integrated learning (WIL) placement as WIL has emerged as a new venture in higher education. Work-integrated learning has emerged as a higher education endeavour that has created a new role for senior leadership and management.  The study aims to investigate the ethical supervision and mentoring of students during the work-integrated learning programme in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the programme and improve student employability.  More work has been done on work-integrated learning however, little has been done on the ethical supervision and mentoring of students during WIL.  The study contributes to the debate of WIL implementation.  The study revealed that there is a lack of adequate training for supervisors, which sometimes results in students running errands.  The positivist research paradigm underpinning the study led to the use of a survey research design and questionnaires.  During the research process, research ethical rules had been adhered to in order to ensure reliability of findings.  A socio-cultural theory has been employed.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1018
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Liana Dehelean, Ana Maria Romosan, Petru Papazian, Mircea Babaita
      Abstract: Background: While medical and polytechnic education systems seem dissimilar in approach, they both share a certain level of difficulty. After graduating, polytechnic students find easy employment in national or multinational companies, whereas medical students are presented with more job opportunities abroad. The purpose of the study was to compare students’ satisfaction with training and career preferences from a technical and a medical perspective. The methods were as follows: the study participants were divided in two samples (polytechnic and medical undergraduates) and asked to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire regarding their professional training. In addition, they were invited to express options about the intended future career. Results: we found no differences between the two samples regarding the participants’ satisfaction with teaching staff and labs. Polytechnic students have more Ph.D. opportunities while medical students were more involved with participation in conferences. Satisfaction with lectures and practical projects was significantly higher among medical students. Conclusions: Both polytechnic and medical students rate their training as satisfying, and half of them consider leaving the country.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1019
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Constantin Petrovici, Tudor Stanciu
      Abstract: This article analyses the different modalities of applying the theory of learning styles in the teaching-learning-assessment process.On the assumption that the mode of receiving information influences how we learn, the researchers Richard Bandler and John Grinder created the Neuro linguistic programming theory. Learning that considers the neuro-linguistic paradigm is an inclusive learning type, which harmonizes the individual needs of the learner with concrete ways to meet those needs. This type of differentiated training represents a tool which allows teachers to achieve the best possible correspondence between their teaching strategies and individual learning styles.To support our arguments, we created an example of teaching activities using the Neuro linguistic paradigm in mathematics lessons. This example illustrates how each student can be directed in the process of solving tasks useful in the issue demonstration, tasks which are appropriate to his learning style.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1020
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Laura Mirela Pintilie
      Abstract: The goal of this study was to determine the main variables that are part of the management strategies for quality assurance in higher education. The study was conducted in 2016 on a representative sample of secondary schools in Suceava County, Romania. The research methodology has mixed quantitative analysis of collected data using a questionnaire applied to teachers from seven schools in the Suceava County (268 respondents) and qualitative analysis of public documents referring to performances in the secondary education system. To achieve the questionnaire, an adaptation of the SERVQUAL method was used, specific for the services domain. It was aimed at establishing the differences between perceptions and expectations of teachers on human and material resources necessary to ensure the quality of services in education. The results were correlated with data on students’ performances in high school and / or professional school.Changing the mentality of the teachers, self-assessment and objective assessment of the work performed and working conditions can lead to increased quality of educational services with direct effects in improving school performance of direct beneficiaries of education, the students.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1021
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Bartosz Płotka, Cristina Iulia Ghenu, Laura Brad
      Abstract: The recent development of biotechnology generated a new set of individual and public moral dilemmas gathered under the name of bioethics or biopolitics. These issues are specific because they merge – as nothing else before – moral, private and political spheres. Thus, public awareness of these cases and of any elements that can influence personal bioethical decisions must be stimulated. One of such methods is the academic teaching of bioethics. Since Darryl R.J. Macer defined the latter as “the love of life, reflecting the hope that bioethics may value life in a process involving emotions and rationality” we found interesting to investigate the role of emotional maturity (EM) in solving bioethical dilemmas. The study involved 103 Polish and Romanian students asked first to fill the Friedman’s emotional maturity form and then solve chosen exercises based on UNESCO’s Moral Games for Teaching Bioethics. The results indicate that a high level of emotional maturity correlates positively with the students’ ability to express their moral beliefs for Romanians and negatively for Poles; therefore, the results indicate there is a need to modernize the actual standards for teaching bioethics by enriching them with either emotional or rational components according to the cultural premises.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1022
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Encarnación Postigo Pinazo
      Abstract: Communication with individuals who suffer from a severe intellectual disability is a challenging task for professionals. Technological aids have often been put forward as useful tools. However, most well-known programs are usually designed for disabled people who can perform a certain number of tasks and have some skills for communication. Subjects with severe intellectual disability are seldom the target of research and the training of professionals working with them is hardly properly matched. To fill this gap a group of researchers of the ongoing European project EC+ gather to created friendly communication tools with scientific information and multimodal resources to offer professionals and future professionals (university students) tools, materials, and strategies to communicate with users by means of mobile applications using agile technologies, which will improve communication and hence the quality of staff performance and will reduce stressful situations for both groups, the disabled and workers. The tools were assessed by trainees and professionals in the field of healthcare, education, and community interpreting. The present article focuses on the first and second stages of the EC+ project, which aims to engage professionals and students in seminars, online courses and the completion of questionnaires based on their experience, suggestions, and needs. Research shows that the object of the project is really substantial and hence suggests a further improvement for the work of professionals and therefore is extremely beneficial for the intellectual disabled community. Precise scientific training in several syndromes that hinder communication skills, multimodal tools and the provision of friendly agile technologies draws a promising scenario in this particular field. The results of the questionnaires sent by trainees after the following courses show that they have considerably improved their professional skills and gained self-confidence.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1023
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Vesna Prodanovska-Poposka
      Abstract: Speaking as a productive skill is one of the very first obstacles that foreign language users face when using the language. Knowledge of a language does not refer to the correct and proper pronunciation however, being able to produce sounds, words or utterances in their proper way does not refer to proficiency of a language nor can it assess the overall level of the user of that particular language. The aim of this study is to present the components of speaking as a productive skill emphasizing the role of acquiring proper pronunciation as a factor for effective communication. The study also presents the most significant "common core" of English pronunciation as a lingua franca, details of the requested phonological competence as knowledge set by the Common European Framework of Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment and viewpoints of EFL teachers and authors. Additionally, the study includes data from EFL self- assessments from University students in Macedonia regarding their speaking and pronunciation skills and overall evaluation from their assessor –an English language instructor.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1024
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Boris Pták, Jozef Fecenko, Bibiana Barabasová, Nikola Benecová
      Abstract: The aim of this paper is to refer the issue of the vision of children in an orphanage about family and family life. The aim of the research is to identify, analyze and describe their own idea of their future family and family life. The theoretical introduction briefly describes the family, types and functions of the family and the institution of a children's home. In this study we used a quantitative questionnaire method and the techniques of descriptive (mean, median, mode) and inferential statistics. Based on the author's questionnaire we can confirm and subvert predefined research questions and draws a clear conclusion. Children from orphanages state that the most important value for them is family. In this regard, the contribution shows importance of family and recommendation of counseling for children before leaving the orphanage to help have a successful family life in the future.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1025
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ewa Ptaszyńska
      Abstract: This article is based on research conducted at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and was financed by the National Centre of Science with the purpose of identifying success and failure factors for university research projects. The research shows that the human factor was crucial in determining the outcome of university research projects. This article presents the analysis and results of selected aspects of a research project into human resource management. The study involves in-depth interviews with 40 project managers of university research projects. Based on interview responses, the following features are evaluated: main reasons for starting research projects, different methods of selecting the research project manager, research team member selection criteria, management styles used by research projects managers, and crucial problems connected with the human factor that occurred in the research projects being analyzed.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1026
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Dora Radeva, Hristina Petrova
      Abstract: The introduction of the FOUR PAWS educational project "Children Learn to Protect Animals" to the Bulgarian school system was prompted by a disturbing trend of a considerable increase of violence among children, including cases of cruelty toward animals. As a response to the social request for proper reaction and relevant decisions, FOUR PAWS offers a flexible educational program that includes an interactive textbook for children "Close to Animals", a complete teachers’ methodology and a new university teachers' program. All textbooks and qualification trainings for teachers are provided by FOUR PAWS animal welfare charity free of charge. The approach offered is focusing on the specific welfare of and love for animals to address the general issue – teach children to be tolerant and show empathy towards both animals and humans, and thus prevent aggression.The program is directed to pre-school and primary school children and teachers. It is promoted closely with Bulgarian educational institutions and local authorities.Results:- over 6000 kids included, 130 teachers trained.- programme is well-accepted in all sorts of schools: of high and not so high reputation. It helps facilitate socialization and integration of children from marginalized minority groups.The social acceptance shown proves the programme's potential and the need for expansion via new educational tools and measures.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1027
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Aigul Sadvakassova, Meryert Serik, Jaroslav Kultan
      Abstract: The transition towards innovative cloud computing technologies will allow universities to reduce the costs of purchasing software licenses and expensive computer parks with  large amounts of memory and disks, since the programs used in training sessions, as well as all the results of work done, can be stored in the cloud. The transfer of educational services to the cloud will facilitate switching to a format of "learning everywhere and all the time". This article considers the pedagogical possibilities of cloud technologies, which confirm the expediency of use in the education process. The definition of cloud computing is discussed. In addition, the main task of the research was considered: using cloud technologies as a tool in the organizing education process. The experience of using open source software in training is given. The basic methods of using cloud technology in the learning process are presented.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1028
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Teodor Savov, Valentina Terzieva, Katia Todorova, Petia Kademova-Katzarova
      Abstract: The information and communication technologies (ICT) have penetrated into almost all areas of human life. They have a dual impact on education – increase learning efficiency and train students actively to use innovations. We assess this impact by examining teachers’ experience with innovative tools in Bulgarian schools. In an anonymous online survey, we investigate their opinions on the issues related to technology integration in contemporary classrooms. The research shows that educators appreciate the benefits of technology implementation in the teaching-learning process, but they need a single structured system encompassing all technological resources and tools. This work proposes a conception for a smart classroom – an innovative learning environment that can establish and control suitable conditions for education as well as to impact the instructional process directly.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1029
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Irina Sidorcuka, Anna Chesnovicka
      Abstract: The contemporary job market is facing the arrival of new type of employee –generation Z representatives, known as “digital natives”, who are described as technological, social, global and developed, the most connected, clever and educated generation thatever existed before, driven by social media, influenced by brands and musical culture. At the moment, this generation is considered to be two billion big.This study is looking at the existing methods of generation Z staff attraction and retention in the company Evolution (Latvia), where they make a majority. Further analyzing which of the methods are perceived as most efficient and which values of this generation are met by the company. Methods include company literature review, questionnaires and interviews. It was concluded the Gen Z have specific preferences in communication and can be reached through a variety of social platforms and special events provided by the company. As potential and current employees, they are not looking for life-long employment, put forward their specific values and expect the potential employer to attract them by meeting their needs in terms of flexible working hours, flexible (varied) jobs where their individuality can be applied, company excellent reputation, innovation, speed of change, platform for educational and promotional advancement, specific fringe benefits.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1030
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ivana Škorecová, Aba Teleki, Ľubomír Zelenický
      Abstract: This article presents a comparison of two physics school texts from the perspective of readability and use of specific terms. The study uses the survival function to associate the readability of physics school text to the length of terms used in the text. First, the study compares the survival functions of two full texts and that of the terms in these texts, and then analyzes the associated relative readability. Next, the results of two cloze tests involving 150 students are compared. The last step investigates the randomness of the differences between the results. The results show a strong correlation between the test scores and the probability distributions of terms used in the school texts. The difference between the probability distribution of the compared texts corresponds with the differences between the appropriate survival functions, where random fluctuations in the frequency of terms are suppressed.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1031
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Valentina Aleksandrovna Solovyova
      Abstract: An educational web resource is a tool that can help discern useful data on the Internet. A system of criteria, however, is needed to assess the quality of this resource. Existing assessment models use various principles for this purpose. Ten such models are considered in this paper, though none of these use the basic principles of education. This paper suggests a unique new model that considers the major pedagogical principles of scientific content, visualization, the availability and feasibility of education, humanization of education, and students’ consciousness and participation. These principles are modified for the requirements of e-learning. The main focus of creating the model is the learner. Some assessment-related points in the suggested model are described in a more detailed manner than in previous models. The new model provides criteria that can ensure the quality of an educational Web resource. Thus, the model can form the foundation for creating educational resources.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1032
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Goda Stonkuvienė
      Abstract: This article discusses (self-)education of ‘learning to learn’ in a preschool institution. It emphasizes the particularities of this (self-)education in the context of pedagogues’ experiences. The (self‑)education of learning how to learn at a preschool age is an essential foundation for lifelong learning, defined not only in documents of the European Union but also in those of Lithuania and ones regulating preschool education since 2014. This pilot research reveals pedagogues’ experiences in applied education practice, as well as features of the children’s (self-)education in ‘learning to learn’ in a preschool institution. Interviews provide an understanding of pedagogues’ approaches to the structure, planning, and development of the ‘learning to learn’ concept. They also reveal results on how to manage (self‑)education, as determined by the children’s individual learning, experiences and abilities, learning topics initiated by them, and the significance of their educational environment. Pedagogues’ preparedness to develop children’s ‘learning to learn’ is expressed by the need for help necessary for them, to strive towards a more successful (self-)education of children’s ‘learning to learn’ in the preschool institution.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1033
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Rasa Subaciene, Kastytis Senkus
      Abstract: The profession of the accountant has many aspects. Accountants shape the largest amount of information in an enterprise and play an important role in the enterprise's activity. This profession is highly regulated, very responsible and usually includes a wide range of topics: including but not limited to different spheres of accounting, formation of accounting policies, or even information system for enterprises. This suggests the need for an investigation into the accountant's profile, in order to determine the set of features which ideally should be developed for the profession. The purpose of the article is to investigate the accountant's profile from the perception of students and practitioners. For the achievement of this purpose the following methods were used: a questionnaire-based study, information systematization, comparison, and summarization. The results of the research from the study were used for the evaluation of the profile of the accountant, for the development of the necessary set of features an accountant should hold, and finally, the results may be used for the future assessment of accounting study programs of higher educational institutions.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1034
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Peter Petrov, Maria Temnikova
      Abstract: Introduction: The building up of transversal competencies and the creation of transferable skills is one of the most important factors for efficient education of mathematics in primary school.    Purpose of study: The purpose of this article is the development of the concepts of transferable skills and transversal competencies, as well as the alternatives for their creation and development in and through the education of mathematics in Grades 1 – 4.    Methods: For the purposes of this study, longitudinal qualitative and quantitative research was applied. The following methods were used: experiment, observation, test, analysis of the content, and mathematical-statistical methodology for data processing.Findings and results: The percentage of the Grade 4 students who wrongly correlate the text of the mathematical task to a given mathematical model decreased from 42,31% to 3,85%. Also, the percentage of the students who were not able to create a mathematical model decreased from 38,46% to 7,69%. The percentage of the students who correctly created mathematical models increased from 26 % - 38%.  Conclusions: Transferable skills and cognitive transversal competency for processing of information were developed completely.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1035
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Venelin Terziev, Nikolay Nichev
      Abstract: The socio-economical changes in the Bulgarian society leave their traces in all spheres of public life and in the military education system in particular. The implemented reforms in the Republic of Bulgaria assign to military higher schools the task to train officers with management skills and abilities at a higher level, ready to solve efficiently complicated and versatile tasks. The specific character of the non-combatant officer’s activity, sets increased requirements to their training and assurance of its effectiveness. The non-combatant cadet’s management skills and abilities appear to be significant indicators of improving the effectiveness in the military professional training for management activity and developing a readiness for the timely taking of quality management decisions. The research target is the professional military training of the future logistic officers. The research aim is to analyze the acquired skills and abilities in the course of professional military training management and to related to them management effectiveness. The methods of research are: theoretical analyses of the military education literature, inquiry, statistics, substantiation and general conclusions.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1036
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Michela Tramonti, Desislava Paneva-Marinova, Radoslav Pavlov
      Abstract: According to worldwide surveys (such as PISA and TIMSS), European students often lack both mathematical and key basic competencies in science and technology. The mean scores for mathematics obtained by students are below the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development average (OECD). The learning of the mathematics literacy enables students to contribute effectively in actual society, enhancing their employment prospects. This paper intends to describe an innovative learning and teaching approach, actually in the development phase, in the field of mathematics for 14-16 years old students through the combination of current approaches used in Europe (such as inquiry based learning and technology-enhanced learning) and the Asian one, the Singapore’s method based on three phases, concrete-pictorial-abstract, through the use of artworks. This intends to allow the development of a more effective educational and training environment for teachers and their students who will benefit from the use of more attractive and fun pedagogical tools in the study of mathematics.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1037
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Yordanka Tsokova, Tanya Taneva, Biyanka Tornyova, Todor Cherkezov
      Abstract: : E-learning is seen as a possible solution to the problem of modernization of the university education in response to the changing needs of the society. In undergraduate healthcare training, e-learning is implemented predominantly as blended learning in addition to the traditional classroom teaching. A major factor in the success of e-learning are learners’ attitudes, beliefs and concerns. The aim of the present study was to investigate undergraduate healthcare students’ attitude to e-learning at Medical University – Plovdiv. In this case, e-learning is considered to be electronic educational resources organized as an interactive e-learning unit or course, provided through a learning content management system. The survey was carried out in 2016 through a self-reported questionnaire among 270 first year students from ten healthcare specialties. Participants were asked to express a degree of agreement with nine statements on a five point Likert scale. The influence of gender, age, specialty and previous e-learning experience on the opinion of students was investigated. The results showed that students’ attitudes towards e-learning were positive, but learners were not enthusiastic about it. Genders have different views about e-learning implementation – women are more likely to accept it. The experience first year students had did not allow them to judge if e-learning supports better time-management or life-long learning skills. Students agreed that implementation of e-learning depends on the subjects and there are disciplines that can be provided as distant courses within the learning management system.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1038
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Iulia Țuțuianu
      Abstract: Paul Evdokimov endeavored to bring into a secularized and desecrated world the solution of the Russian mystics as a means for transfiguring the bland and gray ‘reality’ of a world focused only on material values in which everything ends now and here without referral to the transcendent. In this mindset, only a different approach will resound in the soul and consciousness of the contemporary person and the old approaches, which appealed to fear and terror, have long lost any power of persuasion. Evdokimov believed that only a God of love could speak to the contemporary world. This paper aims to reveal the details of Paul Evdokimov’s vision and solution for the moral crisis of contemporary society.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1039
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Teodora Varbanova
      Abstract: This article aims to present state policy in respect of the provision of ICT in schools and more specifically – computerized workplaces. The definition of the author for computerized workplaces: desktop, laptop, terminal or (hybrid) tablet. For this purpose, the presented and analyzed data are from the implementation of the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria National Program "Information and communication technologies (ICT) in the schools" for the period: school years 2012/2013, 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. The data are obtained from the Ministry of education and science in February 2015 in response to a request for access to public information by the author. In this article some of the analyzed data give objective information about the state funding for securing computerized workplaces and the total amount of investments, and effectively covered schools, for the survey period.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1040
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Inesa Vietienė
      Abstract: As economic, social, and political conditions are rapidly changing in modern society and the development of information and communication technologies is constantly in progress, attitudes toward children and their education are also transforming. Childhood education takes place in various environments through intercultural dialogue between child and adult, which is often interpreted in the context of communication theory. A dialogue between child and adult is also supplemented and enriched by hermeneutics in various environments. This dialogue enables the disclosure and understanding of the diversity of experiences of child and adult, learner and educator. Hermeneutics provides circumstances for childhood education to be perceived as a multidimensional and unique process. From the hermeneutic perspective, the intercultural dialogue between child and adult focuses on the problem of understanding in which the awareness of the whole, rather than participation and interaction, has particular importance in interpreting one’s own experience and perception.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1041
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Justīne Vīķe
      Abstract: There is a public demand for communication of scientific findings that account for fragmentary expression of activities included in different science communication models. This study identifies factors facilitating the involvement of the scientific community in science communication. The primary data were obtained by a qualitative method of in-depth, semi-structured, expert interviews involving ten representatives of the Latvian scientific community relating to exact sciences, life sciences, and humanities and social sciences. The study distinguishes two categories for engaging the scientific community in science communication: a formally recognized approach and one involving a third party for organizing the communication.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1042
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Albena Vutsova
      Abstract: The European instruments have started acting adequately in Bulgaria since 1991, when the country was accepted as a member of a number of initiatives and pre-accession instruments were introduced. At a later stage commenced the action of the principal European instruments: the framework programs (1998) and structural funds (2003).They intervened the research and education area as real tools in the late 1990 and are acting up to now, being either options from new programing period of Structural funds functioning or as initiatives of new generation Framework programs (Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+, etc.)This article considers the positive effects of these instruments in three directions consecutively:
      Financially, as a source of additional resources;
      Science Metrics-wise, as a volume of scientific production, created with their financial support, and evaluation of this production by the world scientific community;
      Other benefits.The effect of realizations of this instruments has been explored and achieved results have been analyzed as a fundament for further improvement of their effective absorption and bettering the system of research and education.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1043
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maija Zakrizevska
      Abstract: This study is conducted because organization supervision in Latvia tends to rapidly take its proper place among other professions recognized on the national level and has become an inseparable part of professional activities, in particular in the areas focused on humans, for example: health care, art therapies, social and educational services, and the business environment. Given that the demand for supervisors continues to increase, the purpose of this study is the identification of the popularity and treatment of supervision service by consumers for the subsequent presentation of proposals to the administration of the Business Art and Technologies University RISEBA concerning the popularization of supervision services and improvement towards the Master Program “Management Psychology and Supervision”. 111 respondents participated in the study, including respondents who have participated in supervision (n=47) and respondents who have never participated in supervision (n=64). The study has led to the conclusion that the attitude of consumers toward supervision is generally positive. Most of the respondents have never been parties to supervision, yet a majority of the respondents would like to experience it. There are statistically significant differences between the attitudes toward supervision in the cognitive dimension. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1045
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Olena Zhukova
      Abstract: This article presents the results of the pilot study conducted with the aim to examine novice teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and challenges regarding the implementation of a problem-based learning (PBL) approach in the EFL classroom. The relationship and discrepancies between novice teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and actual classroom practices were also investigated. In total 25 novice teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) with up to 3 years of teaching experience participated in the study. The data for the present study were collected from face-to-face semi-structured interviews and classroom observations. In total, 25 novice EFL teachers working in Latvian basic and secondary schools agreed to participate in the survey.The finding of the survey suggest that novice teachers’ beliefs are not always reflected in their actual classroom practices for a number of external and internal constraints, such as students’ expectations and perceptions, school administrators’ demands and lack of commitment, context of teaching, lack of professional skills and methodological support, and examination pressure.These findings of the present study might have implications for school administrators, EFL teacher educators, teacher training institutions and the institution that provide teacher professional development courses, as well as for education policy makers and for EFL teachers themselves. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1046
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ivona Malovecká, Daniela Mináriková, Zuzana Haramiová, Viliam Foltán
      Abstract: Community pharmacies are one of the parts of health care system and contribute to the public health and health promotion. Currently ongoing changes affect the functionality of the whole health care system. Current health care system is very sensitive to any change that might influence the wide range of parameters in the provision of pharmaceutical care. The number of pharmaceutical care providers particularly is a crucial parameter that should constantly be monitored and analyzed, especially in relation to demographic and geographic characteristics. The total number of community pharmacies, population to pharmacy ratio, and area to pharmacy ratio represent some of the parameters used for the evaluation of pharmaceutical care efficiency and are vulnerable to changes with powerful regulatory potential. In 1998, there were 952 community pharmacies in the Slovak Republic, the population to pharmacy ratio amounted to 5 552 and the area to pharmacy ratio amounted to 52.5. Gradually, the number of community pharmacies has increased and in some regions redoubled. This has resulted in a decline of population to pharmacy ratio and area to pharmacy ratio in all regions of the Slovak Republic (p<0.05). The most meaningful change in the development trend of the selected ratios occurred in 2005 (p <0.05). The number of community pharmacies culminated in 2012 (1612 community pharmacies; 3352 population to pharmacy ratio and 30.5 area to pharmacy ratio). In 2014, the Slovak Republic had 1598 community pharmacies, 3394 population to pharmacy ratio and 30.8 area to pharmacy ratio. The accessibility and availability expressed by the number, ratio and location of pharmacies in the Slovak Republic is perceived positively. The concerns regarding the economic stability of pharmacies and also long-term maintenance of the current accessibility and availability of pharmacies are presented. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1054
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ergys Ramosaço, Entela Kolovani, Arben Rroji, Dhimiter Kraja
      Abstract: Brucellosis is a zoonotic infectious systemic, endemic in Albania, which is accompanied by multi-organ involvement. A common complication is also the vertebral affection. Manifestation in the lower lumbar spine is frequently seen, while cervical involvement is more rare. Diagnose of vertebral involvement is difficult because of non-specific clinical symptoms. We present two cases of cervical brucellosis, with various cervical injuries. Spondylodiscitis with epidural abscess were the cervical manifestation in the first patient, which is very rare and a serious complication and the second patient had epidural involvement without spondylodiscitis. The Rose Bengal, Wright test, ELISA were positive for both patients. The cervical injury was confirmed with MRI exams. After prolonged combination therapy with cervical immobilization, the follow up evaluation demonstrated resolution of the cervical injury. Because vertebral destruction is in the base of this complication, early diagnosis of vertebral brucellosis is important to prevent serious morbidity, if diagnosis and treatment are delayed. Standard Brucella tube agglutination (Wright) test is the primary test and should be performed as a first step in the differential diagnosis of spondylodiscitis. An MRI is recommended for early diagnosis of spinal involvement. Medically treatment of cervical brucellosis has a good prognosis with early diagnosis.
      PubDate: 2017-09-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1062
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maria Arzamastseva, Marina Khayrullina
      Abstract: With the globalization of the economy, close attention should be given to the strategic management of higher education institutions as representatives of one type of company. The main problem of university management lies in the gap between current results and ultimate goals of the university. Therefore, tools to link strategic plans to operational activities are needed for average employees. This article describes conditions and problems of implementing a balanced scorecard at different levels as a modern management tool both in foreign and Russian universities. The given study has practical value and can help to increase the efficiency of university activities.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.892
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ludmila Bahmane
      Abstract: This work provides an analysis of marketing solutions and developments algorithm for Latvian enterprises entering into foreign markets based on an example of 185 studies made under the supervision of the author. The proposed algorithm is a part of the pedagogical activities in higher education institution of Latvia (RISEBA) over the last 10 years and it suggests the training of new marketing solutions development techniques in conditions of the turbulent business environment. The application of the proposed algorithm assumes the use of modern marketing technologies, including matrix methods, cluster, and screening analysis. The algorithm proposed is being analyzed on the example of Latvian enterprises. This work describes the use of the author’s proposed matrix of “consumer’s demand for creativity (novelty),” that is relevant in the development of creative marketing management solutions of such business spheres, where the novelty of products (services) is an important competitive advantage. The high versatility, simplicity and availability is proven for mastering and using the proposed algorithm.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.893
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Carmen Balan
      Abstract: Instagram is the fastest developing new media of high interest to marketers. As at December 21, 2016, the community included 600 million Instagrammers. This paper explores the problem of whether various themes of branded content differ significantly in their engagement power (ability to generate likes, views, and comments). The methodological approach consists of online monitoring of content in posts of a leading brand, Nike, for its 17 verified-badge Instagram accounts. The study focused on posts during the month of February 2017. The chi-square goodness of fit test (for one variable) was applied in the data analysis stage of the research. The initial hypothesis of significant differences between branded content themes as regards their engagement power was accepted. The practical implications of these findings for marketers include better selection of brand messages for Instagrammers and an increase in engagement levels. 
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.894
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Oksana Barsova
      Abstract: Though evidence of socially responsible behavior of companies appeared to be indisputable, the most problematic for any company is to align it with the employed marketing strategy and enhance the opportunities it can provide for creating competitive advantage and further innovation. Corporate social initiatives are often disconnected and fragmented, which causes constraints to analyze their prospects to cut expenses and increase revenues. The statistical data of a period of over four years show the continual growth in Russian service sector which can provide resources for “world-positive” business initiatives. Though authorities traditionally and usually force the ways of engaging business in financing social programs, the image of a socially responsible and environmentally friendly business provides opportunities for a sustainable upturn in Russian service sector.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.895
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ciprian Beniamin Benea, Adina Secară Oniţa
      Abstract: A dam, in most cases is a large, impressive concrete structure. A commanding number of large dams exist with over 45000 estimated in the world. It is important to understand such a concrete structure not only from a technical perspective, but also from the view of local community in the region of the dam. Also, it is important to know the international impact of a dam on a river basin and the measures necessary for implementing a dam, as well as the positive and negative effects of dam construction itself. Preliminary measures aim to characterize a river regarding natural, geological, geographical patterns, human geographical distribution, and food production. Prospective trends, such as the need for augmented water volumes for a water-fed agriculture, industrialization, energy, and river transportation, can influence decisions connected to dam building. Recently, climate change, a phenomenon considered as human-induced, at least partially, and the prospect of a water-stressed world, are another elements that affect decisions about build dams, especially regarding water security and green energy and a renewable resource under threat. This paper presents the main administrative requirements for a team involved in dam construction, including their specific tasks and interactions. The main aim of this paper is to establish political meaning of dams, and their capacity to influence economics, society, and the environment in an interconnected world.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.896
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Zuzana Birknerová, Miroslav Frankovský, Eva Benková
      Abstract: The contemporary economic environment including the context of work is characterized by unusual turbulence and an unflagging stream of changes. The effective operation of organizations in these conditions is more and more conditioned by the quality of human resources. Corporate training represents one of the significant factors of increasing this quality. In this paper, we present the results of our research which specifies connections between the assessment of corporate training and the evaluation of selected work attributes. Based on the data which were obtained by the original SBES methodology, it is obvious that there are significant connections between the perception of corporate training factors and the evaluation of work attributes. The most evident were the connections between the assessment of the corporate training factor ‘Significance for performing a profession and the attributes of Interesting work, Delight from work and Possibility of being promoted at work.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.898
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Jan Betta, Joanna Jastrzebska
      Abstract: Project management assists many areas of human activities and recently has been considered as a way to ensure the success of scientific research projects. A primary problem is the need to identify the project’s success factors, which include phenomena, actions, events, and parameters that contribute to the success. The purpose of this study is to identify the management issues and oversights that pose a negative effect on scientific research projects. The study involves a questionnaire, distributed to several managers of research projects conducted within Polish universities. This paper presents the results of assessing responses to two questions of this survey. These questions about project management deal with goals achieved by marginal projects and an analysis ex post. The responses to each question are grouped into five types, on which a frequency analysis is performed. For each group, several conclusions and recommendations are proposed. The results are a first attempt to construct a set of suitable practices for the management of scientific research projects.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.899
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Inese Biukšāne
      Abstract: Abstract: In the development of Latvia’s economy, the fish processing sector has played an important role, historically and traditionally, because of its ability to produce competitive products for the world market. The aim of this research is to evaluate the competitiveness of the fish processing sector in Latvia. Methodology involving the Model of Factors Influencing Competitiveness of the Fisheries Sector Cluster and the Index of Fish Processing Sector Competitiveness are developed as part of the research. The study also identifies the spheres influencing competitiveness, as well as the possibilities of further development. The methodology created in the study can be used to evaluate competitiveness of the fish processing sector in any country. It may also assist institutions involved in developing Fisheries’ policy to work more successfully and improve the common policy in the Fisheries sector.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.900
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Solveiga Blumberga, Ance Saulīte
      Abstract: The transition to circular economy shifts attention to re-use, repair, restoration and recycling of materials and products. What was previously considered to be waste can be turned into resources. The transition to a circular economy where the value of products, materials and resources is maintained for as long as possible and where as little waste is generated as possible is a significant contribution to the common effort in the European Union to create a sustainable low-carbon economy in which resources are used efficiently. Such an approach allows to transform the EU economy and generate new advantages for it (European Commission, 2015). Our individual action and provided support may help peers notice an opportunity and a solution for the future. The aims of the study are: To investigate the evaluation of the significance of the consumers’ corporate social responsibility and waste-sorting habits and to provide recommendations for improved access to the separate waste collection service. The research questions for achieving the objectives of the study were the following: How do consumers evaluate corporate social responsibility of companies in general' What are the waste-sorting habits of consumers' Are there statistically significant differences in the waste-sorting habits between various consumer generations' The authors prepared a unique consumer survey in which economically active inhabitants of the capital of Latvia, aged 15 to 71 years, participated. The results of our survey showed that the respondents rated the corporate social responsibility of companies as essential and emphasized that it was important for the large-size enterprises to operate ethically. The waste-sorting process itself creates disbelief among the respondents and also suspicion that all sorted waste is lumped together and removed to disposal sites.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.901
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Mária Bohdalová, Michal Greguš
      Abstract: Contemporary Europe needs to make important collective economic and foreign-policy decisions. Many authors argue that uncertainty has influence on the markets’ behavior. Therefore, we have decided to analyze the impact of the uncertainty on the returns and the volatility of two major European market indices Germany (DAX) and the U.K. (FTSE 100) across selected quantiles. We present results for the time-period from January 3, 2000 to December 30, 2016. As influential factors, we consider the Economic policy uncertainty (EPU) indices for Europe, the United Kingdom, Brexit and low prices of the crude oil. In our paper, we have found an asymmetric dependence of the analyzed market indices on the selected factors. EPU Brexit had no or weak impact on the analyzed data. Our conclusion shows to investors how sensitive German and English markets are to the uncertainty in Europe.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.902
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Larisa Seliutina, Marina Egorova, Kseniia Bulgakova
      Abstract: The problem of not enough public housing for low-income citizens is very urgent in the entire world. This article is dedicated to the topical question; how do we select optimal investment projects and implement successful investment programs to fund public housing projects better. We have formulated basic principles for the formation of an optimal portfolio to use as a standard for investment programs for public housing construction projects. As selection criteria, instead of profitability and risk offered in classical portfolio theory to which private investors are paying attention, we propose the use of social satisfaction survey results and amount of available funding to determine the effectiveness of the programs. We have developed several mathematical models that help aid in the selection of investment projects based on these new requirements. The application of these models in the selected projects selection within the framework of investment programs of public housing construction will allow the most effective use of funds directed to the development of the public housing
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.904
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Umar Burkhanov, Feruza Saburova
      Abstract: Climate change may pose serious challenges to the economies of Central Asian countries, but in-depth studies on a national level are lacking. The paper is aimed to contribute filling this gap and devoted to assessing the economic impacts of climate change in selected areas of Central Asia. The methods of the desk study and documental analysis are used to summarize the adverse effects of climate change in rural livelihoods. Moreover, the preliminary results of the survey conducted in selected regions of Fergana valley within MikroKlima project used as a corresponding data for economic impact analysis on a household level. The results reveal that the effects of unfavorable weather conditions uneven for short and long term, and across Central Asia. Moreover, the most potential damage from climate change will affect the rural population, and there is also a high positive correlation between water shortage, increased aridity, and poverty, aggravated by climate change.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.905
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Mihai Costea, Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Gabriela Arionesei
      Abstract: After the fall of communism, Romanian tourism was considered a sector which, by with relatively modest efforts, could be quickly restarted with the capacity to have a positive influence over the entire economic relaunch process. Although it has been more than 27 years, an economic revival through tourism has not yet occurred. Moreover, in recent decades, Romanian tourism has steadily lost some competitiveness in relation to other tourist destinations in the region. In this context, through this study, we tried to show that a major cause of the low level of competitiveness is represented by the significant deficiencies recorded in terms of the general transport infrastructure. The availability of a secure and fast transport network by road, air and water to the most important tourist centers of a country is vital. Without a general infrastructure no tourist resource, no matter how important, can be put forward in an efficient manner. Thus, we can unequivocally say that the absence or an insufficient development of infrastructure in Romania is the prime factor of the lack of development of tourism activity and of the serious deficiencies recorded when it comes to enhancement of the national tourism offer. This conclusion is supported by the analysis of the data provided by the World Economic Forum (through the Tourism Competitiveness Index) and EUROSTAT. To reflect Romania's position in the general picture of the competitiveness of the transport network, we performed a comparative analysis considering the results achieved by ten other EU countries in Central and Eastern Europe (hereinafter referred to as CEE-EU countries).
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.906
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Izabela Dagmara Czabak-Górska
      Abstract: Control Charts are the basic tool for quality control. They were developed in the 1920s when the dominant type of production was mass production. In order to properly use classic Control Charts, the data from the manufacturing process should meet the following assumptions: an empirical distribution of measurement data should be normally distributed or close to a normal distribution, measurement data should be independent, the manufacturing process should be capable of quality depending on the type of Control Chart, a sample that is large enough (sometimes made of several elements) must be taken. Currently, a shift can be observed from mass production towards short production runs, which causes the proper use of the traditional approach to be impossible. In recent years, control charts are once again in the spotlight, and consequently many scientists, i.e. Reynolds, Zimmer, Costa, Calvin and Chan have undertaken the task to adapt the classic idea of keeping Control Charts to modern conditions of production. The development of science in this area allows for the avoidance of making major mistakes in the conduct of Control Charts and for making the wrong decisions based on erroneous analysis. However, the appearance of new literature pieces implies the need to classify Control Charts, therefore, this article describes the idea of conduct, the most important assumptions and distribution of classical Shewhart's Control Charts, as well as a suggestion for the distribution of advanced Control Charts that meet the needs of the currently used production types. The work also contains a concise description of the chosen control charts as well as the threats resulting from their inappropriate selection. This elaboration is an extension to the article of Czabak-Górska (2017).
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.907
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Izabela Dagmara Czabak-Górska, Marcin Lorenc
      Abstract: This article describes a procedure for identifying the phenomenon of ‘hidden factory’ based on classic and Six Sigma yields, a term attributed to wastefulness during production. The paper presents a study that aims to establish a method for improving the efficiency of production by eliminating this wastefulness. The first part of this article presents a synthesized review of the current literature regarding the negative influence of the ‘hidden factory’ on production efficiency. The theoretical considerations involve a case study with quantitative data collected from a metal foundry of Zawiercie in Poland, which specializes in producing iron castings, including connectors for water, gas, and vapor installations, as well as minor machine castings. The results indicate a hidden factory within this company’s production line. The analyzed example underlines the efficiency of the applied method for detecting the undesired phenomenon of the ‘hidden factory.'
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.908
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Marius Costin Daraban
      Abstract: Companies have focused for decades on maximizing the value creation process of direct productive business activities. The information revolution has left its mark and has started an irreversible transformation of classical business processes and activities. In the new 21st century information and data driven society, commodity is value and knowledge, making Porters value chain concept an important key factor for successful and innovative businesses. Business value creation was during the industrial revolution a topic strictly liked to direct productive activities. The increased and transformed business environment required innovative and sustainable competitive advantages for business organizations. The indirect productive business activities, and the business support services have been considered business value consuming and having no contribution towards the company value chain. 21st century accounting has evolved from the role of record keeper to a business value driver that assures and contributes to the company value chain by using its internal knowledge pool. The existing scientific publications are approaching accounting from different perspectives and support the main conclusion of the paper: accounting, in the 21st century is not a “bean counter” anymore, accounting is a certain and consistent business value driver.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.909
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Andrei Diamandescu, Ion Ioniță
      Abstract: The reason for approaching this topic in our article starts from the fact that the value of goodwill (GW), which is an indicator that expresses the intangible value of the company, that is a factor with essential contribution to the company’s market value, is determined through a method which we consider to be imprecise – respectively as difference between the price of sale of the asset and the value estimated by the evaluator. Or, the result obtained by this method is not accurate, and it does not answer the knowledge and information needs of the manager. In this article, we refer to the fact that managers also want to know, besides the GW, the factors that contributed to its achievement and factors that contributed to its achievement and in what percentage. The need appears more important in cases of the sale of companies when both the buyer and the seller are interested in establishing a fair price, based on the market value of the company in question. Starting from this practical requirement, the authors plan to elaborate econometric models based fuzzy set, by which they would determine the right level of the goodwill and to provide information in connection with the generating factors
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.910
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Savica Dimitrieska, Ljiljana Koneska, Kostadinka Gavazova Kozareva, Jasna Teofilovska
      Abstract: National brands are well-known and popular brands of manufacturers, such as Coca Cola, McDonald's, Milka, Maggi, Colgate, Toblerone, Evian, Knorr, etc. These brands usually are well accepted and favorites of consumers. They associate with high quality, availability, feelings, experiences, promotions, and events. However, their popularity is increasingly threatened by private brands. Private brands are brands of retailers and distributors, that starting from the 14th century, and especially today, have conquered lots of consumers. Initially, private brands appeared among consumer goods (food products) and were without name, style, design, with relatively low quality and with much lower prices than national brands.Economic crises, low living standard, poverty that existed in several countries in the middle of the XIX-th century caused the consumers to become more sensitive to prices, and they began to show interest in private brands. The greater demand for these products the richer became the retailers. Retailehad a great advantage: they knew the needs and wants of consumers. With time, retailers have invested more in quality, taste, packaging, design, style, and colors of their brands that have attracted more customers. Today, private brands represent a severe competitive threat to national brands. Some recent research shows that private brands are more popular and more required than national brands. This paper aims to reveal the future of national and private brands with the help of empirical research.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.911
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Krzysztof Falkowski
      Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to answer the question of how innovative Belarusian economy is. Its innovativeness has been assessed through an in-depth analysis of Belarus’ position in international trade, especially in high- and medium-high-technology goods, on the back of the assumption that any competitive advantages possessed in them testify to the economy’s high innovativeness. The analysis of the dynamics of long-term revealed comparative advantages in Belarusian foreign trade by using Balassa’s RCA methodology and covering the years 2000-2014, has shown that the country was generally characterized by low innovativeness, as evidenced by the possession of such advantages only in trade in goods of relatively low technological intensity (medium-low technology). Meanwhile, in hi-tech goods (high and medium-high technology), Belarus did not have any (or only had relatively small) long-term revealed comparative advantages. Moreover, Belarus’ competitiveness in international trade deteriorated over that period, not only regarding high and medium-high technology goods but also in foreign trade overall. This seems to be, amongst others, the consequence of low efficiency of the country’s current innovation policy.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.912
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Elina Gaitniece
      Abstract: Global retailers are using sophisticated online recommendation systems (ORS) which enhance customers' loyalty towards the specific site. Online markets in Baltic countries are growing fast, but Baltic e-commerce sites are not using a wide enough range of eWOM tools. The aim of this paper is – to evaluate how eWOM through ORS is perceived and used by digital marketing specialists and e-commerce players in the Baltics. Research methods used were: literature analysis on ORS’s influence on consumer purchase decisions, and an expert survey and monitoring study. The research results revealed major barriers for advanced ORS usage in the Baltics, as they discovered a gap between experts' opinion and the current reality in the Baltics. The article provides recommendations to online retailers in the Baltics on improvements that are needed
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.913
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Peter Gallo, Romana Píchová, Anna Šenková, Daniela Matušíková, Jana Mitríková
      Abstract: The proper management of an enterprise involves a set of complex activities that, in the current rapidly changing world, require adoption of modern market requirements. This paper describes a study concerning management audits.The study aims to identify and evaluate the specific techniques that are useful for obtaining information for audits in evaluating management, and examines modifications and applications of the model by McKinsey, ‘model 7S’, with an ‘IFE Matrix’. As practice shows, until now, the ‘model 7S’ approach is the most frequently used tool to assess the current state of management executives in business. The proposed models in the paper’s conclusion can be used individually or by combining two separate models to create a ‘two-staged adaptive model 7S’.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.914
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Katarína Gašová, Martina Kováčiková, Katarína Repková Štofková
      Abstract: Business activities (managerial, administrative, commercial, manufacturing, etc.), which are focused on production or the services provision should be managed as a whole, containing the activities liable to certain logistic in their arrangement and interconnection. The business activities’ transformation on processes and management (identification, modelling, mapping, analysis, measurement and improvement) through the process management can be understood as a type of methodology suitable for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of key processes in the business.An aim of the application of business process management is to create a process model consisting of managerial, core, transparency supporting, measurable, and possible improvement processes. The principles of business process management application can lead to continuous improvement of business processes and to the position improvement of the business in a constantly evolving competitive environment. During the evaluation process, it is important to focus on one of the most important factors – the measurability of process performance
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.915
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Petr Hájek, Gulnar Zhunissova, Taťjana Čábelová, Adilya Baidildina
      Abstract: Measuring competitiveness offers hundreds of analytical options. We have chosen to analyze and compare companies of confectionery sector in Kazakhstan. We opted to use bankruptcy and creditworthiness models and compare competitiveness through the financial situation of main competitors on that market. Companies analyzed comprise of two Ukrainian companies (Konti and Roshen), Russian companies (Nestlé Russian branch serving also Central Asian markets and KDV - Yaskino) and three local corporations Rakhat, Bayan Sulu and Konfety Karagandy. Models used for analysis are Altman z-score model, Taffler z-score model, IN99, IN01, IN05, and creditworthiness model. The IN models were created in the Czech Republic based on companies' data from the 1990s which was the period of higher inflation, small currency an big banking crisis, massive imports, developing competition and infrequent political turmoil. These models have comparably much greater benefits for analyzing companies in Kazakhstan because they are based on hundreds of companies in contrast to tens of companies on which Altman or Taffler based their famous and highly predictive models. We present an analysis of models in 2007 – 2016 period based on publicly accessible data. We show the IN models have valuable benefits for comparison compared with other older models and that they can disclose certain events or corporate situations in a clearer way than other Altman or Taffler z-score models and should be used in Kazakhstan and improved to suit better the local market environment.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.916
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ján Havko, Michal Titko, Jana Kováčová
      Abstract: Apparently, there is a significant increase in the occurrence of disasters and their negative consequences. It is believed that the main reason of this problem is related to climate change. In recent years, several approaches and efforts related to the topic of climate changes have been researched and in some cases also implemented. One of them is the resilient city concept as a tool dedicated for enhancing resilience and decreasing the vulnerability of a city and its citizens in case of a disaster. In this article, the concept of the resilient city is briefly described. The very important role within the resilient city represents the stakeholders. The understanding of the stakeholders’ possible participation in city resilience building is important for city security. For that purpose, the relevant stakeholders’ identification is necessary. Our research was conducted with regard to the data from the Step Up project and takes into consideration recommendations from the resilient city concept.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.917
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Aivars Helde
      Abstract: This study examines the nature of an advertisement with the focus on social discourse and  First Moment of Truth(FMOT) in the context of this research. This paper aims at analyzing different commercial advertisements (product/non-product ads) to investigate the intentions and techniques of consumer product companies in reaching more consumers and selling more products. First Moment of Truth (FMOT) represents the “a-ha” moment when a consumer is confronted with a product and related alternatives, assumed to take place in everyday life. This is considered to be the point when a consumer decides to buy a specific brand or product. Although commonly the First Moment of Truth as a technique, is used as online or in- store selling, this technique has a crucial role in the perception of print advertising too. “Any time a customer comes into contact with a business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an impression,” said Jan Carlzon, president of Scandinavian Airlines, defining the Moment of Truth in business. It has now crossed over into sales and marketing as others have embraced the term to describe different customer and consumer behavior (Shep Hyken). As soon as people in Latviaare going to trust to the national brand more, it is very important to focus on the visual manifestation of a local brand. The Norman Fairclough’s 3-D model, Kress Van Leeuwen’s grammar of visual design, and the French semiotician Roland Barthes(1977) suggested theoretical and semiotic tools for analyzing and understanding advertisements are used to analyzing the data. All materials are taken from the Latvian media.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.918
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ravindra Hewa Kuruppuge, Aleš Gregar
      Abstract: Whilst the majority of family oriented SMEs are suffering from survival problems in the long term, some businesses perform successfully over generations. This article explores the emerging themes which are related to the business longevity of family oriented SMEs in Sri Lanka. Addressing a lack of knowledge in the area, our strategy of enquiry used a qualitative approach coupled with semi-structured interviews; 17 owner-managers of family‑oriented SMEs were interviewed and the results were subsequently transcribed for the analyses. The results indicated that the founders’ tacit knowledge of producing goods or services, consequently transferred to heirs in family oriented SMEs, drive the survival of businesses for longer periods in Sri Lanka.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.919
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Magdalena Hofman-Kohlmeyer
      Abstract: Nowadays, a strong brand is one of the most valuable assets of a company. In order to obtain this asset, the growing ranks of enterprises decide to include social media in their marketing strategy. Social media gives the possibility to have customers highly engaged with a brand. The present article is aimed to give an outlook on the process of building customer engagement in a brand throughout social media. The presented approach is based on a literature review.INTRODUCTION: The meaning of social media in engaging customers is widely acknowledged.  In order to building a strong brand and make current customers loyal, the growing ranks of managers decide to include social media in their marketing strategy.OBJECTIVES: The present article is aimed to give a theoretical outlook on engaging a customer with a brand throughout social media.METHODS: To achieve the assumed goals the author presents a literature review.RESULTS: The literature review offers some directives on how to make customer engage with a brand, information on how this process should proceed and information about the profits which can the brand obtain.CONCLUSION: Social media gives an opportunity to make customers highly engaged in a brand. The building of customer engagement throughout social media takes place through the following process: connection, interaction, satisfaction, retention, commitment, advocacy and customer engagement. Social media is also treated as a source of mass communication. One-to-one communication between stakeholders and firm-to-firm communication exert a positive impact on brand trust. In terms of customer-to-customer communication, there are some doubts. The authors also indicated the vital role of content quality and the occurrence of negative conversations on the fan page.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.920
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Jarmila Horváthová, Martina Mokrišová
      Abstract: In the area of business performance evaluation, we should pay attention to innovative approaches to performance measurement. They include the application of a matrix model. This concept was initially used for addressing the efficiency of input and output transformations. However, the terms ‘efficiency’ and ‘performance’ are closely linked. Some authors even assign them the same meaning. Based on the above-mentioned, a linear programming model for addressing the problems of input and output transformations can also be applied for business performance measurement. The benefit of this paper is the measurement of business performance applying a matrix model. One of the significant outcomes of such matrix model is the formation of new indicators, which can be beneficial in business performance measurement. Another positive aspect of this approach is the creation of a network of indicators assessing business efficiency, effectiveness and performance. There are strong links between indicators in a network, which can be mathematically described. Based on the knowledge, the management of a business can focus on those functional areas, which are preconditioned for business performance and efficiency improvement.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.921
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Petya Vaskova Hristova
      Abstract: The European economy is dependent on transport. Electronics, fertilizer, medical items, metal paint, plastic, rubber and different modes of machinery are classified as dangerous goods when transported, as are pesticides and different products for agriculture and cosmetics. Within the transport context, dangerous goods are considered to be those goods which may cause harm to people, the environment or property. They are transported mainly by specialized companies, using special equipment. It is vitally important for the economy that dangerous goods are transported in a well-synchronized logistic chain that is both functioning and efficient. The transport often requires the use of different transport modes, intermediate storing or crossing of national borders. In order to ensure that the complex chain is efficiently functioning, the following article aims to summarize the harmonization and bridge the differences between the nation's legislations and those governing the various modes of transport. Innovative technical tools, methods, and systems are analyzed in cooperation with operators and infrastructure managers. The article describes how the economy is highly influenced by safety regulations and anti-terror actions
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.922
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Martin Hudák, Radovan Madleňák, Veronika Brezániová
      Abstract: Marketing can be described as a tool for companies to influence the consumer’s perception to the desired direction. The current market situation is characterized by dynamism, growing consumer power, and intense competition. The consumer perception and behavior are changing and therefore need to be constantly monitored and measured. The aim of this article is to scan and measure consumer’s perception while watching a video advertisement. During this experiment, an eye-tracking technology was used, which allows capturing a consumer’s gaze. The central part of the research is to measure the brain activity of a consumer based on the EEG (Electroencephalography). EMOTIV Epoc+ is a 14-channel wireless EEG, designed for contextualized research and advanced brain computer interface applications. An advertising campaign from four different mobile operators was used for this purpose. In the conclusion of this article, consumer’s perception of different advertising campaigns are compared and evaluated.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.923
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Agnieszka Bieńkowska, Beata Ignacek-Kuźnicka
      Abstract: In scientific discourse, opinions exist about the passing of knowledge management. These voices are incompatible with an argument that, in the era of knowledge-based economies, organizations need to be moving towards this concept of knowledge management. Such divergence requires examination. Hence, this paper presents the findings of a thorough literature review aiming to examine how widespread knowledge management solutions have been adopted in organizations as well as to identify the traits that define a knowledge worker. Also, the paper identifies the relationship between knowledge management and human resource management in the context of supporting knowledge workers. A critical analysis of literature together with theoretical conclusions are the main research methods used. The article is the basis for further empirical verification of the problem. The results indicate that the implementation of knowledge management can be a trend without formal acknowledgment. Thus, without obvious intention, the organization implements a management method that fulfills the premises of knowledge management. This paper presents an interpretation of knowledge management that invalidates the passing of this knowledge field
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.924
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Denisa Janasová, Stanislava Strelcová
      Abstract: This article examines the environmental conditions forming the origin and development of clusters in the Slovak Republic. It focuses on the current information and financial support for clusters, the preferred legal form of these associations in the Slovak Republic, and the possible forms of cross-border cooperation. The aim of this article is to analyze the structure of clusters in the Slovak Republic. The paper features an overview of the possible number and focus of clusters, including the procedure for identifying clusters needed to create this list. Despite its stated limitations, this indicative list provides a basis for further research in this area.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.925
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Narongsak Jukrkorn
      Abstract: The majority of the populations in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), are small and consists of poverty farmers. The governments of almost all countries in the region employ agricultural cooperatives as a tool to tackle poverty and the problems of farmers.  However, many cooperatives in this region have similar problems of how to manage their business in response to members’ needs and environmental changes. Data and insightful information were drawn from a series of training courses and workshops during 2013-2015. The main objective of this paper is to present the guidelines for enhance cooperatives organizational capability. The series of learning intervention programs, study visits in both Thailand and Germany, strategic planning, business plan formulation, plan implementation, monitoring and supporting as well lesson learned summarization, have been integrated for building up organizational capability. The outcomes are emerging of new business and services of four pilot cooperatives in Vietnam. The model for strengthening Vietnam’s cooperatives can be applied to other countries in the ASEAN region.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.926
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Assel Kadyrbergenova, Saule Yegemberdiyeva, Kulman Orazbayeva
      Abstract: The problems associated with the development of the petrochemical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan are investigated by creating a petrochemical cluster in the western oil and gas region of the country. The issues of a forming petrochemical cluster in Kazakhstan and creating an integrated petrochemical complex in Atyrau region are considered. The essence of the cluster approach as the main factor for increasing the regional competitiveness of the Atyrau region is opened, the expediency and efficiency of the creation of the petrochemical cluster and an integrated petrochemical complex is substantiated. The stages of construction of an integrated petrochemical complex are described, depending on the sources of supply of the used raw materials. An integrated scheme of the petrochemical complex was created and investment petrochemical projects in the Atyrau region were considered. The main groups of factors substantiating the opportunities for the formation of a petrochemical cluster and the achievement of an economic effect in western Kazakhstan are defined.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.927
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Miroslav Karahuta, Peter Gallo, Anna Šenková, Daniela Matušíková
      Abstract: The paper addresses the issue of management decision-making using artificial neural networks and their application in hotel management. Today, the development of tourism is of great importance and plays a very important role in the development of national economy. Balanced ranking and prediction model using financial and non-financial indicators with the application of artificial intelligence, allows us to reach a high level of effectivity and accuracy in evaluation of the financial and non-financial health of companies operating in this segment. This approach improves the manager’s ability to understand complex contexts and make better decisions for further development. It also brings new managerial and scientific point of view of an in-depth analysis of the performance of these facilities. It can help the development of tourism in terms of the application of modern management techniques built on scientific principles and thereby better integrate science and practice.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.928
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anastazja Magdalena Kasztalska
      Abstract: The Brand Yves Saint Laurent is a company that represents a modern approach to management in the fashion industry. This article aims to answer the question of whether modern methods of marketing and management to generate profits for the company in the form of greater customer interest and increased sales. Research methods used in the article is a survey made with the cooperation with the buyers of luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. Unquestionably, there is a strong link between marketing luxury brands and its results in sales. Further research can be focused on a bigger scale of this huge phenomenon.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.929
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Jozef Klučka
      Abstract: Historically, the Slovak Republic infrastructure involved monopolies, with the State operating sectors of electricity, telecommunications, postal services, gas, and water supply through state enterprises. The electric energy sector has since become privatized in the Slovak Republic. Because of insufficient competition (oligopoly), a regulatory office formed with the role of price regulation. In this pricing area, the electricity supply sector suffered turmoil in the Slovak Republic. This paper addresses some practicalities of regulation and proposes measures to minimize risks relating to decisions of the regulating authority. The current issues reflect problems of price regulation of electricity in the Slovak Republic that have resulted in political disputes. This paper describes the regulatory framework of network industries in the Slovak Republic and general assumptions for transparent and efficient regulatory process. It includes an analysis of certain aspects of price regulation and the role and responsibilities of a chairman and other stakeholders in this process. Some measures are proposed to minimize the future risks of price regulation. These measures cover internal subjects and processes as well as the external environment involving stakeholders and their influence on negotiating prices.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.930
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Tatyana Kotcofana, Alexander Protasov, Polina Stazhkova St
      Abstract: Inflation is a complex socio-economic phenomenon, whose formal sign is the depreciation of money. Most often it is expressed in the form of rising prices, although it also has other manifestations. The economic substance of this phenomenon lies in the area of public reproduction and the socio-economic relations about the distribution of public product and public wealth. In this article, the self-replicating nature of inflation is shown and genesis and evolution of inflationary process at all stages of public reproduction are analyzed. It is shown that each of the stages has the mechanisms capable of generating inflationary potential. The category of “inflationary spiral” is explained in more detail, because it cannot be presented only by a traditional “costs – prices” mechanism. Inflationary spirals can be observed at any stage of the reproduction process, making the task of managing inflation even more difficult. It causes the need for the complex accounting of all the variety of factors of the inflationary process and the inflation consequences in the formulation of an economic policy.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.931
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Victor Kovalev, Oksana Falchenko, Veronika Vyazovskaya, Alexander Semin
      Abstract: The paper is devoted to the problem of the exhaustion of international companies' trademarks and other intellectual property objects rights in the foreign trade practices of Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). The paper focuses on the problems of trade integration through the intellectual property market, since any free movement of goods should always be correlated with respect for the interests of the trademark rights owners.  The aim of this paper is to explore the process of parallel importing in the aspect of international companies trademarks intellectual property rights in the Russian Federation and EEU countries and the opportunities and challenges it provides for both manufacturers and importers. The problem of importing products labeled with trademarks through parallel import channels to Russia is being considered using the schemes for the importation of counterfeit goods into Russia through EEU countries. The analysis shows that there are the problems with the application of the mechanisms of trademarks customs protection in practice. The main problem is the lack of unified legislation for intellectual property protection in EEU members.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.932
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Jozef Kubás, Zuzana Štofková, Ján Mišík
      Abstract: The allocating revenue to the individual budgets of self-governments in the Slovak Republic is a highly sophisticated process. Redistribution of resources using fiscal decentralization is an effective instrument through which the government attempts to eliminate subsidizing of municipalities and self-governing regions from the state budget and thus achieve higher stability of the economy. The function of municipalities and higher territorial units is secured by so-called special purpose tax revenues, which do not go into the state budget but directly into the budgets of self-governments. This research contribution focuses on the revenue side of budgets of public administration institutions for the period of the last five concluding budget years. The analysis demonstrates the meaning and importance of tax revenues for the mentioned institutions as well as the expenditure side of the state budget. In this contribution, a comparative study identified the changes that occurred in the individual years of the presented range and subsequently, evaluated fiscal decentralization and its influence on the revenue side of budgets of municipalities.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.933
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)
           – CASE STUDY

    • Authors: Aneta Kucińska-Landwójtowicz, Marcin Lorenc
      Abstract: This article applies to the set of performance indicators in companies operating in the transport and forwarding services. The authors described the importance of the process approach in the management of the organization, and its main requirements connected with the measurements and performance indicators. On this basis, the identification and analysis of the processes was carried out in small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of transport and forwarding. This is followed by a proposal to develop a performance measurement system dedicated to such companies. The system includes a comprehensive set of indicators to monitor the efficiency, effectiveness, timeliness and quality of the identified processes. The presented project is the original proposal of the authors, complementing the available literature knowledge. The paper depicts the research results which are based on a case study approach
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.934
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Angelika Kútna, Norbert Gyurián
      Abstract: Within the Member States of the European Union, value added tax (VAT) is the most harmonized form of tax from all types of direct and indirect taxes. It does not affect the costs or the revenues of the company, but it affects taxpayers on the other hand. The impact on the company's cash flows is most significantly affected. The basic principle of VAT taxation consists of the following idea. The Member State of final consumption of the goods or services is the state to whom the VAT finally belongs to. The free movement of goods and services between the Member States resulted in many new traffic companies being created. The measure of VAT influence on Cash Flows depends mainly on two impact factors. The first is the length of excessive deduction payment period to taxpayer bank account. The second impact factor is the amount of excessive deduction expressed through money. The objective of this study is an evaluation and quantification of the impact of value added tax on the road traffic companies’ cash flows. The financial burden of traffic companies had an upward trend only during the first and second year of the analyzed period. Since 2006, the financial burden had a downward trend. This decrease was more significant until 2009 (the end of the financial crisis in European countries). After this year, the declining rate had moderated. This development results not only from declining interest rates of the European Central Bank but also from economic growth and development in European countries.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.935
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Iwona Lapunka, Dominika Jagoda-Sobalak, Katarzyna Marek-Kolodziej
      Abstract: : In recent years, the project approach has become an increasingly popular tool for achieving operational and strategic goals and to generally advance the business activity of organizations in fields such as innovation management. We demonstrate the need of including the project approach in the processes of creating innovative solutions. We posit that these two work methods can be combined into a coherent approach known as the innovation project machine. As part of this approach, innovations are implemented and developed more effectively, while agile project management and consolidated research for project managers, amongst others, are the source of inspiration. A systems approach to this concept could constitute a coherent synthesis of solutions available for engineering management. A proposition to integrate the project approach with innovative processes will enable expedient execution of business strategies in contemporary companies.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.936
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Thëllëza Latifi Sadrija
      Abstract: The performance means the behavior and the resultant measured based on certain activities and duties. Enterprises performance could be measured thanks to indicators that express the quality of its activities. While, for individuals and groups, it is hard to identify the link between their performance and that of the company. Performance evaluation is an instrument through which the employees within the organization can reflect, discuss and change their work method that influences the organizational effectiveness. The focus of this paper is to argue that effective performance, feedback, and employee training are necessary for the success of an organization, and at the same time the development plan to support the employees in achieving the best possible results is necessary too. The employees’ training in Kosovo’s enterprises is closely related to the organization, and the planning of employees in a way to so they are prepared at a national level and the attempt to exchange employees and train them in international level. This would affect the effective performance and cultures exchanged.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.937
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Lorena Florentina Popescul, Loredana Jitaru
      Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the future coaching trends in the Romanian market in the short, medium, and long term. We conducted a qualitative analysis where we administered a semi-structured, in-depth interview with 10 coaches asking them to share their opinions about the incoming trends in the Romanian coaching market. We note that the answers provided by coaches indicate a strong tendency for future growth in coaching; the public’s awareness of this topic is estimated to increase, especially because most organizations will realize that they can no longer cope with the new waves of change in the markets and in people’s behavior. This study can benefit experts interested in the current state of coaching, as well as decision-makers who seek to implement coaching in their organizations or in their personal lives. This work highlights valuable results that can act as starting points for additional research. This type of study is rare in Romania, and hence, this present study is important for understanding the impact of coaching trends in the Romanian market in the short, medium, and long term.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.938
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anna Loukianova, Egor Nikulin, Alexander Kanivetc
      Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of deoffshorization on the market value of Russian companies. The methodology of event study was used. Three events were analyzed, including the announcement of intentions to leave offshores from several major companies and the introduction of anti-offshore legislation (December 2013 - March 2014). We have not revealed any mutually significant market response to the selected events, since some of the firms faced positive cumulative abnormal returns, while the others encountered negative ones. At the same time, an empirical study showed evidence of significant negative effect on the market value for several companies. It can be argued that the deoffshorization impact on companies depends to a large extent on the offshore structure they use. Companies that are significantly exposed to deoffshorization need to adjust their strategy in order to counter potential negative consequences of this process
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.939
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Adrian Lubowiecki-Vikuk, Justyna Kurkowiak
      Abstract: Medical tourism potential of CEE is currently not clearly identified due to the lack of data concerning the number of medical tourists in respective countries. The aim of the present study is to shed light on potential research topics in the field of medical tourism. A detailed analysis of scientific and consulting literature was used to identify the elements of medical tourism potential. The agglomerative clustering algorithm forms distinct groups of countries that are similar with regard to that potential. Creating the statistical synthetic measures allows one to construct the ranking of countries with respect to their potential regarding medical tourism. Four distinct groups of countries emerge from the cluster analysis. It was found that the countries from the European Union (EU), which are characterized by higher economic indicators, create similar clusters and take the highest positions in the ranking. Surprisingly, the price level is not the top criterion determining the position within the classification. The obtained results fill the gap in the field of medical tourism in CEE and have implications for further research related to medical tourism. This classification could be a useful tool for the various stakeholders interested in the development potential of medical tourism in this part of Europe
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.940
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Daiga Ergle, Iveta Ludviga, Agita Kalviņa
      Abstract: Since the early 2000s, there is increasing pressure on Human Resource Departments to show their impact on organizational performance. This pressure is related to the shift from industrial based economies to knowledge based economies and positioning people as potential sources of competitive advantage, and to the rise of Evidence-Based Management (EBM), which requires making decisions based on data and analysis. New technologies have enabled HR departments to start a transition from HR metrics to HR Analytics, thus transforming from the traditional administrative HR function to a more strategic HR function that can express qualitative matters and its impact on organizational performance with numbers. This case study describes the implementation of HR analytics in an aviation sector company. Quantitative data gathered from an annual staff engagement survey are analyzed using a Structural Equation Modelling technique with Smart PLS software. The results show that the analysis offers insights which are much more valuable than traditional diagnosis of the level of employee engagement. Thus, management can trace an employee’s journey within the organization and be able to predict their behavior in relationship to the time spent in the organization. Moreover, the changing needs of employees are seen form the analysis and Evidence-Based Management can be implemented.
      PubDate: 2017-09-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.941
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Anil Demircali, Huseyin Uvet
      Abstract: This paper describes a mini unmanned glider's design, simulation, and manufacturing with a wing-folding mechanism. The mini-glider is designed for the CANSAT 2016 competition, which has the theme of a Mars glider concept with atmosphere data acquisition. The aim is to facilitate transportation and to land it to the destination point. Having a light and compact design is important since it is a glider without an engine and it uses power only for the transmission of sensory data. The glider is produced with a wingspan which is 440 mm, and its longitudinal distance is 304 mm. The wings can be packaged in a fixed size container whose dimensions are 125 mm in diameter and 310 mm in height. The glider's weight is only 144 gr, and it can increase up to 500 gr with maximum with payload. The mechanism, which includes springs and neodymium magnets for wing-folding, is capable of being ready in 98 ms for gliding after separation from its container. The mini-glider is capable of telemetry, communications, and other sensory operations autonomously during flight.
      PubDate: 2017-08-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1072
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Maja Marasović, Antonio Roščić, Borivoj Galić, Mladen Miloš
      Abstract: Our previous in vitro and in vivo studies on standard tumor cell lines: mammary adenocarcinoma 4T1, melanoma B16F10, and squamous cell carcinoma SCCVII have demonstrated that dipotassium-trioxohydroxytetrafluorotriborate, K2[B3O3F4OH], affects the growth of cancer cells. Based on indicative results of its anticancer activity, that are comparable to the standard cytostatic 5-fluorouracil, we decided to analyze the antioxidant capacity of K2[B3O3F4OH]. In our research, we include two other simpler representatives of the boroxine family compounds: trimethoxyboroxine and trimethylboroxine, which are commercially available. The study objective is to explore the possibility of similar behavior within the same class of boron compounds, that is, to examine the activity of K2[B3O3F4OH] compared to simpler representatives of the same family of compounds. On the one hand, K2[B3O3F4OH], theoretically has the ability to exchange electrons in the extinction of reactive radicals, since two boron atoms are sp3-hybridized and use electrons from the inner shell. On the other hand, trimethoxyboroxine, and trimethylboroxine, in theory, should not exchange electrons. However, recent studies indicate the potential for the boron atom to act like carbon and participate in the exchange of protons. The study used the standard laboratory method of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) antioxidant assay. The selected boroxines were treated with a DPPH radical at a temperature of 35° C in various concentrations, and with a reaction time of one hour. Results of the DPPH test show an extremely weak antioxidant capacity exists for all investigated boroxines. When K2[B3O3F4OH] was tested at high concentrations, instead of decreased color in the DPPH radicals, there was an increase in absorbance readings, which could mean that this compound acts as a pro-oxidant at higher concentrations. Future research is recommended to examine the length of reaction times needed, and whether a change in the reaction conditions would boost the antioxidant capacity of K2[B3O3F4OH]. Finally, future research could test the hypothesis that K2[B3O3F4OH], in the absence of the expected antioxidant activity, acts as a pro-oxidant.
      PubDate: 2017-08-24
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1088
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Raluca Iulia Iulian
      Abstract: : After the end of the Cold War, in the new international context, two important actors emerged on the international scene, namely NATO and the Russian Federation. The cooperation between them was a necessity to ensure and strengthen a climate of security and peace in Europe and all over the world. In the new challenges of the security environment, NATO was turned from a purely defensive military alliance for Europe into a political and military alliance that can act wherever needed around the globe. The Russian Federation, the successor of the former USSR and inheritor of its military arsenal, has initiated a transition process towards democracy and market economy. Russia has acted permanently to establish a special relationship with the Alliance, different from that with the other Central and Eastern European countries. The relations NATO-Russia followed a continuous development from 1991 to 2008, with periods of crisis, but hopes of establishing a productive partnership. Then, they went into decline, and in April 2014 they were suspended. The Alliance and Russia have different views on European and global security issues. After 25 years of NATO-Russia relations, this paper aims to point out the main aspects of the stages from 1991 until now and analyze the reasons why the collaboration is not yet productive and cooperative, as shown by recent events.
      PubDate: 2017-08-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.998
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Frăguța Zaharia
      Abstract: The present European context challenges us to approach the issues of Romanian dignity, humanity and humanism. The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the interpretative and explanatory dimensions of Constantin Micu Stavila’s philosophical thinking focused on the meaning of life and the human destiny, no less on the significance of the Christian personalism that the Romanian-French philosopher has cultivated it. Some questions arise: What is the role of philosophy and religion in understanding the meaning of life' How do we have to consider the human being and by especially the characteristics defining the Human within the Romanian culture' Trying to provide an honest, coherent and enlightening response, the paper is organized into two parts: 1. The mission of Romanian philosophy – attempting to demonstrate that the Romanian culture is integrating itself in the world-wide one seeing that there is an intimate complementarity of philosophy and religion; and 2. Romanian cultural messianism – developing an interpretation of the Romanian folklore according to the topic of the paper.
      PubDate: 2017-08-23
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1044
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Barbara Bradač Hojnik
      Abstract: In this paper, social entrepreneurship as a developing type of entrepreneurship is analyzed. On the level of the European Union (EU), social entrepreneurship is widely supported by different initiatives which aim to develop a suitable legal, administrative, and financial environment for social enterprises, but also allowing member states to regulate them individually. This paper focuses on the social entrepreneurship in Slovenia, where it is strictly shaped by the legislation. Consequently, social enterprises need to meet the legislation’s requirements which hinder their quantity and development. Additionally, the scope of social enterprises is narrowed to those companies that received the formal status of social enterprise. In the paper provided will be the data on social enterprises in Slovenia with some recommendation for further development of the framework for social entrepreneurship in the country.
      PubDate: 2017-08-22
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.903
      Issue No: Vol. 5 (2017)

    • Authors: Ciprian Beniamin Benea, Adina Secară Oniţa
      Abstract: With 2857 km in length, the quiet Danube quietly tells Europe’s history. We only must be aware of its story. Since ancient times it was connected with empires, expansion, and navigation. The Romans fully understood its role, and proceeded accordingly. They made it their border, but used it for transporting goods and military, too. After the Dark Ages, all European affairs have been in one way or another connected and influenced by the Danube. Romania’s modern history was influenced by the evolution of international problems connected to this river. The Moldavia and Wallachia 1859’s unification in a single state – Romania – had lot to do with the Danube and it was involved in London’s interests in the Oriental Question. The paper presents shortly the way the legal framework regarding the Danube was developed, and what was Romania’s role in facilitating navigation on the Danube. The main data which inspired this work – regarding both the political-legal aspects, and the technical solutions used to facilitate navigation on Danube – are based on earlier writings and studies of Romanian thinkers such as Antipa, Baicoianu, Dascovici and Gogeanu. The evolution of these aspects has a direct or an indirect connection with the evolution of political events and the economic development in all European states, but their importance is crucial especially for those countries which are located in the Danube’s basin. The main text regarding the political aspects related to the Danube is the Belgrade Convention, which has been the general framework under which riparian countries come together to collaborate and to solve the technical impediments for navigation, such as those imposed by the building of the Iron Gate System. At the same time, this paper signals the role of education in understanding the Danube’s role for riparian countries, and for their possible evolution in connection with this river.
      DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.897
      Issue No: Vol. 5
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